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A Brief History

Kauffman Stadium was originally known as Municipal Stadium in 1923. It was rebuilt in 1955 when the Philadelphia Athletics moved in to town and began playing baseball. In 1966 a plan to reconstruct the stadium was made. It was to originally be used as a multi-purpose stadium but due to design and seating capacity issues this never took place. In 1967 two stadiums were built one for the Kansas City Chiefs; which was the old baseball Stadium now known as Arrowhead stadium. In 1971 the baseball league expanded to include a few more teams. Amongst these teams came the Kansas City Royals. The first game played in the new stadium was on April 10, 1973 known as Royals Stadium. This stadium was built with a seating capacity of 40,793. It was the first ball park with astro turf. It was designed in a very unique way. All of the seats were in an angle facing the outfield. In The outfield fountains were built along with a royal crown scoreboard. Nothing was done to the stadium until 1990 when a JumboTron in left center was added. And in 1993 it officially became Kauffman Stadium. It was in 2007 when they announced a two year $256 million renovation. Opening day 2008 Phase I was completed and by opening day 2009 the stadium was complete. A lot of things where added mainly in the outfield in which unlike before fans can now visit. They now have section to play miniature golf, an arcade, carrousel, playground and the Little K area in which children are allowed to play and run bases. The Seating capacity was lowered to 38,177.

Public Relations Plan


Situation Since 2002 the Royals hit one of the worst slumps by losing 104 games in the season. Which doesn’t help since the presence of the fans has been decreasing since the midnineties due to lack of a good playing team. Many ball parks have specials in which the team or teams are advertised. So why not join the crowd and maybe stand out above the rest? Letting the Kansas City Royals reach their fans in many ways other than just watching “The American pastime.”


Objective: 1. Keep fans coming to the parks despite the losing streaks 2. Make Kauffman Stadium a place that is comfortable 3. Raise the revenue by a 10% the next season.


Public Relations Objectives Kauffman stadium has recently been renovated and it is one of the biggest ball park in baseball. However, now that the ballpark has been renovated it has the ability to keep our fans coming back for more every time; including our season ticket holders. When fans come in to the stadium they should feel free to express themselves and let all the stress of the day or the week go and remember the joy of life. We have something for every age and interest.

IV: TARGET AUDIENCE: 1. Our target audiences will be the folks at Kansas City, especially families with young ones. For kids we have the arcade, carousel and Little K area in which the children can enjoy a baseball game of their own. 2. Next we have the adult target which would include the rivals’ sports bar with a party deck on top filled with the flat screens. 3. Last but not least the senior crowd. With the creation of the life size statues of Royals hall of famers you can walk along and witness history.


Research: 1. Look deep in to what other ball parks do and what it is that attracts them as well as what tactics “K” field has used in the past years. 2. Look in to the most talked about athletes that could cooperate with the commercials that get the message out of how great it is to attend the park and support the team. 3. Look in to getting the most popular player on the team or look for former Royals players to top it all off.


Elements 1. Begin to run commercials that are fan based in January. 2. Run ad campaigns with the Royals logo using food chains such as McDonalds or Burger King. 3. Season Ticket holders will get a personalized letter from the GM of the Royals along with a picture of the old and newly restored Kauffman Stadium. 4. Create billboards with the history of the team.


PROJECT TEAM 1. One team will contact the marketing director to have at least 2 commercials to be shown. One in the area of Kansas City and one nationwide. There will be a team of 3 working on this assignment. 2. I will have a team of 5 people working on billboards to advertise the party deck and what it would be like to be right on top during a baseball game. 3. Another team will look in to the promotions that can be used to create special dates for children to go up and play at in the K area. 4. 2 people will be in charge of looking at when the best teams in the league will be in town to declare our special promotions of that day.


Timeline As soon as October 5th comes around, it is time to take action. Since this will be the off season for the Royals it will be a great time to start preparing for next season. 1. Time to get to work! We will go over how much we made in revenue and compare it with last years. Get a team that will go over all the statistics of the ball park and other ball parks during the season and see where we rank and how much we need to work for the following season. 2. In January start preparing for our upcoming season. Nothing better than shooting a commercial with all the targeted areas of the ball park. Begin promoting locally

3. Contact McDonalds and Burget King to see which restaurant would allow us to promote the Royals. 4. Once the season gets closer communicate with the season ticket holders. Get the general manager to mail out a letter to these fans so that they can see how much we appreciate their support. Allow this to run for a month and a half. 5. In March when the players are reporting to Spring training it’s time to take it global. Following up with season ticket holders and now getting in contact with promoters to make billboards that will be posted all over Kansas city with pictures of the different areas of the ball park including the famous water fountains right outside the field.

6. Right before opening day we would have a big promotion. That night there will be fireworks and food will be at a cheaper price. The first 10,000 fans will receive a collector’s item along with a chance to be selected as the winner of our grand prize!

Candelaria Rosales (773) 817-7267

For Immediate release Kansas City Shows their Hope

Kansas City, April 1, 2010 A great way to start off the 2010 season! On Saturday April 5, 2010 the Kansas City Royals will be devoting their time to raising money for the Make A Wish Foundation Tours of Kauffman Stadium will given for a small donation of $5.00. The event will begin at 1p.m. and run until 8p.m. The children will receive autographs by a few of the players and will be allowed to visit the dugouts and locker rooms. They will also get a chance to play in the little K area. All of the sites in Kauffman Stadium will be open to the public such as the miniature golf course, the party deck, and the arcade. “What a better way to show our support to the community and start off the season,” said Brayan Pena, catcher for the Royals. Their will be raffles and plenty of food. All of the donations will be given to the Make A wish Foundation. This will make the wishes of a lot of children come true. “This is a wonderful event that we hope gets a great turnout with the support of our fans”, stated David Glass CEO of the Royals. ###

Media Alert

On Saturday April 3, 2010 The Kansas City Royals will be having an event at Kauffman Stadium. They will be fundraising money for the Make A Wish Foundation. They will be allowing the fans to come in and take a tour of the stadium and enjoy all the new sites located on the outfield and more. The kids can visit the locker rooms and receive signed autographs from a few players that will be present that day. Food and refreshments will be available. Doors will be open to the public beginning at 1p.m until 8p.m. for a small donation of $5.00 per person. At the end of the night the event will end by having a firework show along with the total of funds raised that will all go to the Make A wish Foundation.

:60 This Saturday the Kansas City Royals will be hosting a tour of Kauffman Stadium. This tour will be offered to fundraise for the Make a wish Foundation. The kids will get a chance to visit the locker rooms and get autographs by a few of the players and receive a free jersey. This event will go on from 1p.m until 8p.m. The kids and adults will visit the play area and the miniature golf area. A small donation will of $5.00 be will be asked for admission. So remember this Saturday before opening day don’t miss out on the adventure of getting a close look at every corner of Kauffman Stadium and meeting your favorite player.

:30 Come and join the Kansas City Royals this Saturday as they tour the entire Stadium as they fundraise for the children of the make a wish foundation. The tour will be open to the public in which a $5.00 donation will be appreciated. The donation will go to cancer research. It will be held from 1p.m. to 8 p.m. :10 The Kansas City Royals offer free tour to children of make a wish foundation this Saturday, and will be opened to the public from 1-8p.m. And will end with a great firework show.

Talking points

Go over the speech carefully

Don’t answer more than asked

Discuss the great things that have changed

How it will benefit the community of the ball park

What it does for the team

What you expect in the future

Talk about the history of the park

End with a great quote


Good evening, I am David Glass CEO of this magnificent team your Kansas City Royals. I’m glad to see you all here showing your team spirits! As I look at you tonight I see the anxious await for the beginning of our new season. Though we have had a couple of rough seasons; I am glad to see that our true fans stand behind us. Thanks to you we enjoy coming out and playing “America’s favorite past-time.” And with that we now have something to show in return of your loyalty. We have restructured Kauffman Stadium and made it to accommodate each and every one of you. We have created a place for your children to come and enjoy their own playground! A place where can watch replays in a jumbo-tron that is the biggest ever created, a place in which you can come and not only enjoy the game but enjoy other games such as miniature golf. We have upgraded as a thank you to our players and most of all to you our FANS! We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing your bright faces in our restored and historic ball park! Thank you and please enjoy the rest of the evening at this convention that we bring to you.


Q: Are There any extra charges for these extra sites? A: there are tokens required for the rides and miniature golf but it’s all at a reasonable price.

Q: Do you think the fans will enjoy the new attractions? A: Of course, there is something for everyone including the fans of the opposing team.

Q: How much did the renovation cost? A: It was a $206 million 2 year deal.

Q: Do you think keeping the historic fountains pleases the fans? A: This city is known as the city od fountains what better place to keep them than in a historic ball park!

Q: Do you think the renovations will help out the teams records? A: It will definitely life their atmosphere and the joy to say that having home field advantage is always a good thing.

Income Royals

$ 65,000.00


Total Expenses

$ 4,000.00 $ 2,500.00 $ 300.00 $ 1,000.00 $ 6,000.00 $ 15,000.00 $ 3,000.00 $ 9,000.00 $ 850.00 $ 300.00 $ 20,000.00 $ 200.00 $ 62,150.00

Net Income

$ 2,850.00

Marketing Press Conference Conference-Food Research Convention Salary Fireworks show Contract-Fast Food Collector's Items Grand Prize Portraits Mailing

PR Presentation  
PR Presentation  

A presentation created for the Kansas City Royals renovation