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I’m federally tax exempt, NOW WHAT!

Nonprofit Consultant VIP Day This VIP day is designed to aid the new federally tax exempt nonprofit organizations with: board and organization management, fundraising, grant exploration, social media, customized program development plan (valued at $499.00), business administration tips, informational white pages, manuals, implementations, and a 30 day nonprofit consultation support. A healthy living lunch will be served. The approximate length to cover all modules is six hours. The Nonprofit Consultation day can also be administered through webinar series.

Module 1 Legalities Module one will ensure that the nonprofit is prepared for the legalities such as accountability, transparency, and reporting involved in managing your nonprofit’s day to day operations. This module will also provide an overview of duties and governance expectations for the organization’s Board of Directors. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

State Exemption & Applicable Benefits Board of Director Manual™ Board of Director Roles and Responsibilities™ The 3 D’s of Board Governance Texas Nonprofit Legal Briefcase Manual™ Sample Board of Director Meeting Agenda Should you become a fiscal sponsor? Should you collaborate with other nonprofit orgs or for profits?

Module 2 Business Basics that help expand your nonprofit This Module consists of basic business operations that need to be in place, in order to leverage your nonprofit fundraising, grant exploration, donor funds, and basic administrative support management. 1. Nonprofit Bank Account (Checking/Savings) Set up 2. Nonprofit PayPal integration 3. Nonprofit ecommerce/donation site integration

Module 3 Program Development

499.99 Value

Funders and Donors want to know that a nonprofit organization has a sound plan to use its human and financial resources effectively. A program development plan is a thoughtful, systematic projection of input and output efforts of a program that helps accomplish a nonprofit's mission. This is a strategic model in which your organization will set an objective, system process, implementation, and measure system. This plan will be used internally and externally to garner human and financial supporters through grants and volunteerism. 1. Customized Inputs, Processes, Outputs and Outcomes that will optimize your nonprofit organization for funding in terms of grants, individual supporters, and sponsors. 2. Why should funders support this project? 3. Why do you need charitable dollars? 4. What are all the incomes and expense details? 5. Who needs to be involved in implementing said program? 6. How does your organization show its good stewardship? 7. Is there a future for this project beyond the scope of a grant?

Module 4 Fundraising, Grant Exploration, and Donations! We can all resonate with good causes, however what, why and how do these good causes get funded. What are the determining factors of a successful grant exploration or fundraising campaign for your nonprofit organization? This module highlights the major fundraising campaigns, websites, and applications your organization should be using to maximize donor funding. We’ll also take a peek at grant exploration for new organizations. If that doesn’t get you excited…we’re going to list our top twenty websites that are restricted only for organizations who have been deemed federally tax exempt.

1. Fundraising Methodologies (crowd-funding, traditional funding etc.) 2. Implementing your first fundraising campaign-Yes we help you plan your first fundraising kickoff 3. What makes your grant proposal stand out from the rest 4. Top twenty sites that your nonprofit must register for in order to gain free donations or collaborative corporate store partnerships for your organization. 5. Grants Optimized™ you’ll receive twenty grant leads that coincide with your mission and vision. 6. Learn about our Grants4U™. Our approach to grant proposal, funding, and reporting. 7. Donation Templates 559.00 8. 2014 Seasonal Operational Sponsorship Proposal (Includes four quarter funding Value opportunities)

Module 5 Social Media Plugged In According to recent Neilson studies, Americans devote more time engaging in social media than any other activity online, including the hours spent emailing, using gaming sites, using search engines for info and shopping. 1. We’ll implement Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+ accounts for your organization. 2. We’ll set measurable goals for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+. 3. We’re ready to educate your organization on the best methods to gather awareness and support for your organization using these social media platforms. 4. Can lead pages help your cause? 5. How integrating your donation initiatives with the various social media platforms above can rock your donor participation. 6. Implementing a responsive CSM system with auto responder follow up, landing pages and various responsive systems 7. Media/News Journalist lists for Houston Metro and surrounding Areas Invest in your nonprofit, and claim the credit for your 2013 tax season!

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Nonprofit consultant vip day special