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Did we ever realise as a people that the oil rig design and oil transport design does not work? Did we ever not? We as people do not know many boundaries that are unknown to us. First of all we are discovery beating civilizations behind us tonfold every day! So where are the boats that don´t run aground and can carry oil? Let´s not make the almost yearly news reports turn into a canape in our stomachs people! Check out what Black Media Structuring Design has come up with: First problem in the design, whatever you use to help stop a spill has to be extremely sensitive to the oil rig´s design (they are all different by the way). The design in the illustration fits all oil rigs and hangs from them like a water drop would, perfectly complementing the design. Under water, deep under water, there is little to no current, especially none with force that can cripple a heavy metal design. You do however, using Black Media´s World curing formula, have to lay the pipe during good weather, to no inconvenience at all in the eyes of the World Union. You need to add two ships (until that solution is designed, which is actually to move the oil in oil rig ships) to each oil rig. You add four big tubes to the layout as shown in the illustration and connect these to the ships securely for if there is an oil spill. What you are doing is adding a vaccum that can stop oil from reaching the surface. US$10 million for each rig! Is anything else worth it at the moment?

Juan Taemo

Oil Problem  

The solution!!!

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