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On the first day of class, MR. FEE’S room is jumping with excitement. The students file in and begin to take their place in the circle. The sunshine coming in through the windows lights up the room as the children prepare for Mr. Fees entrance. MR. FEE Alright, children. Come on, we havn’t got all day! Chop, Chop! JAKEY Scoot over, Francie, you’re taking up the whole’re...scoot over! FRANCIE Stop over reacting and calm down. Mr. Fees almost here and I am not about to sit closest to HIS part of the circle. He might look at me with his beady little eyes and then...ew, I’m angry just thinking about it! JAKEY Fine. You don’t have to sit near him, you just can’t sit in my spot... FRANCIE UGH! I guess I’ll go sit by the new kid then. But next time, I won’t give in so easily, Jakey Meyers. (sits next to CHUCK) CHUCK So when does this class start, anyway? FRANCIE 5 minutes ago! Okay, good, looks like Mr. Fee is about ready. I’m really starting to... MR. FEE Come inside everyone, take your shoes off & find a spot on the floor! We have a lot to accomplish today.



2. CHUCK Take our shoes off? Huh? (whispers to Francie)

FRANCIE Mr. Fee has a crazy obsession with not wearing shoes. He thinks it will help channel our creative auras, which is complete bull. Acting is a practice, not a spiritual journey. MR. FEE Francie, do you have something you want to say out loud to the class?... Or would you like to be the first to volunteer for a new improv warm up game I’m teaching today? FRANCIE Sure, Mr. Fee, I’ve really been practicing hard over break. But if I have to do it, I’m sure Jakey would love to join me...right, Jakey? JAKEY Ok. Let’s do it. 2. INT DRAMA CLASSROOM DAY


After the first improv is explained, and over, Mr. Fee begins to critique Francie’s performace and praise Jakey for his natural ability. Francie becomes irritated, and storms back to the circle. MR. FEE Francie, I’m sorry if you’re upset, but I’m sure you can improve your skills with some more practice. It just takes time. JAKEY Yeah, Francie. It just takes time. (Wide smirk across his face) FRANCIE SHUT UP JAKEY! YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT! (CONTINUED)



MR. FEE That’s enough you two. Now, we have a new student with us in class today. Chuck, why don’t you come up here and tell the class a little about yourself. CHUCK Sure, Mr. Fee. (Walks to front middle of circle) My name’s Chuck McKenzie, I’m from Sydney, Australia and I moved here because my Mom is filming for a reality T.V. show that takes place in Wisconsin. I love to act and I hope one day I can be as good as my Mom. MR. FEE Oh, Chuck! That’s wonderful. I’m sure your mother is a glorious actress! MRS. ROSE (knocks on door) Mr. Fee, a word please? MR. FEE I’ll be right back, kids. Brainstorm while im gone... JAKEY Woah, I wonder what SHE wants with HIM. FRANCIE I hope he’s in some kind of trouble and Mrs. Rose is the one delivering the bad news. CHUCK Mr. Fee seems like a nice enough guy, why would he be in trouble?? JAKEY Beats me... MR. FEE (Enters room, looks defeated) Alright little darlings, sorry about the interuption but I have an announcement to make. Mrs. Rose (MORE) (CONTINUED)



MR. FEE (cont’d) will now be the assistant teacher for our Drama class. MRS. ROSE It’s true. I hope you are all very excited to have me here. I can’t wait to begin teaching along side Mr. Fee. I’ll see you all tomorrow! Enjoy your last day with only one teacher! sure is bright in this classroom, isn’t it? We’ll have to do something about that tomorrow... (exits room) JAKEY Mr. Fee, why does Mrs. Rose get to be the new assistant teacher? I don’t even know why you would need one, you do great all by yourself. CHUCK Yeah, I know this is my first day, but it seems as if you are doing fine all on your own, Sir. You’re quite the bloody entertainer. MR. FEE Thank you, Chuck. I just hope the atmosphere of my classroom isn’t ruined by this little debocle of hers. Alright, let’s continue with class. FRANCIE But, Mr. Fee. What’s wrong with Mrs. Rose? Maybe she’ll add a positive perspective to our classroom. MR. FEE What are you trying to say? FRANCIE I don’t know, I just... I just get the feeling you are never satisfied with my performance. MR. FEE You couldn’t BE anymore wrong, Francie. I love watching you grow and succeed as a drama student. I (MORE) (CONTINUED)



MR. FEE (cont’d) see a lot of potential in your creativeness, I really do. CHUCK Then why are you critiquing her all the time? MR. FEE Chuck, you have only been here for one day... CHUCK True, but it doesn’t take long to catch on to the fact that you’re harder on her than all the other students. MR. FEE Francie, I’m sorry if I’ve hurt your feelings in any way. I do realize that I tend to be a little harder on you at times, but this is only because I see some real potential in your acting! I only want you to succeed. JAKEY I mean, as much as I can’t stand you, you really aren’t that bad of an actress. FRANCIE Thanks. I appreciate the self-esteem boost. I guess I’ll just wait to see what Mrs. Rose has to say about my acting. CHUCK (whispering to Jakey) Man, she really is concieted, isn’t she?

Candice's T206 SCRIPT  

Screenplay FRANCIE 5 minutes ago! Okay, good, looks like Mr. Fee is about ready. I’m really starting to... FRANCIE UGH! I guess I’ll go sit...

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