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Be a responsible cat keeper in Canberra 在堪培拉,做一个合格的“喵星人”朋友


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Track swooping magpies in your



―关注您所在区域进击的喜鹊 For most of the year birds are a wonderful feature of life in the bush capital. Their distinctive chortling sounds can help lift our spirits whilst their ability to consume vast quantities of insects, particularly damaging lawn scarab grubs, make them a welcome visitor to our gardens. From July through to November each year, birds including magpies build their nests and raise their young in a limited area known as a territory. When there are

03 VOL.24

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首都”生活的绝妙特色。它们独特的啁啾可以帮助我 们放松精神,同时它们可以消灭大量害虫,尤其是对 草坪具有破坏性作用的金龟子,这使得它们成为堪培 拉人的花园里受欢迎来访者。

每年的 7 月至 11 月,包括喜鹊在内的鸟类都会在有

限的区域(称为领地)筑巢并育雏。当巢中有卵或雏 鸟时,雄鸟会保护自己的领地免受入侵者的侵害。有

eggs or young in the nest the male birds defend their territory from intruders. Some birds do this by swooping. Swooping occurs for around six weeks. • Only a few birds see people as a threat. Most will not swoop you. • Birds see cats, dogs and other magpies as intruders, it's not just people they swoop. • Harassment by humans causes some birds to start swooping. Please do not chase birds or throw things at them. • Picking up a fledgling bird (young bird that has just left the nest) could be seen by the parent bird as threatening its young and it may trigger swooping behaviour. • Sometimes the colour of people's clothes, a noise they make or the speed they are travelling at, triggers a bird to swoop. Magpies can swoop from July through to December (usually for about 8 weeks) during the spring while they

些鸟通过俯冲猛扑来做到这一点。俯冲猛扑会发生大 约六个星期。 小贴士: • 只有几种鸟将人类视为威胁,不过大多数鸟类不


• 鸟类也将猫、狗和其他喜鹊视为入侵者,它们不


• 人为骚扰会导致一些鸟类发起攻击。请不要追逐


• 拾起刚离开巢的幼鸟可能会被亲鸟视为威胁幼鸟,


• 有时,人们的衣服颜色,发出的声音或行进的速

度会惊吓到鸟,从而发起攻击。 与有攻击性的鸟类共处



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build nests, lay and protect eggs and raise nestling and fledgling birds. Not all magpies will swoop but some will as a natural instinct to protect their territory (area around their nest) and their young. Living with swooping birds If there is a swooping bird in your neighbourhood, take these simple measures to protect yourself and others: • walk through the bird's territory quickly, don't run • take a different route next time • protect your head with an umbrella, hat or helmet • wear glasses to protect your eyes • watch the birds while walking away quickly from the area - magpies are less likely to swoop if you look at them • protect your pet and do not leave them alone or offlead in an area with a swooping bird

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• 快速步行穿过喜鹊的领土,但不要奔跑 • 更换其他路线 • 用雨伞,帽子或头盔保护头部 • 戴眼镜保护眼睛 • 在迅速离开该地区的同时观察喜鹊。如果看着它


• 保护您的宠物,不要让宠物离开您的视线,惊吓

• don't let your pet attack birds as this may trigger swooping • attach a flag or streamers on a stick to your bike or backpack and • walk your bike through the bird's territory, don't ride. All native birds, their eggs, young and their nests are protected by the Nature Conservation Act 2014 and the Animal Welfare Act 1992. It is illegal to interfere with them in any way. The ACT Parks and Conservation Service have a policy to manage swooping birds which takes into account legislation and public safety. For further information visit the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate website or phone the Access Canberra Contact Centre - 13 22 81 to report a swooping bird.

到喜鹊,导致喜鹊飞来飞去 • 不要让您的宠物攻击喜鹊,否则可能会引起喜鹊


• 将旗帜或彩带贴在自行车或背包上 • 如果您选择骑自行车穿越喜鹊 领地,可以下车步


所有本地鸟类,包括卵、幼崽及其巢穴,均受 2014

年《自然保护法》和 1992 年《动物福利法》保护。

任何方式干扰它们都是违法行为。 考虑到立法程序和 公共安全,堪培拉州政府的公园和自然保护区协会制 定了管理“攻击型”喜鹊的专项政策。


局 网 站, 或 致 电 Access Canberra 联 络 中 心 13 22 81 报告攻击的鸟。

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Be a responsible 在堪培拉, cat keeper in 做一个合格的 Canberra “喵星人”


Cats are one of the most popular domestic

companion animals and they are an important part of our society.

Being a cat owner is enjoyable and rewarding

however brings with it responsibilities.

As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to ensure

your cat is happy and healthy and is not negatively impacting the community in any way.




福感和满足感的事情,不过与此同时,这也意味着要 承担对“喵星人”的责任。


并且没有以任何形式对社区造成负面影响。 绝育

Desexing Desexing your cat is essential in the ACT to reduce

07 VOL.23 domestic-animals/cats/your-responsibilities

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the number of neglected and abandoned cats. Owning a sexually entire cat is irresponsible and is

a strict liability offence under the Domestic Animals Act 2000 to own a sexually entire cat.

关重要。 养猫但不对猫进行绝育是不负责任的行为,根据

2000 年《家养动物法》,拥有性完整的猫属于严格 责任罪行。

Your cat must be desexed unless:


• the cat is less than three months old


• the cat was born before 21 June 2001

这只猫出生于 2001 年 6 月 21 日之前

• the keeper of the cat holds a sexually entire


permit issued by the Registrar of Domestic Animal

of Domestic Animal Services, RSPCA)颁发的性完

Infringement notices can be issued for owning a



sexually entire cat without meeting one of the above exceptions.

The veterinary practitioner must mark the ear of the

cat with a tattoo when they are desexed, unless the vet recommends not tattooing for medical reasons.

Sexually entire permits




医学原因建议。 性完整许可证

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A permit to keep a cat sexually entire can be

obtained from Domestic Animal Services if the Registrar is satisfied that:

• the animal is kept for breeding or used, bred or

bought for show

• it would be detrimental to the health of the animal

if it were to be de-sexed.

To keep a cat that has not been desexed you must

apply to keep a cat sexually entire .

Microchipping All cats in the ACT must be microchipped. Microchipping is a safe procedure where a silicon

chip, approximately the size of a grain of rice,

is implanted under the skin of the animal. The

procedure takes less than a minute and, once

inserted, the chip cannot be lost. A dog or cat of

如果: •






的性完整许可证。 植入微型芯片

在堪培拉,所有猫都必须植入微型芯片。 植入微型芯片是一种安全的程序,是将米粒大小的

硅芯片植入动物的皮肤下。整个过程不到一分钟,且 植入后芯片不会丢失。任何年龄的狗或猫都可以植入

芯片,并且在此过程中,很少有动物表现出任何不适 的迹象。

any age can be microchipped. Few animals show

RSPCA 或任何兽医都可以为猫植入芯片。



any signs of discomfort during this simple and quick

09 VOL.23


Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin

Cats can be microchipped by the RSPCA or any


Microchipping is an effective way for animal

shelters and vets to identify lost dogs and cats for quick return to their owners.

If you move house, you should update both your

pet's registration and microchipping records to reflect the details are updated. To update your

contact details for your cats registration please email or call Access Canberra

on 13 22 81. To update your details for your cat's

microchip, please visit au.

Cat identification and registration Cats must wear identification so that they can

be returned to their owner if found. Cats can be identified by a collar and tag that includes the owner's contact number or address.

Cats are not required to be registered in the ACT.

Selling or rehoming a cat When selling or rehoming a cat in the ACT, you

must also notify Domestic Animal Services of the transfer of ownership within 14 days by emailing

You must provide the new keeper of the cat with the

animal’s identifying information to ensure the new

owner can arrange to update this with their details. Cats over three months of age must be


微芯片记录,以反映详细信息。要更新您的猫咪的 联系方式,请发送电子邮件至 au 或 致 电 Access Canberra 13 22 81。 要 更 新 您 的

猫 咪 微 芯 片 的 详 细 信 息, 请 访 问 网 址 http://www. 猫的识别和登记 猫必须佩戴识别码,以便在发现猫时可以将其送还

给主人。可以通过项圈和标签来识别猫,项圈和标签 上会写有主人的联系电话或地址。

desexed prior to being sold. The only acceptable

您的猫需要进行登记但登记地点可以不在 ACT。

can be sold without being desexed are if you hold a


a registered veterinarian has given written evidence

在堪培拉出售或转让猫时,您必须在 14 天内通过发

circumstances where a cat over the specified age

special permit for the animal to not be desexed, or if that desexing the animal would be a serious risk to

送电子邮件到 通知家养动物 Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin




its health. All cats in the ACT must be microchipped with a

unique identifying number and contact details of

the owner either by 12 weeks of age or if being sold under 12 weeks of age. It is your responsibility to ensure your cat’s microchip contains up-to-date information.

Buying or adopting a cat If you are the new keeper of a registered cat that

has been sold or rehomed to you, you must notify

Domestic Animal Services that the cat is now under your care by emailing

This should occur within 14 days of the transfer of ownership.

For cats that come under your care, you must

ensure the unique identifying microchip is updated

with your contact details. If for whatever reason the

cat is not yet microchipped, or the microchip is faulty, you must have a new microchip implanted by an authorised person.

Keeping four or more cats Persons wishing to keep four or more cats must

make an application under Section 84B of the





许可,表明对动物进行绝育将对其健康造成严重威胁, 那么您可以出售超过绝育年龄但未绝育的猫。

在堪培拉,所有的猫到达 12 周龄或在 12 周龄以下

被出售时,必须植入包含唯一的识别号和所有者详细 联系信息的微型芯片。确保微芯片包含最新信息也是 饲养者的责任。

购买或收养猫咪 如果您购买或领养了猫咪,那么您必须在所有权转

让后的 14 天内,发送电子邮件至 dogcontrol@act. 通知家养动物服务部猫咪已受到您的照顾。


的联系方式。如果出于某种原因尚未对猫植入微芯片, 或者微芯片有故障,则必须由授权人员植入新的微芯 片。

养四只及以上的猫 如果您希望饲养四只及以上猫,那么必须根据 2000

Domestic Animals Act 2000. Application forms can

年《家养动物法》第 84 条 B 款,提出申请。申请表

for a multiple cats licence is payable if the licence is


be obtained from Domestic Animal Services. A fee granted.

Cat containment areas Some suburbs in Canberra have been declared cat

containment areas to protect native wildlife in areas where cats pose a serious threat. Residents within

cat containment areas are required to keep their cats confined to their premises at all times. Find out more information on cat containment.

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可从家养动物服务局获得。多只猫饲养许可证需要支 “喵星人”的活动限制区


的伤害,堪培拉的一些区被设置为猫活动限制区, 限制区内的居民必须始终将猫限制在自己的房屋

内。有关更多猫活动限制区的信息,请访问 https:// domestic-animals/cats/cat-containment

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“中华风韵” Canberra Ready







的“中华风韵”系列交响音乐会将于今年六月底七月 班和阿德莱德巡演,续写充满惊喜的音乐篇章。本次 音乐会得到了中国驻澳大利亚大使馆,驻悉尼、布里 斯班、阿德莱德总领事馆以及悉尼中国文化中心的大 力支持。


13 VOL.24

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的著名指挥家盖伊·诺布尔(Guy Noble)执棒指挥, 交响乐团、阿德莱德交响乐团的澳大利亚顶尖音乐家 与知名华裔演奏家强强联袂,用交响乐这一国际音乐 语言,演绎中国经典音乐作品,奏响融汇东西、纵横 时代的交响盛宴,为久违盼重逢的全澳观众奉献一台 灵动鲜活、充满生命力的音乐盛典。

Canberra Ready

一、 顶级演出阵容呈现华美乐章




交流和人员往来,中国艺术家和艺术团体暂时无法来 访,但却割不断中澳两国人民对于音乐的热爱以及对 于美好未来的向往。“中华风韵”交响音乐会将着力 从多维度、多层次呈现中西合璧、东西相汇、美美与 共的跨文化融合之美。首先,在艺术设计层面,音乐 会力邀中国音乐家协会副主席、中国著名指挥家兼音 乐教育家张国勇教授担任艺术总监,并由执棒经验丰 富且声誉卓著、素有“澳大利亚最多才多艺的指挥家

和音乐家之一”美誉的盖伊·诺布尔(Guy Noble)执 棒,两位大师级艺术家的中澳“双保险”重磅组合, 确保了音乐会的高水准和高品位。

在演出阵容上,每场音乐会将分别荟萃 50 多位来自

唱家维多利亚·澜泊和曾在歌剧《蝴蝶夫人》全澳二十 与此次音乐会演出。在三大交响乐团中,悉尼交响乐

团创建于 1934 年,是公认的世界杰出交响乐团之一, 素有“南半球第一交响乐团”之称,来自悉尼交响乐 团的艺术家们将担任在悉尼和堪培拉两场演出的演出

班底。昆士兰交响乐团于 1947 年成立,现有 80 多位 音乐家,每年举办超过 100 场演出。阿德莱德交响乐 团成立于 1936 年,目前是南澳大利亚最大的表演艺

术团体,长年为南澳大利亚国家歌剧院、澳大利亚芭 蕾舞团提供管弦乐支持。三支乐团的艺术家们此前都 曾与中国艺术家有过合作,上演过多首经典中国曲目 和具有中西结合特色的曲目,为中澳文化和艺术交流 作出过积极贡献。





等三大澳洲当地著名交响乐团的西人音乐家和知名华 特国际钢琴比赛”最高奖和悉尼国际钢琴比赛“最佳 澳大利亚钢琴家”等多项国际大赛殊荣的澳大利亚杰

乐多元包容的艺术特点,让东西方音乐完美融合、和 谐鸣奏,在主打具有里程碑意义的中国传世器乐作品

出华裔青年钢琴演奏家李东奕,悉尼交响乐团副首席、 之外,又不乏西方久演不衰的经典名曲。创作团队为 华裔小提琴家孙毅,以及近年来在澳大利亚舞台声名

音乐会特别定制并重新改编了交响合唱版《茉莉花》 Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



Canberra Ready





莉花》改编自普契尼歌剧作品《图兰朵》,既有东方 自电视剧版《红楼梦》主题曲,由澳大利亚女中音歌

唱家维多利亚·澜泊和青年古筝演奏家刘茜合作演出。 重新改编后的《茉莉花》和《枉凝眉》将点亮中西方 文明交融的火花,传递中澳友谊的美好祝愿。

米尔我的家乡多么美》,以及由华裔钢琴家李东奕带 上颇有影响力的中国协奏曲,传递出中华文化的泱泱 国风和浓郁民族韵味,近半个世纪以来激励了几代中 国人拼搏奋进。这些具有鲜明中国音乐特色的曲目不 仅表达了海外游子眷恋祖国的深情,而且也寓意全世 界人民携手共克时艰,必将赢得与新冠肺炎疫情斗争

节目编排处处体现东西方文化的比较和融合, 《梁祝》 的最终胜利。值得一提的是,此次音乐会表演的《黄河》

和《骑士之舞》(选自芭蕾舞剧《罗密欧与朱丽叶》) 钢琴协奏曲是四乐章全曲演出,长达 25 分钟,在海 以及《枉凝眉》与《爱情是一只自由鸟》 (选自歌剧《卡 门》)等节目彼此呼应,再叙细腻唯美又荡气回肠的



三、 “中华风韵”品牌搭建文化交流宽广平台

席小提琴,此次音乐会中他将为观众带来 24 分钟完


的话题。小提琴家孙毅曾是上海交响乐团最年轻的首 整版小提琴协奏曲《梁祝》。他表示:“在海外生活



及传承发展的创新成果。自 2009 年创立以来,“中

二十多年来,能够为观众演奏《梁祝》的机会不多, 惜此次机会,相信此次中西合璧的音乐会将成为中国 音乐在海外演出史上的精彩瞬间。”


15 VOL.24

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin

作登陆世界各国主流剧院,展示中国传统文化的魅力 华风韵”品牌已先后选派国内 30 余个艺术团组的 40

余台精品剧目,赴美国、加拿大、英国、法国、德国、 澳大利亚、新西兰等国家的主流剧院演出,其中包括 纽约林肯艺术中心、华盛顿肯尼迪艺术中心等世界级

Canberra Ready

艺术殿堂,累计演出 600 余场,现场观众达百万人次, 间接覆盖人群超过 2000 万人次。

2020 年初至今,全世界遭遇了一场突如其来的疫情,



Llewellye Hall) 第二站:悉尼


时间:2021 年 7 月 9 日周五晚 7 点 30 分


地点:悉尼市政厅(Sydney Town Hall)




时间:2021 年 9 月 27 日晚 7 点 30 分

大利亚举办的“中华风韵”交响音乐会无疑将为广大 盛典,激发人们对中国音乐的共鸣,并留下澳大利亚 次活动以文化艺术的形式跨越了语言的障碍和空间的 度。


朋友,共同感受东西方音乐融合带给我们的博大情怀 和艺术魅力!



首站:堪培拉 时间:2021 年 6 月 26 日周六晚 7 点 30 分

地点:昆士兰表演艺术中心音乐厅(QPAC Concert


第四站:阿德莱德 时间:2021 年 9 月 28 日晚 7 点 30 分 地点:阿德莱德市政厅(Adelaide Town Hall) 票价从 $39 起,预购从速。更多音乐会资讯及购票

信息,请浏览 或致电澳 丰(02)9186 1588,0403 188 733。

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