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A Friendly Face in a Faraway Place Apple Vacations Representatives are located in most hotels, at the Hospitality Desk; most often in or near the main lobby.

index CANCUN


Apple Vacations Representatives live in the community, most for over 10 years and are eager to share the knowledge of their home with you. Representatives hold informational briefings daily for newly arriving guests; keeping you up-do-date with the latest happenings in the area.


Optional excursions and activities are arranged directly with your Apple representative, insuring quality & safety. They are eager to hear what your interests are and will be happy to help organize your adventures. Apple Vacations Representatives are easy to spot – they are wearing the brightly flowered shirts! You can’t miss them!!! For the assistance of a representative outside of these hours, please call: in Cancun 881-9500 in Riviera Maya & Cozumel 01(998) 881-9500 Our office is open daily 8 am - 8 pm *Apple Vacations Resort Representatives are provided by Amstar dmc , an independent destination management company in Mexico providing services to Apple Vacations customers.


Cozumel 30

Downtown Cozumel


Cancun Hotel Zone


Downtown Cancun 38 Riviera Maya 40

Playa del Carmen









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40 or so years ago, Cancun was only a twinkle in the eyes of visionaries dreaming of a paradise not yet realized. This “mirage,” shimmering up from a sun-drenched sliver of powdery, white beach; was home to no one and known only to a few fisherman and those looking for solitude. Nothing but nature itself occupied this Caribbean diamond in the rough. Cancun has awakened to become one of the premiere vacation destinations in the world. A wonderful mix of modern design, ancient Mayan mysteries and a warm, Mexican culture that ties it all together; Cancun has everything. Deluxe hotels; soft, white beaches; breath-taking crystal-clear turquoise waters; the 2nd largest reef in the world; incredible archaeology; snorkeling & diving; hidden cenotes; delicious food; un-matched shopping; pulsating nightlife – it’s all here - and yours for the asking. Cancun is the gateway to adventure. Welcome to Paradise - Welcome to Cancun.

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The Mayan Apocalypse??? I guess not!!! Well, December 21, 2012 – the end of the world, has come and gone. Apparently we’re still here!! What was all the fuss about? The big day last December, which was the corresponding date deciphered from an ancient Mayan calendar; was according to many, the day the world would come to an end. The Mayan Apocalypse Theory developed due to an extraordinary discovery of a stone tablet discovered in the 1960’s at the archaeological site of Tortuguero in the Mexican state of Tabasco that describes the return of a Mayan god at the end of a “13th period.” Many interpreted this as a prediction for the end of the world. But experts of the Maya had a much different read on this ancient message. The Mayan civilization, which reached its height between 300 A.D. to 900 A.D., had a talent for astronomy. Advanced mathematics and primitive astronomy flourished, creating what many have called the most accurate calendar in the world. Their Long Count calendar begins in 3,114 B.C., marking time in roughly 394-year periods known as Baktuns. Thirteen was a significant, sacred number for the Mayas, and they wrote that the 13th Baktun would end on what would be, in the common Gregorian Calendar, December 21, 2012. As scholars discovered the key to deciphering the intricate writings related to the Mayas calendars, their translations came to be known as The Mayan Prophecies. The translations included predicting astronomical events related to the sun and solar system, as well as spiritual concepts that dealt with mankind’s preparation for the journey into the next Baktun. Inevitably, as the public became more and more aware of the Prophecies, doomsday and apocalypse interpretations entered into the mainstream discussion. The Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), is Mexico’s official agency in charge of the country’s museums and archaeological sites. The Institute investigates, preserves and reports on the archaeological, anthropological and historical heritage of Mexico. The institute’s experts had long said rumors of a world-ending or world-changing event in late December 2012 were Westernized misinterpretations of the Mayas calendars. They explained that the Mayas saw these “Baktuns” as a series of cycles that began and ended with regularity, but with nothing apocalyptic at the end of a given cycle.

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Another Mayan artifact, the “Comalcalco Brick,” also seems to help refute doomsday theories Comalcalco Archaeological Zone: Tabasco, Mexico

As for Mexico, no great concern of an imminent catastrophe entered into the public consciousness. When asks about the end of the world theory at the begining of 2012, Yeanet Zaldo, a tourism spokeswoman for the Caribbean state of Quintana Roo, and home to Cancun said: “The world will not end. It is just the end of an era and the beginning of another. For us, it is a message of hope”. Mexico’s Tourism Board expected approximately 50 million visitors during 2012 just to the Mexican states of Chiapas, Yucatan, Quintana Roo, Tabasco and Campeche – the areas of the country that made up the lands of the Mayan Empire. That prediction did come true!!

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Chichen Itza A New Wonder of the World!!!

The most famous of the Mayas archaeological sites, was named one of the New Seven Wonders of The World in 2007. The site is full of architectural wonders and fascinating structures including the great Kukulkan Pyramid, the Observatory, the Temple of the Warriors and the Ball Court. Chichen Itza is a “must see� if visiting this region of Mexico!!!

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A special bonus to any trip to Chichen Itza is a visit to Ik Kil, a beautiful hidden well, located 5 minutes from the main site. Here you can enjoy a moment of contemplation as the Maya did centuries ago. Be sure to check with your Apple Representative though - many companies don’t include this extra treat in their itinerary.

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Island Fever Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be more places to explore in the Mexican Caribbean, you’ve come down with a case of Island Fever. The symptoms: 1. an urge to sail over the blue Caribbean. 2. a craving for snorkeling. 3. an itch to wander through a small village. 4. a need to shop for Mexican handcrafts. The cure: a day trip to the island of Isla Mujeres; located about a 45-50 minute boat ride across the Caribbean. Half Mexican, half Caribbean, the island enjoys a relaxed, laid-back existence. Nobody is in a rush, everybody knows each other and the hospitality is as usual...warm and inviting. Isla Mujeres – island of the Woman, can be seen from the northern shores of Cancun. Not much is known about the ancient history of the Island, although there is a small Mayan structure at the southern tip of the island. Archaeologists surmise that it most likely was a form of lighthouse for the Mayas making pilgrimages to the island. Several stories are bantered about as to how the island got its name. The more widely accepted version is that the Spanish explorer, Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba arrived on the island in 1517, and discovered an altar covered with many female figurines. Another version has the Spaniards first setting foot on the island while all the native men were off fishing - giving the impression that only women inhabited the island. Still another story


has the Mayans naming the island after the Mayan goddess of fertility - Ixchel - and that young virgins were sent there so that Ixchel would bless them with fertility. The island also has a colorful history of pirates. Stories of Morgan and Lafitte using the small, secure harbor for a safe haven abound. The pirate/slave trader Mundaca was also an infamous island inhabitant.The ruins of his grand hacienda can still be seen at the southern end of the island.

So if you’re feeling a bit “feverish,” check with your Apple Vacations Representative for the best ways to “cure” your Island Fever!

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at at yourservice yourservice SAVE THE REEFS!! Coral reefs are the richest and most complex ecosystems on earth, but they are also very, very fragile. Coral colonies only grow at a rate of approximately 5mm per year. If the incredible beauty of the planet’s coral reefs are to survive, they must be treated with care and respect. If not, they will simply be damaged beyond repair in a few short years. Remember to follow these easy rules while you are snorkeling or diving. If you are an out-of-practice snorkeler - make sure you refresh your skills away from the reef first. Never touch or stand on corals, as the living polyps on the surfaces of coral formations are easily damaged. Avoid disturbing sand around corals. Quite apart from spoiling visibility, the cloud of sand will settle over the corals and smother them. Don’t remove shells, sponges or other creatures from the reef and avoid buying reef products from souvenir shops. Don’t use suntan lotion in reef areas, as the oils remain in the water, sticking to the corals and killing them. Don’t anchor boats on the reef; use the permanently secured buoys instead. Check where you are allowed to fish before going out on your own. Please, please - Don’t throw litter overboard!

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at yourservice Xcaret

Lobster Dinner Cruise

South of Cancun, is Xcaret, an ancient Mayan ceremonial center.

Set sail on the graceful galleon “Columbus” for a memorable romantic sunset or evening cruise on Nichupte Lagoon.

Nowadays, it is an inviting eco-archaeological and recreational park with natural pools, underground rivers, coral reef aquarium, beautiful wildlife, butterfly pavilion, aviary, archaeological sites, a magical Xcaret by Night program and more.

The beautiful sight of the sun setting or the moon rising is the perfect backdrop for a laid-back sail and a delicious dinner feast of lobster or steak served by an attentive crew.

A full day of eye opening activities.

The Columbus sails twice a day. For information on departure times and reservations contact your Apple Vacations Representative.

Royal Garrafon Cruise


The number ONE tour to Isla Mujeres! Cruise in style across amazing turquoise-blue waters to the Isle of Woman.

Xplor is a unique underground world, with activities that invite you to explore the 4 elements and rediscover your emotions and senses.

Enjoy gorgeous panoramic views of the Caribbean as you enjoy breakfast and an open bar in air-conditioned comfort, aboard the Dolphin Princess. On the island enjoy: interacting with sharks or stingrays, a bicycle tour to the Sea Turtle Sanctuary, kayaking or a visit to the quaint village for shopping, lunch buffet and open domestic bar.

With over 6 miles of adventure, exciting ziplines, journeys through the jungle on unstoppable amphibious vehicles, swimming through an underground paradise surrounded by amazing stalactites & stalagmites, a matchless raft route across stunning subterranean caverns while paddling with your own hands, and to complete your feat, a nutritious and light buffet, that will recharge your energy. All this awaits you at Xplor.

Optional available.

The Earth is inviting you... Can you hear the beat? Xplor... EMBRACE your own adventure.





Captain Hook

Delphinus Dolphinariums

Climb aboard an authentic 18th century replica of a Spanish Galleon for a fun-filled night sailing the Caribbean. The “crazy crew” is fully outfitted with pirate regalia and cannons mark your departure as you begin your evening adventure. Throughout the cruise your crew will provide an exciting history of Cancun and Isla Mujeres and tales of the famous pirate Mundaca.

A “dream come true” for animal lovers of all ages!!!! Delphinus Dolphinariums are dedicated to offering interactive programs that create memories that will be with you forever.

A delicious steak and lobster dinner is served right on deck and plenty of music, dancing and laughter are all part of the fun. There is even a surprise waiting for you at sea, but you will have to sail with us to find out what happens!!


Our programs are based on the principle of educational interaction through close contact with these amazing mammals that heightens the friendly relationship between human beings, dolphins and their environment. There’s a program designed for practically every age and swimming ability. Ask your Apple Vacations Representative for details on all the fabulous options available.

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Mayan Ceremony

Xcaret Park 15

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Dolphin Discovery Imagine yourself swimming with trained dolphins in the most incredible crystal blue waters on earth. Dolphin Discovery makes your dreams come true as we show you how to make contact with the ocean’s most beautiful being. Dolphin Swims, Dolphin Encounters or Scuba Dolphins - there is a program designed to fulfill almost anyone’s fantasies. Whether it’s receiving a kiss, riding dolphins by their dorsal fins, playing tag, or the sensation of having dolphins launch you into the air by pushing on your feet, you’ll leave us with memories of an “experience of a lifetime!” Professional photos and videos are also available. For more information speak with your Apple representative.

Snorkeling Adventure Enjoy a “Robinson Crusoe” type day away from the busy beaches and pools of your hotel! A great day of snorkeling, white powder beaches and Caribbean


sun (and shade!!) on a secluded section of the second largest barrier reef in the world. And we’re only a short ride away from most hotels. We serve up a delicious Caribbean lunch with a French touch. Transportation, snorkel gear, lunch, beverages and........ our warm hospitality all included!!

Selvatica Canopy Adventure Fly high above the Mayan jungle on as many as 11 different zip lines on our Canopy Adventure Tour. Enjoy the sensation of zipping through the trees and the sense of accomplishment after completing the course. Then hop on mountain bikes for a quick ride to the Green Light Cenote for a revitalizing swim, before returning to the main Palapa for some refreshments and a light lunch. A terrific day for active families and vacationers. Located just 30 min. south of Cancun or north of Playa del Carmen.

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