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Inspiration from Taiwan is an island with many cultural characteristics. It's well known for the unique flowers and animals, but it also has retained a special, rarely mentioned, funeral culture. Traditional Taiwanese funerals are elaborate, combining sombre mourning with louder, up-tempo entertainment to fire up grieving spirits. The funeral in Taiwan is not just a funeral ceremony. In our traditional folk culture, it has evolved into a very special event. Death is a serious and taboo thing for Taiwanese. It gives attention to more than just the extent of being born, but rather the major changes and chaos that are found throughout life. Funerals for Taiwanese have to be very bustling to celebrate the deceased leaving. We celebrate for the people who can leave this world that is full of suffering and go to a place that is boundless with freedom. In this celebration, the deceased family provides a large tent on the road outside of the home, offers free food, and invites entertaining cars with attractive girls to sing and dance for the deceased. Participants can send white bags, towers of canned fruit, and wreaths for condolence. This celebration can last for up to seven days and the daily activities are always different.

concept Although this lively scene is found everywhere in Taiwan, some people are still afraid of this special and taboo event. This is especially true for the younger generation. I want to bring this funeral cultural to a higher level, make death become a joyful celebration of freedom, and use rich color to contrast faded fear. In doing so, I will help a new generation of young people understand this special and meaningful culture.

Sexy girls with entertainment car


his culture originated in ancient Han Dynasty, from the early music performance and slowly changed to female artists as a stage venue. In order to facilitate the transition performances, entertainment car redesign from small lorry, installing lighting, keyboard and speakers, performers dressed sexy dancing and singing in the car, put the waist and hip twist for deceased, also to attract strangers join this party.


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