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12 Cornerstone Redevelopment James Yarrington Spring 2015

12 Corners is right at an intersection, a plenty of traffics make this area hardly walkable. The Town of Bright intends to improve the walkability and the accessibility of this area. Pulling up the frontage to the curb, hiding the boring hardscape to the underground or in the back are the popular ways to rejuvenate the dull place. And meanwhile, establish the mixed use building which includes both residential and commercial will attract people or tenant come to this area also. When this complex has been established, the people will live and consume in a positive cycle, the surrounding economy will be stimulated and improved.

will add more energy to this complex. The s in the plant bed divide the paving into two yard, and also give a little bit shade. When nd sing with water feature sounds.


Candice Architecture Portfolio  
Candice Architecture Portfolio