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PROPHET AYYUB (‘A) Prophets of Allah

A long time ago there lived a kind and pious man called Ayyub. Ayyub was a very wealthy man but he would still work hard alongside the peasants and farmers. He was always thankful to Allah for giving him so much. He would also help the poor and needy people with what he had. Allah was pleased with Ayyub and made him a Prophet.

One day Shaytan came to the people in the form of a man and told them: Don’t you know that Ayyub is only thankful and pious because he has so much wealth? If everything was taken away from him he would surely lose his faith in Allah. Upon hearing this, some people stopped believing in Prophet Ayyub (‘a)

Shaytan went to the heavens and said to Allah: If I had the permission I would prove to the people that Ayyub is only thankful because of the wealth You have given him. Allah said: We know Our servants better than you. If you wish to test him, you have the permission to do so. Upon hearing this, Shaytan was very happy and shouted to his friends: Now we shall see!

The next day, Shaytan put a terrible disease in the sheep that belonged to Prophet Ayyub (‘a) and they all died. Instead of getting upset, Ayyub (‘a) raised his hands and prayed to Allah: O Allah, these sheep were a trust from You and now You have taken Your trust back. I have no complaint and I give thanks to You! Shaytan said to his companions: Of course he still has a large farm from which he gets much yeild and he can afford to buy even more sheep. That is why he is not complaining.

In the middle of the night, Shaytan came to the farm and gardens of Ayyub (‘a) and burnt them to the ground. In the morning, Ayyub (‘a) was told that his whole farm and all his gardens had been burnt. Instead of becoming sad, Prophet Ayyub (‘a) raised his hands and said: O Allah, I still give thanks to You!

Shaytan became angry and caused the houses of the children of Prophet Ayyub (‘a) to collapse over them, killing them all. When the news of this reached Ayyub (‘a), he was worshipping Allah. He became silent for a moment and then said: O Allah, life and death are in Your hands. You gave me offspring and now You have taken them back. I continue to give thanks to You!

One of the followers of Shaytan said: Ayyub is indeed a good servant of Allah and is thankful to Him at all times. Shaytan replied: But look! Even though he has lost all his possessions, he is still healthy and strong. I am sure that if he loses his good health, then he will certainly stop giving thanks to Allah!

The next  day  when  Ayyub (‘a)  awoke,  he  found  that  his  whole  body  was  covered  with  wounds. When his wife saw his wounds she immediately began cleaning and bandaging  them.  Shaytan told  the  people:  Look  at  Ayyub,  he  has  a  dangerous  disease!  You  must  force  him  to  leave  this  town  otherwise  you  will  all  be  infected! The  people  listened  to  Shaytan and forced Prophet Ayyub (‘a) to leave the town with his wife and go to a desert  outside the city. His wife would work in the town during the day and take care of him in  the evening.

Seven years passed, then one day Shaytan came to Prophet Ayyub (‘a) and said: What condition are you in Ayyub? Do you still give thanks to Allah? Ayyub replied: Go away from me you accursed Shaytan! I will continue to give thanks to Allah till the day I die! And saying that he raised his hands and said: O Allah, I seek Your protection and give thanks to You! Indeed You are the Most Kind!

At that very moment he received a reply from Allah: O Ayyub! You are indeed a thankful servant of mine. Now strike your foot on the ground and a spring of water with gush forth. Take a bath with this water and you will be cured of all sickness. When Ayyub (‘a) did this, not only did all the wounds disappear from his body, but he became young again! Upon seeing this, Shaytan gave out a shriek, shot up in a ball of fire and disappeared.

When his wife returned from the town, at first she did not recognize him but later she understood what had happened. She too washed herself with the miraculous water and became young. And Allah blessed them with children and gave them all the bounties that they had lost, and more‌!

The End

Prophet Ayyub  

The Story of the Biblical Prophet Job - Prophet Ayyub according to Islam.