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Epidemiological research Researchers in our Cancer Epidemiological Research Unit (CERU) study patterns and trends of cancer among the population. They identify the causes of different kinds of cancer and those people who are at particular risk. Current studies include: •

NSW genes, environment and melanoma (GEM) study: An international collaborative study of the interaction between sun exposure and the genes that affect a person’s chance of getting melanoma.

NSW prostate cancer care and outcomes study: Examining the effects of prostate cancer on quality of life and wellbeing, and outcomes of different treatments. Study recruits include 1600 men with prostate cancer (cases) and 300 men without prostate cancer (controls). 1500 men have been surveyed about their pre-diagnosis quality of life and 800 men have completed their first year follow up interview. The first 1000 men in the study were also surveyed about their supportive care needs.

NSW colorectal cancer care survey: Documenting patterns of care for bowel cancer in NSW. Data collection completed and analysis underway. Report on surgical management released and reports on chemotherapy, radiotherapy and follow-up practices being prepared.

Patterns of care for people with lung cancer in NSW: Documenting management and treatment of lung cancer in NSW. Data collection for approximately 2000 patients almost complete.

Projects in development include:


Lifestyle and cancer case-control study: This will be a case-control study of newly diagnosed cancer cases and appropriate controls to identify and monitor the major risk factors for common and emerging cancers in NSW.

Patterns and outcomes of PSA testing in NSW: This study will examine the effects of PSA testing on men in NSW. Decision-making processes, information needs and patterns of care for men with elevated PSA will be documented.

Study on cervical health: This study will measure the relative importance of hormonal contraception, hormone replacement therapy, smoking and human papilloma virus on the development of pre-invasive cervical cancer.


Cancer Council NSW Annual Report 2003-2004  

Cancer Council NSW Annual Report 2003-2004

Cancer Council NSW Annual Report 2003-2004  

Cancer Council NSW Annual Report 2003-2004