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BAYFRONT From the beginning of time fashion, style & beauty have been present in everyone and everything, It is apparent in what we wear, where we dine, how we live, what we eat, and what defines us as human beings. There are three main components that set BAYFRONT apart from the rest, individuality, inspiration, and timelessness. Our culture has changed by women defining themselves to what inspires their own unique individuality instead of magazines telling them what they need to wear to be successful. BAYFRONT’S story is the story of defining yourself and daring our readers to know who they are, rather than deciding for them. We will always stay up to date with the latest styles, trends and beauty but it is up to our readers to take it to the next level. You inspire us!

BAYFRONT Audrina Patridge

The Hills Star on Men, Love & Fashion

Distribution & Circulation

West Coast: Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs & Estero East Coast: Miami, Fort Lauderdale & West Palm Beach


Local Retail Boutiques, Hotel Lobbies, Starbucks Coffee Doctor’s Offices, Spas/Health Centers, Resorts National Bookstores, Airports

BAYFRONT P.O. Box 110537 Naples, FL 34108 |

About The Readers Median Age: Age 18-34: 54.4% Age 25-49: 48.1%

Median HHI: $82, 105 HHI $75,000 + College: 76% Employed 71% Single 45% Readers per copy: 5.70 80% of readers will keep a copy of BAYFRONT for over three months in their home.

What our readers want to see: The hottest new fashions & accessories and where to find them, new designers, beauty tips from experts working in the field, global news on health & wellness and how it relates to the fashion industry, relationship advice from experts. Bayfront helps sponsor charity fundraisers in conjunction with fashion shows and events throughout the US. If you would like to find out on sponsorship programs with BAYFRONT please email us at

BAYFRONT P.O. Box 110537 Naples, FL 34108 |

2010 Ad prices 1x run DBL Page Spread: $1999 FULL Page $999 2/3 Page $890 1/3 Page $790 1/6 Page $590

4x DBL Page Spread: $ 1790 FULL Page: $950 2/3 Page: $ 870 1/3 Page: $770 1/6 Page: $550

Premium Positions: Inside front cover: add $550 Inside back cover: add $500 Opposite inside front cover: add $500 Back cover: add $600 Opposite letter from the editor: add $500 Opposite contents: add $500

BAYFRONT P.O. Box 110537 Naples, FL 34108 |



1/2 PAGE Vertical 4.75” x 7.25”

Ad Specifications We prefer ads to be submitted in a high-res, print-ready PDF file. Be sure to design your document the actual size of ad; do not float in a 8.5” x 11” document. Other acceptable applications include Quark Xpress, InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Please make sure that all fonts and images are packaged in the file. We can not accept any files created in Microsoft Publisher or Word.

Fonts/Images We can not accept any True Type fonts. If using Adobe Illustrator to create an ad, or any image in an ad, please make sure that all type is converted to outlines. File formats for any image must be .TIF, .EPS, or .JPG. Image resolution must be 300 dpi or higher. Please make sure that all four-color images and all spot color is converted to CMYK (not RGB or PMS) to ensure proper printing.

Submission Gather all font files (Adobe Postscript preferred), as well as all fonts used to create the document. Include all placed artwork,embedded graphics, imported logos and all other relevant materials.

Ad Sizes SPREAD: 16.75 x 10.875 Full Page (bleed): 8.375” x 10.875”

Please try to keep type at least .5” from edge of page. Add at least .125” on all sides beyond page for bleed.

2/3 Page vertical: 4.75” x 9.75”

1/3 PAGE Block 4.75” x 4.75”

2/3 PAGE Vertical 4.75” x 9.75”

1/2 PAGE Horizontal 7.25” x 4.75”

If submitting via email: Compress all files with either Stuffit Delux or Drop Stuff (Please keep all e-mails under 8MB’s). Include the advertiser’s name and cover month in the subject line of your e-mail (eg. Fashion Place - Jan. 2010). Include the advertiser’s name and cover month as well as a contact name and phone number in the e-mail. Send your submissions to If submitting via CD: Write the advertiser’s name and the cover month on the CD or DVD. Include the name and phone number for a contact person. Provide a color proof copy of your ad. Please indicate if you need your CD or DVD returned. Send your submissions to: Bayfront Magazine, P.O. Box 110537 Naples, FL 34108 If ads are not supplied at proper size and you want the design department to resized and extra fee of $50/hr will be applied.

Ad Deadlines Final ads 13th of the month (Existing clients) Ad insertions 16th of the month

1/2 Page Vertical: 4.75” x 7.25” 1/2 Page Horizontal: 7.25” x 4.75” 1/3 Page Vertical: 2.312” x 9.75” 1/3 Page Block: 4.75” x 4.75” 1/6 PAGE HORIZONTAL: 4.75” x 2.312” 1/6 PAGE VERTICAL: 2.312” x 4.75”

BAYFRONT P.O. Box 110537 Naples, FL 34108 |

1/3 PAGE Vertical 2.312” x 9.75”

FULL PAGE Final size-8.375”x 10.875” Bleed-add .125” on all sides

1/6 PAGE Vertical 2.312” x 4.75”

SPREAD Final size-16.75” x 10.875” Bleed-add .125” on all sides

1/6 PAGE Horizontal 4.75” x 2.312”

BAYFRONT P.O. Box 110537 Naples, FL 34108 |

Bayfront Magazine Media Kit  

Bayfront Magazine Media Kit

Bayfront Magazine Media Kit  

Bayfront Magazine Media Kit