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Steroids make you strong, infertile, and...

By Candelaria Rosales Liver damage, infertility, baldness, jaundice, testicular shrinkage, tendon tears…these are only some of the side effects that taking anabolic steroids can cause. A bigger muscle isn’t the only thing that a person will experience. The one thing that steroids won’t do is allow for someone to become a better player. Steroid usage has become very common these days. Many professional athletes have been accused of using anabolic steroids. While these players are all well in to their 20s or 30s they have passed their growth spurt. One issue is when teenagers are beginning to use them. The unfortunate thing is that most people don’t know the true effects that steroids can really have. According to the NIDA-funded study that was conducted in 2009, only 1.3 percent of 8th- and 10th-graders have used anabolic steroids. Meanwhile 2.2 percent of 12th-graders admitted to having used them. “Many kids take it, thinking that it can really help them improve, but they never realize that it can actually affect the way they play,” said, Dr. Frank Philips an orthopedic surgeon at Rush Hospital. While I did try and get in contact with a few players they refused to speak. Many players wont even comment on steroid use anonymously. According to Philips, once the muscle grows the rest of the tendons become like a rubber band. They begin to extend to make room for the other muscle. This causes them to only stretch so far and eventually tear. “There is only one way to fix a torn tendon and that is surgery,” said Dr. Philips.

Once a tendon tears it is very prone to tear again. “The worst part is knowing that these symptoms are simply irreversible. These teens will never grow and will never be able to have children,� said Elizabeth Davis-Berg, a Science professor at Columbia College Chicago. Berg teaches the biomechanics of sports. When you realize what all the steroid usage can do to the human body, it is like going through puberty all over again. The vocal cords become deeper, mood swings are in place, facial hair grows. This does not only happen to males, but to females as well. Females, develop masculine features, and have an enlargement of the clitoris which can cause a complete end to their menstrual cycle. According to Davis- Berg, once a person stops using the steroids the muscle mass that was built will turn in to fat. Aside from that it can


The adverse effects of steroid usage on minors

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