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Kenai, Alaska


is a city of Alaska that is in the northern

hemisphere. Probably everyone would say the heart of Alaskan adventure. It is a beautiful expanse of land if you go for a nice hike in the forests. The city itself is like your local neighborhood with only some large buildings that are not very tall. Daily life in Kenai is smooth. The people of Kenai enjoy a comfortable and easygoing life-style for people. There are many churches, community organizations, schools and housing and family-centered facilities. There is a wide variety of activities to enjoy and improve their people’s lives. The city of Kenai’s economics are based on powering and benefiting the city. It is also based on a diversity that gives itself to a well growing community. In addition, the city has a proven record to help growth of the economy by bidding for large businesses like Wal-mart, Home Depot, Fire Training Station, and others. Kenai also has an advantage for a young, skilled, and mobile workforce that is seasonally expanding to meet the needs of the fishing industry. Even though it may be a nice city, have you ever thought about the earthquakes that happen there? Kanai, which is in Alaska, receive earthquakes every day. In fact, the worst earthquake that had happened in Alaska had been the most powerful earthquake in the northern hemisphere of the 20th century . It happened on March 27th, 1964 and had a magnitude of 9.2. On the Richter Scale, it had a magnitude of 8.4. Alaska is on the very border of the fault lines.

Therefore, if you want to survive in the earthquakes that happen in Alaska, you need to be prepared. You need to prepare because scientists have discovered that Alaska is the most seismically active area in the world. Be prepared with these actions before and after an earthquake: If you are indoors: Use the Drop, Cover, and Hold method. Where you go under a table or strong furniture, and hold onto the furniture leg so it stays stable. If you are outside: Stay away from buildings and power lines, go into the open.

If you are in your car: Stay inside your car and stop if it is safe. If you are near mountains: Watch for falling rocks or snow and watch out for other falling debris that may harm you. If you are near the ocean: Move quickly to higher ground or move quickly inland away from water. There are convergent, divergent, and transform fault lines or boundaries. Where the lines are on the map shown are where the lines are. At the border of Alaska, there is a fault line and that is near where Kanai is. That is why there are earthquakes all of the time and where some powerful earthquakes are.

If you do want to to live in Kanai, you just have to be prepared for earthquakes! People should think it’s not a good place to live, but it probably would be! If you never experienced an earthquake before, I think it would be fun to be in a small one for a first experience!

Kenai, Alaska  
Kenai, Alaska  

A newspaper about the city kenai in the state Alaska. It also describes earthquakes.