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Through the project we acknowledge that in terms of lighting, there is only a limited amount of improvement we could implement. The nature of the space indicated that it could be use for a varies of uses, all of which require their own particular amount of lighting which is set by the broader entertainment industry. So we focus on improvement in the static house light system. By giving it more flexibility at the switch we want to encourage crews to use the house light during the setup and deconstruction phases of the different uses in a more efficient way. Will proving extra lighting that is less energy intensive, in the way of wall mounted lights, that could be use during light or intermediate use of the space in between major production.


Although not unheard of by providing adjustable acoustic paneling for both the ceiling and wall we believe we create a space which has a increased degree of flexibility attached to it. With which we hope to enhance any type of production taking place in the space. To and extent that it could become common practice in other sound stages in the future.


We insisted on partially doing away with forced air systems for the space hopping that a radiant heating and cooling system supplemented by a forced air system that fed the space from below would provide a increase drop in decibels and in energy use. Taking advantage of a double floor system we hope that the system would provide energy use. Taking advantage of a double floor system we hope that the system would provide enough of a cost and noise reduction advantage that it could be implemented industry wide.


Because of the multiplicity of uses our space would be use force, all of which require its own unique set of electronics and lighting. There was a limited amount of improvements that could be done in terms of direct electrical use. Here, like with light, we focuses providing the ability to switch off and on the outlet grid as to conserve some energy as well as proposing the development of a efficient building use plan that would limit the amount of time the space is use in an efficient and democratic way. So that there isn't a mayor lost in energy efficiency because of mismanagement of the space. 127

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