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Jamie Wilson: How we make an impact Interview with Jamie Wilson, Founder and Director of Coordinate We care about the future of our Chinese students Interview with the President of the University of Canberra


Visit Canberra


Rupert Summerson: Music, nature and life


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When you come to the capital city of Australia, you

drink the local Canberra Milk, you cheer on the CBR Brave, you take the light rail to DKSN and enjoy

the Chinese food there. When you need a lift home

after a big night, PKUP gets you and your car home safely. Day in and day out, these brands become a

part of your life in Canberra. And all of these brands have been brought to life by a company called

Jamie Wilson: How we make an impact

Interview with Jamie Wilson, Founder and Director of Coordinate Story by Bo Wu, Photo by Coordinate

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Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin


Coordinate was set up in 2005, when Founder

and Director Jamie Wilson was just 20 years of

age. Today, the company is made up of a 45 person

team who deliver a combination of strategy, creative and media to make an impact and build brands in

Canberra, around Australia and even internationally. “Clients need their marketing control coordinated

from one central point, and we create strategy over a

variety of different channels to communicate this. So that’s why we’re named Coordinate, as that’s what we actually what we do. We coordinate, we help

clients, navigate the complex marketing environment and we coordinate their marketing solutions,” says Jamie.

In late 2017, Jamie Wilson met Josh Gonzalez, co-

founder of the start-up named PKUP. PKUP was

started by brothers Josh and Oscar Gonzalez, and

were a small team with big ideas, like Coordinate in the early years. PKUP provides a service to people

and their car. After a few drinks, you can order their service through the PKUP app and within minutes

someone will come to drive you and your car home safely.

This service is more than just rideshare. However,

PKUP’s initial stages were not smooth and they

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



flashing across your eyes, with very lively colorful

people and movements we believe in,” says Jamie.

you can’t help but enjoy it. Dickson is a Canberra

Jamie says the award was a big honour but also a

images, lots of oriental elements, edgy music and cultural highlight, and is the closest thing the city has

to China Town. With Coordinate’s concept of ‘Dickson Reborn’, DKSN is set to be a place where you can work, life and play and enjoy an Eat Street full of restaurants, cafes and bars.

“It wasn’t about trying to create something that

wasn’t there. It was about paying tribute and

reflecting on what Dickson is. When you’re at the

“About 6 years ago, they were the Canberra

more professional, to give them the tones and

Knights, they were bankrupt. And we stepped in to

reach new customers. We saw their potential and did

new identity,” says Jamie .

resources they needed to reach new markets and the branding for free,” says Jamie.

Today, you can see the logo and advertisements of

PKUP all around the local venues in Canberra. The Gonzalez brothers have since gone on to win the 2019 Young Canberra Citizen of the Year Award. Another inspirational story of Coordinate’s is

helping resurrect Canberra’s Ice Hockey team – the CBR Brave. Last year, 2018, the CBR BRAVE won the Australian Ice Hockey League Championship.

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Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin

form the CBR Brave, and create a new team and a

Coordinate work with the CBR Brave team across

player recruitment, team culture, sponsorship, fan engagement, social media and marketing.

Coordinate also helps transform areas of the

community. DKSN, the name of Englobo’s and

Doma Group’s new $160 million development in the heart of Dickson, is a project you just can’t miss. When you are on the light rail, you always see it

when passing by Dickson. When you are watching

also be the overall winner for Canberra,” says Jamie. Jamie credits the award to all the hard work the

working with clients who believe in Coordinate’s

So what’s next for Coordinate? “At this stage, we really want to become a true

impact on Canberra earned Coordinate a big

Canberra brand and a Canberra business. But that

Telstra Australian Capital Territory Business of the

do work all around Australia – we’ve got clients in

surprise recently. Coordinate was named 2019

a company who could make their company bigger,

Making waves category was an honour and then to


Nearly 15 yeears of hard work and making an

“When they started PKUP, they needed help from

Canberra businesses. To be awarded the Medium &

in Stage 2 now. So I think it’s naturally with the intermodal transport home,” says Jamie.

Knights, was on the verge of collapsing in 2013.

any awards, being up against so many deserving

staff have put into Coordinate over the years and

advent of light rail and being Canberra’s really only

But this champion team, once named Canberra

“To be honest, we were not expecting to win

door step of China Town, we really felt that DKSN needed to be closely aligned to that. It’s already

needed help with creating an identity.


Year, as well as picking up the Medium & Making Waves Award.

“We believe we can make a positive difference to

our community through collaboration with brands,

doesn’t mean we don’t work on other markets. We

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. We have clients in Tasmania. We’ve helped clients launch

overseas market. We just got our first overseas client in Belgium. So it’s all very exciting and we can’t wait to continue to make an impact,” says Jamie.

You can follow Coordinate on Facebook (@coordinategroup) and Instagram (@coordinategrp).

Coordinate’s Canberra Office

3/19 Marcus Clarke Street, Canberra City, ACT 2601 02 6162 3600 ideas@coordinate.com.au

Coordinate’s Melbourne Office 14 Ellis Street, South Yarra, VIC 3141 02 6162 3600 ideas@coordinate.com.au

Youtube, you will see an advertisement with DKSN

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



Christmas and Multicultural Sunday 圣诞节与多元文化日


When: 1 Dec 2019, 10am-4pm Location: The Old Bus Depot Markets, 21 Wentworth Avenue, Kingston, Kingston, Australian Capital Territory

Dreamworks Animation:

The Exhibition – Journey from Sketch to Screen 梦工厂动画博览会


When: 12 Sep 2019 - 2 Feb 2020 Location: National Museum of Australia, Lawson Crescent, Acton

Visit Canberra Edited by Elena Wu

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Handmade Christmas Market – Summer 圣诞节夏季手工艺品集市


When: 6-8 Dec 2019, 10am-4pm Location: Exhibition Park in Canberra, Corner Northbourne Ave and Flemington Road, Mitchell

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



Christmas Markets at the Old Bus Depot 圣诞节集市


When: 8 Dec 2019, 10am - 4pm Location: The Old Bus Depot Markets, 21 Wentworth Avenue, Kingston,

Matisse/Picasso at the NGA 马蒂斯、毕加索画展


When: 13 Dec 2019 - 13 Apr 2020 Location: National Gallery of Australia, Parkes Place East, Parkes

By: Pablo Picasso

Christmas Kids Weekend Bus Depot Markets 圣诞儿童周末

Super Christmas Weekend 圣诞前的超级周末



When: 14-15 Dec 2019, 10am - 4pm Location: The Old Bus Depot Markets, 21 Wentworth Avenue, Kingston, Australian Capital Territory

When: 21-22 Dec 2019, 10am-4pm Location: The Old Bus Depot Markets, 21 Wentworth Avenue, Kingston

Lanyon Christmas Carols and Picnic Lanyon 圣诞颂歌与野餐会


When: 7 Dec 2019, 5pm-8.30pm Location: Lanyon Homestead, Tharwa Drive, Tharwa, Australian Capital Territory

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Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin

By Henri Matisse

New Year’s Eve in the City 新年烟火


When: 31 Dec 2019, 6pm - midnight Location: Civic Square, 180 London Circuit, Canberra

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



Live and learn Hargurdeep Saini is President of The University

of Canberra(UC). He has been engaged in

education sector for more than 30 years. Mr Saini is an alumnus of Punjab Agricultural University and University of Adelaide. He is also a plant

physiologist. In his education career, he was vicepresident of University of Toronto, one of the few Indian educationists at universities in Canada.

When talking about the management in university,

such as The University of Canberra, Mr Saini said that he was always learning about it. His motto is

"Live and Learn". The most important thing is to find potential problems and then to use logical thinking

to solve problems, just like doing researches in PhD. Only when the problems found and solved in time, the university can grow better, he believes. I can’t take credit for this Today, the University of Canberra grades in top 10

universities in Australia. Mentioned about the current achievements of UC, Mr Saini said, with a modest

attitude, "I can’t take credit for this." In the past three years as president of the University of Canberra, he

thinks that the great achievements due to the efforts of all the staff in UC. And him, he plays a role like a conductor of an orchestra, leading everyone to be better.

According to Mr Saini, the admission criteria

generally keep consistent with the past and he has made an improvement in the admissions in his

term of president. In recent years, the University of

Canberra has significantly increased the proportion of international students from more than 100

countries. Mr Saini expects more excellent students would join the vigorous family of UC. Teaching is the love of my life Mentioned about how to generate students’ passion

for studies, Mr Saini said teaching was his favourite

We care about the future of our Chinese students Interview with the President of the University of Canberra

堪培拉大学总校长专访: 我们在 ACT 关注华人留学生的未来

Story by Elena Wu, Edited by Xiyu Feng and Bo

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Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



daily needs and home food. Chinese Students Association of UC helps the

rapid development and grades in top universities

organising activities to make the students feel home.

realised an amazing development . Labelled by

Seeing a doctor aboard is a difficulty for many

Chinese students. UC has noticed this problem and

hires specially school doctors who can speak fluently Mandarin, Cantonese and Southern Min to provide medical service. The campus interpreters are also ready to help. To provide a safe environment, 24

depends on the professor and he has sent the most

international students issued from different countries.

mobilized professors to the freshmen, to motivate

them best. Thus, the courses are more attractive for the new students and they will be more encouraged in research of their field.

As for the graduates, especially international

Fighting on paper makes students even more confused."

Due to the improvements of UC, more and more

international students come to this university.

Currently there are more than 3,000 international

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Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin

The University of Canberra has close cooperation

Shanghai Normal University, etc) in the field of MBA

China University of Science and Technology, and continuing education.

We all have witnessed the growth of the University

between international students and local

of Canberra. The young university has gradually

necessary for the students and I wish they could

193 in World University Rankings 2020.

students",Mr Saini said, "The interaction is quite

increased its ranking in the world. By now, it ranks

We welcome Chinese students in Canberra According to Mr Saini, the proportion of Chinese

students. UC provides every kind of facilities and

emphasize the combination of theory and practice.

Rapid growth of UC

to Chinese students.

courses to help students know about the job market Saini, "Real knowledge comes from practice. We

Universities Rankings.

international students with high attention, especially

students is about 1/3 of all. They live and study

earlier and to increase their employability." said

in interuniversity cooperation and in his Global

Meanwhile, UC cares about every detail of their

graduates, getting a job is a realistic problem. "The University of Canberra offers a number of practical

environment, UC has realised a rapid growth both

university will come and stop it in the first instance.

international students, we hope more interaction

University of Canberra offers specific support to

beautiful campus, modern buildings and peaceful

with Chinese universities (Ningbo University, East

"Apart from providing full supports to their

According to Mr Saini, students’ passion for studies

of ACT. Since the foundation in 1967, UC has

hours’ CCTV is installed in campus. If a student is personally threatened or bullied, security staff of

students, representing a quarter of all in UC. The

University of Canberra is a public university with

students to adapt quickly to life in Australia, offering mutual benefit with Chinese students in ANU and

thing. "Each student is unique, they light me up."

learn culture of different countries"

together with students and other international

services to help Chinese students know well about Australia, to integrate into campus and to enjoy a local life.

The University of Canberra offers a number of

English courses to improve international students’

English level and make them confident. In addition,

there is an Asian supermarket on campus to provide students, especially Chinese students, with their

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



Conclusion For family reasons, Mr. Saini stated that he would leave his post soon and work for Dalhousie University in

Canada." ,He said regretfully "Canberra is a very beautiful and livable city. If I can, I wish to live in Canberra all my life. I love here."

As a young university, UC has realised a rapid growth in just a few decades. They highly value the

education by increasing campus facilities, improving teaching quality, boosting scientific research results and strengthening interuniversity cooperation.

Although Mr Saini is leaving here, he still cares. He will be always watching and blessing a prosperity of UC.

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Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



As Dr. Summerson, Rupert is a geologist and has spent years on the continent with ranges of bare ice – Antarctica.

other new instruments as well as keep working on shakuhachi.

His publications have greatly promoted the study and protection of Antarctic environment, however, as in book

“When I was on my trip in China, I met a xiao master in

Antarctica: music, sounds and cultural connections,

Suzhou all by chance. And he gave me a piece of music

Rupert has shown his great interest and knowledge in

named An Xiang (Hidden Fragrance) to learn to play

Japanese music and culture as well.

which is very appropriate to play on xiao, it was fantastic and that really got me hooked on Chinese music.”

It’s been over 20 years since the first time Rupert heard a music piece performed with a shakuhachi on the radio in

Though looking similar and made of the same material,

Sydney and was deeply impressed by the beautiful sound.

the difference between xiao and shakuhachi is quite

Later when he had the chance to go to Sydney himself, he

profound, as Rupert says, not only the structure but also

got in touch with the one playing on the radio and started

the music pieces – to know them better, Rupert did lots of

learning shakuhachi.

research on those two instruments as well.

“Shakuhachi is a very difficult instrument to learn to

“While I was playing shakuhachi, I only played the

play, and it’s particularly difficult to play well.” In spite of

meditation music on my own, but after I learnt xiao and

having learned to play shakuhachi for years, Rupert still

Chinese melodic music, I started to play with a group of

finds it challenging sometimes as an oriental instrument

people. There’s nothing that a musician enjoys more than

which can be notably different from what he is familiar

playing with other musicians.” Rupert found himself much

with. Nonetheless, it doesn’t keep Rupert from practicing

more into xiao and Chinese music, which became a reason

and pursuing perfection, instead, he tries to learn some

for his later joining the Chinese instrument ensemble.

Rupert Summerson: Music, nature and life Story by Stevie Li

17 VOL.12

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



To learn something new is always fascinating to Rupert.

Instrument itself starts being not enough to Rupert as his

The first instrument he has ever learnt is flute when he

interest in oriental culture grows and grows. He has begun

was young, which nurtured his interest and knowledge in

to read stories on Chinese history and languages, while he

music. Interestingly, dizi, the third oriental instrument he

says “I don’t have to be a professional on history, so that

has learned is quite similar to flute, therefore, he easily got

I can pick what I’m really interested in Chinese history,

the hang of it.

which could also help me understand Chinese culture, language and even music better.”

Having practiced perfectly enough, Rupert wanted to test his playing skills. So, he joined the Chinese instrument

On knowing more and more about Chinese, Rupert

ensemble at ANU as one of the few local musicians, later

himself has been fonder of the state of ‘tranquility’ which

he became the director and now he and the ensemble

is often mentioned in Chinese traditional classics. For

frequently turn up on many formal occasions giving

him, Antarctica is somewhere tranquil, music is something

wonderful performance.

tranquil, and he himself, who is always learning new things and never gets bored, is someone tranquil as well.

“At first, I found it sometimes hard to communicate with other ensemble members, however, I’m glad that

Though having known quite a lot about China and

music is the universal language that helps me so much

Chinese instrument, Rupert has set a new goal recently

get a long with members from different places. Also, I

– he wants to learn how to play ney, an instrument from

have learnt some basic Chinese to better communicate.”

South America, which is a brand new place to him and

When speaking of the ensemble, Rupert has got lots of

attracts him to discover.

interesting stories to tell, which is also the reason why he is so fully into playing music with such a group of people.

19 VOL.12

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



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