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Masterclass study groups Blending the fields of Branding, Coaching & Organizational development. Becoming a member of a Masterclass study group will give you the opportunity to explore the work of current thought leaders in the fields of brand culture, change and leadership. The program will challenge you to apply new models and perspectives into your own company or organization to improve team performance. It’s a little like a book club for professionals but with monthly assignments that deliver tangible outcomes. The study groups are comprised of 4, 6 or 8 curious learners. We curate the study groups based on mix of experience and location - we accept international applications too. We really look forward to supporting your professional development. YOU WILL BE PART OF: - A guided learning experience (7 modules over 39-weeks) - Small peer study groups - Online discussion forum - 10-hrs of group coaching/facilitation - Monthly calls with a rotation of study partners - 2.5-hours of individual coaching/mentoring with an executive coach YOU WILL DEVELOP: - Leadership skills using a ‘we’ approach while leading from your strengths - An appreciation of the variety of ways to create culture - A new sense of ‘self’ and purpose - Emotional and cultural intelligence - An understanding of ‘on brand’ - hiring, firing and retention practices - The ability to motivate change and foster culture - A whole new perspective on the world around you

“The study group is an essential tool for any company focused on creating a better workplace environment, and essentially a more prosperous, thriving business powered by happy employees”.  Amy Babcock, Project Manager, NJ, Service Industry   “My organization has gained a more educated, deliberate and mindful leader, one who is culturally aware and equipped with tools to help me and my team achieve and sustain our best.” Scott McKee, Director PR, CA, Automotive Industry “The tools, knowledge and experience I have gained are priceless! This program not only benefits me, but those I work with and report to as I can share my knowledge and tools with them as well.”  Bridget Sorensen, Account Director, IL, Advertising Industry


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ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Here are just a few of the instances where a Masterclass study group will be valuable to you: - You’re aware that your culture is your brand and are looking for a sustainable strategy. - You operate a business or organization and lack the filters to make ‘on-brand’ decisions. - Your company is growing and you wish for all employees to be effective brand ambassadors. - Your brand is not currently leveraging it’s values to create authentic, engaging and memorable relationship experiences between employees or with clients and customers. - You are merging with another company or two departments are being dissolved into one - You are looking to develop a series of integrated marketing tools that bring your brand to life - Your company is experiencing conflict. - Your operating practices, HR policy and financial plans are not aligned. - You are a leader looking for deeper emotional & cultural intelligence - You aren’t getting the results you want. - You have an unhappy or less than effective team. - You are looking for a brand culture that your personal values align with.


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Individual memberships An individual study group membership for the 9-month masterclass program is $1,800.00 This does not include your books or materials which need to be purchased separately, please allow approx. $160.00 While we would love to have any individual invest in their development, we also highly recommend that two or more co-workers or colleagues join the study group together. This helps each individual with assignments and accountability. We offer discounts for group registration.

Group memberships A four person membership is $6,800.00 Representing a $400.00 group discount. A six person membership is $9,600.00 Representing a $1,200.00 group discount. An eight person membership is $12,000.00 Representing a $1,600 group discount. For the discounts to apply members need to pay together using one check or credit card. Each individual will still fill out their own application form and name their co-workers on the form. We will then review candidates as a group application. None of our pricing includes books and materials, however arrangements can be made for us to take care of this for you. (Monthly finance plans are available too. Please let us know if you are interested in this when we review your application. Plus we offer scholarship plans for non-profits too.)

This sheet represents pricing for Jan to Sept 2013


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If you have a query about any of our programs please contact us at: or call us on 1 949 309 2496


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