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Creativity By Daniela Pinilla


Are you obsses with your weight?

and You want to know every day if you gain weight



Bell tape measure

Have you ever thought how difficult is to put butter on your bread without this happen?

But this will not be a problem anymore .

Butter stick

Sometimes you can´t sleep well but you have to get up and go to school.

Here is your solution Sleep safe tape

If you like to fall asleep on the bus or in the metro


Your head is moving everywhere

Now, you can do it without problem

There are people that like to read the news while they are drinking a cup of coffe.

So they never thought that they could do it without but now buying they can a newspaper. .

Cup news

If you have little brothers you know that your mom always gets up at every time at night to feed the baby, and you think that your father is lucky because he can´t fall asleep all night long.

But now the things will changed

If you don´t like that your baby Now he can be the one gets dirty

helping you to clean

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