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Written and Illustrated by Candice Allen



During January 28th to May 17th, a friend and I went and studied abroad in Florence Italy for an entire semester.

While we were there we had around 8 days of a break, also known as our spring break, to travel and do as we wanted in Europe, so naturally we decided to travel to Copenhagen, Denmark and Berlin, Germany.

This friend, whose name

This small excerpt of our

is Heather but will be

time together was to me,

referred to as Hedder in

the most exciting and

this short summary as this

beautiful experience that

is what I am accustomed

we had while we were in

to calling her, and I just

Europe, and is thus why I

so happened to both

have chosen to share it.

be art majors and from the same university, Point Loma Nazarene University.

OUR FIRST STOP On our week long adventure during spring break was to the lovely Berlin, Germany, and I have to say; I truly appreciate the organization and cleanliness of the Germans, however their airport signs need some help. It is a little difficult to navigate an airport when all you have to go off of are a list of vague pictures, but this could just be the several classes of graphic design I had taken coming out in me.

Needless to say after wandering around and figuring out what each picture stood for, we found our way to an information desk and acquired a map and directions to our hostel. It was a little questionable at some points if we would find our hostel, but after obtaining the help of a few Germans and a few English-speaking tourists we found our way! Since it was late at night when we got to our hostel we agreed that our real first day in Berlin would start the next day though (because we figured after learning how to read the maps and figure out their public transportation system, we earned a break and had enough “adventure� for one day).

We did our tourist duty and visited what was called “Check Point Charlie� which was a portion of the Berlin Wall available for passersby to observe, touch, and take photos with.

After our quick photo session with the walls went and walked through a memorial cemetery that was recommended by Italian host mother, who had just so happened used to live in Germany for seven years before. She had recommended this to us because of the beautiful garden/scenery it has for people to walk through.



AFTER THOSE TWO STOPS We returned to our hostel as rain started to come down. It turned out this was a good decision because once Hedder and I arrived in our room it began to hail (which Hedder and I thought was very exciting and stared at it from our window). Once the hail stopped though, we proceeded to go to what we thought was a garden/park next to our hostel‌ but turned out to be another very well kept cemetery.

Believe it or not it is hard to tell the difference between gardens and cemeteries in Berlin because of the miniature personalized well-kept gardens each grave had. After that walk and a quick bite to eat, our first official day in Berlin came to a pleasant end.



DAY TWO WE WOKE UP We then went to the

Day two! We woke up

By taking the metro,

Brandenburg Gate,

nice and early and

Hedder and I went

continuing to try and

rode the metro, which

to a large shopping

be good tourists,

is amazingly clean

area and spent our

and went to an actual

and very easy to use

morning sitting in a

garden that was next to

thankfully. Unlike the

cafe and browsing

the gate and spent our

Paris metro it did not

in and out of several

afternoon there.

smell like pee, which I

stores and small

appreciated greatly.


WHEN WE FINISHED Lounging and strolling around the garden, we started to walk back to the metro only to find that our entrance to get back onto the metro was closed because of a South Korean protest that was happening (it was a very strange protest in my opinion because the German police had practically quarantined the protesters to a small corner on a street and fenced them in, allowing them to still wave their flags but refusing to let them move from that corner).

Needless to say I was a little irritated by them because now Hedder and I had to walk all the way to the next metro stop which was several blocks away. However we did find interesting souvenir shops on the way so it wasn’t a complete loss and/ or waste of time. This then concluded our second day exploring Berlin!


We woke up and departed

time as Hedder and I.

opinion seemed to be

to the airport to start our

However, as I was so

more like a high-class

second half of our spring

overwhelmed by all of

shopping mall instead

break in Copenhagen!

the Danish-ness the

of an actual airport,

Now our plan for arriving

airport had to offer,

but I digress. After a

at Copenhagen airport was

she had to locate and

moment for all of us

to find and meet Blayne, a

find us first through all

to greet each other

childhood friend of mine

of the Viking helmets

and freak out that we

from my hometown that

and wonderful

were all together in

that just so happened to

smelling foods wafting

Denmark, because

also be studying abroad

around the airport.

it just so happened

in Europe at the same

This airport in my

that Denmark is mine


and Blayne’s favorite

Dane greeted us,

been challenging to

country, we found

which shocked me

navigate upon first

a money exchange

because usually airport

arrival. (side note:

counter in the airport

employees are never

kroner are adorable

and quickly changed

so energetic, got

coins as they are

our euro into the

maps and directions

covered in linear

country’s national

to our hostel and then

designs, crowns, and

currency , kroner.

easily found our way,

hearts everywhere)

We then found our

which again surprised

way to an information

me because all other

desk where an

European cities that

extremely friendly

we’ve been to have

AS SOON AS WE ARRIVED The hostel and got into our room we all began to plot our course of action for the next day and then rested. On our first official day of Denmark we got up and found our way to the metro (which was surprisingly even easier to use then the German metro! You know what‌ to make everything simpler lets just say that everything amazed us all‌ because it did).

We then went and visited a small section of Copenhagen known as Christiania. This small section of Copenhagen is actually known for its graphite art and hippie like lifestyle.


We all then went to a large shopping area that had one of the oldest walking streets in Europe, and then found our way to the statue of the original Little Mermaid, whose story was originally written by the Danish author Hans Christian Anderson. Getting to the statue was a whole adventure of its own. We first asked a Dane how to walk there only to have him tell us that it is a hard walk for tourists and recommended a canal tour. Little did this man know though that we were not your ordinary tourists and are very stubborn and frugal people. We were determined to walk there no matter what in order to save money.

So we began our confusing journey and struggled to find our way with the map. At one point I recommended that we just follow the river upstream instead of trying to figure out the streets because it would lead us directly to the statue. Hedder and Blayne agreed and because of our stroll on the river we made a grand discovery.




Trampolines that were in the ground for the public to randomly enjoy. Needless to say we all got together and agreed to take a break and jump on the trampolines for a


little while.

AFTER THAT Though we continued on our way but did take another pit stop in a plaza where we found soldiers marching around the square dressed in their formal attire, which included giant tall fuzzy hats! It was another fabulous discovery because earlier we caught a glimpse of a marching band going through the streets with the same fuzzy hats of wonder.


UPON ARRIVAL At the Little Mermaid statue we were very pleased with our decision not to take the canal tour and reveled in our stubbornness with pride and sore feet. We were so proud that we didn’t even mind the long walk back and even stumbled upon a military cemetery along the way.

Somehow Hedder and I always find the cemeteries. After getting help from a few Dane’s that spoke English, we found our way back to the metro and rested our feet so that we may continue our adventure the next day.


TOGETHER WE DECIDED On day two to have a shopping day, and thus we returned to the shopping center after a quick visit and exploration of the mall that just so happened to be across from our hostel.

If you’re wondering, yes we did find and go into a Lego store. This is practically impossible not to do as Lego’s are very literally everywhere in Copenhagen, Denmark. Also an important lesson we learned on this day was that danishes, the little delicious cream filled pastries, are not in fact called danishes here and are just considered an anverage pastry. If you go, and ask for a danish they will give you a very confused and concerned look, as they did to me, and think that you are asking for a person to eat instead of a pastry. Aftewards, on our walk back to our hostel we stumbled upon a world running marathon and preparations for the European national singing event, Eurovision! We were sad to pack our things make our way back to the airport. Blayne returned to Spain and Hedder and I returned to Florence Italy, concluding our spring break.

Study abroad was

different people and

to share such an

a very exciting and

has also allowed me

amazing journey with

dream fulfilling time, as

to experience many

my travel companions

I have always desired

different ways of travel

Blayne and Heather.

going to Europe

besides the standard

Our favorite time all

and visit Denmark

car and/or walking. I

together was actually

and Germany. It has

was very fortunate to

our walk to the little

shown me all kinds of

have the opportunity

mermaid statue




because of all of

a Danish person on

the interesting and

what pastry I wanted to

humorous things we

eat, and how I did not

found along the way.

in fact want a Danish

The most entertaining

person for my lunch.

moment I had in our travels is when I had my misunderstanding with

views on anything except for perhaps making travel less frightening and intimidating then it used to be. I also do not think that this trip has particularly affected my design aesthetics, but it was refreshing to see and experience all the different parts of Europe for myself and better understand their aesthetics.




Although not particularly changing my point of


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