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Her special interest lies in women’s health (13-100+ year age group), family planning, sexual health,

teenage health, mental health, geriatrics and palliative care. Before being a GP, she was a qualified Anaesthetist and her last training post was in Oxfordshire. She can communicate in English, Hindi, Urdu and Telugu. Dr Vaka is a private billing doctor. Dr Vaka’s hours:



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Dr Vaka is an experienced family practitioner trained from Cambridgeshire in the UK in 2010. She also holds diplomas in gynaecology and obstetrics, family planning and sexual health from the UK. She has been practicing in Cambridgeshire, UK for 6 years before she moved to Australia in October 2016.



TIME TO UNWIND Can’t switch off? Feeling on edge and irritable? Desperate for a really good night’s sleep? This time of the year a lot of people are feeling pretty tired, but despite the exhaustion they have a hard time switching off and resting. It’s what I call ‘tired but wired’. You know the feeling. It really would be nice to wind down and relax but modern life has other plans for you. When the birds start chirping you desperately want to stay a little longer under the doona but that desire is squashed by the need to get to work or get the kids off to school. Once you’re up it’s difficult to slow down. You are subject to an increasing onslaught of information and stimulation unlike anything humanity has previously known. One edition of the newspaper contains more information than someone in the 17th Century encountered in a whole lifetime. No wonder your mind is busy and can’t switch off! In response to the rush of stimulation, your nervous system runs faster and faster just to keep up. As a consequence, it becomes progressively harder to switch off. Have you ever noticed how babies when they get overtired can’t settle and become increasingly distressed?

As adults the same process is happening but we are better at pushing through the tiredness barrier. Even when you do stop for a moment your nervous system stays on ‘standby mode’, ready to leap into action again at a moment’s notice. It’s not surprising all this go, go, go leaves you feeling deeply exhausted. So how do we access the deep rest our bodies are craving? Try these tips: • One night a week, go electronics free: switch off the TV, turn off your mobile phone and hide the laptop. Better still, turn off all devices at least two hours before sleep every night and give your body and mind time to unwind. • Include a relaxation practice in your day, even five minutes starts to re-train your nervous system to unwind. • Get out in nature or learn to meditate, both proven to reduce stress. • Let go of multi-tasking all day. Find space in each day where you can stick to one task. Your nervous system will thank you. • Remember to breathe. A few mindful breaths will quickly bring your mind and body into the moment and offer your nervous system a muchneeded pause.

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08 December 2016  

08 December 2016