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Andrejko House in Charlotte David Chamberlain Fall 2013

Climate Charlotte has a very comfortable marine climate, which keeps a humid and gentle climate throughout the year. The year average temperature is 53 Fo , but the seasons there are still four distinct seasons. Normally, people can wear t-shirt for 9-10 month, usually there 2-3 time snow during the winter.

Budget The project budget is 1 million, 17%-19% will be used on the architecture design, construction will cost 50%-65%, which includes material, equipments and labor. 8%-10% will be used on sustainable system. The tax will be around 5%

Big idea

Base on Charlotte's climate and Andrejko family’s requirements and hobbies, I integrated the surrounding water, the swimming pool, and the interior water feature together to create a comprehensive water garden on the site, which is also the big idea for this design.


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Candice Architecture Portfolio