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PAR ADISO Saturday 25 March 2017 The Westin Sydney






elcome to the 18th POSH Gala Ball. I’ve been very fortunate to attend POSH for the past 10 years, and I am extremely honoured that this year I will be joining you as CEO of Cancer Council NSW. It’s a wonderful evening made possible because of so many passionate people. I’d like to express my appreciation for the dedicated POSH Committee who work tirelessly throughout the year to bring us one of Australia’s best gala balls. The ongoing success of this event is testament to the passion and commitment of these committee members and to you, our sponsors and generous supporters.



n behalf of the POSH Committee, thank you to everyone who has once again contributed so generously to POSH 2017. We look forward to

meeting and greeting many old friends, as well as new, and thank the corporate partners and all our guests for attending. We all gather here tonight for a fun and enjoyable evening, but most importantly, we come together in our quest that together we will raise funds for Cancer Council NSW to continue its vital work towards beating cancer.

Over the past 17 years, POSH has raised more than $13 million towards the work of Cancer Council NSW. We are proud to represent the community as one of the largest non-government funders of cancer research in Australia, conducting and funding world-class research that reduces the impact of cancer.

Over the course of the evening, there will be several ways

Research underpins our work across every stage of the cancer journey: prevention programs, which help people make healthier lifestyle choices; information and support that empowers people affected by cancer; and an advocacy network that ensures governments take action.

Many generous people have contributed in the past

Thank you to everyone attending POSH tonight. Everything we do is only possible because of people like you.

The unquenchable spirit of generosity from your

Jeff Mitchell Chief Executive Officer, Cancer Council NSW

Nadine O’Brien Chair, POSH Committee

you can contribute, including the opportunity to fund a PhD cancer researcher and three important cancer programs. We have over 130 auction items offering some truly outstanding holidays, experiences and high quality items, all of which have been 100% donated.

as Friends of POSH. We will once again be offering the opportunity for you to become a Friend on the night. You can specify the area of cancer you would like to direct your tax deductible donation to.

support this evening ensures we can continue to make a significant difference.


ancer Council NSW has been a continuous supporter of Professor Roger Reddel’s research, ever since he was recruited back from the USA to the Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) in Sydney. He is currently working on a far-reaching

research program that aims to transform the way cancer is diagnosed and to increase the accuracy of treatment decisions for each individual cancer patient. Together with Professor Phil Robinson, Professor Reddel is leading an initiative, named ProCan, which is using a new technology to analyse many thousands of different cancer samples of all types, from children and adults, over the next five years. The analyses are all being done at CMRI in a purpose-built, industrial-scale research laboratory. The cancer samples, and information about their response to treatment, are being provided by experts in each cancer type from around Australia and internationally. The ProCan program will use “big data” methods to match the pattern of key molecules in the cancers with their response to treatment. “Since I last spoke in 2011, thanks to your funding I have been able to continue my research to improve the way cancer is diagnosed and treated. One of the exciting outcomes of our current research program will be an ‘internet of cancers’. This means that when a patient is newly diagnosed with cancer, a sample of the cancer will be analysed within 24 to 36 hours, and the pattern of key molecules it contains will be used to search a global database to determine what treatments worked best – and, just as importantly, which treatments did not work – in patients with the most similar cancers. This will increase the accuracy of treatment decisions, enhancing the ability of clinicians to choose effective treatments for each patient, and avoiding the sideeffects and loss of vital time that would result from choosing an ineffective treatment. Just like the internet itself, this internet of cancers will continue growing and will be continuously updated as new treatments become available.”

“Since I last spoke in 2011, thanks to your funding I have been able to continue my research to improve the way cancer is diagnosed and treated.” - Roger Reddel

Professor Roger Reddel Children’s Medical Research Institute


Our proudes achievements 33,318

We are



community supporters get behind our cause and connect with our mission to beat cancer.

community funded

2,938 Our network of 15 offices, seven retail outlets and 19 Information Services enables us to work within communities and ensure that our programs and services are tailored to their needs.

$15m invested in 2015/16


registered volunteers generously donate their time and work alongside our staff.


invested over the past 10 years

Our research: • has informed major changes to Australia’s National Cervical Screening Program, which will make Australia one of the first countries to have a truly integrated approach to cervical screening and HPV vaccination • found menopausal hormone therapy doubles a woman’s risk of getting breast cancer, highlighting the importance of women consulting with their doctors about the risks and benefits • is determining whether vitamin D supplementation in men with prostate cancer can prevent disease progression.

Designed by


700,000+ children across NSW are protected

from the harmful effects of the sun while at school and childcare services because of our SunSmart Program.



more parents are helping protect their children from cancer by getting them to eat more fruit and vegetables, thanks to our Eat It To Beat It program.


community service organisations participated in Tackling Tobacco to help their clients to quit smoking.


Information and support

Understanding Cancer resources were distributed, ensuring people affected by cancer have access to reliable and easy-to-understand cancer information.

11,900+ people called Cancer Council 13 11 20 for Information and Support from our specialist cancer professionals.

2,200+ people received a total of $508,000

through our Financial Assistance Program to help with household expenses and the cost of getting to treatment.

18,800+ CanAct Community supporters have helped us achieve some amazing wins over the years.


The recent abolishment of co-payments for certain chemotherapy drugs is helping to reduce the burden for people as they are being treated for cancer.


Cancer Advocacy Networks are working in local communities to address local cancer-related issues such as free car parking at hospitals for cancer patients.


POSH COMMITTEE Everyone committed to POSH is united by a common goal: to beat cancer.


he success POSH enjoys today, as we celebrate our 18th year, is mainly attributed to the many people who give so generously their time, energy and effort.

Our thanks are extended to the POSH Committee members, many of whom have been on the POSH Committee since its inception. They provide the strategy, focus and inspiration to ensure POSH is a not-to-bemissed event and continues to raise more than $1 million annually for cancer research. To the many volunteers whose efforts, whether large or small, are invaluable to our cause, we thank you for your contributions. Finally, we gratefully acknowledge Vince Sorrenti, POSH Master of Ceremonies and entertainer, who has made an outstanding personal commitment by donating his services for the past 18 years. He continues to delight and engage our patrons, and we are very grateful for his support, humour and tenacity.

Cancer Council gratefully acknowledges the generosit y and commitment of the POSH Committee and the POSH volunteers.


POSH COMMITTEE Nadine O’Brien, Chair Michele Brooks Bill Drakopoulos Gary Gerstle Bruce Hodgkinson SC Michael Morgan Clare Paspaley Stephen Roberts James Tuite John White John Ryder Winning John Winning Jeff Mitchell, Ex officio

POSH VOLUNTEERS Jane Bennett Dallas Lesley Anna Le Quesne Elizabeth Rodgers Laura Solgaard

POSH STAFF Erica Hodgkinson Jenny Menzies

POSH SPONSORS MAJOR SPONSORS Cancer Council NSW acknowledges the generous support of the POSH sponsors and suppliers.

FRIENDS “As one of the largest nongovernment funders of cancer research in Australia, Cancer Council NSW invests around $15 million annually to support world-class research to reduce the impact of cancer. Please consider becoming a Friend of Cancer Council by making a tax deductible donation to cancer research. You can specify the area of cancer research where you wish your donation to be directed.


Cancer Council research grants recipients 2016


uests at POSH 2017 have the opportunity to become Friends of Cancer Council by making a tax deductible donation to cancer research. Friends of Cancer Council can contribute in the following categories: Titanium $50,000, Diamond $20,000, Platinum $10,000, Gold $5,000, Silver $2,500 and Bronze $1,000.

Thank you for your generous support.”

If you wish, you may specify the area where you would like your donation to be directed. Choose from the following suggested areas of cancer research for men, women and children: - Bowel - Brain - Breast - Childhood cancer - Leukaemia and Lymphoma - Liver - Ovarian - Pancreatic - Prostate - Skin - Wherever the need is deemed greatest.

Jeff Mitchell Chief Executive Officer Cancer Council NSW

For further information on becoming a Friend of Cancer Council, please see the staff on the night or contact Jenny Menzies at Cancer Council NSW on 9334 1967 or

Thank you to our Friends from POSH 2016 TITANIUM


The Fussell Family Foundation Keith and Alison Ross Max Schroder

George and Christine Penklis Jim and Fran Sweeny The Sydney Restaurant Group

Murray and Leigh Bleach Richard and Francine Cavanagh Damien and Josephine O’Brien Yukiko Pajot Jeremey Samuel Murray and Jane Smith Nigel and Elizabeth Windsor Alister and Kayle Woods



The Bennet Family Foundation Grant and Zoe Cameron Marcus Darville Hand Up Foundation Macquarie Group Foundation Mark and Sarah McKenzie Andrew Michael and Michele Brooks Jeff and Yvette Mitchell Michael and Maryrose Morgan Mark and Jane Phillips Winning Appliances

Announcer Group Bernoth Properties Dr Nicholas Blake and Carolyn Quayle Susi Bottger-Willis Robert and Lisa Caprioli Paul and Sue Cobden Alistair and Jane Davidson Rod and Margie Gillespie Ian Gillings and Melanie Gowlland Graham and Kate Greenhalgh Jason and Linda Habak Tony and Cath Hale Jodie Hampshire JOETAT Pty Ltd Philippa King Jim and Christine L’Estrange Doyle Mallett and Gillian Sloan Timothy McGrath Tony and Michelle McGrath Agnes Molnar Tony and Jenny Muston Rory and Nikki O’Brien Ian Purchas and Jane Flemming Peter Highland Projects Mary Reemst Jacci Samois Ian and Cathy Scott Susie Searle Margaret Sexton Ben and Nikki Terkasher Jeffrey and Jacky Tonkin Peter and Felicity Tout


GOLD Paul and Giselle Chadwick Peter and Fiona Langham Irene Lee Callen and Nadine O’Brien Jane O’Connor Clare Paspaley Dr Mathew and Dr Polly Peres Timothy and Louise Ryan

POSH PHD 2016 Justin and Emma Currie Richard and Jan Freemantle Bruce and Verity Hodgkinson Stuart and Cathy Jordan Mark and Anne Lazberger Padraig O’Sullivan Jennifer Pridham Simon and Kristen Rooney Yvette Synge Ken and Joanna Taylor John and Bianca White Terry Willis

Our sincere thanks to our Friends who wished not to be acknowledged.


CORPORATE PARTNERS Cancer Council NSW acknowledges the generous support of the POSH Corporate Partners.




Thank you to all our sponsors. Every auction item and experience is 100%Â donated.


Fund a researcher and help make cervical cancer history

1. FUND A PHD RESEARCHER Professor Karen Canfell is a world recognised expert in cervical cancer screening and prevention. As Director of Research at Cancer Council NSW, she leads a world-class team that is closely studying the interplay between HPV vaccination and cervical screening. The team helped inform major changes to Australia’s National Cervical Screening Program, which includes moving from a two-yearly Pap test to an HPV test every five years. This HPV test is able to detect the human papillomavirus which causes cervical cancer. This new cervical screening program will make Australia the first country in the world to have a truly integrated approach to HPV vaccination and cervical screening. Professor Canfell’s team has a wide range of expertise and is made up of researchers, PhD students, modellers and programmers. The group works internationally, regularly conducting economic evaluations of new cervical screening technologies for government agencies across Australia, New Zealand and England. The researchers are also part of a global research effort, funded by the US National Institutes of Health and coordinated by Harvard University, to evaluate new cervical cancer prevention options in the USA. Cancer Council invites eight people or organisations to each invest: $5,000 for 1 year (2017) $15,000 incrementally over 3 years (2017−2019) Cancer Council NSW has an exciting opportunity to fund a three-year scholarship for an up-and-coming researcher. The researcher will work with Professor Karen Canfell and her team across a range of projects including Compass, Australia’s largest ever clinical trial. As part of a collaboration between Cancer Council NSW and the Victorian Cytology Service, Compass is the first trial in the world to look at cervical screening in an HPV-vaccinated population. The results of the trial will provide crucial early insight into the performance of the new National Cervical Screening Program. By funding this PhD position, you will: Meet the researchers for a briefing and update Receive 6-monthly reports from the team Be part of the global effort to make cervical cancer history. *all donations are tax deductible


2A. TRANSPORT TO TREATMENT Cancer treatment usually occurs over an extended period of time and requires repeated attendance at facilities which may be far from home. Radiotherapy, in particular, requires daily attendance for up to six weeks and a common side effect is fatigue. When surveyed as part of a 2016 evaluation, 7 in 10 people indicated that if the Cancer Council NSW transport service was not available, they would miss medical appointments at least occasionally. 2 in 10 people said they would miss every appointment. Fortunately, with your help, Cancer Council NSW can work to address this need with the statewide Transport to Treatment program.

Value: $2,520 can buy 7,000 Transport to Treatment kilometres

2B. EMERGENCY FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE Bills and living expenses don’t stop during treatment. Cancer Council NSW provides direct short-term emergency financial assistance to people affected by cancer and financial disadvantage. Patients who are assessed as eligible by oncology and other social workers are assisted with a oneoff payment of $250 towards unpaid utility bills or petrol and food vouchers. Cancer Council NSW collaborates with social workers across NSW to make sure that assistance is delivered only to people in acute financial hardship and who have no other financial options. In the 2015/16 financial year more than 2,200 people affected by cancer were able to access the Emergency Financial Assistance Program.

Value: $500 can help 2 people with emergency financial assistance when they are undergoing cancer treatment

2C. CANCER COUNCIL 13 11 20 FOR INFORMATION AND SUPPORT Cancer Council 13 11 20 Information and Support is a confidential telephone and online based service staffed by specialist oncology health professionals. The service provides accurate and up-to-date verbal and written information about all aspects of cancer; linking people with services in their local area; referring them to Cancer Council’s programs for practical and emotional support and providing immediate assistance to people with cancer, their families and friends. Last financial year the team assisted over 11,900 patients, carers and families.

Value: $1,000 can provide information and support services via phone or online, for 348 people affected by cancer


3. AUSTRALIAN AMBASSADOR TO THE USA EXPERIENCE The Australian Ambassador to the United States of America, The Honourable Joe Hockey, is generously offering a unique opportunity for 10 people to dine with him in the state dining room at his private residence in Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. is at the centre of world’s attention and the Ambassador’s residence is one of the most sought after invitations in the US capital. Previously the home of General George C.Patton, the Georgian Mansion was Australia’s first Embassy and has been the official residence of the Ambassador since 1941. Situated on four acres just a short distance from the White House on a hill overlooking the city, the famous Heritage Listed residence has welcomed Presidents, Prime Ministers and even Queen Elizabeth and her family. You will begin this once-in-a-lifetime evening with drinks with the Ambassador, then retire to the dining room for a formal dinner. Formal dinner for 10 people with the Australian Ambassador to the USA at the Ambassador’s residence Must be taken at a mutually convenient time between April 2017 and April 2018.


4. PASPALEY – SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL FOR HER Paspaley’s quest is to discover the rarest and most valuable pearls and they do this in the Kimberley, one of the most remote and pristine places on the planet. They are the largest source of the highest quality pearls in the world. Paspaley designers create inspirational Signature Collections that give women the freedom to wear jewellery their way. The exceptional natural glow that Paspaley pearls are known for is highlighted in contemporary and innovative designs. Paspaley has donated an Australia South Sea pearl Touchstone necklace with matching earrings featuring jungle green tsavorites and diamonds set in 750 white gold. The Touchstone collection was inspired by the wild environment of the Kimberley and introduces an exciting tactile element with the use of inverted gemstones rich in hues of the rugged Australian outback. Discover Paspaley’s Signature Collections at  ustralian South Sea pearl Touchstone necklace with matching earrings featuring jungle green tsavorites and A diamonds set in 750 white gold.

Value: $14,560


5. CHATEAU D’OYRE‘ MACKENZIE The Chateau d’Oyre’ is located in the picturesque Loire Valley, France. It was built between 1396 and 1405, and it was added upon in the 17th and 18th centuries with additional rooms and an orangerie. In the 600 years of its existence, there have only been 6 families who have owned it. The previous owner was a structural engineer who satisfied a lifetime goal to renovate a run-down chateau. The current owners bought the property in 2006 and have made efforts each year to continue the improvements, particularly in planting new trees and improving gardens. The property houses many outbuildings, including a well room (which pre-dates the chateau), gardener’s house, baker’s house/bakery, and other buildings now used for garaging. The stables were pulled down by the previous owner, and there is now a swimming pool and pool house in their place. Behind the walled ‘French Garden’, is a 18th century chapel set in woodlands.  p to 2 weeks accommodation for 14 people U Access to Chapel, French gardens, swimming pool, bikes, English television and wifi Housekeeping, catering & qualified French teacher available for an additional cost Dates exclude June/July school holiday period; subject to availability Valid until December 2018 Highly recommend to plan your dates for 2018. Generously donated by Anita and James MacKenzie.

Value: $20,000


6. CLASSIC SAFARI – 8 DAY SAFARI IN AFRICA The Classic Safari Company offers you and a companion the opportunity to take a once-in-a-lifetime safari through the ‘Rainbow Nation’ of South Africa. Boasting exceptional game viewing experiences, magnificent landscapes and outstanding accommodation, this 8 day safari encompasses 2 nights in a Premier Suite at Molori Safari Lodge in the game rich, malaria-free, Madikwe Game Reserve, 2 nights in MORE Quarters Hotel in the cosmopolitan city of Cape Town, and 2 nights in Richard Branson’s Hotel and Vineyard Mont Rochelle nestled in the sprawling winelands of the Western Cape. Track Africa’s ‘Big Five’ – lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant, view iconic Table Mountain and sample some of the world’s most popular wines before boarding the luxurious Blue Train for an opulent overnight rail journey through some of the most diverse and spectacular scenery offered on the African sub-continent – a fitting finale to this incredible adventure. 7 nights of luxury for 2 people in South Africa includes: 2 nights at Molori Safari Lodge with all meals and local drinks. Molori Safari Lodge is in the Madikwe Game Reserve and you’ll enjoy the services of scheduled game viewing activities with a professional guide 2 nights in MORE Quarters Hotel in cosmopolitan Cape Town including breakfast daily 2 nights in Richard Brandon’s Mont Rochelle Hotel and Vineyard in the Western Cape including breakfast daily 1 night aboard the famous Blue Train with all meals, local drinks and scheduled off-train excursions. The safari is valid for travel between 1 April and 1 September 2017: subject to availability, blackout dates apply, the trip is not transferable, not available for cash and validity dates will not be extended. The Blue Train operates scheduled departures only. Prize excludes all flights, national park fees, cellar wines and wine tasting, spa treatments and visas (if required) items of a personal nature.

Value: $13,000


7. SAL SALIS WHERE THE OUTBACK MEETS THE REEF 2 NIGHTS AND WHALE SHARK SWIM Sal Salis is located on the North West Cape, an hour’s drive (70 kms) from Exmouth. Sal Salis is a remote, beach-side safari camp nestled in the dunes of Western Australia’s Cape Range National Park, on the shores of Ningaloo Reef. With just 16 eco-luxe wilderness tents you will share this striking location, and one of Australia’s best kept natural secrets, with few others. Sal Salis provides a unique and natural place from which to explore and take in the extraordinary environment and wildlife that surrounds it. Imagine waking to the song of birds as you catch a glimpse of kangaroos grazing among the dunes, or the spectacle of breaching whales as you tuck into breakfast or enjoy a morning swim in Ningaloo’s crystal clear waters. Sal Salis ensures an exclusive experience that is both intimate and personal. Sal Salis is offering 2 nights accommodation for 2 people inclusive of all meals, activities at the camp and drinks. Live Ninagloo will provide you an experience of a lifetime to swim with whale sharks. Each year between April and July these slow-moving, gentle, filter-feeding giants migrate past Ningaloo Reef. The world’s biggest fish can grow to lengths of 12 metres or more and has a healthy appetite in order to sustain its immense size. Fortunately for most sea-dwellers (and for us) they feed primarily on plankton and krill, taking in huge gulps of water and filtering out their microscopic meal.  al Salis − 2 nights accommodation for 2 people inclusive of all meals, drinks, activities at the camp, return airport transfers S from Exmouth and national park fees Live Ninagloo − 2 x whale shark swims on one of our private Sal Salis exclusive charter days (Sat/Tue/Thu) April – July Sal Salis is closed from 1 November to mid-March Valid for travel by 31 October 2017. Subject to availability at the time of booking.

Value: $4,600


8. KAMALAYA WELLNESS SANCTUARY & HOLISTIC SPA, KOH SAMUI Kamalaya is a multi-award winning Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa ideally located on the beachfront on the tropical southern coastline of Koh Samui, Thailand. Centred around a monk’s cave that once served Buddhist monks as a place of meditation and spiritual retreat, Kamalaya’s essence is expressed in its name, ‘Lotus (kamal) Realm (alaya)’, an ancient symbol for the growth and unfolding of the human spirit. Founded by John and Karina Stewart in 2005, the resort offers a holistic wellness experience that integrates healing therapies from East and West, a breathtakingly beautiful natural environment, inspired healthy cuisine, holistic fitness practices and customised wellness programs and retreats ranging from Detoxification to Stress and Burnout, as well as Healthy Lifestyle (Optimal Fitness, Ideal Weight and Sleep Enhancement), Emotional Balance and Personal Yoga Synergy. The principle of synergy is an essential part of the Kamalaya concept; the holistic wellness services are at the core of the Kamalaya experience, and accommodation and other facilities are natural extensions and expressions of the concept and vision. Kamalaya’s focus is based on the blend of different treatments, therapies, activities, environmental aspects, cuisine and people, which come together to create a synergistic wellness experience.  nights in a Hillside Garden View room for 2 people with airport transfers 5 Full board: 3 Kamalaya meals per day, à la carte or set detox menu, plus all beverages excluding imported drinks and alcohol Relax and Renew Program including 10 treatments per person Valid until 25 March 2018, excluding 19 December 2017 – 28 February 2018. Subject to availability.

Value: $5,000


9. WALKING TASMANIA — THE MARIA ISLAND WALK There are few places on the planet that offer the total tranquillity and unspoiled natural beauty of Maria Island. It is a special place where the fresh air, crystal clear waters, breathtaking beauty and spectacular wildlife work in harmony to invigorate, recharge and stimulate anyone who is lucky enough to venture there. The four day Maria Island Walk is a gentle journey where small groups of 10 guests and two guides enjoy easy bushwalking by day and then at night relax with candlelit dining and elegant and comfortable accommodation. The World Heritage Listed island is a national park sanctuary and home to many rare Tasmanian birds and animals which are largely unafraid of visitors. Your two friendly local guides share their deep knowledge of the island with you and then at night produce delicious gourmet meals from fresh local produce, served with fine Tasmanian wines. The first two nights are spent in elegant private wilderness camps and the final night is spent in the heritage listed Bernacchi House in the former convict settlement of Darlington. Since commencing operations in 2003, the Maria Island Walk has become one of Australia’s most awarded tourism experiences, winning seven national Tourism Awards including three times Best Adventure Tourism. This is great short break. You can leave work on Thursday evening and be back rejuvenated and refreshed for Tuesday morning! This unique wilderness experience includes: 4 day guided walk for 2 people All gourmet meals, wine and accommodation, two guides, national park entry fee Guests carry light packs and walk on tracks or beaches. The longest day is 13km Trip starts with a hotel pickup in Hobart and return to Hobart on day 4 Valid dates between March and April 2017 or October to December 2017.

Value: $4,900


10. KARMA KANDARA, BALI — 5 GLORIOUS, INDULGENT NIGHTS IN A BALINESE HAVEN FOR 6 PEOPLE Totally escape with a five night stay at Karma Kandara in a luxury three bedroom garden view villa, complete with your own private pool. Located on a dramatic clifftop with commanding views across one of Asia’s most beautiful white sand beaches, Karma Kandara Resort is located only 40 minutes from the international airport, or 20 minutes to Uluwatu Temple. Karma Kandara’s five star resort villas epitomise Bali’s exclusive villa experience, complete with captivating views, world-class dining at Di Mare restaurant and an indulgent range of pampering delights at the Karma Spa. It offers an outstanding level of gracious and personalised hospitality. Children are welcome at the Three Monkey’s Kids club, so parents can just relax! Choose whether you dine on fresh seafood and sip wine at Di Mare restaurant, or simply savour the sand and the sea, enjoy the sounds of one of the DJs or just lose yourself in the local sights and colour.  nights accommodation at Karma Kandara in a 3 bedroom garden view villa with private pool for 6 people 5 10% discount on all food and beverages Available from 22 March to 1 April, 6 April to 14 July, 16 September to 19 December 2017, and 11 January to 21 March 2018. Valid until September 2018 Please note that there is a compulsory local tax of US $50 per night payable by the guest.

Value: $11,000


11. THE WESTIN HEAVENLY KING BED ENSEMBLE “Take a Piece of Heaven Home” Tuck into The Westin Heavenly® King Bed night after night in your home and discover why everyone is talking about it. The exclusive pillow-top mattress was custom designed to create the perfect foundation for deep, calming sleep, combined with crisp sheets for your complete comfort. Enjoyed in The Westin Hotels worldwide, replicate the luxurious sleep experience with a Heavenly ® bed set. Now you can have Westin’s one-of-a-kind sleep experience and wake up each morning refreshed in both body and mind. T he Westin Heavenly® King Bed Deluxe Ensemble (183cm x 203cm) with Heavenly mattress and base, includes a 5 years manufacturer’s warranty. 1 King Size Linen Package includes: 2 King Feather/Down Pillows 2 Standard Size Polyester Fibreball Pillows 2 King Pillow Cases 2 Standard Size Pillow Cases 1 Boudoir Pillow and Case 1 Flat/Bottom Sheet 1 Top Sheet 1 King Duvet Cover 1 King Duvet Insert 1 King Valance.

Value: $4,980


12. A DREAM KITCHEN WITH WINNING APPLIANCES Plan your dream kitchen! Whether you’re renovating or building an entirely new house, look no further than Winning Appliances. Established in 1906 and now Sydney’s most experienced appliance retailer, Winning will provide your kitchen and laundry needs. A vast array of fridges, stoves, dishwashers, dryers and washing machines await you at one of Winning Appliances’ six stores, conveniently located in Redfern, Narellan, Northmead, Brookvale, Crows Nest and Taren Point. This gift certificate may be redeemed for kitchen and laundry whitegoods at the best possible prices to the value of $10,000. Winning Appliances is proud to present this valuable package for your absolute domestic pleasure! A  gift voucher valued at $10,000 for kitchen and laundry whitegoods to create your dream kitchen Valid until March 2018. Generously donated by John Winning.

Value: $10,000


13. FLY FISHING AT STONEFLY LODGE, SOUTH ISLAND, NEW ZEALAND Award Winning Stonefly Lodge New Zealand provides luxury 5 star accommodation and dining on 56 hectares of private forest on the banks of the Motueka River, only a 50 minute drive from Nelson. Architecturally designed and built from local stone and timber, the lodge is centrally located between 3 spectacular National Parks (Abel Tasman, Nelson Lakes and Kahurangi National Park) making the Lodge an ideal base from which to explore the region. Activities from the Lodge include fly fishing, sea kayaking, guided and unguided hiking tours, wine tasting, white water rafting, rock climbing, abseiling, horse riding tours, and exploring the many art and craft studios in the region. Four guest rooms are located upstairs complete with ensuites, heated towel rails, and private balconies overlooking the river and surrounding mountains. The Lodge has been designed with the discerning international traveller in mind, offering luxurious appointments and professional hospitality. An ideal property for exclusive use or incentive programs.  nights luxury accommodation for 2 including breakfast and a 4 course gourmet dinner daily 3 2 days guided fly fishing including the use of all Lodge fly fishing gear Valid 1 October to 14 December 2017 and 1 to 30 April 2018.

Value: $4,863


14. CANADA SKI WEEK FOR 9 — PENTHOUSE SUITE Kookaburra Lodge in Sun Peaks, British Columbia, Canada is the perfect winter getaway and offers a penthouse suite with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. The lodge is meticulously planned, architecturally designed by nettletontribe and consists of craftsman construction apartments located in Canada’s finest alpine village. The suite offers three bedrooms, three full bathrooms, a full kitchen, on-snow access through Sun Peaks main village, washer/ dryer, TV/DVD, wireless internet, electric fireplace, private hot tub, ski locker and undercover parking, making your ski-in, ski-out holiday easy. Sun Peaks’ three mountains circle the village in a unique 360 degree layout, making it extremely convenient to pop back into the village or your accommodation to meet up with friends and family. Sun Peaks is only a 45 minute drive from Kamloops, Vancouver, BC or Whistler, BC, and is home to some of the best cross-country skiing. If winter fun is not your idea of a holiday, Sun Peaks is also a vibrant summer getaway for sporting and adventure activities including golf and fishing, and is home to some of Canada’s premium mountain bike tracks. 7 nights accommodation in the Penthouse Suite for 9 people Breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains On-snow access through Sun Peaks main village, including 3 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, a full kitchen, electric fireplace, private hot tub, ski locker and undercover parking Ski-in/ski-out Valid for one week between May 2017 and April 2018 and subject to availability. Generously donated by nettletontribe.

Value: $6,000


15. KARMA JIMBARAN — BALI Karma Jimbaran is a boutique villa resort set on a gentle slope a little way back from the unruffled waters of Jimbaran Bay, famed for its sunsets and beachfront seafood restaurants. The resort comprises 38 private pool villas of one to four bedrooms, accessed via paths that meander through beautiful gardens of verdant tropical flora. Each fully equipped villa offers generous amounts of space, a private pool and a mix of designer comforts including audiovisual systems as well as artistic elements from around the Indonesian archipelago. Guests also benefit from the resort’s excellent amenities which include a destination restaurant beside the resort’s intimate pool area, a Wine & Champagne lounge servicing some of the rarest vintages to be found on Bali’s shores, a spa facility and a dedicated Three Monkeys Kid’s Club.  nights accommodation at Karma Jimbaran in a 3 bedroom garden view pool villa for 6 people 3 10% discount on all food and beverages Valid until March 2018, subject to peak periods and availability Please note that there is a compulsory local tax of US $50 per night payable by the guest.

Value: $5,400


16. VINCE SORRENTI AT CAFE SYDNEY’S PRIVATE DINING ROOM FOR 10 Get the dinner conversations going with your host Vince Sorrenti, one of Australia’s best known, respected and most loved entertainers. No comic is in more demand for everything from after dinner speaking to product launches, sports hospitality, awards ceremonies and any manner of corporate, fundraising, sporting or public events. In 2012 Vince Sorrenti won the coveted Mo Award for Australia’s Best Stand-Up Comic for the fifth time! Vince and his wife Kate will dine with your party of 10 guests in the Private Dining Room of Cafe Sydney. Cafe Sydney’s Private Dining Room boasts spectacular views of Sydney Harbour with its own private section of the restaurant’s terrace and a mirrored interior. Your four-course menu will be specially prepared by Executive Chef James Kidman and matched with a selection of quality wines. Cancer Council NSW gratefully acknowledges Vince Sorrenti’s support as Master of Ceremonies of the POSH gala ball over the past 17 years. Dine with Vince Sorrenti and your group of 10 people to enjoy a 4 course dinner in the Private Dining Room of Cafe Sydney. The menu will be specially prepared by Executive Chef James Kidman and matched with a selection of fine wines Valid until March 2018 and subject to Vince’s availability.,

Value: A laugh a minute!


17. THE ARKABA WALK BY WILD BUSH LUXURY The Arkaba Walk brings luxury touches to an immersive bush experience in the ancient Flinders Ranges and our private wildlife conservancy in outback South Australia. 600 million years of geological history echo through the stratified layers of Wilpena Pound and the Elder Range, providing spectacular backdrops throughout the walk; while craggy sandstone bluffs and dry creek beds lined with River Red gums offer a quintessential outback landscape. Large numbers of red and western grey kangaroos, wallaroos and emus are regular sightings along the walk, and the country is littered with the stories, and often heroic failures, of early pioneers who tried to eke a living from the harsh but beautiful country. Your Arkaba Walk for 2 people includes wonderful field guides; 2 nights camping in deluxe swags on signature star beds; 1 night in the rustically chic 150-year-old Arkaba Homestead, member of Luxury Lodges of Australia; all gourmet meals and drinks; a support vehicle for transporting luggage; a suitable hydration backpack; and a donation to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy Walk season operates 25 March to 12 October 2017 with departures every Thursday (and every Sunday during May, August, September and October) To be booked on a Arkaba Walk departing from Arkaba with other walkers to travel in 2017 walk season. No extensions available. Walks departing from Adelaide are available at a charge of $200 per person, paid direct. This includes transfers – one way by air Adelaide to the Flinders Ranges, the other by road through the Clare Valley wine country.

Value: $4,400


18. ALPINEHIKERS – 7 NIGHTS INDEPENDENT TRAVEL, SWITZERLAND We’ve put together what we think is the best week-long introduction for independent travel to Switzerland. This trip combines stays in two of Switzerland’s prettiest and most interesting cities – Lucerne and Zurich – along with visits to 2 of the most incredible mountain areas anywhere – the Matterhorn region (Zermatt) and Jungfrau region (your choice of Wengen or Murren). Your typical day will start with a buffet breakfast at your inn – delicious fresh-baked bread, local cheeses, cereal, fruit, coffee and juice – giving you a good start for a full day of sightseeing. Then you’ll be out, seeing the sights such as Lucerne’s Chapel Bridge or Mount Pilatus, Switzerland’s highest train station – The Jungfraujoch, or breathtaking Gornergrat in Zermatt. Many days will include a scenic train ride between villages. In the mountains you’ll finish with a multi-course dinner at your hotel restaurant, while in the cities, we’ve left evenings free for you to explore some of the many restaurants in Lucerne and Zurich. This deluxe option includes luxurious 4-star hotels and a 1st class rail pass. You can count on your hotels being the best in their class – charming, family-run inns with perfect locations, great food and professional service. We’ll take care of all the details: get you the most appropriate rail pass, find the best hotels, recommend our favourite sights, and link them together in an itinerary that gets the most out of your week in Switzerland!  nights accommodation for 2 in 4-star hotels including 7 breakfasts and 4 dinners 7 2 1st class 4-day Swiss Flex rail passes Includes: maps, train schedules, sightseeing suggestions, area information, optional hikes and local contacts for questions Flights sold separately Valid June through September 2017 or 2018.

Value: $10,800


19. EXCLUSIVE DINNER PARTY PREPARED BY A SENIOR CHEF FROM THE SYDNEY RESTAURANT GROUP IN YOUR OWN HOME Bill and Kathleen Drakopoulos of the Sydney Restaurant Group are proud supporters of Cancer Council NSW and are offering an exclusive dining experience for 10 people. This is the ultimate prize for food and wine aficionados, where a senior chef from the Sydney Restaurant Group will design and prepare a special degustation menu including matched wines in the comfort of your own home. The Sydney Restaurant Group includes Aqua Dining, Ormeggio at The Spit, Ripples Milsons Point, Ripples Chowder Bay, Via Alta, Jardin St James, LuMi Bar & Dining and Chiosco by Ormeggio. From 2 Hatted fine dining to relaxed café fare, the diverse group encapsulates the essence of Sydney dining and offers a range of experiences to suit every occasion. A special 4-course degustation menu designed and prepared by a senior chef from the Sydney Restaurant Group for up to 10 guests in your own home (must be located in Sydney) Matching wines to accompany the degustation Crockery, cutlery and glassware provided 1 member of wait staff provided This prize is not valid in the months of November and December. Advised booking time at least one month in advance. The chef will travel up to 20km from Sydney’s CBD. Valid until March 2018. Our thanks to Bill and Kathleen Drakopoulos for their generous donation. The Sydney Restaurant Group has raised over $703,004 in the past nine years for Cancer Council NSW.

Value: Dinner party of the year!


20. BROOME — CABLE BEACH CLUB RESORT & SPA – 5 NIGHTS Broome’s Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa is situated on Western Australia’s spectacular Kimberley coastline. The award-winning Cable Beach Club is the only resort directly overlooking the 22 kilometre stretch of pure white sand which is world-renowned Cable Beach. The Resort is a tropical oasis set amongst 26 acres of lush gardens complete with four restaurants, two swimming pools, gym, Chahoya Salon and Chahoya Spa by L’Occitane. Enjoy five nights’ accommodation in a Villa. The adults-only retreat features a lounge, dining, kitchenette and private courtyard with plunge pool. Experience the height of holiday pleasure with private Broome Airport transfers, in room check in, canapés delivered to your Villa daily, valet service and daily buffet breakfast at Sunset Bar & Grill. Indulge in the ultimate couples pampering experience at Chahoya Spa by L’Occitane. Inspired by the Kimberley, the Chahoya Dreamtime signature treatment will transport you on a complete sensory journey.  nights accommodation for 2 in a Villa at Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa 5 Private Broome airport transfers Breakfast daily at Sunset Bar & Grill Selection of canapés at your villa every evening Chahoya Spa by L’Occitane – “Chahoya Dreamtime Couples Treatment” Willie Creek Pearl Farm tour Valid until 25 March 2018, subject to availability and blackout periods.

Value: $6,600


21. JAMALA WILDLIFE LODGE — CANBERRA Jamala Wildlife Lodge is the ultimate overnight safari at the National Zoo & Aquarium in Canberra. It is one of the few places in the world where you can sleep next to a cheetah or a brown bear and have dinner with white lions and hyenas. The lodge and all rooms feature magnificent carvings, artworks and an overwhelming atmosphere of being in a game lodge on the other side of the world! You will meet many of the most dangerous and endangered species on earth and learn how you can help their survival. There are three magnificent accommodation options: uShaka Lodge, Giraffe treehouses and Jungle Bungalows, each with their own unique wildlife experience… uShaka Lodge is a beautiful seven-room lodge with stunning lounge and dining areas, pool, spa and tropical gardens. Giraffe Treehouses are set amongst lush surroundings allowing guests the opportunity to feed the resident giraffe from their balcony and the Jungle Bungalows are luxurious individual suites where a glass wall is all that will separate you from a pride of lions, a cheetah, tiger, brown bears or a Malayan sun bear! Prize package includes: 3 nights in 5-star luxury accommodation − 1 in each of the 3 room styles: a Jungle Bungalow, a Giraffe Treehouse and a uShaka Lodge Room All gourmet meals, drinks at dinner and 2 exciting tours Valid for stays Sunday to Thursday outside of ACT and NSW school holidays, before 15 December 2017 Maximum occupancy per room is 2 adults and 2 children over the age of 6.

Value: $6,105


22. BAY OF FIRES LODGE WALK FOR 2 PEOPLE, 3 NIGHTS Discover the breathtaking beaches along the east coast of Tasmania as you explore the Bay of Fires with us. Join a small group, led by well-informed guides, and traverse this wonderfully remote landscape. Over the course of four days, immerse yourself in one of the most pristine environments that Tasmania has to offer. Walk the soft sandy beaches, explore secluded coves, kayak the Ansons River and enjoy the uncomplicated luxury of our accommodation at the Forester Beach Camp and award-winning Bay of Fires Lodge. If you are looking for a little extra indulgence, why not book into our exclusive day spa for massage or relax in our outdoor bathing pavilion. At the end of your four-day walk, return inspired by our nature...  -day walk with return transfers between Launceston and the walk base 4 1 night at Forester Beach Camp 2 nights at Bay of Fires Lodge twin share All meals and non-alcoholic beverages, plus a limited selection of Tasmanian wines 2 qualified guides for the duration of the walk Valid between October 2017 to May 2018, subject to availability.

Value: $4,600


23. CAPE LODGE & MARGARET RIVER WINERIES The Margaret River Wine Region stretches from Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin in South West Western Australia. This premier tourist destination is famous for its beaches and rainforests and is also a gourmet food lover’s paradise. You’ll find treats from full-bodied wine and flavoursome olive oil to premium cheeses and delicious hand-made chocolates. Here is your chance to enjoy all the Margaret River offers plus stay at COMO The Treasury a luxury urban hotel located within Cathedral Square, in the heart of Perth. Cape Lodge − 3 nights accommodation for 2 people in a luxury Forest Spa Suite, cooked gourmet breakfast daily and homemade chocolates on arrival. Cape Lodge sits on its own secluded vineyard and is surrounded by stunning forest, lake and parkland scenery and is only minutes away from pristine beaches.  ape Mentelle − A “Behind the Scenes Tour and Tasting” for 2 people including food matching and twin pack of C wine, which includes 2 premium Cape Mentelle wines.  evil’s Lair − A private appointment with the winemaker involving an exclusive tour of the winery, a wine tasting D experience not available to the general public, and a case of our Premium Devil’s Lair wine for your cellar. Amelia Park − Award winning wine maker, Jeremy Gordon, will provide a private tasting in his new cellar door and give you a mixed dozen of Amelia Park premium wines. COMO The Treasury − 1 night accommodation in a Heritage Room including breakfast for 2 at Post restaurant, in-room refreshments and wifi Valid until 25 October 2017, subject to availability.

Value: A Margaret River wine escape!


24. SHELDON & HAMMOND KITCHEN PACKAGE Sheldon & Hammond is an Australian distributor of premium brand kitchen and homewares. Sheldon & Hammond is delighted to provide you with the complete cookware solution including: SCANPAN – ProIQ – Designed and made in Denmark, SCANPAN ProIQ features a patented Ceramic Titanium finish which is strong enough to safely use with metal utensils and the Greentek non-stick finish cleans up with ease. Suitable for all cooktops this set comprises of two fry pans, 20cm saucepan, 26cm sauté pan, 6L Dutch oven & 26cm steamer insert ($1,750) Chasseur Round French Oven – ‘Matte Black’ 28 cm / 6.3L – Classic Chasseur cookware has been made in the Champagne region of France since 1924. Giving excellent heat retention, cast-iron has stood the test of time as it is naturally suited to induction cooktops ($599)  uisinart Stand Mixer – Brushed Chrome – Boasting a larger bowl than most and a powerful yet efficient motor, C Cuisinart’s Stand Mixer will manage all your kitchen mixing tasks ($499)  uisinart 8 Cup Food Processor – Gun Metal – this food processor is a great size for every kitchen from the people C that introduced food processors to America ($229)  lobal Knives ‘Hiro’ 7 piece Block − The latest design from Global Knives of Japan, this stylish ‘Hiro’ knife-block set G includes the six most important knives for all cooks ($955).

Value: $4,032


25. THE ULTIMATE DINING ‘SEAFARI’ FOR 26. KOKOMO — CORPORATE HARBOUR 8 GUESTS CRUISE FOR 20 PEOPLE Experience award-winning dining and bask in panoramic harbour views. Start your journey at the ‘Man-o-War’ steps at the Opera House where your water taxi limo will ferry you across to Deckhouse in Woolwich for entree, back on the water limo to The Smoking Goat in Abbotsford for main and then over to Flying Fish Restaurant in Pyrmont for dessert. Your water limo will then transport you back to where it all began at the Opera House. Enjoy a glass of wine with each course, including dessert wine and espresso coffee, tea and petit fours.  ining experience for 8 guests D Enjoy a glass of wine with each course Includes dessert wine, espresso coffee, tea and petit fours Valid until 31 March 2018.

Value: $2,400


Entertain up to 20 guests in true style while enjoying one of the world’s finest harbours. Kokomo is a privately owned luxurious 80 foot motor cruiser. You and your guests will enjoy a four hour, fully catered cruise on Sydney Harbour.  people maximum to cruise Sydney Harbour on a 20 4 hour fully catered cruise with beverages Departs from Birkenhead Point or other agreed nominated pick-up points Voucher must be presented Dates dependent on availability, not available in December/January or on Sundays. Strictly valid until March 2018. Courtesy of Manildra Group.

Value: $8,000



Emirates is now flying the A380 daily from Sydney to both Auckland and Christchurch. Set in a three-class configuration, the Emirates A380 offers a level of comfort and space never seen before on a commercial airliner. Spread over two levels, the whole of the upper deck is dedicated to First & Business Class passengers. Business Class passengers can enjoy a new generation of intelligent seating designed to ensure all 76 flatbed seats have aisle access. The upper deck also features an onboard lounge for Premium and Business Class passengers, which provides an opportunity for passengers to stretch out, socialise and enjoy a gourmet selection of beverages and canapés. Also the Emirates in-flight entertainment system has been voted best in the world for the past 12 consecutive years offering over 3,000 channels of on-demand entertainment, live sport channels. Emirates A380 fleet also offers complimentary on board wifi on all flights.

There is no better way to entertain clients or enjoy time with friends than on board the JBW motor yacht. Spacious, comfortable and with an atmosphere of subtle elegance, the magnificent JBW is the perfect craft for any occasion. Enjoy a delicious buffet and beverages (including wine, beer and champagne) on a day or evening cruise for 20 people on the world’s most spectacular waterway − Sydney Harbour. A waiter will be provided for this wonderful three-hour cruising experience. 3 hour cruise on Sydney Harbour for 20 guests − buffet, beverages and wait staff included Valid until 31 March 2018 subject to boat’s availability Not available Sundays/Public holidays. Generously donated by Winning Appliances.

Value: $8,000

For flight information and bookings for Emirates A380 contact Emirates on 1300 303 777.  return Business Class flights to New Zealand 2 flying Emirates Valid until March 2018.

Value: $4,260

The ‘Boxed Logo’ To answer the challenge of accommodating the Emirates logo in a horizontal space, we propose a new format in addition to the Brand Badge: the Boxed Logo.


The Boxed Logo has been created using a carefully proportioned red container to house the Emirates logo. It is not a shortened version of the Brand Badge.



.2 x



29. THE WESTIN SYDNEY Experience an energising retreat in the centre of the city at The Westin Sydney. Surrounded by Sydney’s most enticing fashion retailers and restaurants, The Westin Sydney offers everything you need to stay balanced, entertained and informed − ensuring you enjoy your stay in the hotel and your time in Sydney to the fullest. Wake up well rested in a Westin Heavenly ® Bed with the light streaming in through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Enjoy a relaxing rainforest shower followed by a balanced SuperFoodsRx breakfast to ensure you feel well-nourished and energised for the day ahead.  nights for 2 people in an Executive Suite with 3 Executive Club benefits Valid until 25 March 2018. Subject to availability.

30. W NEW YORK − TIMES SQUARE, 5 NIGHTS It’s your time to shine. Just steps from the most famous theatres in the world and the edgy Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood, W New York – Times Square is the setting for everyone’s New York story. Perched atop the crossroads of the world, W New York Times Square hotel is located in the Theater District, just steps from the ball drop, Broadway shows and shopping in Times Square. Sultry downtown and renowned museums are just a subway ride away. Stop in to check out our sleek and electric Living Room, a tribute to Times Square of the past. 5 nights accommodation in a Wonderful King room Valid until 1 December 2017.

Value: $2,500 Value: $2,000




Discover Sabah Malaysia Borneo’s Rainforest City; Kota Kinabalu through new perspectives with Le Méridien. Located at the doorstep of Kota Kinabalu’s famous waterfront esplanade, vibrant markets, shopping complexes and business districts; Le Méridien Kota Kinabalu has the most iconic location that overlooks the stunning South China Sea.

The Sheraton Fiji Resort is stunningly situated in the tropical oasis of Denarau Island. Designed with comfort in mind, the 297 spacious guest rooms and suites are beautifully furnished in harmony with the idyllic South Pacific setting. The resort is the ideal playground for vacationers and families to experience an array of dining venues and leisure activities. With its close proximity to Denarau Marina, it has an easy and quick access to the beautiful outer islands, shopping and a vast range of dining experiences. The resort is the ideal backdrop for an unforgettable destination wedding in Fiji or a corporate style event.

Le Méridien Kota Kinabalu unveils newly refurbished rooms and renewed spaces of a transformed lobby, venues and leisure outdoor pool enhanced by the opening of four innovative dining and entertainment venues.  nights stay inclusive of breakfast for 2 people 3 Valid until 25 March 2018, subject to availability.

Value: $700

 nights accommodation in an Ocean View Room for 5 2 people Daily buffet breakfast included Valid until 25 March 2018 Subject to availability and blackout dates apply.

Value: $1,500



33. HUNTER VALLEY WEEKEND FOR 8 The beautiful rolling hills of the Hunter Valley are only two hours drive north of Sydney, making it a perfect destination for a weekend away. A renowned wine making area, the district boasts more than 120 wineries and many fine restaurants. Enjoy a plethora of cellar door tours and gourmet food as you explore the valley. What’s not to like? Spend a weekend in five star luxury at The Woods at Pokolbin − fountain courtyards, barbecue facilities, air-conditioning, a fully-equipped kitchen, a dining table for eight and open fires await you.  bedroom, 4 bathroom self-contained house on Friday 4 and Saturday nights at The Woods in Pokolbin for 8 people Subject to availability.

Value: $2,000


34. 12 MONTH F45 TRAINING MEMBERSHIP F45 Training offers functional training programs based on high intensity interval training, also known as HIIT. By using the best of strength and cardio training, you’ll be burning upwards of 750 calories per session! When you enter an F45 studio you get access to a dynamic and supportive training community that is led by worldclass coaches who motivate and challenge you in each session! 12 month membership at an F45 studio of your choice.

Value: $3,380

35. QANTAS FLIGHT SIMULATOR EXPERIENCE FOR TWO Qantas Flight Training offers its expertise and facilities for all flight and cabin crew. Qantas Flight Training instructs, develops and examines the proficiency of over 10,000 aircrew each year. Qantas Flight Training has the most advanced and extensive fleet of full motion flight simulators in the region. The simulators have as standard state-of-the-art visual fidelity, motion and sound. This allows crew to be trained in all aspects of normal and non-normal operations; including instrument approaches and landings in all weather conditions.  hour flight simulator experience with Qantas Flight 1.5 Training for 2 people Valid until 30 September 2017. *this item is tax deductible

Value: Qantas flight simulator experience!

36. SYDNEY RESTAURANT EXPERIENCE F ort Denison has been at the heart of Sydney Harbour for over 150 years. Enjoy lunch in the restaurant to value of $250 valid until 15 June 2017. Zambo Restaurant brings Italian casual fine dining to the vibrant food district of Surry Hills, where creative food is served with pride and care in a smart yet relaxed environment. Voucher for $200 valid until 25 September 2017. Established in 2000, The Meat & Wine Co brings personable service giving you the sense of a ‘home away from home’. While focusing on meat we bring you cuttingedge modern cuisine, including the exclusive line of Monte Beef. Voucher for $200 valid until 25 March 2018. The restaurant at The Bathers’ Pavilion is an impressive affair in a warm setting with impeccable food and service to match the stunning view. Voucher for $250 valid until 30 September 2017. Located in Sydney’s Historic Strand Arcade, Pendolino is one of Sydney’s best Italian restaurants. Voucher for $200 valid until 30 of November 2017. La Rosa The Strand is part of Pendolino Group, an elegant Italian wine bar and osteria located in Sydney’s historic Strand Arcade. Voucher for $100 valid until 30 November 2017.


37. SHERATON MIRAGE PORT DOUGLAS Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas is excited to announce the completion of its $43 million refurbishment. Ideally situated on the pristine Four Mile Beach, it is surrounded by 147 hectares of lush tropical gardens, two hectares of sparkling saltwater lagoon pools and 18 hole golf course – perfect for a re-energising getaway. Included in this package is one night accommodation at Green Island Resort, a tropical hideaway in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef and a day on the Quicksilver Outer Reef Cruise. Back on land, enjoy golf at Mirage Country Club.  nights “Mirage” Studio Suite Room with breakfast for 3 2 people 2 rounds (18 holes) of golf inclusive of clubs, buggy and green fees 1 night accommodation for 2 people at Green Island Resort, including buffet breakfast and return catamaran transfers from the Cairns Marina 1 day on the Outer Great Barrier Reef – Agincourt Reef with introductory snorkeling tour with a marine biologist courtesy of Quicksilver Valid until 30 October 2017. Subject to availability.

Value: $2,900


38. WHITSUNDAY HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR, 5 NIGHTS Few, if any, properties can boast the location of this charming resort. The Coral Sea Resort suites feature private spa baths and double hammocks located on the balconies that are positioned at high water mark.  nights accommodation for 2 people in a romantic 5 Coral Sea Resort Spa Suite with full Australian breakfast daily. Moët & Chandon champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries in your room on arrival A 3 course dinner in the Coral Sea Resort’s award winning Clipper Restaurant Valid until 25 March 2018, excluding public and school holidays.

Value: $2,465



39. ROMANTIC THAILAND – 3 NIGHTS AT 40. THAILAND-TWO STEP, 6 NIGHTS ADULTS-ONLY LAYANA RESORT & SPA With a superb blend of a traditional look and the The adults-only Layana Resort & Spa is located on a 3km stretch of sandy beach on the Southern Thai island of Koh Lanta Yai. Beyond its traditional façade, Layana houses a collection of 57 pavilion rooms, suites and villas set within gardens or beside the beach. All feature a soothing minimalist style and private balcony. On the edge of the beach is the Tides Restaurant featuring gourmet Thai cuisine including freshly caught seafood. Discretely tucked away within a small walled garden is the Linger Longer Spa with six treatment rooms, Salt Spa and new Wellness Zone with a salt-water Olympicsized pool, yoga platform, high tech gym and juice bar. This pin-drop quiet retreat also has an outdoor Jacuzzi, hydromassage pool and salt inhalation room, which recreates the microclimate of a salt cave.  nights accommodation in an Ocean Deluxe Suite 3 including breakfast and return transfers Valid 25 March 2017 – 25 March 2018 (except Easter Week and peak Christmas/New Year Season) and subject to availability.

Value: $2,200

convenience and practicality of the modern, Cape Panwa offers plush, luxury accommodation in a relaxed atmosphere. Sit on the beachfront under the coconut trees and listen to the symphony of the breeze and the gentle rhythm of the waves or sample traditional Thai food prepared as a work of art and served in the tastefully preserved Sino-Portuguese mansion on the beachfront. Cape Kudu is a brand new property, on its own little paradise island in an idyllic out-of-the-way spot in Phang Nga Bay. Discover hidden beaches, jungle haunts and village life unchanged for centuries. To relax, the hotel offers a first-rate, sophisticated restaurant with its own resident international chef and a Spa where experienced, professional therapists wait to revive you, body and soul, in the quiet shade under a tropical evening sky.  Cape Panwa Hotel − 3 nights accommodation in a Two Bedroom Villa including breakfast Cape Kudu − 3 nights accommodation in a Pool Villa, including breakfast Valid 1 March – 20 December 2017, subject to availability.

Value: $3,600




Need an uplifting birthday bash? Why not rev it up at Eastern Creek International Karting Raceway? Take up to 20 mates or moguls to experience all the thrills of a Formula 1 driver including warm up and racing laps at your own Mini Grand Prix.

Cheer on the red and the white on Saturday 22 July 2017. Watch the Sydney Swans take on St Kilda in this blockbuster game!

Cheer your team through high-powered laps (all safety gear included) at an unforgettable afternoon of competition and camaraderie. Complete with a Grand Final and Award Presentation, this event is a rare and exciting item. Be ‘Ricciardo for-an-arvo’!  karting for up to 20 people Go Available any Monday to Thursday afternoon until March 2018.

Value: $3,900


Save the date, as you and seven friends are treated to first class hospitality in a Corporate Box at the SCG! Look at the list of goodies in this exclusive package for you and your Swans fans!  tickets to Saturday 22 July 2017 – Sydney Swans vs 8 St Kilda game at the SCG Delaware North will provide catering inclusive of food and beverage 2 parking permits Sydney Swans Chairman’s Club after-match function passes where you will hear an exclusive interview with coach and players 2017 Sydney Swans signed guernsey.

Value: Priceless as a Sydney Swans supporter!

43. WALLABIES VS ALL BLACKS It’s Bledisloe Cup time again and this year Australia will enjoy a home ground advantage twice, with the first match kicking off in Sydney and the third (and potential decider) to take place in Brisbane. The Bledisloe Cup is the biggest Trans-Tasman battle on the sporting calendar, and a jewel in the crown of international rugby events. After the Wallabies came close to victory in 2015, will this be the year the Wallabies finally tear off the shackles after 14 years of All Blacks dominance? After last year’s showdown at ANZ Stadium, the Wallabies will be out for a vengeance, looking to do everything they can to make Australia proud. Be part of their epic battle.  Gold tickets to Wallabies vs All Blacks on Saturday 2 19 August 2017 at ANZ Stadium, Homebush Signed and framed Qantas Wallabies jersey.

Value: A chance to see rugby history!

44. SEE THE NSW WARATAHS WITH THE BEST SEATS IN THE HOUSE Past their rebuilding phase, the NSW Waratahs have cemented a high-quality team of players, 83% of which have been born or bred across NSW, all proud to represent their state. The 2017 squad features eight new signings and a host of rookies who have stepped up at Buildcorp NRC, Super Rugby and international level, adding an all new energy to the side. Adding to that is a line-up of international Test experienced leaders who, under the guidance of Head Coach, Daryl Gibson, will continue the NSW Waratahs’ legacy of passionate, exciting style of play.  Dugout passes to NSW Waratahs vs Blues, 4 Saturday 6 May 2017 at Allianz Stadium Pre-game room tour Kick off at 7:20pm.

Value: Fan-Tastic! Go the ‘Tahs!


45. BURBERRY HANDBAG Burberry Small Banner Bag in Pale Orchid Leather & House Check Burberry, established in 1856, is an iconic British luxury brand recognised globally for its classic outerwear, womenswear, menswear and accessories. Burberry presents ‘The Banner’ in grainy leather with House Check panels. A compact shape, it works as an everyday bag for your essentials, and features an inner pouch for your phone. Wear on your shoulder or as a cross body, or carry by hand. Please note Burberry cannot offer an exchange or refund on this item as it has been donated to Cancer Council NSW.

Value: $1,950

46. ROCHEFORT TAILOR − SHIRTMAKER − TIEMAKER Rochefort continues to commit to true tailored suiting, allowing the customer to choose fabric and style. The Rochefort boutique is tucked away in the historic St James Trust Building, Sydney. Your suit will require a few fittings to make it feel and fit perfect for you! Rochefort says its three main criteria for a great garment are the cloth, the styling and then the tailoring. Holland & Sherry, located on Savile Row, London, has been supplying tailors and luxury brands with the finest wool and silk cloths for 180 years. Holland & Sherry will provide the cloth and Rochefort will personally tailor your bespoke suit ensuring that you will receive a finely crafted suit, fitted for only one…you!  bespoke tailored men’s suit in Holland & Sherry cloth A The suiting cloth will be selected from Holland & Sherry’s ‘Mille Miglia’ luxury super 140’s Merino wool worsted collection Valid until March 2018.,

Value: $3,500


Bunga Raya Island Resort & Spa

Gayana Eco Resort

47. THE ST. REGIS ASPEN RESORT The world renowned ski resort Aspen Snowmass is offering two people a 2017/2018 ski package which includes two nights accommodation, two six-day lift passes (valid on Snowmass, Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk), two ski or snowboard premium rental packages and two small group lessons. The St. Regis Aspen Resort is nestled at the base of Aspen Mountain, within walking distance of Aspen’s renowned shopping, dining, entertainment and superb winter skiing and summer sports. The resort continues The St. Regis legacy of dedication and innovation, committed to delivering beyond expectation.  nights accommodation at The St. Regis Aspen Resort 2 for 2 people in a Deluxe King Room 6 day lift passes for 2 at Aspen Snowmass 6 day ski or snowboard premium equipment hire packages for 2 2 group ski or snowboard lessons Valid during the 2017/2018 ski season November to 19 March. Subject to availability Blackout dates and other restrictions may apply.,

Value: $4,300

48. SABAH, BORNEO — 4 NIGHTS FOR 2 PEOPLE Bunga Raya Island Resort & Spa and Gayana Eco Resort are two luxe-eco resorts, both located on Pulau Gaya, the largest of the five islands in the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. Gayana Eco Resort showcases 52 over-water villas, a Marine Ecology Research Centre (MERC) and dive centre. Bunga Raya Island Resort & Spa showcases 48 villas nestled into spectacular primary rainforest. The two properties each have three food and beverage outlets, room service, an infinity swimming pool and a Solace Spa with Bunga Raya boasting a gym. Both offer a vast range of recreational pursuits on land and sea. This can be arranged through their fully owned Echo Adventures tour agency specialising in luxury tours in Sabah to showcase the state’s many attractions. 2  nights accommodation in Bunga Raya Island Resort & Spa – Superior Villa 2  nights accommodation in Gayana Eco Resort – Rainforest Villa Includes bed and breakfast plus return boat transfers V  alid until 25 March 2018.,

Value: $2,235




Welcome to the roller coaster world of adrenalin cowboys as they take on the nation’s most extreme bucking bulls in a 3 hour action packed event that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the first bull of the night through to the last.

Since the creation of the first Shitbox Rally in 2010, James Freeman has been instrumental in raising over $10 million for cancer research. His rallies take participants across the most rugged terrain in Australia in cars worth $1,000 or less and delivers them an experience they’ll never forget.

It’s a showdown like no other – 22 riders all eager for glory as they strive to overcome the power of the 52 most extreme bucking bulls in a head-to-head battle of power, agility and the fight of the fittest, 8 seconds at a time.

Shitbox Rally 2018 will be held in May with the route yet to be announced, but James can guarantee that you will travel over a dusty distance on an adventure through very remote parts of Australia and take in some of the country’s most iconic landscapes, towns and pubs. Past participants say that Shitbox Rally is an unforgettable, life-changing experience that connects them to like- minded people and the devastating beauty of the Australian outback.

16 Corporate box tickets to “Professional Bull Riders” event on Saturday 22 July 2017 at 7:30pm Includes a fully catered corporate suit for 16 people Hosted by a representative from Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Not transferable to any other date.

Value: $5,000

T he highest bidder will forego the usual requirement to raise the minimum $4,000, but will still need to find a codriver and buy, register and get the car to the start line of Shitbox Rally 2018 The winner will also need to cover travel costs such as camping fees, return flights and petrol.

Value: $4,000




Making the most of the views of Sydney Harbour and the city, The Star boasts two of Sydney’s best hotels, over 20 restaurants, cafés and bars, a luxury 13-room day spa, the state-of-the-art Event Centre and Sydney’s hottest nightclub, Marquee.

The Royal Australian Navy is giving two adults the opportunity to experience all the thrills of life at sea on-board a modern warship based out of Sydney. You will be able to witness the action below decks as sailors demonstrate their damage control skills, observe the fighting capability of the ship in the Operations Room, and then take your place on the Bridge as the crew navigates the ship through the high seas.

 couples will be treated to one night’s accommodation 2 at The Darling in a King Room (2 rooms) Complimentary breakfast for 4 at Sokyo Dinner for 4 at one of The Star’s signature restaurants, BLACK Bar & Grill (to the value of $1,000) 2 Couples Spa treatments to the value of $1,000 ($500 per couple) Valid to 30 September 2017, Sunday to Thursday only.

Value: An evening at THE STAR Sydney for 4

T he Navy Experience is for 2 people for a 2 day, 1 night at sea experience in the Flagship of the Royal Australian Navy (minimum age 14) Enjoy meals onboard as you dine with the crew Costs associated with transport to and from the embarkation to be at the winner’s expense For your safety, sea ride is subject to your general fitness and mobility, with requirement for completion of mandatory health screening documents prior to embarkation. Be aware the ship’s steep ladders make access difficult for the mobility impaired Subject to cancellation at short notice in the event of unforeseen operational requirements. Valid until November 2018. *this item is tax deductible

Value: Once in a lifetime!


53. ORTHODONTICS Drs Paul Taylor, Daniel Ngan and Jason Yee’s practice, Orthodontics Exclusively in Mosman is part of Sydney’s premier orthodontic partnership. All three doctors have teaching appointments at the Orthodontic Department at The University of Sydney, and the practice specialises in all aspects of orthodontic treatment, including Invisalign and invisible braces. If you or your child want to be treated by an experienced and innovative practice, this offer of $9,000 can be used towards any orthodontic treatment.  alue of $9,000 towards any treatment at Orthodontics V Exclusively in Mosman Initial consultation must take place before March 2018. Generously donated by Dr Paul Taylor, Dr Daniel Ngan and Dr Jason Yee.

Value: $9,000


54. DAIKIN ZENA — DESIGNER AIR CONDITIONING Blending elegant design with state-of-the-art technology, the Daikin ZENA split system series perfectly combines form and functionality, to create an icon of contemporary climate control. Its stylish silhouette, quality materials and elegant finish are matched by equally outstanding efficiency levels. ZENA is equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi interface for smartphone control, allowing you to control your system from anywhere anytime via both Apple and Android platforms.  aikin ZENA 5.0kW (White FTXJ50P) D Crest Air Conditioning will be pleased to install the system for you. Installation is included in Sydney only.

Value: $3,500

55. WATERFORD CRYSTAL Waterford city, Ireland is home to the House of Waterford Crystal, where skilled artisans carry on longstanding traditions of mouth blowing, hand finishing, sculpting and engraving. The rich Waterford heritage spans centuries, with origins that date to the 18th century. Through the years, Waterford’s reputation for design and innovation has elevated the Waterford brand to a position of status as the world’s finest crystal. The House of Waterford Collection pays tribute to the skillful hands of Waterford Crystal’s most masterful craftsmen. These crystal pieces are created to satisfy the imagination, pursue an inspiration or simply master the silvery sparkling medium that has challenged artists for centuries. Although Rosslare is considered the sunniest spot in Ireland, Tom Cooke, Waterford master engraver and designer, recalls his first visit on a bleak August afternoon. Taken by the unspoiled sand dunes, tufts of seagrass and layers of shells, Tom was inspired to immortalise his impressions in crystal with the stunning Rosslare Bowl.

56. STYLE MEETS WARMTH — JETMASTER FIREPLACES Warm up your space with a Jetmaster, Australia’s leading brand in gas and wood fireplaces. A Jetmaster fireplace will transform your room, giving the beauty of an open fire together with the super heating efficiency of the Jetmaster system. Jetmaster staff will help you select a product to suit your needs.  arm up with a Jetmaster fireplace W Valid until March 2018. Installation not included.

Value: $5,500

 House of Waterford Crystal Rosslare Bowl, 30cm, Designed by Tom Cooke, Worldwide Limited Edition 400.

Value: $1,799




Enjoy a 1903 Gentleman’s schooner Boomerang Cruise on Sydney Harbour aboard this Edwardian treasure lovingly maintained by the Sydney Heritage Fleet. Boomerang’s elegant lines are timeless. Entertain up to 25 passengers.

Barque James Craig is rightly famous around the world, she is Sydney’s only 19th Century square rigger who regularly sails. Her incredible restoration to full sailing condition was recognised in 2003 by the World Ship Trust’s award of their prestigious Maritime Medal. The James Craig restoration cost almost $30 million and took nearly 40 years to complete after she was rescued from Recherche Bay in far southern Tasmania.

 to 25 passengers cruise for 4 hours on the 1903 Up gentleman’s schooner, Boomerang Cruise departs from Rozelle Bay Catering available at winner’s expense Valid until 25 March 2018.

Value: An unforgettable cruise through Australia’s nautical history!

 people have the opportunity to sail on 1874 tall ship 4 James Craig across Sydney Harbour and out past the heads for a day sail Cruise departs from Pyrmont Catering is included − morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

Value: Experience the thrill of ocean sailing on a fully restored Tall Ship from the 1870’s


59. BEAUTIFUL DIVINE YOU: A RESTORING MOTHER & DAUGHTER WEEKEND Life is so busy we often do not connect with the people we love let alone take time to rebalance our own health especially with those we love. Join nutritionist, Michele Chevalley Hedge, founder of A Healthy View and Therese Kerr, holistic wellness leader, creator and Co-Founder of The Divine Company, as they co-host this special weekend. Join them for evidence-based research delivered in a fun, humorous and light-hearted fashion whilst rejuvenating in the gorgeous spa and calming environment that The Golden Door Elysia Health Retreat and Spa offers.  nights accommodation in a 2-bedroom luxury villa for 2 2 people including gourmet spa cuisine of healthy meals and snacks One spa treatment to the value of $110 per person Participation in a Beautiful Divine You…a Restoring Mother and Daughter Specialty Retreat with Michele Chevalley Hedge and Therese Kerr A diverse selection of group fitness activities, Relaxation and Mind-Body classes Only valid Friday 26 to Sunday 28 May 2017.,,,

Value: $3,320

60. NSW MOUNTED POLICE UNIT The NSW Police Force work tirelessly to keep our community safe. The NSW Police Force has offered to open their doors to two adults to spend time at one of their most interesting and dynamic commands — the Mounted Unit in Redfern. The Mounted Unit holds the distinction of being the longest continuous Mounted Police Unit in the world. Specialist officers will host a tour of this command, providing a unique insight into the day-to-day operations and challenges faced by their hard-working and dedicated officers. T our of command for 2 people over the age of 18 Must be taken within 6 months of the auction date. Timing of this experience is to be negotiated with the Commander of the Mounted Unit, via Cancer Council NSW Given the demands placed on this command the tour will be subject to operational policing requirements. *this item is tax deductible

Value: NSW Police Force mounted unit experience for 2


61. PLAY GOLF WITH PETER O’MALLEY FOR 3 This unique experience has you and two lucky friends making up a golf foursome with Peter O’Malley, playing 18 holes of never-to-be-forgotten golf at the Lakes Golf Course in Sydney. Peter O’Malley continues to be one of Australia’s leading golfers following his win in the 2005 New Zealand PGA on the Australasian Tour, in addition to winning seven professional events in Europe and Australia and representing Australia in three World Cups. Peter has also taken out the highest honour for an amateur – the Eisenhower Trophy. Born in Bathurst, NSW, the likeable O’Malley is known for his driving accuracy and precise iron play.  round of golf for 3 people with Peter O’Malley at A the Lakes Valid until December 2017. Subject to Peter’s availability. Green fees at the guests’ expense. *this item is tax deductible

Value: Memorable golfing moments


62. PING — G SERIES Hyper 17/4 stainless steel: Heat treating process that increases material strength by 40%, thinning the face for more flex and delivering up to an extra five yards of carry distance. Cor-Eye technology: Revolutionary design delivering increased ball speed for more distance with control. Perimeter Weighting: Weight concentrated on the toe and hosel increases the MOI for accuracy & consistency. Hit & Hold Greens: A deeper CG position ensures higher launching shots for stopping power.  PING G series steel irons 8 1 PING golf bag 1 PING glove.

Value: $1,900



This unique experience has you and 19 friends or work colleagues enjoy a walk not to be missed. The Cancer Council NSW Seven Bridges Walk is a 28km walk that takes you around the harbour across the seven beautiful bridges of Sydney. Last year over 12,500 people participated in the walk. On 29 October 2017, the event celebrates its twelfth anniversary, and you can be part of this amazing experience.

Tom Carroll — Newport boy made good. Made very, very good! Tom was named number seven in Surfer Magazine’s chart of the greatest surfers of all time. In a spectacular career he won two World Championships (the first goofy foot to do so) and three Pipeline Masters. Tom is with the Quiksilver stable, and he’ll take you and three friends surfing in a carefully selected spot, and see you riding on one of his own state-of-the-art boards.

 participant entries for the Cancer Council NSW 20 Seven Bridges Walk on Sunday 29 October 2017 A Cancer Council NSW race pack for every participant with sunscreen and a sporty race singlet Perfect for a day out with friends, family or a corporate engagement.

 hours surfing with Tom for 4 people on the 2 Northern Beaches Take home one of Tom’s performance boards Valid until March 2018, at a mutually convenient time.

Value: What surfing dreams are made of!

Value: Team spirit!


65. ‘THE STRAY’ BY ROBERT DICKERSON AO 66. ‘SPRING BEACH’ BY NADA HERMAN The Stray was a serigraph created by Australian artist Robert Dickerson AO in 2012. Screen printing, also known as serigraphy, is a method of creating an image on paper, fabric or some other object by pressing ink through a screen with areas blocked off by a stencil. This technique is used for making fine art prints. The Stray − is a typical example of a work by Dickerson AO where a young child and a cat show an empathy towards the unspoken relationship. This series of work was amongst Dickerson’s first thematic forays into capturing the inner city milieu, which became his signature theme. The Stray, 2013 Framed − Serigraph 76cm x 56cm.

Value: $3,500

Nada Herman grew up in the artistic Herman family with famous grandfather Sali Herman and well-known artist father Ted Herman. During the 1990s all 3 generations painted in the one studio at Avalon. The unique painterly qualities of Nada’s canvases create a sense of joy while capturing the energy and spontaneity of nature for the viewer. Nada Herman’s Australian beachscapes, bushscapes, Sydney Harbour, Pittwater, nudes, marine life and floral paintings enjoy admiration from collectors in Australia and throughout the world. Her celebrated dynamic style of expressionism utilises rich vibrant colours, loads of oil paint, thick brushes and palette knives. Nada Herman works from her studio on the family property atop of Avalon in Sydney Australia. Spring Beach − oil on Canvas 100cm x 100cm.

Value: $3,300


67. ‘LA FORET VERTE’ BY PETER GRIFFEN ”My location studies done en plein air are often reworked and extensively developed in the studio. ‘La Foret Verte’ was, and after allowing my mind to wander and investigate, symbols and marks have appeared that can be seen as a response to the sounds as well as the mystery and spiritual characteristics of the forest.” Peter Griffen is a full time Sydney based artist and has been painting for 48 years, during which time he has traveled extensively and has had numerous exhibitions in Australia and overseas. Typical of his work is its playful dynamic quality and the strong use of colour. Peter creates abstract images derived mainly from the landscape, and has had over 60 exhibitions in Australia, London, Paris, New York and more. He has been a finalist in several prizes including the Blake, Sulman, Dobell and Fleurieu prizes, and his book “In and Out of Abstraction” accompanies this painting. La Foret Verte − acrylic on canvas − 71cm x 51cm.

68. ‘LA BOHEME – MONTMARTRE’ BY DALLAS LESLEY Dallas Lesley first began the Traveller series when in France and Italy where the narrow cobbled streets, and squares and cafes jostling with people, movement and colour became the focal point of her work. La Boheme is well known in Montmartre, and sitting at one of the typical Parisian round tables in a café on one of the corners around Place du Tertre you can watch the local artists at work. The Traveller series has been hung in the AGNSW in the Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prize, and Dallas Lesley’s work has been valued and approved by the Australian Government for the Cultural Gifts Program. Twice a Sulman Prize finalist, her works have been exhibited around Australia and internationally. She has been a winner and selected finalist in many judged exhibitions, and her paintings are held in public art museums, corporate and private collections. La Boheme – Montmartre, a mixed media on board – 45cm x 120cm.

Value: $1,750

Value: $4,950




Bruce Lawrence (1932−2010) was a gifted artist and classical musician. His father, also an artist, encouraged him to draw and to compose music. As a teenager he attended life drawing classes with the celebrated Northwood Group of artists including Lloyd Rees. He studied music at Trinity College in London, performed in chamber orchestras in Britain and composed many orchestral choral and piano works. On returning to Australia he became the music master at Knox Grammar School and played the viola in both the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. At the same time he continued his passion for art with exhibitions at galleries in Sydney and Newcastle, including several successful joint exhibitions with his father. He achieved rare success in both painting and musical expression.

Fiona Omeenyo is an original member of the Lockhart River Art Gang and one of its most successful artists. Her textured figurative compositions connect ancestral figures and kin relationships in coastal imagery. Fiona had her first solo exhibition in 2001 in Broome at the age of 20 and his since had more than 50 solo and group exhibitions of her paintings. She has won the Cape York Art Award for painting. Her work is now represented in the National Gallery of Victoria and in numerous other public collections in Australia and internationally and is sought after by private collectors.

Harbour Scene 65cm x 55cm Oil on board.

Value: $900


People in Sorrow 130cm x 90cm Acrylic on canvas.

Value: $3,500



Patrick Carroll is a fine Australian landscape artist who paints in a style described as contemporary realism. He was born in Bathurst in 1949 and has been a professional artist since 1974. His art has received more than 100 awards and commendations. Patrick’s work has been exhibited in many solo exhibitions and is held in numerous collections both in Australia and overseas.

Rosella Namok is an Indigenous artist from far north Queensland where she is a prominent member of the Lockhart River Art Gang. This is a successful Indigenous art movement comprising young members of the community. Her painting style is modern and sometimes expresses traditional aboriginal culture and stories.

T he Bushfire (Series) Burnt Swamp 75cm x 55cm Oil on paper.

Value: $2,200

Rosella studied art at high school and at age 21 won her first major recognition with the Lin Onus Youth Award given by the Australian Heritage Commission for Indigenous art. Her work has been included in more than 30 national and international exhibitions and acquired by every major public gallery in Australia as well as by important corporate and private collections. In 2003 Rosella won the High Court Centenary Art Prize with a nine-panel painting which now hangs in the High Court building in Canberra. Neap Tide Afternoon Time  122cm x 92cm Acrylic on canvas.

Value: $6,000


73. THE LODGE AT KINLOCH, NEW ZEALAND 74. SERENA SANDERSON & STEDMANS COCKTAIL PARTY FOR 30 PEOPLE The Lodge at Kinloch offers new heights of golfing and uberluxury lodgings to discerning lovers of natural beauty and of cutting-edge lodge design – complementing a spectacular, on-site, 18-hole Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course, The Kinloch Club was voted in #1 Golf Course in New Zealand by a select team of New Zealand Golf Professionals. Set in 254ha of The Kinloch Club, on the shores of New Zealand’s Lake Taupo, is the uber-luxury Lodge at Kinloch designed by multi-award winning architect Andrew Patterson and acclaimed interior designer Virginia Fisher. A short stroll away are luxury villas, inspired to harmonise with the natural setting of the lake and golf course and presenting expansive accommodation spaces of 1 and 2 bedroom villas, and 1-bedroom junior suites.  night accommodation for 2 people in a 1-bedroom villa 1 Full gourmet cooked breakfast Pre dinner drinks and canapés Gourmet dinner following our ‘Estate to Plate’ philosophy of using our sister lodge, Treetops − own reared and grown produce 2 rounds golf at The Kinloch Club with use of a golf cart Valid until 1 November 2017, subject to availability.

Value: $3,480


Serena Sanderson Catering is known her high standard of presentation and service as well as her passion for great, innovative food which has made her one of Sydney’s finest caterers. Serena Sanderson Catering is offering a catered cocktail party for up to 30 guests including one chef. To complete the occasion, Stedmans Hospitality, Sydney’s leading hospitality agency, will provide two wait staff for your special function. Stedmans is famous for their stylish and friendly staff who are ready to assist you in creating whatever experience you desire. They have the ingredient that will make your event a great success: superb service.  Serena Sanderson Catering will provide a catered cocktail party for up to 30 guests including 1 chef Stedmans Hospitality will provide 2 wait staff for 4 hours for superb service Valid to 25 March 2018, subject to availability. Excludes public holidays and New Year’s Eve.

Value: $1,700 — A fabulous party for 30

75. LIMITED EDITION SYDNEY 2000 OLYMPIC MEMORABILIA This magnificent framed piece features not only the highly sought after and prized Australian Olympic ceremonial jacket, but also features the individually signed photos of all the Australian Olympic gold medallists of the Sydney 2000 Games. Jackets were strictly limited in their production to only 100. You’ll receive a certificate of authenticity and an A-tag microchip has been secured to the jacket.

Value: A unique piece of Australia’s Olympic history

76. SUMMER FAMILY HOLIDAY AT THREDBO’S THE SILVER BRUMBY LODGE The Silver Brumby Lodge boasts the best view of Thredbo. Relax as you enjoy a week taking in the mountain views or you can try your hand at summer activities that Thredbo has to offer including bushwalking, horse riding, mountain bike riding, swimming, golf and tennis.  nights for 4 people at The Silver Brumby Lodge, with 5 dinner and breakfast included Available during December/January holidays 2017/2018 (excluding Christmas day to New Year’s Eve). Also available April school holidays 2018 (excluding Easter).

Value: $2,800

77. SURFDOG & ARTBIRD – ‘SCOOTER CRUISING’ Surfdog & Artbird, is the alias of an established Australian artist and partner who exhibit Australia wide. An arts graduate who has worked in both the commercial and fine arts industries, Surfdog & Artbird decided it was time to put brush to canvas in their own right! Having been represented by contemporary art galleries in Australia and internationally, Surfdog & Artbird wanted their love of sun, sand, friendships and world travels to be an ongoing story to be shared with people from around the globe.  urfdog & Artbird – ‘Scooter Cruising’ is a premium canvas S Limited Art Edition printed by Fine Art Imaging, and is stretched and ready to hang Limited Fine Art Edition 76cm x 76cm.

Value: $1,100


78. MEN’S AND WOMEN’S FASHION EXPERIENCE — SABA Classic, timeless, modern simplicity − the SABA $500 gift card is the ultimate gift of style. SABA’s appeal stems from styling that is both sophisticated and contemporary. Part of SABA’s uniqueness lies in its ability to integrate elegant silhouettes with beautiful fabrics. The design philosophy is coupled with a passion for quality − every design must also be enduring, comfortable and versatile. For SABA these are the hallmarks of great design. $500 shopping voucher at SABA.

Value: $500

79. MEN’S AND WOMEN’S FASHION EXPERIENCE — SPORTSCRAFT Sportscraft, founded in 1914, is one of Australia’s most trusted fashion and lifestyle brands renowned for outstanding quality and consistent fit. Today, Sportscraft provides inspiration to the Australian man and woman with a range of clothing and accessories that epitomise authentic Australian style, while maintaining the quality and craftsmanship that Sportscraft has built its reputation on. $500 shopping voucher at Sportscraft.

Value: $500

80. HARRY HARTOG BOOKSELLER Harry Hartog Bookseller is a family-owned business which draws on generations of bookselling tradition. Our shops are for the adventurer, the student of life and the next generation of reader. We promote imagination and curiosity by creating extraordinary shops for extraordinary people. Our award-winning bookseller (Australian Bookseller of the year, 2010) will work with you to create a bespoke library for your family.

Value: $1,000


81. LOUNGE LOVERS At Lounge Lovers we focus on bringing original furniture designs to the Australian market at a fraction of the price of the design boutiques. All its items are in-stock for immediate delivery. The voucher can be used across its entire range of sofas, sofa beds, dining, bedroom and much more.  1,000 Gift voucher $ Valid until March 2018.

Value: $1,000

82. GOOD FOOD AND WINE SHOW Win the ultimate VIP experience at the Good Food & Wine Show in Sydney. Enjoy a fun day out with friends discovering new ideas, products, tips and hints to inspire your next foodie adventure. See culinary stars in action; participate in wine, beer and cider appreciation sessions; and sample food and drink from hundreds of exhibitors.  aturday VIP tickets for 2 to the Sydney Show (24 June 2017) S A night’s accommodation with our accommodation partner on Saturday 24 June 2017 2 tickets to a master class of your choice, up to the value of $100.

Value: Over $750

83. IN THE SAC — KING SET The IN THE SAC team has a combined 40 years in the Australian textile industry, with their expertise and resources they have produced a premium range of 100% pure linen bedding. The uniqueness of the IN THE SAC range is that their linens have been woven exclusively and have a combination of different textures and weights to ensure you are sleeping in the finest and best linens available. It’s time to enjoy the laid-back luxury of IN THE SAC.  hite King Sheet set: Top sheet made from a more refined W linen, fitted sheet and pillowcases made from a regular weight linen.

Value: $495


84. CAMILLA Camilla is one of our best known Australian designers. She is renowned for her vibrant, playful and luxurious handmade print designs that continually break the boundaries of Australian fashion. The Maasai Mosh Drawstring Dress.

Value: $599

85. RUSHFASTER KNOMO BAG Carry your work essentials in style with a beautiful Knomo Kobe messenger bag. This practical and spacious bag is made from a luxuriously soft full grain leather and is designed to hold up to a 15’’ laptop. Your computer is safely protected inside a quilted sleeve that provides extra cushioning. The Kobe’s nifty back pocket also allows you to slip the bag over a suitcase handle, making it a perfect companion on business trips. Full grain leather with brushed nickel hardware Soft fabric lining with scotch guard coating Back slip pocket for papers and magazine Unique Knomo ID tracker system to help you find your Knomo if lost.

Value: $510

86. SAIL A HISTORICAL 18-FOOT SKIFF Compete with a friend in an 18-foot skiff race on Sydney Harbour with world champion sailor John Winning by your side. Join the skiff-sailing veteran for thrills and spills, a few yarns and some great sailing!  ail with a world champion on a historical S 18-foot skiff for 2 people Valid until March 2018. This sailing adventure is kindly donated by Winning Appliances.

Value: Racing at a rate of knots


87. CULTIVER CULTIVER was founded in 2012 with the concept of everyday luxury in mind. CULTIVER is the French word for cultivate – which represents a focus on enhancing everyday activities with luxurious accessories. CULTIVER’s offering includes stonewashed bedding in a range of colours, silk velvet cushions and premium Turkish cotton robes. The bedding is 100% European Flax Linen, which is pre-washed for softness and durability. Available in 15 CULTIVER colours. $1,000 gift voucher for CULTIVER No expiration date.

Value: $1,000

88. VICTORINOX TRAVEL GEAR Enjoy 2 pieces of travel luggage from Victorinox. When it’s time to travel the world, you’ll want to pack a few extras. And the Spectra™ 26 upright is ready. Long haul flights, long-term stays – the Bayer polycarbonate hard shell is as ready to resist as its dual-caster wheels are ready to manoeuvre around any obstacle in your path. The Spectra™ 2.0 Ultra-Light Dual Access Carry-On is the ultimate travel companion. It’s slim and unbelievably light, and you’ll be amazed at how much it can hold. What’s more, it rolls so smoothly and easily that you’ll forget how much you packed.

Value: $1,358


89. A YEAR’S SUPPLY OF EUROPEAN REDS Enjoy a year’s supply of exclusive red wines form Europe’s most famous wine regions, hand-delivered by the world’s greatest win delivery experts, Laithwaite’s Wine People. Your first (of five) Euro Red Classics 12 bottle case includes a rich, Gold-medal Cotes-du Rhone, a dark, 91-point southern Italian charmer and a beautifully mature Gran Reserva with two Golds. Enjoy 5 cases – 1 every 3 months (and at Christmas) Hand-delivered to your home or office Exclusive, world-class wines.

Value: $1,149


90. THE WESTIN MONACHE RESORT This mountain retreat sits amidst all of the fun outdoor activities that make Mammoth Mountain a spectacular year-round destination. Our convenient resort location puts you within steps of the village at Mammoth – offering great shopping, nightlife and more. With one of the longest ski seasons in California, The Westin Monache Resort Mammoth is a great place to fill your snow sports craving. Skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and so much more are just a gondola ride away. After a long day of exploring, relax in our spacious room featuring a fireplace and kitchenette.  nights accommodation for 2 in a 1-bedroom suite with 2 breakfast for 2 people Valid until March 2018.

Value: $1,000

91. OUR HOUSE IN FRANCE This lovely old stone terrace style house is unique in that it is decorated in Art Deco style and has an upstairs open terrace with views to the Montagnes Noire. Fully renovated, it has 3 levels and is a very comfortable one bedroom, open plan house. The house is located in Trausse, a traditional non-tourist village in the vineyards of the Minervois. There are 3 vignerons in the village as well as many all around the area. Located only 20 minutes from Carcassonne or 90 minutes from Toulouse, it is excellent for walking, cycling, visiting markets, exploring the 12th century Cather castles, cooking classes and wine tours.  week accommodation for 2 people in a 1-bedroom terrace1 style house with free wifi. Subject to availability.

Value: $800

92. SEABREEZE BEACH HOTEL IN SOUTH WEST ROCKS South West Rocks is a quaint coastal town located halfway between Sydney and Brisbane that is well known for its relaxed atmosphere and pristine beaches. Overlooking iconic Horseshoe Bay, the Seabreeze Beach Hotel is the perfect place for you to experience the relaxed, welcoming and friendly atmosphere, seaside casual dining, live entertainment and of course, the views. The Seabreeze Beach Hotel will ensure your experience in South West Rocks is a memorable one.  nights accommodation in a family room at The 3 Seabreeze Beach Hotel, with a $50 bistro voucher Not available between Boxing Day 2017 and 28 January 2018.

Value: $500


93. SYDNEY FESTIVAL 2018 These hot tickets allow you to select three special friends to join you at two major events at the Sydney Festival 2018. Indulge yourself as you attend two of the most prestigious events on Sydney’s social calendar as VIPs.  people to enjoy Australia Day 2018 aboard the Sydney 4 Festival’s VIP ferry, watching the Ferrython (the iconic Australia Day ferry race) 4 A-Reserve tickets to the Opening Night Performance Date non transferrable. *this item is tax deductible

Value: Money can’t buy!

94. ZOOVENTURE FOR 4 AT THE NATIONAL ZOO & AQUARIUM The National Zoo & Aquarium in Canberra’s award winning Zooventure tour is one of the most hands-on zoo experiences available in Australia, and possibly the world. The Zooventure is a two-hour behind the scenes guided tour that offers participants the opportunity to feed a variety of amazing animals, and experience a bounty of rare and close-up encounters.  ZooVenture experience for 4 at The National Zoo & Aquarium, Canberra Age restrictions apply.

Value: $580

95. A SUNDAY AT THE STABLES WITH GAI WATERHOUSE RACING And they’re racing! Gai Waterhouse has established a place among the nation’s all-time leading trainers, combining tradition and innovation to reach the pinnacle of her profession. Her most recent triumph was winning the Melbourne Cup with Fiorente. Join Gai and learn more about Australia’s racing culture as you and three guests spend a Sunday morning at Tulloch Lodge.  people visit Tulloch Lodge and meet Gai Waterhouse 4 Valid until March 2018 and subject to availability. *this item is tax deductible

Value: A real winner!


96. ROSSIGNOL EXPERIENCE 84 HD TPX MENS SKIS WITH SPX 12 KONECT BINDINGS (2017 MODEL) With its award winning versatility intact, the new Experience 84 HD blends the heart of a high-performance carving machine with a smooth, effortless freeride feel. Carbon Alloy Matrix increases edge grip, stability, dampness, and drive for a finely-tuned fusion of damp, “planted-to-the-snow” edge grip and loose, playful mobility. Combined with patented Air Tip technology, Auto Turn Rocker profile, and Extended Sidecut, the new all-mountain standard delivers high-definition performance across all terrain and snow conditions.

Value: $1,299

97. RHINO-RACK The Rhino-Rack 440 litre Master-Fit Luggage Box offers the perfect solution for those who need to take a lot with them when they travel − whether you are an outdoor adventurer with lots of equipment or a large family that likes to go on road trips. Use this luggage box for camping gear, prams, snowboards or skis. It fits simply onto the two bar roof rack system that also comes with the luggage box.  40L Master-Fit Luggage Box and 2 bar roof rack from 4 Rhino-Rack.

Value: $1,100

98. SHERATON BALI KUTA RESORT The award winning Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort offers 203 exclusive retreats, an outdoor rooftop pool and unrivalled panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. Each guest room and suite feature a spacious balcony overlooking Kuta Beach, equipped with familiar touches needed for a relaxing stay. The resort houses three dining venues, Feast® − an upbeat all day dining venue, Bene – an Italian kitchen with oceanic setting, or The Lounge offering a locally inspired cocktail menu or relaxing afternoon tea. To keep travellers energised, Sheraton Fitness features a fully equipped fitness centre.  nights accommodation in a Deluxe Room including daily 2 buffet breakfast for 2 Valid until 25 September 2017, black out dates apply. Subject to availability.

Value: $950


99. KAREN WALKER EYEWEAR Karen Walker lives in the sweet spot where chic meets eccentric. Karen Walker Eyewear launched in 2005 and has established a cult following around the world including the likes of; Beyoncé, Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, Lena Dunham, Alexa Chung, Lorde, Gigi Hadid, Charlize Theron and Florence Welch. Karen Walker products are available in over 38 countries and 200 cities worldwide, in 1020 stores. Karen Walker has a reputation for originality, quality, effortless style and sense of fun.  s pictured, Karen Walker Eyewear ‘Number One’ A (Women’s) and ‘Deep Worship’ (Men’s/Unisex).

Value: More than $500

100. CARLA ZAMPATTI Over the years Carla Zampatti has continually expanded her retail network to create a chain of 34 boutiques and concept stores across Australia. Today her clothes are a distinctive part of the modern Australian lifestyle. $500 shopping voucher at Carla Zampatti.

Value: $500

101. SOLABRELLA AND HEADWEAR SUN PROTECTION This Cancer Council Solabrella fabric is rated UPF50+ and when shade panels are facing the sun, even further protection is offered. Great ventilation allows natural breeze to flow without UV exposure. It is ideal for use on the beach and outdoors in windy conditions, thanks to the sturdy anchor system. Amazingly lightweight (approx. 3kg) with its own carry bag, the Solabrella is ideal to take to the beach, park or camping.  lightweight Solabrella 1 4 UPF50+ hats, offering great sun protection. Available in Cancer Council retail stores.

Value: $370


102. WOMENS FASHION EXPERIENCE — MELA PURDIE Established in 2001, Mela Purdie is designed for the contemporary traveller. The brand is renowned for creating ‘easy wear’ garments in the most luxurious fabrications to place comfort and style into travel. Exacting patterns in these technical fabrics present a refined minimalist aesthetic through precision and detail. The Mela Purdie brand has become the building blocks to Australian women’s wardrobes.  500 gift voucher at Mela Purdie. Valid until $ December 2017.

Value: $500

103. LE CREUSET Handcrafted at our foundry in northern France since 1925, Le Creuset casseroles are made from premium quality cast iron, ensuring each product is beautifully finished and long lasting. A true kitchen essential, the Cast Iron Shallow Casserole dish is not only perfect for making casseroles, stews and one pot roasts, but is versatile enough for baking cakes and bread. Our Cast Iron cookware also works efficiently at low to medium cooking temperatures and retains heat effectively, ensuring food stays warm for longer. Le Creuset Cast Iron 30cm Shallow Casserole in Palm.

Value: $549

104. AXEL MANO “PALERMO” HAT Sydney hat designers ‘axel mano, are well known for creating the hats you have to have. All their hats are hand blocked and hand made in Sydney. Here’s the chance to own a beautiful ‘axel mano hat. “Palermo” fedora hat, made to fit.

Value: $465


105. SHERATON GRAND MIRAGE RESORT, GOLD COAST Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort is the Gold Coast’s only five star beachfront resort. Set amongst 3.4 hectares of sparkling lagoons and tropical gardens, the resort is luxury defined.  nights at Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort in an 3 Ocean Premium Room with full buffet breakfast in Terraces Restaurant Valid until 31 March 2018. Not valid on Saturday nights and peak season dates.

Value: $1,305

106. BONVILLE GOLF PACKAGE FOR 2 NIGHTS Bonville Golf Resort has been voted ‘Australia’s most beautiful mainland golf course’ 15 years in a row by The Golf Course Guide as well as ‘Australia’s Leading Golf Resort’ in 2013, 2014 and 2015 by the World Travel Awards. The resort is 10 minutes south of Coffs Harbour and is indeed impressive, with its lush setting and extensive facilities. This is your opportunity to play at one of the most beautiful Par 72 championship golf courses in Australia, if not the world. Once you have experienced the beauty and allure of Bonville you will want to return again and again.  night stay including 2 rounds of golf for 2 people and 2 cooked breakfast each morning Valid until March 2018 midweek only and subject to availability.

Value: $1,000

107. JONAH’S — ESCAPE, RELAX AND INDULGE Jonah’s Whale Beach is one of Australia’s most stunning ocean retreats. Located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Jonah’s is a 50 minute drive from the city or an amazing 20 minute seaplane flight. All of the 11 rooms have expansive views of the ocean with private balconies. Jonah’s multi-award winning restaurant offers 180 degree panoramic ocean views and is renowned for its contemporary Australian cuisine, accompanied by a simply divine wine list of more than 1,500 stunning wines.  inner, Bed and Breakfast package at Jonah’s for 2 D Available Sunday to Thursday, subject to availability Valid to March 2018, not available December to January.

Value: $998


108. CHOCOLATE INDULGENCE — LINDT A chance to enter chocolate heaven is yours with this wonderful hamper with the very best Swiss chocolate from Lindt & Sprungli! A delectable chocolate hamper.

Value: Chocolate heaven!

109. GELATISSIMO At Gelatissimo, they believe that life tastes better with gelato! Their artisan gelato makers are always churning a freshly made gelato in-store, created with only the finest ingredients and the best part – with no artificial colours or flavours! Offering a ‘money can’t buy’ opportunity for a private class of 4−6 people, learn the secrets of making fresh, artisan gelato at the Accademia Del Gelato – Gelatissimo’s Gelato Making & Training Facility based in Sydney. Led by Gelatissimo’s Master Gelato Maker, the bid winner and guests will be enjoy a hands-on experience of making gelato, and at the end of the four hour session, take some gelato home too! Only available Monday to Friday, subject to availability. *this item is tax deductible

Value: Money can’t buy

110. GOOD FAIRIES BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR 20 The Good Fairies entertainment package includes the fairy of your choice, party games, party lunch boxes and lolly bags for 20 children.  hildren’s deluxe birthday party for 20 as a gift for your C son or daughter. 1300 432 474

Value: $700


111. KILLARA GOLF CLUB — GOLF FOR 4 PEOPLE Killara Golf Club, established in 1899, is home to one of Sydney’s premier Championship golf courses, with plenty to offer the social golfer as well as the keen competitive amateur. Located just 14km from the city, with tree lined undulating fairways, feature waterways, and picturesque views to the Blue Mountains, the course provides an enjoyable and challenging round of golf. 4 rounds of golf at picturesque Killara Golf Club 2 golf carts Lunch to the value of $100 Valid until 30 November 2017, subject to course availability. 

Value: A perfect golfer’s day

112. TROPICOLOR WORLD TOUR — 10 TICKETS Meet at the start line – we’ll take care of the rest. The Color Run Tropicolor World Tour 2017 is bringing a 5k paradise straight to your city with a sweet Tropicolor Zone on course, all-new Rainbow Beach at the Finish Festival, and a fresh island-style participant kit. The Color Run, also known as the Happiest 5k on the Planet, is a unique paint race that celebrates healthiness, happiness and individuality.  0 Tickets to The Color Run Sydney event of your choice 1 in 2017.

Value: Take a 5k holiday!

113. CRABTREE & EVELYN HAMPER A pioneer in botanical formulations for over 40 years, Crabtree & Evelyn blends the very best of nature and science, tradition and innovation, and luxury and comfort to create benefit-rich bath, body and home care. Crabtree & Evelyn is available in retail stores and online in Australia. Indulge in a Crabtree & Evelyn Hamper for women and men Hamper to be displayed at POSH 2017.

Value: $200


114. SAMSONITE LUGGAGE Samsonite is all about travelling with style and confidence, so we ensure that all of our products are durable, fashionable, functional and cost effective. That is the reason why Samsonite has been a trusted brand worldwide for over 80 years and is now available in over 80 countries!  amsonite Velocita 81cm Black, Ultra Strong Hard Shell S 81(H) x 58(W) x 33(D) cm weight 4.8kg, 360 degree spinner wheels 10 year worldwide warranty.

Value: $600

115. INDULGE AND BE PAMPERED AT KARPATI MEDISPA DOUBLE BAY Karpati Medispa is the place for you to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul, or to simply unwind from the everyday. Karpati Medispa leads the medical aesthetics market by offering cutting-edge, safe and non-invasive medical procedures combined with traditional beauty and wellbeing treatments with a small team of dedicated expert therapists and consultants led by Eva Karpati. Indulge with a Karpati Medispa Gift Card.

Value: $500

116. TETSUYA’S Tetsuya’s Restaurant is located in the centre of Sydney at 529 Kent Street. World renowned chef Tetsuya Wakuda has created a serene dining enclave in the city, recognised by countless accolades and enduring respect from chefs across the globe. Tetsuya’s serves a degustation menu. The degustation is unique, based on the Japanese philosophy of using natural seasonal flavours, enhanced by classic French technique and utilising the freshest possible ingredients. Degustation for two people with matching wines Valid until March 2018.

Value: $680


117. BUNNAMAGOO ESTATE WINES At Bunnamagoo Estate Wines the focus is on individual, traditionally made wines using the meticulous methods and judgements of European artisans. This, combined with the local conditions of the Mudgee wine region, results in a truly memorable range of wines.  our choice of the current range from Bunnamagoo Estate Y Wines, Mudgee NSW to the value of $500, including free delivery in NSW Valid from March 2017 – March 2018.

Value: $500

118. THE ROYAL AND GLENMORE HOTELS The Royal has been an inner west icon and destination pub since 1886. Royal Botanical bar, dining and terrace includes a new extension of the Botanical Dining area overlooking the hustle and bustle of Norton Street. The Glenmore is a hidden gem is a favourite among Sydneysiders, not only for its famous sun drenched rooftop with sweeping 180 degree views of Sydney Harbour, but also for its colonial old English charm and character.  inner for 4 people at The Royal Leichhardt, on the Royal Hotel D Balcony − $200 Lunch or dinner in The Club Room for 6 people at The Glenmore Hotel − $300 Bookings are essential.

Value: $500

119. CHISWICK Enjoy a $500 dining experience at Matt Moran’s stunning Chiswick restaurant in Woollahra. Welcome to where grower and chef work hand in glove, surprise meets warmth, flair meets discipline. Serving honest magic, rough charm and memorable food. With many ingredients grown outside the window in perhaps the suburb’s only kitchen garden, the menu is alive to the seasons, always ripe with elegant simplicity and perfect for sharing. $500 dining experience at Chiswick.

Value: $500


120. THE WESTIN SYDNEY HERITAGE AND MAD HATTER AFTERNOON TEA PARTY Settle in for the afternoon underneath our impressive atrium bathed in sunlight. Enjoy the choice of our Mad Hatter’s or Heritage Afternoon Tea and delight in the irresistible sweet and savoury options followed by warm scones to complete your afternoon tea experience. Mad Hatter’s or Heritage Afternoon Tea for 10 people including a glass of R de Ruinart champagne on arrival at The Westin Sydney daily from 12−6pm Valid until 19 March 2018. Bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance and subject to availability.

Value: $690

121. BEPPI’S DINING EXPERIENCE Beppi Polese was considered the patriarch of Italian restaurants in Sydney and Beppi’s restaurant is an institution. The restaurant was established in 1956 by Beppi and his wife, Norma, and is still owned and run by the family. Beppi’s restaurant is regarded as one of the most welcoming and hospitable Italian restaurants in Sydney with an unmatched tradition of providing exceptional food and service to four generations of Sydney diners. Located in Sydney’s east.  500 dining voucher plus a Beppi’s ‘A Life in Three $ Courses’ book. Valid until March 2018.

Value: $500

122. LUNCH FOR 8 AT THE TILBURY HOTEL Dine at The Tilbury Hotel in the heart of Woolloomooloo. 8 People can treat themselves to lunch in the dining room with selected wines and a view out to the tranquil courtyard.  course lunch with selected wines for 8 people at 3 The Tilbury Hotel.

Value: $1,000


123. HOLIDAY ON THE SOUTH COAST Only three hours from Sydney on the scenic South Coast, multi-award winning Ulladulla Guest House is set amongst lush tropical gardens in the heart of a picturesque fishing village. Enjoy five nights accommodation in the executive suite, bubbly and fruit platter on arrival, and gourmet breakfasts daily.  nights in the executive suite at Ulladulla Guest House 5 with breakfast daily Valid mid-week between 1 May and 30 September 2017 (excludes school and public holidays).

Value: $1,950

124. SPICERS SANGOMA RETREAT GETAWAY Cocooned by the natural serenity of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales and just over one hour’s drive from Sydney, you’ll find Spicers Sangoma Retreat. Aptly named after the Zulu word for healer, Sangoma is a place where you’ll discover complete rejuvenation and true reconnection. 1 night accommodation in a Luxury Bush Suite 4 course dinner and breakfast the following morning Valid Sunday to Thursday until 18 October 2017.

Value: $1,000

125. MONA EXPERIENCE Spend one night at the MONA Pavilions on the Derwent River, Hobart. Each room contains original artwork from the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) collection. Receive entry into MONA, hosted Moorilla winery tour and tasting and Moo Brew beer tastings. 1 night for 2 people in a single bedroom pavilion Breakfast in The Source Restaurant Priority entry and tickets to the MONA museum for 2 Moorilla wine and Moo Brew beer tastings Hosted Moorilla winery tour.

Value: $700


126. TAKE YEARS OFF YOUR AGE WITH A TREATMENT PACKAGE Visit the luxury MD Cosmedical Solutions clinic at the Sheraton on the Park, Sydney. You can select from treatments including Fraxel laser skin resurfacing, Thermage nonsurgical facelift, fat and cellulite treatments, laser vein treatments, Botox wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers, laser hair removal and skin diagnosis. Our specialists can assist in assessing your requirements and planning your treatment package. All treatments performed at the MD Cosmedical Solutions clinic use state-of-the-art technology. Treatment/s from MD Cosmedical Solutions.

Value: $2,000

127. EMBELLISH — A MILLINERY WORKSHOP FOR 4 Create your own millinery masterpiece in the Embellish atelier French inspired studio in Balmain − a workshop for up to four people creating a fascinator each. Catherine Kelly Vice President at Millinery Association of Australia will help you create a wonderful, original headpiece using traditional techniques, sinamay and trims. A glass of bubbly and light lunch is included. Catherine’s designs are timeless and bespoke pieces will add glamour and elegance to any occasion. A millinery workshop for 4 people Valid until March 2018 at a mutually convenient time.

Value: $1,000

128. DINE AT ORMEGGIO AT THE SPIT SYDNEY Ormeggio at The Spit, located at D’Albora Marinas, offers contemporary Italian cuisine in a spectacular waterside setting, overlooking Middle Harbour and Pearl Bay. It has two Hats in the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food Guide 2017 and has been a Hatted restaurant since opening in 2009. Executive Chef Alessandro Pavoni and his team utilise both new and traditional techniques of cooking, along with the finest produce, to deliver the Ormeggio experience.  ining package for 4 people at Ormeggio at The Spit. D Valid until September 2017 and subject to availability. Wine not included.

Value: $540


129. ACQUA PANNA Enjoy Acqua Panna all year round with a year’s supply of Acqua Panna still mineral water. Since its discovery in 1564 the Acqua Panna spring which lies on a 1300 hectare natural reserve in the hills of Tuscany, has remained untouched and protected. Acqua Panna has a smooth and velvety taste, making the water a perfect complement to food and wine. 20 cases of Acqua Panna PET litre still mineral water.

Value: $500

130. OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN is a Danish Fine Jewellery brand renowned for its unique designs and craftsmanship. A private styling appointment in the OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN Sydney Flagship Store, along with a $500 gift voucher. A private styling appointment $500 gift voucher.

Value: $500

131. DINOSAUR DESIGNS Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy are artists, designers, creative directors and co-founders of Dinosaur Designs, which they established in 1985 out of a shared love of art, design and friendship. Their resin pieces are made by hand in their Sydney studio; it’s at the heart of what Olsen and Ormandy do. Resin is a special material with a wonderful nature of its own that allows them to cross the boundaries of sculpture and painting to create pieces, which they think of as visual poetry. Each bowl, vessel and piece of jewellery is a 3D poem that can be read by touch. Dinosaur Designs gift voucher for $250.

Value: $250


132. AUSTRALIAN CHAMBER ORCHESTRA EXCLUSIVE A rare opportunity for two people to go behind the scenes to experience the Australian Chamber Orchestra in a private rehearsal. You are invited to join the ACO in their Sydney studio for a private rehearsal, followed by refreshments in the Green Room, with the chance to meet the musicians. Follow up this rare opportunity with two A-Reserve tickets to a Sunday matinee performance at the Sydney Opera House during ACO’s 2016 season. A  vailable 25 March to 31 December 2017. Conditions apply.

133. DANCE DISCOVERY PACKAGE – SYDNEY DANCE COMPANY Sydney Dance Company invites you and a guest to come behind-the-scenes and into the studio during rehearsals of 2 One Another, and to watch a performance of this international masterpiece at the Roslyn Packer Theatre. Invitation for 2 to an intimate rehearsal viewing at Sydney Dance Company Studios, followed by drinks and canapés with the Company Invitation for 2 to our Work-in-Progress Evening at Roslyn Packer Theatre, Walsh Bay (April 2017, date TBA) 2 tickets to a performance of 2 One Another (5−14 October 2017) at the Roslyn Packer Theatre, Walsh Bay.

Photography by Pedro Greig

134. OPERA AUSTRALIA Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour is the cultural event of the year. At sunset, gather with friends over a glass of something sparkling and a sumptuous Spanish meal before settling back to enjoy Opera Australia’s vivacious, vivid production of Bizet’s Carmen as dusk settles over the harbour.  Premium Reserve seats to Handa Opera on Sydney 2 Harbour – Carmen Available for performances Monday to Friday until 23 April 2017. Excludes Saturday nights and opening night.


135. SYDNEY THEATRE COMPANY The Sydney Theatre Company invites you and a guest to an unforgettable night to see award-winning playwright Jonathan Biggins, new play Talk. Jonathan sets his eyes squarely on modern journalism, social media and the 24-hour news cycle. When everyone has a megaphone, who’s listening? The charismatic John Waters, fresh from a villainous turn on ABC’s Rake, is back at STC for the first time in over a decade. With him is a wonderful cast, including Peter Kowitz (ABC’s Janet King), Valerie Bader (Children of the Sun) and Andrew Tighe (Travelling North). You’ll want to tune in. 2  tickets to Talk T o be taken 3 April − 20 May 2017, subject to availability E xcludes Saturday and opening night performances.

136. OLYMPIAN’S MEMORABILIA Enjoy great Olympic memories with framed photographic memorabilia and a signed Australian Olympic swim team body suit and cap worn by Matt Targett at the 2008 Olympic games. Matt Target was part of the 4 x 100m Australian Men’s Medley Relay team London 2008 and won a bronze medal.

Value: The chance to enjoy Olympic memorabilia every day!

137. POC SKI PACKAGE POC is a Swedish company, built on a strong mission − to do everything possible to save lives and to reduce consequences of accidents for gravity sports athletes and recreational skiers, by developing and renewing what personal protection is all about. POC has in many ways already set a new standard when it comes to technical solutions, construction, material combinations and engineering, with patented solutions to increase the degree of protection. POC has combined the most advanced safety features, with cuttingedge style and colour combinations to suit all tastes. POC Fornix helmet POC Lid goggles.

Value: $600


138. TOYOTA CAR DRIVE Be one of the first to drive the all-new Toyota C-HR. Cutting edge style blended with daring innovation, the all new C-HR not only has captivating looks, but premium finishes, advanced safety technology and a commanding view of the journey ahead. With turbo charged performance to match, you will be turning heads wherever you go. Oh what a feeling! Drive the C-HR for 7 days  alid from 1 May 2017 – 31 August 2017, at a mutually V convenient time Terms and conditions apply.

Value: Be the first to drive the brand new C-HR

139. BAUER MEDIA GROUP Bauer Media leads Australian editorial publishing with over 200 brands. They reach audiences across iconic magazines, vibrant digital, rich applications, entertaining video and more. You are entitled to a 1-year subscription to each of the following magazines: ELLE Australia, Harper’s BAZAAR, Men’s Style Australia, Australian Gourmet Traveller, Belle, Australian House & Garden. If you are already a subscriber, your subscription will be extended or you can give this prize as a gift to a friend or relative within Australia Expires 25 March 2018.

Value: A year’s worth of leisurely reading

140. SOCIETY PHOTOGRAPHY PORTRAIT At Society Photography we share energy, emotion and personality with images that celebrate life. Based in Sydney since 1993, we travel across Australia and internationally transforming brief moments in time into memories preserved forever. Enjoy a family portrait sitting and framed wallprint from one of Sydney’s leading photography studios.  consultation to discuss your needs, an environmental A portrait sitting, and a custom framed wallprint up to a print size of 40cm x 50cm Valid until March 2018.

Value: $905


141. SHELTA UMBRELLA Shelta Fairlight 270cm umbrella with Toffee Texture olefin canopy. Attractive silver aluminium frame with 8 ribs. The canopy tilts up to 20 degrees by simply rotating the collar on the cranklift housing. 1 Shelta Fairlight 270cm umbrella.

Value: $339

142. CORBAN & BLAIR WALL OF FRAMES Corban & Blair are designers and manufactures. They create bespoke products for clients who need to communicate what they offer, their services and company values. Corban & Blair’s current passion is to communicate our Australian stories by collaborating with other Indigenous and nonIndigenous designers. Their stylish frame collections are made in New Zealand from plantation timber and are carbon neutral. These frame walls look great at home or in the office.  orban and Blair Shadow Box Frame Wall, in choice of C black or white. Includes 2 each of 10x8” and 6x4”, and 1 each of 5x7” and 8x8”.

Value: $220

143. CADRY CARPETS Jacques Cadry, family patriarch and rug merchant of Tehran, Iran, established Cadrys upon his arrival in Sydney in 1952. Cadrys today is led by his son, Robert along with his sons, Ari and Jared Cadry. The company has since expanded from its original showroom in Edgecliff, Sydney, and now hosts three retail showrooms between Sydney and Melbourne. The classic showroom in Edgecliff showcases a diverse collection of authentic classic handwoven rugs. Cadrys Contemporary produces their beautiful rugs throughout India and Nepal and is a proud member of GoodWeave, the leading authority on ending child labour in the production of handwoven rugs.  500 Cadrys gift voucher $ Valid to March 2018.

Value: $500


BIDDING INSTRUCTIONS All auction items are 100% donated Guests are invited to use their personal phone or tablet to view the auction items and place bids. Online bidding will open on Wednesday 1 March 2017. Visit to view the auction items and register online, or To register via SMS, text posh followed by your name to 0458 678 678, e.g. posh John Smith. Items will be sold to the highest bidder recorded at the close of bidding. The highest bidder will be acknowledged on the screens in the ballroom. Once you have made payment, you’ll be given a receipt and then offered the gift certificate or item you have purchased. Cancer Council NSW has endeavoured to catalogue and describe the property correctly. All property is sold as is, and Cancer Council NSW neither warrants nor represents, and shall in no event be responsible for, the correctness of description, genuineness or condition of the property. No statement contained in the catalogue or made orally at the sale or elsewhere shall be deemed to be assumption of liability. Auction items that display an * in the POSH catalogue are tax deductible. Notwithstanding any of the Rules and Conditions, as listed on these pages, the operation of the auction remains at the discretion of Cancer Council NSW. All sales are final and there will be no exchange or refund on items. Items may be removed only by exhibiting a ‘paid’ receipt and all auction items and services must be used within the specified validity. Reservations for all trips, parties and/or similar events must be mutually arranged. Please note that some of the travel packages have been designed to be taken at the time specified in the description. Taxes, travel insurance and visas are the responsibility of the purchaser. No auction item may be redeemed for cash. Cancer Council NSW shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever suffered (including but not limited to direct or consequential loss) or personal injury suffered or sustained in connection with the auction items, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law.


FRIENDS TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION I wish to donate the following amount to cancer research (please tick 4) Titanium $50,000 

 Platinum $10,000  Gold $5,000  Silver $2,500  Bronze $1,000  Other $  Diamond


Please direct my donation to the following area of cancer research (please tick 4)

 - Bowel  - Brain  - Breast  - Childhood cancer  - Cervical cancer PhD  - Leukaemia and Lymphoma  - Liver  - Ovarian  - Pancreatic  - Prostate  - Skin  - Other (please specify)  - Wherever Cancer Council believes the need to be greatest

Cancer Council research grants recipients 2016

FRIENDS “As one of the largest nongovernment funders of cancer research in Australia, Cancer Council NSW invests around $15 million annually to support world-class research to reduce the impact of cancer. Please consider becoming a Friend of Cancer Council by making a tax deductible donation to cancer research. You can specify the area of cancer research where you wish your donation to be directed. Thank you for your generous support.” Jeff Mitchell Chief Executive Officer Cancer Council NSW

Name: Address: Phone: Email: Receipt Name:

Please debit my credit card: Visa / MasterCard / Amex (circle one) Card No: 

   Expiry Date:  /  A tax-deductible receipt will be posted to you.

Signature: Name on card:


Jenny Menzies, Cancer Council NSW PO Box 572, Kings Cross NSW 1340 Ph: 9334 1967 or email:



Cancer Council NSW 153 Dowling St, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011 Jenny Menzies 9334 1967

Our sincere thanks to the POSH Catalogue sponsors: printing by SOS Print + Media; design, production and concepts by Momentum Media.

Posh Auction 2017 Catalogue  

The auction is open for bids on 1 March 2017. Support Caner Council NSW

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