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Treatment for Dramatized It’s 2011. A new semester of school has just begun at a small private high school in Wisconsin. The teenagers are not happy about going back to theater class, except for JAKEY. His love for theater and his favorite teacher, MR. FEE, brings him back to school with an excited smile plastered across his face. As he walks into the classroom, he looks around at all the faces he did not want to see on this joyous day, especially the face of FRANCIE MEYERS. As he goes to take his usual place in the circle, Francie welcomes him back with a mischievous grin. Jakey feels as if he has seen that very grin before and mentally prepares for what Francie may throw his way today. Another student, CHUCK McKENZIE, enters the room and joins the circle. Although he is a new student, Chuck feels as if he has been in this room before. A calm feeling washes over him as he joins the circle with the rest of the teenagers, all patiently waiting for class to begin. All at once, the students direct their attention towards the classroom entrance just as Mr. Fee enters the room. With each fluttering stride he takes, the more carefree and excited for this particular class lesson he becomes. Today he will teach the students his favorite improv game. As class begins, it seems as if nothing has changed from last semester. Francie is throwing fits after every critique from Mr. Fee, all the while trying to sabotage Jakey’s scenes. Jakey is once again the star of the classroom, bringing light and admiration into Mr. Fee’s eyes. Chuck is fuming with anger due to the fact that he is being so roughly critiqued. He already believes he is the best actor in the classroom, even if this is only his first day. After almost half the class time has expired, MRS. ROSE enters, wanting to speak to Mr. Fee. The students notice them get into a heated argument right outside the door. Mr. Fee returns alone with a sad expression on his face. He relays the news that his drama class will no longer be solely taught by him and that Mrs. Rose will be his new assistant teacher. This outrages all of the students, except for Francie. She has always hated Mr. Fee’s comments about her acting skills, and cannot wait to have a new voice of praise in the classroom.

The next day, Mr. Fee stands at the front of the classroom as usual, but this time he is not alone. Mrs. Rose stands at his right side, ready to begin the class. It seems as if the only student excited about the new assistant is Francie, bobbing up and down in her seat as if she can’t wait to be the first to volunteer for something. Jakey and Chuck are astonished at how quickly Mr. Fee allowed someone knew help teach his class, and have devised a plan to get her fired. While the rest of the class is practicing monologue scripts, Francie slinks away to check up on Jakey and Chuck and see why they aren’t including her in their conversation. Before the first word can escape her mouth, the telephone rings. Mr. Fee is surprised when the phone call is not for him. Mrs. Rose takes the call, hangs up, and quickly exists the room. Days pass and Mrs. Rose no longer returns to Mr. Fee’s drama class. None of the students understand why Mrs. Rose got fired, except for two students with a gleam of knowledge in their eyes.

T206 Movie Treatment  

Another student, CHUCK McKENZIE, enters the room and joins the circle. Although he is a new student, Chuck feels as if he has been in this r...