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POLICY AND ADVOCACY We continue to address the need to build policy and environments that protect from disease.

Influencing public policy and regulation Submissions made by the NSW Cancer Council in 2003/04 included: •

Three submissions to the Australian Law Reform Commission in relation to gene patenting and human health;

Two submissions to the Minister for Health, and one to the Minister for Transport Services in relation to the Isolated Patients Travel and Accommodation Assistance Scheme (IPTAAS);

One submission to the Board of Taxation in relation to the definition of a charity (Charities Bill 2003);

Submission to the Cancer Institute NSW in relation to the NSW Cancer Plan;

Submission to the Federal Government in relation to the National Tobacco Strategy;

Submissions to the Federal Government in relation to the Tobacco Advertising Prohibition Act and legislation covering graphic health warnings on cigarettes through The Cancer Council Australia’s Tobacco Issues Committee.

Parliamentary awareness We continue to inform parliamentarians about key issues in cancer control and the activities of the Cancer Council, including distributing our quarterly newsletter, One in Three, to all NSW state parliamentarians.

Palliative care forums We hosted a forum and roundtable to facilitate discussion on the key issues and challenges in palliative care in NSW. The forum provided participants with the opportunity to compare the experiences of the United Kingdom and NSW with presentations from the UK National Cancer Director and the President of the NSW Palliative Care Association.

Consumer advocacy In 2003/04, we conducted consumer advocacy workshops in Orange, Tamworth and Sydney. The two-day workshops are specifically designed to assist people who have been affected by cancer to be effective advocates for improved health policies and systems. Participant feedback has been consistently positive, with the overwhelming majority rating the course content, presentation and relevance as either “very good” or “excellent”.

Cancer control advocacy forum In July 2003 we held a forum for clinicians, academics, nurses and consumers to test our proposed collaborative advocacy ideas, and to help us determine the cancer control priorities for policy development and advocacy attention.



Cancer Council NSW Annual Report 2003-2004  

Cancer Council NSW Annual Report 2003-2004

Cancer Council NSW Annual Report 2003-2004  

Cancer Council NSW Annual Report 2003-2004