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Types Of Herbs & Their Benefits For The Body Indonesian people still believe in herbal medicine. It can be seen from the many tukang jamu keliling or a variety of herbal medicinal products circulating in the market, such as ginseng, aloe vera, spirulina, propolis or ginkgo biloba Best Cold Medicine For High Blood Pressure, Symptoms and Treatment

The widespread use of herbal medicine in Indonesia is also associated with the many types of plants in this country. Indonesia was recorded as one of the countries that has a wealth of plants are abundant. But whether the drug made of natural materials is definitely safe to be consumed? Herbal medicines made from herbs or a mixture of extracts of herbs to treat disease or maintain health. Herbal remedies can be made from leaves, flowers, stems, roots, fruit, even the seeds. Then these ingredients are processed and packaged in the form of capsules, tablets, oils, ointments, or drink in tea form. Because it is made from natural ingredients, people think that herbal remedies are safe and do not hesitate to try it, especially if herbal remedy that has been used since long ago for generations. Regulation and Standardization of Herbal Medicine in Indonesia Basically herbal remedies that are circulating in Indonesia is safe to be consumed, with a note that the product is already registered in BPOM RI.

In Indonesia, herbal remedies are categorized into two types, namely herbal remedies traditional and herbal remedies nontraditional. ● Traditional herbal medicine ● Known as a traditional medicine or herbal medicine. Material-the material has been used since generations and is the recipe of the cultural heritage of the Indonesian nation. ● Herbal medicine nontraditional ● Content on this drug is nothing in the history of the treatment of traditional Indonesian ancestors or not hereditary, but potentially beneficial for the body. Before allowing the circulation of medicinal products of herbal, BPOM RI will conduct a series of scientific tests in advance in order to protect the public from possible content of harmful substances. However, for herbal medicine that has been used since hereditary is usually not necessary to do clinical trials again. But there are also that requires further evidence Cough Medicine For 2 Year Old, Babies and Toddlers The process of clinical test on a product includes a check against the truth of the identity of the plants used, plant parts used, ways of preparation of raw materials, and the identification of active compounds. The method of extraction used, the method of preparation of raw materials and products are tested is also required. Herbal medicines circulating in Indonesia may not contain a Chemical Drugs (BKO) because it can harm health and be fatal. Example BKO question is paracetamol as pain medication or sildenafil as a drug to cope with impotence. BPOM RI strictly prohibit the public taking drugs herbs with the content of the BKO. BPOM RI will be confiscated herbal medicinal products containing such substances. The Effectiveness Of Herbal Medicine In Clinical Herbal medicine has the content and way of working that is very complex. Although generally considered to be natural, but that does not mean herbal remedies are fully safe. Different medical drugs, herbal drugs have a different way of working in treating disease. If conventional medicine aims to treat the disease specifically, herbal medicines are generally more instrumental in the recovery process of the body. Almost all herbs have the effect or the content of antioxidants in it. Antioxidant activity in medicinal herbs is what makes it is used in to help handle a variety of conditions such as cancer, memory loss, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis. Scientific facts of the various studies so far concluded that the effectiveness of herbal remedies in clinical still not supported by strong evidence and are consistent. Some people claim to feel better after taking herbal medicines, but there are also reports of poisoning after taking herbal medicine. So if You want to use herbal medicines as a treatment method, You should consult with your doctor first Natural and Home Cough Medicine For 3 year Old

Tips For Safely Taking Drugs Herbs Mostly natural materials are used as herbal remedies are indeed safe to be consumed. Although safe, the herbal medicines could potentially cause side effects both mild and serious on the body. Information about side effects that may occur are usually listed on the packaging. In order to avoid the danger, the following are tips for safe eating of herbal medicine. ● Be sure to buy products that have been registered in BPOM RI. ● Don't forget to check the expiry date of the product. ● Follow all instructions for use and dosage listed on the packaging. ● Contact customer service the product if You want to know more about their products. ● Before consuming, make sure You consult first to the doctor. Medicinal herbs can not be consumed by all people. People with certain conditions need to be more careful or better avoid the use of herbal medicine. 1. Pregnant and lactating women Pregnancy is a period when the mother should be careful in consuming anything else, including herbal remedies. What is consumed by pregnant mothers can affect the condition of the fetus can result in miscarriage, babies born prematurely, or babies born with horrible birth defects. This also applies for breastfeeding mothers. Intake that goes into the body of the mother breastfeeding can be contained in breast MILK. The substances contained in the herbal remedy possibilities can have an impact on the health of the baby. 2. People who will undergo surgery There are some herbal remedies that can slow down blood clotting or thin the blood. This can be bad if the herbal remedy is consumed before undergoing surgery. One example is ginkgo biloba. The consumption of this herbal remedy should be discontinued at least two weeks before surgery because it can slow down the process of blood clotting 12 Natural Cold and Cough Medicine For Kids and Toddlers 3. Are taking certain drugs Herbal medicine also can cause serious side effects if consumed in conjunction with medical drugs, such as blood pressure-lowering drugs, blood thinners, and diabetes drugs. 4. Have certain diseases Herbal medicine that was originally intended to give the benefits of better, it can aggravate the disease condition of a person. For example, medicinal herbs bitter. The drug is believed to improve the immune system, but can also be dangerous if sambiloto consumed by people with autoimmune diseases. Then there are also herbal remedies made from the gotu kola. Gotu kola should not be consumed by people who have liver disease. According to research, consumption of gotu kola can increase the risk of liver damage. So, don't just consume any herbal remedy, especially if the goal for the treatment. You need to know what is the purpose, the benefits, as well as the safety that herbal medicines. To get more information about herbal remedies, You can consult with the doctor

Herbal tea has been used over thousands of years as a natural remedy to overcome various kinds of diseases and keep health. Unfortunately, modern medicine has made many people forget about efficacy against herbal. As quoted from the All Women Stalk, following seven selection of herbal teas and their benefits for health. 1. Chamomile Tea If You often feel restless, try to drink chamomile tea because it can make You feel more calm. In addition to being useful as an antidepressant, chamomile tea is also beneficial for those of You who have the problem of insomnia. Chamomile is anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory) is very powerful, so You can get the benefits by way of drunk, inhaled fumes or submerse the fabric which is then placed on the area of pain. Chamomile is also useful to treat menstrual cramps in women Here's 7 Cough Medicine For Toddlers and Babies 2. Peppermint If You feel a full stomach with gas or bloating, You need to do is brew a cup of peppermint tea. This tea is also a remedy designed to eliminate the pain of the head. Take 1-2 teaspoon dried peppermint leaves. Add hot water to the leaves, then cover the cup and leave for about 10 minutes. After that, strain the herb and You can enjoy peppermint tea homemade. 3. Tea Juniper Juniper (fruit a kind of berry) can help the process of detoxification which not only remove toxins but also excess fluid. It is very important for women, given the body tends to retain water at some period of the menstrual cycle. In addition, this tea can also serve as an antiseptic that can prevent the inflammation in the bladder. Even some people also believe that herbal tea can cure swine flu. 4. Green Tea Already a lot of people who know the benefits of this tea. Green tea is a source of most powerful antioxidants that can help improve the function of the body. In addition to increase metabolism, green tea also can to reduce the weight. Therefore, it is not rare tea is consumed by those who are on a diet. 5. Ginger Tea Ginger tea can be used when You experience travel sickness. Drinking ginger tea is very much more healthy compared pills pain nausea sold in the market. Ginger tea will give sense of comfort to the nerves of the stomach and make You more energy About Decongestant Medicine for Stuffy Nose and cold 6. Tea Lemon Mint For those of You who want to gain weight, You should drink herbal tea refreshing. Opposite of the benefits of green tea which helps to reduce weight, tea lemon mint-rich in antioxidants this can actually increase Your appetite.

In this day and age, keeping our body to be healthy is a challenge. Not only we must wrestle with the environment which sometimes affect less good for our health, we are also required to come out with a better solution that comes without side effects. Taking medicine to stay healthy or when we are ill is a very common option. However, it should be realized that such a choice can bring bad effect for our body later in the day. Herbal medicines present a solution that is better than chemical drugs. The research continues and the technology is increasingly advanced, medicinal herbs growing type and usefulness. Nowadays, more and more people are starting to turn to herbal remedies to treat the disease that they have suffered. The benefits of herbal remedies indeed have been known to the multitude. Not only because herbal remedies have the ability which is almost the same with chemical drugs, the price of herbal medicine relatively cheaper. All people are aware that chemical drugs have side effects for our body. In addition, the drug certain chemicals in fact can bring the effect of allergies on sebahian people Here's 10 Cold Sore Pills and Fever Blister Medicine Properties Of Herbal Remedies Sometimes we are at the crossroads when having to choose between herbal drugs and chemical drugs. Every person certainly has the consideration of each. If You are more interested in consuming herbal remedies to treat the disease that You are suffering and to keep the body to stay healthy, it's good if You study more about the characteristics of herbal medicine itself. This will open Your eyes to the advantages and disadvantages of herbal medicine. The use of herbal medicine can be a door opener for You to start a more healthy lifestyle than before. Here are the characteristics that are inherent in herbal medicine; Herbal remedies Have Properties that are Reconstructive and Curative Herbal medicine is equipped with the ability to repair organs damaged. The active ingredients in herbal medicines can help in cell repair and tissue damaged which exist in the organs of the body stricken with the disease. Herbal medicine is usually directed at a source that be the cause of the disease. This type of drug is also able to improve the function of the organs of the body that suffered damage due to the disease. In addition to its reconstructive, herbal medicine is also able to cure the disease overall. Therefore, herbal medicine is believed to have curative properties Most Effective Weight Loss Pills, Supplements and Diet Pills Review The Other properties of Herbal Remedies Herbal medicine is able to appear as a better option than chemical drugs if we see from side effects that arise when we consume it. If every chemical drug has side effects different herbal remedies You can use without having to worry about the side effects that may arise as long as the herbal remedies that You use formulated by herbalist that berperngalaman. Currently, many kinds of herbal medicines circulating in the market and most herbal remedies are used to prevent disease and treat a variety of diseases that do not heal for many years. The other properties of herbal medicine which is very different from the chemical drug is a reaction that caused. If the chemical medicine can cure Your disease within a short time, herbal medicine generally works slower. Herbal remedies are natural remedies that dinilailebih better compared with other types of drugs. With the growing development of the industrial manufacture of herbal medicine, kinds of herbal remedies are also growing markedly. Of course, the benefits of herbal remedies are also growing in number. What's more, consuming herbal medicines are now increasingly

easy. You don't need to bother concocting a variety of natural herbs to make herbal remedies, there are many herbal remedies that are already ready to drink right You to consume chemical medicine. Here are some of the medicinal benefits of herbs for our health; Helps Eliminate Black Spots on Your Face Of the many herbal remedies that are circulating in the market, there are some of them that You can make to make Your face appear more attractive Water Retention Pills : Symptoms, Causes and Side Effects. The face is one of the most important parts of our body. There is the slightest disturbance on our face, then we will lose confidence. One of the most common problems that occur on the face is the onset of black spots. Disorders such as this are commonly caused by acne scars as well as exposure to excessive sunlight in a long time. Herbal medicine is able to restore Your confidence by eliminating the black spots was naturally. Herbal medicine of this type usually utilize one of the active ingredients of lemon and orange. In addition to eliminating black spots that look disturbing our appearance, herbal remedies of this type are also able to make our face look brighter than before. Treat Various Kinds Of Skin Diseases There are many skin diseases that attack our skin. Not only they can undermine the health of our skin, the skin disease can also make our skin look less attractive. Skin diseases may be easily You get rid of using chemical drugs in the form of lotions or ointments. However, the chemical drugs that are hard usually will leave an imprint or mark on our skin. A new problem even arises when we want to eliminate the former. Herbal medicines are formulated to address a wide variety of skin disease believed to work better than chemical drugs. These herbal remedies not only cure skin diseases, but also can make our skin more soft. What's more, herbal remedies for diseases of the skin now available in a form that is easy to wear 6 Best Diet Pills For Men and Women : Best Weight Loss Supplements To Overcome The Problem Of Uric Acid Gout has become a common disease occurs mainly in people over the age of 20 years. The cause of the disease is various from type of food consumed to the type of activities and the environment around us. The good news is that this disease can now be treated by medicinal herbs. As the medicinal properties of herbs that work quite sluggish, You can treat gout that You are suffering from gradually. It takes patience that is high enough to get optimal results from this type of treatment natural. Cure Of Dangerous Diseases Such As Coronary Heart Disease With research constantly carried out by experts, it seems that we will continue to struck by the efficacy and benefits of herbal medicine. So far, the herbal medicines even have the good ability to combat the disease that much more dangerous than simply a skin disease and spots on Your face. Currently, there are herbal remedies that can be used to help cure coronary heart disease. In the future, it is not impossible if other herbal remedies will keep popping up with properties that more awesome. Herbal remedies seem to will continue to be a better alternative especially for those who are already tired of relying on chemical drugs in treating all the illness Best Metabolism Booster Pills and Fat Burner Supplements What is imagined in our minds if we hear the word herbal? Mbok-mbok who sells jamu gendong and beverages such as turmeric asem, beras kencur, as well as brotowali? Not

wrong, but actually understanding herbal medicine not only as narrow as it was. In general, jamu is a traditional medicine to Indonesia. Indonesia is famous with jamu or often we are familiar with traditional medicine. Well, traditional medicine, by the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) is divided into 3 kinds: Jamu (Empirical based herbal medicines) Standardized herbal medicines/OHT (Scientific based herbal medicine) Phytopharmaca (Clinical based herbal medicine) The explanation : Herbal medicine Herbal medicine is the medicine of natural ingredients which efficacy has not been scientifically proven, in other words, has not undergone preclinical testing and clinical trials, but efficacy is trusted by people based on experience. What's the preclinical trials and the clinic? Preclinical testing is a test conducted on test animals to determine the safety and efficacy of the drug in animals. While a clinical trial is a test in humans to determine the safety and efficacy of the drug in humans. A clinical trial is only done if the drug has passed the preclinical trials. In the preparation of medicinal herbs, the raw materials used are not experiencing standardization because it is still using all parts of the plant Best ED Pills Non Prescription : Alprostadil and Viagr-a Medications For example: people have been using ginger rhizome are to overcome hepatitis for hundreds of years. Substantiation of efficacy is based on experience.

Standardized Herbal medicine (OHT) Herbs can be raised class be standardized herbal with the terms of the form of preparations in the form of an extract with the ingredients and the process are standardized, and passed the preclinical trials such as : Toxicity testing (security) Dose range Pharmacodynamics (efficacy) Teratogenic (safety to the fetus) Although it has been tested in preclinical yet standardized herbal such can not be claimed as a drug, but the consumer can consume it because it has been proven to be safe and efficacious.

Phyto-pharmacy Is the status of the highest of natural materials as a remedy, a standardized herbal medicines derived from nature that can be matched with modern medicine because the

process of pembuatannnya has been standardized, supported by scientific evidence to clinical trials in humans. After the test passes phytopharmaca manufacturer can claim its product as a drug. Some of the criteria phytopharmaca: Safe Claims of efficacy naturally through clinical trials and preclinical Meet the quality requirements that apply Has carried out standardization of raw materials used in the finished product. Well, drugs have been classified as phytopharmaca this is what should be used in the practice of medicine and formal health services. Unfortunately, in Indonesia, herbal medicine is classified as phytopharmaca is still very few in number. One of the reason is because of the cost required for the test clinic and pre clinic is quite expensive. Most of the herbal remedies of Indonesia is still in the form of herbal medicine although it has been packed with modern packaging such as capsules or a powder Best Sleeping Pills Over The Counter ( Insomnia Treatment ) you certainly have often heard about herbal medicine and their usefulness. Well, this time is when you get to know concerning the herbal remedy is near. Site explain that plants can actually contains hundreds of different types of chemical substances that are essential to the life of the plant itself. Many of these substances serve to defend themselves from attacks by predators, or to the biological activity of the day-to-day. Well, many of which contain substances that can help cure diseases in humans. So the actual herbal remedy not much different with chemical drugs from the plant that we consume. Typically, the how to treatment is to consume one particular type of plant. However, there are also many herbs that are applied topically on the skin, or used to avoid infection of the wound. There is 12,000 kinds of substances know contained on a variety of plants in the world. So far, researchers have found 122 substances that have been proven to function better for human health. However, it is not entirely. Therefore, arguably we can expect a lot of the research on herbal medicine to find the kind of natural medicine that comes from plants. Now this, even, there are also many medications on the market that have a natural substance that is taken from some plants. For example aspirin Best Pills To Help You Get Pregnant Faster, Fertility Pills That Works ! According to the World Health organization or WHO, the use of plants for treatment of diseases increasing the last few years. In addition to cheaper, the people also consider it safer. More than 80% of the population in the continents of Asia and Africa are also still choose to use herbal remedies, you know. Well, how about you? Traditional medicine is a product that has a charm of its own. As a pharmacist, it is not uncommon when there is a verdict of severe diseases such as cancer, the patient then selects the treatment alternative first. Part of alternative medicine that uses raw materials from nature.

Mirisnya, most of the treatment of a material nature that have claims outstanding. There is a leaf extract A which he said can treat cancer, the extract of the root of B can cure kidney failure, as well as claims-other claims incurred to attract consumers. Claims can, but if excessive patient's guardian harmed because it is already overdo expect more. Well, actually how settings of traditional medicine in Indonesia? Food and Drug Supervisory agency (BPOM) uses the Regulation of Head of BPOM Number HK. about the Criteria and the procedure for Registration of Traditional Medicines, Standardized Herbal Medicine, and Phytopharmaca as the foundation of its settings. According to the regulation, traditional medicine is the ingredient or ingredients ingredients made from plant, animal, mineral, dosage sarian (galenik), or a mixture of various such materials, which for generations has been used for treatment based on experience Diet Drugs and Best Prescription Weight Loss Pills Read also: Can Pregnant women Consumption of Herbal Smoothly Maternity? Based on these regulations and Regulation of Head of BPOM number HK. about the Basic Provisions of Grouping and Tagging of Natural Medicines Indonesia, we can know that there are 3 classes of traditional medicine, i.e. herbal medicine, traditional herbal medicine, and phytopharmaca. Let's discuss! Herbal medicine Herbal medicine is defined as traditional medicine in Indonesia. The categorization of this herb is very broad, because of just steeping that we make in any home included in it. But because of the charm of herbal medicine is still so thick in Indonesia, so many sellers of herbal medicine, ranging from the scale of a home, the stalls, up to a large industry. For that, there needs to be regulation. The beginning is empirical experience. But if made in bulk and sold all over Indonesia, of course it would not be simple. For that reason, the makers of the herbal medicine need to register their products at BPOM. In the FDA, generally herbal medicine is registered as a Traditional Medicine of the Local or on the number of marketing authorization of products prefixed with 2 letters, namely TR. Until this writing, if we check the menu Check the Product in the official page of the BPOM, there 7.843 products that have register number starting with the letter TR Top Oral Acne Medicine Pills Reviews Standardized Herbal Medicines Often abbreviated as OHT, standardized herbal medicine is defined as a natural medicine that has proven safety and efficacy are scientifically with preclinical testing and raw materials has been standardized. That is, there are levels that is high on efficacy and safety.

If the herbs usefulness merely empirical and hereditary, in the OHT has been no testing done on animals. This means that if there are claims to prevent diarrhea, then a traditional medicine is the status of OHT have been tested on animals that have been created diarrhea, then after a given OHT the diarrhea subsided. So also with the types of other claims. In Indonesia, the number of OHT is not too much. Search results in Product Check BPOM, there were only 56 products that have the number of the permit beginning with the HT. Why is a small amount, whereas the richness of Indonesia's biodiversity is claimed as the best in the world in addition to Brazil? In due course to improve the grade to OHT necessary investment not bad for doing preclinical trials. The standardization of the materials themselves make the price of the raw materials so more expensive, because the leaves of the plant that is used can not be arbitrary. Likewise, the root or stem of the plant, there are standards that must be met, such as water content Best Over The Counter Weight Loss Pills and Diet Drugs Phyto-pharmacy This group is a preparation of natural medicines have proven safety and efficacy are scientifically with preclinical testing and clinical trials. So, the raw material and its products have been standardized. Well, the clinical test is the key. With the absence of clinical trials, it can be called that security has been further guaranteed. Clinical test itself is a test in humans, as is also done on the synthetic drugs. In Indonesia alone, the number of pharmacy new there are 19 products with 9 brand, namely Stimuno, New Divens, Livitens, Residex, Rheumaneer, Inlacin, Nodiar, Tensigard, and X-Gra. Phytopharmaca themselves known by 2 letters, namely FF, in the front of the permit number edarnya. Herbal remedies become a problem when claimed to be too bombastic, especially directly treat a variety of diseases. In fact, the name of which traditional medicine should therefore not be called 'nutritious treat A disease', but rather supporting therapy of certain diseases. Then, when the effect of the working of the herbal remedies so quickly precisely we should be aware. Herbal remedies should have no effect as soon as a synthetic drug. Synthetic drugs made based on the chemical structure will indeed react immediately on the spot already directed. It is different with medicinal herbs Most Effective Diet Pills and Weight Loss Pills Review So if there is a herbal medicine gout instantly make a recovery, instead it should be suspected that there is a chemical drugs in it. Based on these processes, herbal medicine is better used for diseases of the metabolism, such as diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol, and others. And for traditional medicine who pass the FDA, have certainly not got claims nan bombast on the packaging. It will surely be rejected first! Well, to make traditional medicine is certainly not arbitrary. Indonesia has had a Way of Making Traditional Medicine A Good (CPOTB) as a benchmark of making herbal medicine, OHT, and phyto-pharmacy. In the EXTRACTION of this, and various kinds of requirements

are also made to guarantee every product of traditional medicine that is registered to the FDA and passed the permit number edarnya have been assured of security, quality, and usefulness. For that, we as consumers also need to be more intelligent to recognize the products of traditional medicine, so we so healthy and instead of so sick Best Magnesium Citrate Pills, Uses, Side Effects and Interactions Meal portions are already set, but the weight continues to soar? Do not-do not, the medicine You drink the culprits. Actually, almost all types of drugs can affect the body weight of a person. In general, people who are sick will be loss of appetite. So, when the treatment of it shows the result, her appetite will improve. This condition, if not monitored, can make a person overeating. However, 7 types of this drug also has the potential to increase Your weight. 1/ ANTIDEPRESSANTS Drug class tricyclic can add weight up to 3.5 kg per month. While, the drug for stabilizing mood are lithium-based, could add about 1 kg. The class of antidepressants kind of inhibiting the release of selective serotonin (which work on the transmitter nerve cells of serotonin), may influence mood and appetite so it is potentially fattening. If after taking these medicines Your weight 'craze', ask to the doctor You are considering to replace with drugs of other types, such as bupropion, which doesn't work on a nerve which can increase hunger. 2/ ANTIPSYCHOTIC A class of drugs haloperidol and klozapin can profoundly affect the body's metabolism and appetite. Hence, able to make You gain weight up to 2.5 kg per week. Usually, those who use this kind of medicine are in strict supervision of a psychiatrist. So, when the body starts to feel stretchy, don't hesitate to ask for a substitute medication that does not too affect the appetite Male Enhancement Pills That Work Fast 3/ ANTIHISTAMINES, SLEEPING PILLS Many types of antiallergic drugs and sleeping pills are sold freely in the market contain diphenhydramine, which is a kind of material that could cause You to feel faint throughout the day. These drugs also interfere with Your sleep patterns at night. As a result, the metabolism of the body is weakened and the number of calories are burned the body will be reduced. 4/ BLOOD PRESSURE CONTROL MEDICATION Types of drug classes alpha inhibitors and a beta blocker can make You feel tired, so in a number of patients will invite the added weight (the number of pertambahannya vary). If you feel Your energy is reduced after some time of taking this medicine, consult your doctor, and ask drug substitute other types, for example drugs ACE inhibitors (angiotensin converting enzyme) or calcium channel inhibitors. 5/ ANTIDIABETIC DRUGS

Insulin helps the process of processing sugar in the blood. Insulin as well as the drug class sulfonylureas able to relieve hyperglycemia (high blood sugar levels), which results in stimulating the appetite. Some patients report weight gain of up to 5.5 kg throughout the 312 months of the first treatment. As a substitute, ask Your doctor types of drugs that do not cause weight gain, such as metformin. 6/ DRUG ANTIMIGRAIN Types of drug antimigrain-based valproate acid is able to stimulate hunger. But, lately, more doctors prescribe topiramat or sumatriptan, because both of them do not cause weight gain and proven to be safe overall Best Over the Counter Natural Belly Fat Pill : Superfoods for Weight Loss But, the best, You stay away from the cause-the cause of migraine. How: reduce consumption of food with preservatives, manage stress, and exercise regularly so that the emotions remain stable. 7/ STEROIDS Medicine oral corticosteroids are commonly used to cope with rheumatism and chronic inflammation, often leads to weight gain. You see, the type of drugs, this can ‘robs’ calories from Your energy reserve and change it into fat cells. So, don't just hoard fat, energy reserves were so reduced, so You want to eat constantly. In some cases, the added body weight can reach 14 kg. Ask your doctor change Your medication by type of drug anti-inflammatory that do not contain steroids, for example ibuprofen.

Types Of Herbs & Their Benefits For The Body  

Types Of Herbs & Their Benefits For The Body

Types Of Herbs & Their Benefits For The Body  

Types Of Herbs & Their Benefits For The Body