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Kirsty Budding- 充满创意的人生


A CREATIVE LIFE – An interview with Kirsty Budding

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The ideal Canberra in the minds of disabled people 堪培拉新冠肺炎愈后老人的暖心之举,感动众人!


An elderly Canberra man unfortunately contracted COVID-19 after picking up a friend at a train station, but then he did this heart-warming gesture!

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卷首语 转眼又到初夏,百花盛开,百鸟朝鸣。感觉独一无 二堪培拉的又回来了,即如这期的杂志一样,与众不同。 与往期杂志相比,本期的所有文章都以中英双语为主, 内容也更加丰富。

Summer is coming. The flowers are in bloom and the birds are singing, which makes us feel the unique Canberra is back, just like this issue of CBRLife Magazine—distinctively. Compared to previous issues, all the articles in this issue are bilingual (English and Chinese) and more informative.

首先,本期杂志的封面故事就让人耳目一新。Budding Theatre 的创始人 Kirsty Budding 将为大家带来 她与创作之间不得不说的故事——创意才是人生的宗旨。 有房产投资需求的朋友一定不要错过本期杂志的另一个

To start with, the cover story is refreshingly different. Kirsty Budding, founder of Budding Theatre, will give you the story of her relationship with creativity. Creativity is what her life is all about. Furthermore, those of you in need of property investment will not want to miss the


other cover of this issue of the magazine. This cover story introduces

地产公司——Luton & Lighthouse。为华人更好融入本

you to Luton & Lighthouse, a real estate company that is going strong


and is striving to better integrate the Chinese community into the local

样“投资真的堪培拉”。 本期杂志的其他内容也同样精彩。除了有大家期盼 已久的本地奶茶探店攻略以外,还有两侧发生在堪村的 小故事也值得一阅。最后,虽然新冠肺炎疫情已经得到 了控制,但是大家还不能掉以轻心。勤洗手,注意社交 距离,时刻保持警惕。希望大家都能健康平安。 CBRLife,给你最好的堪培拉。

property market, as their slogan says, “Investing in Real Canberra! ”.

The rest of this issue is just as great. In addition to the long-awaited tips on how to explore the local bubble tea shops, some little stories take place in Canberra that are worth reading.Finally, although the COVID-19 outbreak is under control, we should not take it lightly yet. We should continue the habits of washing hands frequently and keeping social distances, and be vigilant.

CBRLife, bring you the best Canberra.

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Kirsty Budding — 充满创意的人生


– An interview with Kirsty Budding 作家、制片人、企业主、教师……Kirsty

Budding 从未停止过创作。

作为 Budding Theatre 的创始人,Kirsty 已经写

了两本关于剧本创作的书,最近还成立了一家电影制 作公司。她在华人社区也很有名气,作为一名私人教 师,曾在堪培拉资助过许多留学生。

我们非常有幸邀请到了 Kirsty 来到 CBRLife,讲

述她在戏剧、表演、写作和公共演讲方面的故事,以 及在这充满创意的人生中所经历的起起伏伏。

CBRLife :我们都知道您是一个富有创造力的人。


Writer, producer, business owner, teacher – Kirsty Budding never stops being creative. The founder of Budding Theatre, Kirsty has written two books of playwriting and recently launched a film production company. She is also well known in the Australian Chinese community as a private tutor who has supported many international students in Canberra. Kirsty sat down with CBRLife to talk about her programs in theatre, acting, writing and public speaking, and the highs and lows of her creative life. CBRLife: You are a very creative person! What do you create?

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Kirsty: 很多东西!我写剧本,所以我创作故事,

塑造角色。我还研究教育项目,开发教育资源。除此 之外,我还创立各种活动和运动。显而易见的是,我 已经创造了一个企业。在这个过程中所涉及的创造性 环节——塑造品牌、理念、网站和商品,这些都是我

的创作经历。我还尽力创造让人感觉有趣、包容和惬 意的体验和社区。



Kirsty: Lots of things! I write scripts, so I create stories and characters. I create educational programs and resources. I create events and campaigns. Obviously, I’ve created a business and all the creative aspects of doing that – developing a brand, philosophy, website, merchandise. I’ve also tried my best to create an experience and community that feels fun, inclusive and welcoming. CBRLife: What is the most challenging thing about being a creative person?

Kirsty: 我觉得创作是非常辛苦的。作为一个创客,

Kirsty: It’s hard work. The scary and exciting thing about being a creator, or an entrepreneur or anything like 或者说一个企业家或者与之类似的职业,最可怕也是 that – is that everything is self-directed. That project or 最令人兴奋的是,一切都要靠自己来主导。除非你主 product doesn’t exist unless you have the initiative to 动去创造并实现它,否则那个项目或产品就不会存在。 create it and make it happen. And that can make it difficult when a project is in the early stages and the idea is just in 而当一个项目处于早期阶段,并且想法只浮于你的脑 your head because it almost doesn’t seem real, and no one 海之中时,这就会变得很困难了,因为这个项目有些 will hold you to account if you give up. So, you have to 虚无缥缈。而且,如果你放弃了,没有人会追究你的 really believe in your idea and bring people on board who 责任。所以,你必须真正相信自己的想法,并让相信 believe in it too. 它的人也加入进来。 CBRLife:您已经写了两本书。跟我们说说您的

CBRLife: You wrote two books. Could you please tell us about your writing?


Kirsty: My books are both monologue collections – the first was ‘Paper Cuts: Comedic and Satirical Monologues for Audition or Performance’ in 2017 and my second book published last year was ‘The 100: New and Classic Monologues for Children & Young Adults’. I write a


供试镜或表演用的喜剧和讽刺独白》(Paper Cuts:

Comedic and Satirical Monologues for Audition or Performance)。这本书是在 2017 年出版,

我去年出版的第二本是《100 位儿童与年轻人的新

08 VOL.20

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独白和经典独白》(The 100: New and Classic

Monologues for Children & Young Adults)。我 还写了很多剧本,最近我一直在写电影剧本。 CBRLife:您最喜欢写什么作品? Kirsty:我对我改编的《傲慢与偏见》(Pride

and Prejudice)很满意,去年我在写《出错的圣诞

颂歌》(A Christmas Carol Goes Horribly, Terri-

bly Wrong)的时候也非常开心,因为我可以写出关


《格特鲁德的爱人》(Gertrude’s Sweetheart), 这是《剪纸》中的一段独白。讲的是一个老人在养老 院爱上了一位叫格特鲁德的女士。但他有竞争对手, 是一个叫威洛比(Willoughby)的老人,他也喜欢 格特鲁德,而威洛比的声音像大卫·爱登堡(David

Attenborough),这对所有的老太太来说都很性感。 CBRLife:您能说说您为什么选择写养老院的故



的爷爷太有趣了,就像戏剧里的人物。我不认为人老 了就会变得无趣。而且如果我们幸运的话,我们都会 慢慢变老。

CBRLife:您能告诉我们您现在在写什么? Kirsty:我正在写一部名为《奥利弗和莉莉》

(Oliver and Lily)的电视剧,讲述的是一个叫奥利 弗的老年戏剧导演被迫与 20 多岁的莉莉合作,以挽

救他们的社区剧院不倒闭的故事。这是一部关于代沟 和偏见的喜剧。在新冠疫情封锁期间,我写了两个故 事剧本,这两个剧本我都想在 Budding Entertainment 的旗帜下制作。

lot of plays and more recently I’ve been working on screenplays. CBRLife: What is the favourite thing you have written? Kirsty: I was happy with my adaptation of ‘Pride and Prejudice’, and I enjoyed writing ‘A Christmas Carol Goes Horribly, Terribly Wrong’ last year because I got to write jokes about all the things that go wrong in theatre. My favourite monologue… I like ‘Gertrude’s Sweetheart’ which is a monologue from ‘Paper Cuts’. It’s about an elderly man who falls in love with a lady called Gertrude at his nursing home, but he has competition as there is another old man called Willoughby who also likes Gertrude. Willougby has a voice like David Attenborough which is very attractive to all the old ladies. CBRLife: Why did you choose to write about a nursing home? Kirsty: I’ve written quite a few elderly characters. I think it’s because my Grampy [Grandfather] was so funny and such a character. I don’t think people become less interesting as they get old. And we all get old if we’re lucky. CBRLife: What are you writing at the moment? Kirsty: I’m writing a TV series called ‘Oliver and Lily’ about an elderly theatre director called Oliver who is forced to work with 20-something Lily to save their community theatre from getting closed down. It’s a comedy about generational differences and prejudice. I wrote a feature film script during the COVID-19 lockdown, which I’m developing with my brother.

CBRLife:所以 Budding Entertainment 是一

CBRLife: So Budding Entertainment is a new company?


Kirsty: Yes, my brother and I founded Budding Entertainment Pty Ltd this year as we needed a broader label than ‘theatre’ to start producing films, so BE is the parent company of Budding Theatre. Budding Theatre is where all the teaching takes place, and my hope is that students from Budding Theatre can be cast in films with


Budding Entertainment Pty Ltd,因为我们需要一 个比“剧场”更广泛的标签来制作电影,所以 BE 是 Budding Theatre 的母公司。Budding Theatre 是 教学的地方,我希望未来 Budding Theatre 的学生

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可以在 Budding Entertainment 的制作的电影中出 演。

CBRLife:那请您介绍一下 Budding Theatre


Budding Entertainment in the future. CBRLife: So please tell us more about ‘Budding Theatre’. What programs does your company offer?

Kirsty:我们每周为 5-19 岁的孩子开设戏剧

Kirsty: We run weekly drama classes for ages 5-19 that end in theatre productions. This year we ran Romeo and 密欧与朱丽叶》(Romeo and Juliet)、《小妇 Juliet, Little Women, Pride and Prejudice, The Secret 人》(Little Women)、《傲慢与偏见》(Pride Garden, a Musical Theatre concert, and a few others. We also run school holiday programs with popular themes and Prejudice)、《秘密花园》(The Secret like ‘Heroes and Villains’, ‘Harry Potter Parody’ and Garden)、以及一些音乐剧,音乐会还有一些其他 ‘Star Wars Drama’, and workshops in acting for film 节目。我们还举办了学校假期项目,流行的主题有“英 and musical theatre. I also have a team who perform 雄与恶棍”(Heroes and Villains)、“哈利波特 at birthday parties and other events, and I run training 模仿秀”(Harry Potter Parody)和“星球大战戏剧” sessions for small businesses and NGOs on topics like (Star Wars Drama),以及电影和音乐剧的表演工 public speaking, creative writing and the arts. Recently, 作坊。我也有一个团队专门在生日派对和其他活动中 I’ve started offering acting classes for adults. 课,最后以拍摄戏剧作品结课。今年我们举办了《罗

表演,我还为小型企业和非政府组织举办培训课程, 主题包括公众演讲、创意写作和艺术。最近,我也开 始为成人提供表演课程。




and Theatre Club),成年人可以尝试在这样一个有 趣的社交环境中进行戏剧表演。这是一个没有压力的 活动,当然你也可以只作为观众来观看和享受,也可 以自愿上台表演。我发现很多成年人都想尝试表演, 但他们忙于工作或家庭事务而没有这方面的契机,所 以我创立了这个俱乐部。而且这个俱乐部将学习与社 交活动结合在一起,这是一种有趣而轻松的方式,不 仅可以认识新朋友,还可以尝试表演。

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CBRLife: Wow, so you teach adults too! How can we get involved? Kirsty: We have a Wine and Theatre Club where adults come and try theatre and acting in a fun, social environment. It’s a no pressure event – you can come just to watch and enjoy as an audience member, or you can volunteer to get up and perform. I created the event as I found that many adults wanted to try acting but they were too busy with work or family commitments. But this combines learning with a social event – it’s a fun and relaxed way to meet new people and try acting. CBRLife: How old are the adults? What kinds of people get involved in theatre?


Kirsty: All ages and from different backgrounds. At the previous event, I think the youngest was nineteen, 龄范围吗?都是什么样的人都会参与到戏剧中来? and there were people in their twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, or even sixties. People are friendly and come from Kirsty:实际上,各个年龄段和背景的人都有。 all walks of life… public servants, teachers, lawyers, 上一次活动,我想最小的成年人是 19 岁,也有 20 多岁、 business owners, university students – people who just 30 多岁、40 多岁、50 多岁、60 多岁的。他们从事各 want to be social and creative. 种各样的职业,比如社会服务人员,老师,律师,商人, 大学生……他们都非常富有创造力,很喜欢交朋友。 CBRLife:所以成年人也可以在大型演出中表演



的试镜,适合所有年龄段。2019 年,我们制作了《傲 慢与偏见》(Pride and Prejudice),这还是个大

制作。2020 年,我们制作了《了不起的盖茨比》(The Great Gatsby)。不过由于疫情原因,今年的制作规

模较小。2021 年,我们将上演音乐剧《危险心声》(Be

CBRLife: Can adults also perform in a big show? Kirsty: Yes! We run auditions for open productions for all ages every year. In 2019, we produced Pride and Prejudice as our big production. In 2020, we produced The Great Gatsby – on a smaller scale due to Covid-19. In 2021, we will stage ‘Be More Chill’ – a popular new musical that only premiered on the West End in London at the start of 2020. It will be the first time it has been performed in Canberra.

More Chill),这是一部在 2020 年初才在伦敦西区

CBRLife: Do you offer any private training sessions 首演的流行新音乐剧。这将是它第一次在堪培拉演出。 for people who feel shy to perform in the presence of others? CBRLife:如果有人害羞,他们可以来找您来进


Kirsty: Yes, sometimes I work with clients one-onone. The jobs are quite interesting… like, I have helped to write ‘Best Man’ speeches for weddings for example. Kirsty:可以的,有时候我会和人们进行一对一 The client will talk to me about their friend and I will 的培训。这些工作相当有趣……比如说,我曾帮婚礼 take notes, and then I will help structure it into a speech 写过“伴郎”的演讲稿。客户会跟我谈起他们的朋友, and train them to deliver it in a way that’s as funny as 我就会做笔记,然后我会帮他们架构成演讲稿,并教 possible. I have also supported students who have En他们以尽可能有趣的方式讲出来。我还指导英语作为 glish as a second language, focusing on academic writ-

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



第二语言的留学生进行学术写作和公众演讲。所以, 我主要是帮助人们撰写和发表演讲,教他们如何管理 焦虑的策略。




ing and public speaking. So, mainly I help people write and deliver speeches, or just coach a person for a public speaking engagement and teach them strategies to manage anxiety. CBRLife: Public speaking anxiety must be common. Can you give us any tip?


Kirsty: The first step is to accept that you feel nervous and that it’s normal. Don’t panic because you feel nervous 让事情变得更糟。感到紧张是正常的情绪,接受这个 because that will make things worse; expect to feel 情绪,告诉自己:“是的,我感到紧张是因为我即将 nervous and accept it when you do. Tell yourself, ‘Yes, I 做一件非常重要的事情,这是身体在这种情况下的正 am feeling nervous because I am about to do something 常反应 ”。然后,把演讲想象成一场对话。首先询问 important, and this is a normal way for the body to 听众今天过得怎么样,并进行一些来回的交流,因为 respond in this situation’. Then, imagine the speech as a 听众的反应将有助于让人感觉更自然,更像一场对话。 conversation. Start by asking the audience how they are 如果演讲场合合适的话,可以适当地微笑和使用幽默, today and engage in some back and forth – the audience response will help it feel more natural and more like a 这将使你和听众感到更放松。 conversation. And smile and use humour if it’s appropriate in the context of your speech – it will make you and the CBRLife:谢谢您的分享!请问我们在哪里可以 audience feel more relaxed. 报名参加你们的课程? Kirsty:谢谢 CBRLife !所有的项目都可以在网

上预约,网址是:www.buddingtheatre.com 。

你还可以在 Facebook、Instagram 和 CBRLife 的 App 上关注 Budding Entertainment。

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CBRLife: Thank you for sharing your stories with us! Where can we enrol in your programs? Kirsty: Thank you! All the programs are online at www. buddingtheatre.com, and you can also follow Budding Entertainment on Facebook, Instagram and the CBRLife app.


一房公寓 $39.5万起

开发商直售 更多详情请致电: Chloe 0499 995 811 (中, 英) Sarah 0448 249 199 (粤, 英) 或扫码

两房公寓 $53.8万起


59 Currong St North, Braddon

开放时间: 周五-周三 10am - 3pm FoundersLane.com.au Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



CBR 本地 Local Story 14 VOL.20

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The ideal Canberra in the minds of disabled people 编辑:CBRLife Edited by CBRLife

ACT 大选在即,如何改善民生,让政府更好地服 务大众永远是首要探讨的问题。其中,如何提高残疾 人的生活质量与提高他们的就业也一直是备受大家关 注的话题。 Peak Bodies 就迫切希望下一届地区政府可以采 取实际行动,为残疾人建设一个更具包容性城市,让 每个人都可以享有的堪培拉。ACT 社会服务理事会 和残疾人代表团体也敦促政府采取行动,改善堪培拉 的卫生基础设施、交通和住房,以便服务更多的残疾 人士,让他们住房无忧,出行无阻。他们呼吁制定出 一个残疾人健康战略计划,联合会同意就获取服务和 交通方面进行协商——其中包括增加出租车补贴和改 善社区交通,此外,就通用住房设计也会采取相应的 行动。

With the ACT election around the corner, how to improve people’s livelihoods and make the government better serve the public is always a primary issue to discuss. Among them, how to promote the quality of life of people with disabilities and increase their employment has always been a topic of great concern. Peak Bodies was urging the next regional government to take practical action to build a more inclusive city for people with disabilities, which meant that Canberra was a great city that would be accessible to everyone. the ACT Social Services Council and Disability Reference Groups were also hoping the government to take action to improve Canberra’s health infrastructure, transportation and housing so that more people with disabilities could live here.

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



ACTCOSS 政策经理 Craig Wallace 表示,残疾 人占城市人口总数的五分之一,预计未来几年 85 岁 以上的人口数量将增加约七分之一。他说,这也意味 着残疾老年人数量也将会大幅度增长。 Wallace 认为,ACT 对残疾人的义务,包括提供 应有的服务,并不因为 ACT 加入了国家残疾人保险 计划而被转手给联邦议会。这不仅是联邦政府的责任, 也是 ACT 政府的责任。他补充道,新冠肺炎疫情更 加凸显了加强卫生基础设施建设,方便快捷沟通以及 态度转变方面的必要性。这些改变都是迫在眉睫的。 他认为,在国家残疾人战略下,ACT 政府仍然应承 担与残疾人交通,住房,城市规划,司法和教育服务 等有关的责任。 “我们要做还有很多,我们能做的也有很 多。”Wallace 说,“同时我们都可以从更具包容 性的学校和住房中受益,这些学校和住房可以在我们 的一生中进行调整与改变,以满足我们不断变化的需 求。” ACT 残疾妇女联合会首席执行官 C Moore 同时 表示,在堪培拉,残疾妇女和各种不同性别的人需要 公平地获得安全和正义。ACT 残疾人协会执行主任 Craig Shannon 认为,政府需要改善残疾人居住条 件和交通,以减少相应障碍,让残障人士不再害怕出 门。

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They called for a strategic plan for disability health, and the Groups agreed to consult on access to services and transport which meant to include an increase in taxi subsidies and improved community transport. Additionally, in terms of universal housing design, it required action to accommodate disabled people. ACTCOSS policy manager Craig Wallace said people with disabilities would make up a fifth of the city’s population and the number of people aged 85 and over would be expected to increase by about a seventh in the coming years. That also meant the number of seniors with disabilities would also grow significantly, he said. Wallace argued that ACT’s obligations to disabled people, including the provision of due diligence services, were not being passed on to the Federal Parliament because ACT joined the National Disability Insurance Scheme. This was not only the responsibility of the federal government, but also the ACT government. He added that the COVID-19 reinforced the need for stronger health infrastructure, easier and quicker communication, and attitudinal change. These changes would be imminent. He said that under the National Disability Strategy, the ACT government should still have responsibilities related to transportation, housing, urban planning, justice and

Shannon 同时也呼吁举办论坛,进行协商,以确

education services for people with disabilities.

保堪培拉的建筑和其他设施,交通能够满足残疾人的 需求。他说,COVID-19 使残疾人出行更加困难, 因此改革势在必行。这些改革应该取消出行限制,取 消 ACT 出租车补贴计划的上限。 他们都希望通过这次选举,能为残障人士创造一 个更加人性化,也更加友好的堪培拉。 文章来源 (resources from:https://www. canberratimes.com.au/story/6911993/we-canall-benefit-advocates-urge-next-act-govt-tobuild-an-inclusive-city/) 图片均来自于网络 (The images were from the Internet))

Wallace said that there was much more to do and much more they could do, everyone could all benefit from more inclusive schools and housing that could be adapted and changed throughout their lifetimes to meet their changing needs. Women With Disabilities ACT CEO C Moore also said that women with disabilities and people of all genders needed equitable access to safety and justice in Canberra. Meanwhile, ACT Disabilities Executive Director Craig Shannon said that the government needed to improve living conditions and transport for people with disabilities to reduce would barriers so that people with disabilities would not be afraid to leave their homes. Shannon also called for a forum and consultation to ensure Canberra’s buildings and other facilities, and transport, would be responsive to the needs of people with disabilities. He said COVID-19 made it more difficult for people with disabilities to travel, thus reforms were imperative. These reforms should remove travel restrictions and the cap on the ACT taxi subsidy scheme. They all hoped that this election would create a more humane and friendly Canberra for people with disabilities.

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堪培拉新冠肺炎愈后老人的 暖心之举,感动众人!

An elderly Canberra man unfortunately contracted COVID-19 after picking up a friend at a train station, but then he did this heart-warming gesture! 编辑:CBRLife Edited by CBRLife

这位老人名叫 Karl Irving。他已经献血 40 多年了,

但现在他的定期献血从未显得如此重要。在今年 3 月 份被诊断出患有冠状病毒肺炎之后,这位居住在堪培 拉郊区 Wanniassa 居民的献血被用作 COVID-19 临

床试验的一部分,用以帮助了解更多关于病毒的运作 方式。

这位 67 岁的老人是在堪培拉火车站接朋友后被感

染上新冠病毒的。他的这位朋友曾是 Ruby Princess

游轮上的乘客,该游轮与数百例 COVID-19 病例有关。 尽管在家中自我隔离的 28 天里,他出现了持续的

18 VOL.20

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Karl Irving, an elderly man, has been donating blood for more than 40 years, but now his regular blood donations have never been more important. After being diagnosed with COVID-19 in March this year, the resident of Wanniassa, a suburb of Canberra, had his blood donated as part of the COVID-19 clinical trial to help learn more about how the virus works. The 67-year-old was infected with the COVID-19 after picking up a friend at a Canberra train station. His friend had been a passenger on the Ruby Princess cruise ship,

which has been linked to hundreds of cases of COVID-19.

咳嗽,但当他在咳嗽加剧后去医院就诊时,尽管进行 了多次检查,却并没有出现其他症状。”他们说我的 肺部顶部有轻微的肺炎阴影,但过几天我就会自己好 起来。” Karl Irving 先生说。

经常献血的 Karl Irving,他的血液正用于 COV-

ID-19 的临床试验。在发现他的血液中含有对抗病毒

的 COVID-19 抗体后, Karl Irving 先生被要求参加

全国 100 多人的临床试验。他同时也是堪培拉地区参 加试验的 9 名献血者之一,他们共献血 18 次。Karl

Irving 先生自加入临床试验开始以来,从之前的定期 每三周献血一次,而是每周献血一次。

今年 3 月 1 日至 7 月 1 日期间,堪培拉的献血人

数为 24153 人,而 2019 年同期的献血人数只有 2.1

Despite self-quarantining at home for 28 days, he developed a persistent cough, but when he went to the hospital after his cough worsened, he had no other symptoms despite multiple tests.” They said I had a slight shadow of pneumonia at the top of my lungs, but that I would get better on my own in a few days,” Mr. Karl Irving said. Karl Irving, a frequent blood donor, whose blood is being used in a clinical trial for COVID-19, has been asked to participate in a clinical trial for COVID-19 after it was discovered that his blood contained antibodies against the virus. Mr. Karl Irving was asked to take part in a clinical trial involving more than 100 people across the country after it was discovered that his blood contained antibodies to COVID-19, which fights the virus. He is also one of nine blood donors in the Canberra who have donated 18 times since joining the trial, giving blood once a week instead of every three weeks on a regular basis. Between March 1 and July 1 this year, 24,153 blood

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万多一点。封锁期间,血浆捐献量也有所增加,共进 行了 15,940 次捐献,高于去年的 13,252 次。

自 2015 年以来,3 月至 7 月期间的献血人数每年

都在增加,而自 2016 年以来,血浆捐献量一直在上升。

donations were made in Canberra, compared to just over 21,000 during the same period in 2019. Plasma donations also increased during the blockade, with 15,940 donations made, up from 13,252 last year.

Lifeblood 首席执行官 Shelly Park 女士表示,尽管

The number of blood donations between March and July has increased every year since 2015 and plasma donations 冠状病毒带来的不确定性,但仍有数千人前来献血。 have been on the rise since 2016.Lifeblood chief executive Ms. Shelly Park said thousands of people had turned “2020 年为我们所有人带来了前所未有的挑战, up to donate blood despite the uncertainty caused by the 但我们的捐赠者表现出了勇敢、无私、同情心、耐心、 COVID-19. 适应性和社区意识,以确保所有澳大利亚人继续获得 他们所需的血液制品。” Park 女士说。

Ms. Park said that 2020 presented unprecedented challenges for all of us, but our donors have shown courage, 最后小编想说的是,在这困难的时刻,只有摒弃 selflessness, compassion, patience, adaptability and a 前嫌,万众一心,才能攻克时艰,早日打败新冠病毒。 sense of community to ensure that all Australians are continuing to have access to the blood products they need, 文章与图片来源 resources from :https://www. canberratimes.com.au/story/6834554/how-thiscanberra-donors-blood-is-being-used-to-learnmore-about-coronavirus/)

20 VOL.20

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In these difficult times, only by working together can we overcome the odds and defeat the COVID-19 sooner rather than later.

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生意转让 - 堪培拉地区最新生意转让信息汇总 01 状元红饺子馆(国立大学校学生宿舍下中餐厅)

状元红饺子店位於 ANU 校宿下面,店主欲退休原因而诚意出让,租约为 5x2x2 为 9 年,年租金约 $74400 元(包 含了水费、垃圾费、市政费及物业保險费)店面积约 135 平方米(厨房约 55 平方米,大厅约 80 平方米), 设备齐全。本店为一手业主,已经营了十年以上时间,在堪培拉有知名度,营收客观,深得西人及华人客户的 青睐,现开价 22 万元 (可以小额还债)。 有意者请电:0403388255 刘先生(晚上 10 点以后非诚勿扰)

02 芳妈小馆 芳妈身体原因,忍痛割爱,转让店面 芳妈小馆经营位置优越,地处 City 商圈,周边大多都为办公室区域,毗邻 ANU 校区,客流量大,且店铺 租金实惠。到目前为止,本店已经经营了八年,这八年来,本店口碑和声誉都一直非常好。 店铺内部,设施齐全,经营设备(如 pos 机等)也都非常完善,对于新手来说,经营方式简单易懂,特别 容易起步。小店的各方面证件齐全,完全符合澳洲政府的各项要求。同时,每三个月我会请人来清洁店铺 里的滤油系统。 联系方式:电话 / 微信:0433805088

03 Green Bamboo (南区 Mawson 越南餐馆 Green Bamboo) 转让:85 平方米 , turnover 250,000/ 年,店铺口碑好,local 客源稳定(周末满客)以前是中餐馆,配有中式厨房设备, 店主欲 $85,000 转让,1-2 年可回本。 电话 0433220887 Dieu(英语) 地址:84 Ainsworth St Swinger Hill Shop, Mawson, 2607

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05 Dewok Noodle Bar 【9 年老牌面店生意转让】在 belconnen 商場,熟客多 , 生意穩定 , 每周营业额約 2 万。因本人另有发展,誠意出售,低投入,高回报,二年可回本。风险低 , 可辦移民。 联系湯先生 0434223276, 如果来电未接,可能在厨房忙,请短信告知。

06 Michel's patisserie 【八年老店,经营得当,客源稳定,易上手】 Queanbeyan 咖啡连锁店 Michel's patisserie 出售,价优,合约至 2023 年。 无煮食,易管理。总部提供全套培训,合新手或夫妻经营。现任东主已经营八年,非常稳定的客源。 详情请联系 Daniel,0466411581,非诚勿扰。

07 Ginseng 【Manuka 老牌中餐馆】 位于南区 Griffith 商业中心,环境优雅,治安无忧,周边车位充足。店铺多年获奖,在华人和 local 中有 一定口碑,周边大量居民区,拥有稳定客源,周营业额 15,000 澳币,目前仍在稳步上升。店铺总面积 300 平方米,精装修,上下两层均为落地窗,可容纳约 100 人。带酒牌,可直接上手营业,周租金 2,500 澳币,租约长。 厨房为大型商业厨房,设备全且维护良好,含 walking in 冷库和冻库。洗碗机,洗杯机各一台。 本店已经营十年以上,适合各类投资移民及州担保。现诚意转让,有意者请咨询:0498256633。

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地产物业 Property

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