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Reimagine what makes the Capital Region unique at the Canberra and Region Heritage Festival

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Reimagine what makes the Capital Region unique at the Canberra and Region Heritage Festival

堪培拉地区遗产节, 带你领略首都地区的独特魅力 Story by Bo Wu

From 14 April to 3 May 2020, there will be 20 days of the Canberra and Region Heritage Festival for you to explore what makes this capital region unique. The festival covers the most amazing assortment of activities designed to engage and immerse audiences in our natural, Aboriginal and built heritage. CBRLife, being a curious media team and wanting to ensure our readers know about the heritage festival, had a chat with Linda Roberts,the Community Engagement & Festival Coordinator for ACT Heritage. About the Heritage Festival Heritage festivals were first set up in response to the demolition of old buildings. At that time in the 1970s Australia had no laws to protect our heritage. In the large cities of Melbourne and Sydney, unions had ‘green bans’ where their workers refused to knock down these old sites. Many people were very upset to see these beautiful old buildings reduced to rubble. With more awareness of our heritage and new laws introduced to protect our heritage, people said, "let's have some events to celebrate our history". Victoria was first to develop a heritage festival in 1980, with Canberra following in 1982. Linda talked to us about the theme of this year’s heritage festival. "Each October, I start preparing for the next

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2020 年 4 月 14 日到 5 月 3 日,在这 20 天里,堪

培拉地区遗产节会让你有机会探索首都地区的特别魅 力。令人惊叹的各种活动都将出现在这里,人们可以

沉醉于自然之美,也可以领略澳洲的土著和传统文化。 为了让大家更好的了解堪培拉遗产节,CBRLife 请

来了 ACT 遗产节活动协调负责人 Linda Roberts,

在交谈中,Linda 告诉我们关于堪培拉遗产节的更多 故事。

关于遗产节 遗产节最初是为了应对“拆除旧建筑”而设立的。

70 年代的时候,澳大利亚还没有法律来保护我们的遗

产。在墨尔本和悉尼这样的大城市里,工会实行了“绿 色禁令”。美丽的老建筑随之变成了废墟,人们看到 这样的场景感到很沮丧。随着人们提高了对遗产的保 护意识,相关法律也出台了,有人说:“让我们举办

一些活动来庆祝我们的历史吧”。于是,1980 年,维 多利亚州第一次举办了遗产节,随后堪培拉在 1982 年也举办了这一节日。

Linda 向我们介绍了今年遗产节的主题。 “每年十月,

我都要着手准备来年的遗产节。”她说,“新的主题 会成为新的焦点,也会让艺术品具有灵魂。去年,我 们的主题是太空,是为了纪念人类登月 50 年,堪培

拉在这一事件中发挥了重要作用(1969 年,位于堪培 拉的金银花溪航天测控站,通过接收和传输信号,向 Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



Australia are very young compared to Chinese heritage. But with our Aboriginal heritage, we go back over 25,000 years. With 80% of Namadgi National Park burnt, we don't have any tours going into those areas where you can see a rock art site or other places of cultural importance. Often, we will have Aboriginal guides who reveal their knowledge and connection to Country. That is an important part of our festival." Events of this year Linda has told us of some of the highlights this year’s heritage festival. Firstly, there is the Australian National Botanic Gardens’ 50th anniversary. "Celebrating our natural heritage provides wonderful insights to living in the bush capital. We have many tourists and local people who visit the Botanic Gardens, which is running a special Banksia Festival and opening a year’s festival,” she said. “A new theme is chosen as a way of refreshing the artwork and providing a new focus. Last year, our theme was ‘space’, as we commemorated 50 years since man landed on the Moon, and Canberra’s important role in that event. Some years, the theme might be an anniversary. But this year it is ‘reimagine’. So, this is where you can revisit places and memories and reconceptualise what heritage is. It is looking backwards and forwards." From 14 April 2020 to 3 May 2020, this year’s festival has over 170 events, mostly free. People can enjoy tours, open days, dances, talks, dinners, markets and more. The festival raises awareness of the ongoing need to conserve the region's natural, historic and Aboriginal heritage. Its events are aimed at all different age groups. Because the festival falls within the school holidays, there are lots of events for children. Linda said, "Over the years, we have been trying to produce a program that will attract a broader audience not just older people, but also younger people - so they understand our heritage. So, you may think Canberra and

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是 Reimagine。你可以故地重游,重新思考‘遗产’ 的概念,回溯历史,畅想未来。”

2020 年 4 月 14 日到 5 月 3 日,遗产节有 170 多项

活动,并且其中大部分活动都是免费的。人们可以游 览,参加开放日,观看舞蹈,聊天,吃大餐,逛集市 等等。人们通过参与遗产节的活动,形成了对自然、 历史和土著遗产的保护意识。并且,这些活动适合所 有年龄段人群。

Linda 说:“多年来,我们一直在努力做一件事情,


new Banksia Garden there," said Linda. The Australian National Botanic Gardens maintains a scientific collection of native plants from all parts of Australia. The plants are displayed for the enjoyment and education of visitors and are used for research into plant classification and biology. An herbarium of preserved plant specimens is closely associated with the living collection. The Gardens also cultivates plants threatened in the wild. This helps protect them against extinction and provides information which might assist reintroduction to their natural habitat.

Carillon’s birthday. Located on Aspen Island, Lake Burley


Government to the people of Australia to celebrate the

遗产可以追溯到 25,000 年前。今年,Namadgi 国家

公园因为被山火烧毁了 80%,所以我们没有安排那边 的游览,那边有岩石艺术遗址和其他一些重要的文化 遗址。我们常常会邀请原住民作为向导,让他们来讲 解他们的文化。这是遗产节很重要的一部分。” 今年的活动

她提到了,今年是澳大利亚国家植物园成立 50 周年。



客和本地人会来参观植物园,届时那里会有 Banksia

节日活动,并且会开一个新的 Banksia 花园。”Linda 说。


物。通过植物展,游客们可以欣赏和认识这些植物。 这些植物还会被用于植物分类和生物学研究。植物的 采集与制作植物标本紧密相关。此外,一些在野外受 到生存威胁的植物,也被种到了花园里。这既有益于 他们免遭灭绝,也会让我们获取它们的自然生存地信 息。


Carillon)。国家钟楼(National Carillon)位于

Burley Griffin 湖的 Aspen 岛上,是英国政府为了庆 祝澳大利亚首都成立 50 周年送给澳大利亚人民的礼 物。

Linda 跟我们讲述了更多关于国家钟楼(National

Carillon)的事情。“你可以在湖边看到这座钟楼, 它也已经有 50 年了。这里也有很多活动:展览、儿

童活动、游览和官方的纪念日庆典。遗产节通常会开 放一些平常不对外开放地方,所以大家有机会去参观 那些地方。钟楼之旅是免费的,因为是小游览团,所 以会很快都预订出去。游览者可以近距离看到钟铃是 如何工作的,这会很有趣。”

A second event worth mentioning is the National

让他们都可以了解到我们的遗产。与中国的文化遗产 相比而言,你可能会认为堪培拉,乃至全澳的文化遗

Linda 给我们介绍了今年遗产节的一些亮点。首先,

Griffin, the National Carillon was a gift from the British 50th anniversary of the national capital. Linda told us more about the National Carillon. "It is the bell tower that you see on the side of the lake and it is also turning 50. There are many events planned: an exhibition, children events, tours and the official birthday celebration. The heritage festival is often a chance to get ‘behind the

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events that aim to showcase Canberra's unique midcentury modern places. Linda said, "The modernist markets focus on the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, which is when there was rapid development of Canberra. The ACT is home to some very important architecture of that time and, by hosting many tours, talks and an exhibition, we hope that people will value what we have from this era. We challenge people to reimagine how we can reuse the old buildings and bring new life to them for a new generation.” scenes’ and visit places not normally open to the public. The Carillon tours are free, but book out very quickly as only a small number can attend each tour. You actually see the bells and how they work. So, the Carillon is something very interesting." Carillons have a minimum of 23 bells. With 57 bronze bells, the National Carillon is large by world standards. The pitch of the bells ranges chromatically through four and one-half octaves. The bells each weigh between seven kilograms and six tonnes. Cast in England by John Taylor & Co of Loughborough, they are fine examples of the art of bell founding. With the tower rising to a height of 50 metres, this allows the music of the bells to drift across Lake Burley Griffin and through Kings and Commonwealth Parks. The tower is lit at night, providing a magnificent landmark in the national capital. The new Ngunnawal Bell will be a feature of the 50th anniversary. Another highlight of the heritage festival that attracts a lot of visitors is the Modernist Market, made up of traditional market-style stalls including sellers of vintage clothing, jewelry, books, and homewares as well as food. People can take a look at some of the era's cars at the show and shine' classic car display or enjoy vintage hair and makeup demonstrations. Dress in your best modernist outfits and join in the best-dressed competition, or whip up one of Nana's recipes for the baking competition. Canberra Modern is an annual program of interconnected

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钟楼至少有 23 个大钟,57 个铜钟,钟声有四个半

Linda said, "The festival includes many tours with

音阶,每只钟铃的重量在 7 公斤至 6 吨之间,它们由

experts telling you about the architecture of buildings


lovely churches that we have. There are many beautiful

拉夫堡的 John Taylor & Co 在英格兰铸造,它们也


传统风格的小摊位售卖古董、珠宝、书籍、家居用品 和食物。届时,人们可以在经典车展上,看到一些具

有年代感的汽车,也可以看到人们复古的发型和妆容。 你可以穿上最赞的现代派服装,参加最佳着装大赛, 或者参加烘焙大赛制作美食。堪培拉现代艺术活动是 一项年度活动,旨在展示上世纪中期,堪培拉独特而 具有现代感的场所。

and there is also the opportunity to visit some of the churches such as the Macedonian Orthodox Church or St Andrew’s in Forrest with beautiful stained glass windows. Of great interest is All Saint’s Church in Ainslie. It was once a railway station at Rookwood Cemetery in Sydney where the trains brought the coffins from Central station. When cars were used instead early in the 1900s it was not needed any more. The people of Ainslie bought it and it was dismantled, with each stone numbered and rebuilt

人们买下,并被拆掉,拆除的时候,人们给每一块石 头都做了标号,然后带着那些石头,又在这里重新建

造。这座教堂跟我们这次遗产节的主题‘Reimagine’ 很贴合。可以让人们思考,我们今天要怎样好好利用 老建筑呢?”

“另一个利用了老建筑的例子,是 Kingston 曾经的

发电厂,现在是堪培拉的玻璃工厂。当这些老建筑有 了新用途时,我们真的很高兴。当堪培拉还是一座新


吸引了很多游客,我们为此感到很高兴。”Linda 说。 大家在遗产节期间还可以参加徒步游览,观赏传统


“我希望大家动起来,”Linda 说,“遗产节也有

徒步游览和舞蹈,大家也会有机会在 Yarralumla 学

习丛林舞蹈课程。这会很有趣,也代表了澳洲历史和 文化遗产。骑自行车也是‘动起来’的一种方式。

Heritage Polaris 活动要组队骑车去探索一系列分布

在堪培拉各地的遗产节景点。大家也会因此参与到遗 产节来。”Linda 说。


Linda 说:“现代主义市场了(The modernist

markets),那里主要展示上世纪 50 年代、60 年代

和 70 年代的东西,那是堪培拉的快速发展期。在当时, ACT 有一些非常重要的建筑,通过参观、讲座和展览, 我们希望人们能够珍惜那个时代我们所拥有的东西。 我们希望人们重新想想,新一代年轻人,如何让这些 老建筑发挥新的作用。”

Linda 说:“遗产节会有很多专家带着游览团,给


观教堂。我们有很多很美的教堂,比如 Macedonian Orthodox 教堂,还有 Forrest 区的 St Andrew’s

教堂,这些教堂有漂亮的玻璃彩窗。人们最感兴趣的 是 Ainslie 区的 Saint’s Church。它曾经是悉尼卢

克伍德公墓 (Rookwood Cemetery) 的一个火车站,

火车从中央车站运送棺材。20 世纪初,汽车出现了, 人们便不再需要它。于是,它便被生活在 Ainslie 的

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here. That goes very well with our theme ‘reimagine’. So how we can reuse old buildings to have a good use for today?" "Another good adaptive reuse is the old industrial building the Power House in Kingston, which is now the Canberra Glassworks. ACT Heritage is really happy when these old buildings get a new use. They used to produce electricity for the new city of Canberra. So, we are really delighted that they’ve been turned into such a popular tourist attraction and a facility for glass artists. It’s a great success story," said Linda. You can also stay active during the Heritage Festival by joining walking tours, colonial bush dancing and bike rides. "We like to get people moving,” Linda explained. “So there are walking tours and dances. There are classes to

活。孩子们可以看到他们的曾曾祖父,如何在 19 世

learn colonial bush dancing and then a chance to ‘kick up


do and part of Australia’s history and our heritage. Bike

纪建造家园。这里的导游经验丰富,他们可以让人们 古着装,来讲解人们在那时是如何生活的。

4 月 5 日,在传统文化节开始之前,我们会有一次特


定居地,他们在淘金热时期就来到了这里。他们在 19


your heels’ at the Yarralumla woolshed. It's lots of fun to riding is another very physical activity that you can do. The Heritage Polaris event requires teams of two cyclists to navigate to a series of control points linked to heritage spread throughout Canberra. It’s another way of bringing a different demographic into our festival," said Linda. Old places offer a chance for younger generations to

4 月 18 日是世界遗产日。世界各地的人们,都会庆

learn about their forebears’ lives. It's really good for our


built back in 1800s. An experienced tour guide can bring

祝本地的传统和文化遗产,这些,构成了我们的文明。 都分别有他们自己的遗产节。堪培拉地区遗产节是这 其中的一部分。迄今为止,堪培拉地区遗产节已经举 办了 38 届。


children to perhaps see what their great-great grandfather silent old buildings to life and they will often dress up in costume or do old-fashioned things to explain how people used to live. On April 5, just before the heritage festival begins, there is a special tour talking about Chinese settlement in the Canberra district. It reviews the history of the early Chinese settlers of this area from the time of the gold rush. Chinese people settled here in the 1800s, and they're an important part of Australian history.

在谈到遗产节的意义时,Linda 说:“我认为我们

的遗产要引起人们的关注,它是不可替代的。一旦它 们被拆除,就再也无法重现。对我们来说,教育人们 重视和保护我们的遗产,这是非常重要的事情。”


力。对当地人来说,遗产节会带给他们一种幸福感, 他们会为堪培拉感到自豪,他们在堪培拉有归属感。 遗产节,对于那些堪培拉的新居民来说,也很重要, 他们从中对这个城市有所了解,他们会感到,这座城 市与他们息息相关。

Linda 还提到,遗产节对于社区团体来说也很重要。

她说,“我们有许多社区团体参与,他们会举办开放 日活动,也会组织参观游览。对他们来说,这是吸纳

新成员的好机会,他们可以帮助照顾树木,参与除草、 种树以及监控野生动物的工作。这样我们的遗产才会

可持续发展。遗产节也让人们有机会展示他们的才艺。 大家可以在那里展现自己的制作手艺,这很有趣,并 且这种才艺技术现在越来越稀有了。最后,遗产节还

会有一些收藏品展出,比如汽车、机器、古董、老照片、 奖章和珠宝首饰。譬如,钟表匠们每年都会展出他们 精选的藏品。”

World Heritage Day is on April 18. All around the world, people celebrate places and traditions that are very important to civilization. It marks the start of the Australian Heritage Festival. Each state and territory also runs its own heritage festival around then. The Canberra and Region Heritage Festival fits within those celebrations. It's been going for 38 years. A festival to honor our civilization Talking about the significance of the heritage festival, Linda said, "I think it is drawing attention to our heritage. It is made of things that cannot be replaced. Once they're knocked down, you cannot recreate them. It is very important for us to educate people so that they value heritage and then learn to look after it." Through the heritage festival, people experience what is special to Canberra and what is special to this region. For

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local people, it gives them a sense of wellbeing. They gain pride in Canberra and a sense of belonging. The festival is important, especially for new people making Canberra their home. They feel connected as they start to learn a bit about this new city. Linda also told us how important the festival was to community groups. She said, "We have many community groups involved who may host an open day or guide a tour. It’s a chance to attract new members to their group who may help look after our bush by pulling out weeds or planting, or monitoring wildlife. It can have an ongoing legacy like that. The festival also allows people to show off their skills. They may have a particular craft skill to demonstrate which is of great interest, especially as

每届遗产节过后,Linda 都会收到很多反馈,她把


评论说,让孩子们参与进来,有机会看到传统手工艺, 这一点非常好。孩子们的爷爷奶奶告诉他们,“我们

过去就是这么做的,这是让孩子了解历史的好办法。” Linda 说:“那些在堪培拉生活了一辈子的人,他


兴。同时,那些刚到堪培拉的人也能了解当地的历史。 就像孔子说的:‘温故而知新,可以为师矣’。堪培 拉是一座年轻的城市,人们铭记它作为首都之前的面 貌,这很重要的。远在欧洲人定居之前,这里就有许 多农场和庄园,我们也要时刻铭记,我们的原住民在 这片土地上的悠久历史。”

these skills are becoming more and more rare. Finally, collections are put on display, such as. cars, other machines, antiques or old photos, medals or jewelry. Each year, for example, we have the clock and watchmakers exhibit some exquisite items." After each festival, Linda receives lots of feedback and produces a report to see how we can improve each year. Some of the positive comments have focused on the opportunities the heritage festival provides children to see old skills. Some grandparents of young children have told her, "this is how we used to do it, it’s a good way to introduce children to history." "For me, I am very happy when people who have lived in Canberra their whole life still learn something new about Canberra. People new to Canberra also learn about our history. It's important for people to understand where they've come from. Like Confucius said “Study the past if you would define the future.” It is very important for a young city like Canberra to remember that before it was the capital, there were many farms and rural property and before European settlement, there was the very long history of our Aboriginal people." said Linda.

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Canberra and Region Heritage Festival 14 April to 3 May 2020 View the program online from 19 March at act.gov.au/heritagefestival Share your photos and videos of festival events with the #HeritageFest20 hashtag

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A story of Misty: From sales to networking Story by Sarah Today, our story is about Misty Henkel, speaker,

author, sales trainer and Networking Queen in Canberra.

As a young girl, Misty was very quiet. She happily

sat for hours knitting and crocheting by herself. By

the age of 8 she was knitting babies clothes, which she would send to her great grandmother, who

would sell them for her to her friends. And she would

her knitting and crocheting was all it took to have the people around her spread her message.

“My love for earning my own money and being

in charge of myself started before I was 10 years

old, and I have taken that with me through all of my working life.”

As Misty grew up, she decided that being quiet

be paid to crochet doilies for her mothers friends.

really wasn’t conducive of earning her own money.

was to earn her own money doing exactly what it

but if you want to earn more, you have to learn to

Misty discovered at a young age how wonderful it was that she loved. Excitement and enthusiasm for

“Anyone can turn up and do a great job and be paid, speak and communicate,” said Misty.

Best Canberra 13 VOL.15

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Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



So at the age of 18 she decided to become a

barmaid and waitress. This was a job which required a lot of talking and communicating.

Her first bar job was at a bowling club. “At bowling

clubs, everyone would drink exactly the same drink, but my dad said that my job was to say, ‘Hi, how

are you going? And what would you like to drink?’

Always one to follow the rules when learning, I just followed his instructions.”

It was funny really, because I would have a line

up of 40 or more people, all buying the exact same

drink (a middy of VB) and I would be saying, ‘Hi how

are you going and what would you like to drink?’ And all of the customers would say, ‘Misty! There is only

one drink!’ But over time as I relaxed, learned to pull a good beer, take money and give change back to

the customer I then moved to other simple questions like, “Is it hot outside? Would you like something

to eat? How is your game going?’ And in this way I learned to talk and communicate.”

For 10 years Misty worked as a barmaid and

waitress, and over this time she discovered that her job wasn’t to sell food and drink, but to help

individuals “relax after a long day” or “enjoy time with their family” or “celebrate a milestone”.

“The food and drink was just the excuse to be out.

All of this could have been done anywhere else, a

selling beer and selling furniture because you just

move them out.’ It turned out I had quite a way of

the customer in the right direction.”

into a high achiever in a very short amount of time.”

have to be bright, pleasant, happy to chat, and point

Through furniture sales, Misty had to learn “how

park, someone’s home, but when you are bright and

to find out what a customer was after and then help

people will come to you, and buy what you have to

never came in wanting to buy a new bed. What

friendly and enthusiastic about what you are doing, help them remember their experience.”

“As a barmaid and waitress, I was very successful

because, my reputation grew as someone who

would help you ‘enjoy your experience’ and so I

would be requested to work for many parties and

special occasions. And as a result my money grew.” Then after 10 years, Misty moved into furniture


Misty said, “I thought waitressing was so different

from furniture sales, however based off the skills I

had learnt in talking and communication, I discovered that it was actually quite the same. My line had

changed from ‘What would you like to drink?’ To,

‘What would you like to buy?’ So it's very much the same thing. And there was no difference between

7 years ago, Misty attended her first business

networking event. To her surprise, having never

they wanted was a good night sleep,” said Misty.

industries, she could see that it was, “the missing

“Over time I learned to pre-empt the problem.” As a

salesperson, Misty is the most passionate person in her store and she would always reach the highest sales.

At the age of 24, Misty moved to a small country

town called Hay. She was looking to move away

from barmaiding so decided to try the travel industry.

heard of it before in both the hospitality and retail component to all sales.”

Misty said, "If you turn up to a networking event

and talk about what it is that you do, there might be somebody else in the room that needs the things that you're selling.”

For 7 years, Misty has been focusing on sales and

While learning to be a travel agent she was sent to

networking and how to get sales from networking.

It was in 2002 and she left that seminar thinking, “I

media and digital advertising is amazing now, so

a one-day seminar on customer service and sales. want to be that guy! I want to travel the world and teach people how to sell and be in charge of their

own lives by taking charge of learning how to bring in their own money.”

“Learning how to make your own money and

providing for yourself and your family is the most

It was then that Misty began her studies into sales.

Every sales book could get her hands on, she read and took notes and practiced the examples. "Back in 2002, the internet was around, but I didn't have it. I didn't have a computer, so I would say to my

bosses, where could I do more sales training? And

nobody knew. So I had to just teach myself and find

“Relationship sales is the way of the future. Social many things to buy, so many ways to sell, so much research can be done, and so much opportunity to

get yourself known across the world. Never has there been a time of so much abundance and opportunity as there is right now. However, inside of all of this,

people still like to buy from people. Learning how to

talk about your products and services, learning how to help people get what they are after, and learning

how to talk and communicate to others, hands down are still the most valuable skills for earning extra

money. And the great thing is, these skills are cross

transferable. It doesn’t matter what industry you are

in, you can use them across another industry selling an entirely different product and service.”

According to Misty, people think that they're worth

things as I went along. I would then create classes,

more money if they turn up every day. They are

teaching the people I worked with. Often I was asked

that walk in the door. But they don't understand

but because I had nobody to teach, I would go about to work in other stores, I thought that it would be

to sell and cover for an employee on holidays, but

when I would get there I would discover that it would be to ‘quietly pick someone up with their sales or Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin

“My enthusiasm for sales,” Misty said, “is infectious!”

them solve their problem.” For example, “A customer

important skill,” says Misty.

15 VOL.15

turning the quiet, uncomfortable person around sales

loyal. They do their job and they sell to the people that when there's no extra money coming into the

business then there is no extra money to pay out to it’s employees.

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Canberra Ready

and services and your excitement for what it is that

you're doing. And so networking is an opportunity to meet more people, to tell people what it is that you

do, to hand out your business card so others know

what is it you do, which allows them to ask questions and find out more about you.

ACT Health response about Novel Coronavirus 2019

Before I left Misty, I asked her one question, “What

is getting in the way of companies and individuals selling their products and services?”

1. We heard that, white people are less likely to be infected, like SARS. So does coronavirus really only infect

We believe at this time that it can take up to 14 days for symptoms to develop.

Asians? “There are three things,” she said. “Obscurity in

the marketplace. Put simply, not enough people now “The secret to increasing sales and therefore

increasing money into any business,” says Misty,

“is not in selling to the people who walk in the door. Nor is it in selling ‘extra’ to the people who walk in

the door, but to ‘get’ people to walk into your door.

And the only way to do that is learning to talk about

what you are doing and what you are selling, inviting people in and teaching everyone in your company how to do the same thing. They too need to know

how to talk about what they are doing, what they are selling and how to invite people in also. In this way, your noticeability in the marketplace will grow”

Misty is right. Today's world is advertising. You've

got social media that will advertise you. Any digital

media will advertise you. But nothing will advertise

you better than you, speaking about your products

who you are yet and not enough people associate you with your product. Talking about your product

and service. Simply put, individuals don’t understand

If you have travelled from mainland China recently or Absolutely not. The issue is that the novel coronavirus started in China’s Hubei Province and so unfortunately,

coronavirus, and you develop symptoms, the best thing

to date it has affected many more Chinese people than

to do is call your General Practitioner (GP) in the first

people outside of China.

instance. We ask that you do this before visiting the GP, to

in everyday language, what it is that you do and are selling. And follow up. You are not following

up effectively with the people you meet. Work on

these three points and you will have an abundance of people buying your products and services and referring others your way.”

are a close contact of a confirmed case of the 2019 novel

let them know you think you may have novel coronavirus We now know this virus can be transmitted from one

infection and so the general practice can plan ahead for

person-to-another. Because of this fact and because of the

your visit. Wear a facemask if you have one and avoid

speed and ease with which we all travel today, the novel

contact with others.

coronavirus has spread outside of China and can affect people of any nationality.

If you have serious symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, call triple zero (000).

Misty hosts many business networking groups in

Canberra including The World’s Biggest Networking

2. Since Australia has a high temperature recently, is it possible that the virus will get a mutation?

Event. The next one is held on Friday 29 May. If you

would like more information on sales training, how to sell what you do, networking and networking events,

4. Since NSW government has been put on alert for possible cases and the policy is really strict, is there some

It’s possible for viruses to mutate and change. Extreme heat (high temperatures) is not known to influence this.

plans of ACT for the precaution of coronavirus in the following days?

she can be reached by phone or email.

3. What are the symptoms for those people with

0414849253 Mistyhenkel@gmail.com

On the 1 February, there was a significant change in the

coronavirus actually contagious? And what should people

measures Australia is taking to protect the community

do in ACT, if they find themselves with a symptom? Which

against novel coronavirus.

department should they contact and the whole procedure?

LUXUS DICKSON 轻轨沿线高档联排别墅

Those measures are that if you were in mainland China The symptoms include fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue and shortness of breath.

and if you transited through mainland China, (excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) on or after 1 February

绝佳地理位置、优质学区房 2020年9月入住 仅剩三套

Will Ding: 0415 925 885

17 VOL.15

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



Canberra Ready

2020, you need to isolate yourself at home for 14 days after leaving mainland China. Prior to 1 February, if you were returning from Hubei Province, you need to isolate yourself at home for 14 days

Canberra Ready

In comparison to Australia, there are significantly more

The important thing for the whole community to

cases of novel coronavirus in China, resulting in a higher

understand is that this virus does not discriminate. It is

risk of being infected. The risk of a community member

not confined to the Chinese community, but the Chinese

being infected in Australia during their day-to-day

community are currently bearing the greatest burden in

activities is still very low.

helping us in the ACT and in Australia to prevent further

after leaving Hubei Province.

spread in the ACT.

we have done as a community to help each other. Visit www.health.act.gov.au/novelcoronavirus Call the Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080 to access a Chinese translator.

Masks are best used by sick people to help prevent the And, if you have had contact with a person who has been

spread of germs when coughing or sneezing. The medical

diagnosed with novel coronavirus, you also need to stay at

advice here is that if you are feeling well, then there is no

Chinese community that any health measures undertaken

home for 14 days from the day in which you were last in

reason to wear a mask.

are based on the best medical and public health advice

contact with that person.

and expertise. The ACT Health Directorate is working If you want to wear a mask, it is recommended that you

Chinese translations of updated fact sheets on home isolation will be available on the ACT Health website at

The ACT Health Directorate wishes to reassure the

with other state and territory health agencies, the

call your local pharmacy ahead of time to check if they

Commonwealth Government and the international health

have stock available.

community to manage this outbreak of novel coronavirus.

www.health.act.gov.au soon.

The line operates Monday–Friday from 8am to 8pm, and Saturdays from 8am to 5pm. Visit healthdirect website www.healthdirect.gov.au or call 1800 022 222 to speak to a nurse. Contact the Translating and Interpreting Service www. tisnational.gov.au if you need information in language.

There is some very early information that some people

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank our Chinese

may be infectious for a short period before they develop

community across the board for their help with this

symptoms or have minor symptoms. At this stage we

situation. We know that this is a very challenging time

think this may be up to 24 hours before a person develop

for our valued Chinese community, some of whom have

symptoms. While we think this is very uncommon, it is for

family and friends in the Hubei Province and other parts

document and would like an alternative format, please

Chinese government requires everyone to wear a mask

this reason, that we ask some people who have travelled

of China and are very worried about them.

phone 13 22 81.

when they are out.

from mainland China and are still well, in addition to

5. We learned that the risk management methods in Australia include: (1) There is no need for people to wear masks, while

contacts of a case, to isolate at home.

together to support one another at this time and treat each

(2) The coronavirus won't spread in the absence of symptoms or either during the incubation period, while

6. Before, some Australian media called the coronavirus

exactly the opposite, some people in the incubation

as China virus, other Media says “Chinese Kids stay

period are isolated in China.

home”. Actually, they have apologized to public. And now, Chinese community is panic to both coronavirus

How do you think about these contradictory policies above between Australia and China?

19 VOL.16

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin

We appeal to the entire community of the ACT to work

and discrimination. So could you please say something to

Accessibility If you have difficulty reading a standard printed

If English is not your first language and you need the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS),

other with the care and respect we all, as individuals, deserve. Fortunately, to date, the ACT has not had a confirmed case yet and much of that is because of the proactive work

please call 13 14 50. For further accessibility information, visit: www.health. act.gov.au/accessibility

encourage Chinese community?

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



Online courses Poverty-stricken students attended online courses during the special situation.


Many provinces in China have been taking concrete steps to help impoverished students take online courses. The move aimed to ensure that students from poor families could continue their studies through online courses during the epidemic.

Master’s students Chinese Universities want to recruit more postgraduate students.


The universities in China would expand enrolment rates for graduate students studying for a master's degree this year to increase access to higher education for millions of graduates affected by the COVID-19 epidemic.

MVP Zhu Ting selected as Chinese Women's Volleyball League MVP.

Editor: Xiyu Feng Figure: From the Internet

21 VOL.16

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin

Zhu Ting was selected as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of China Volleyball Association 2019-2020. She is the core figure of the Chinese national team. Zhu played for the Tianjin Bohai Bank Women's Volleyball Club last season and helped this team win the twelfth league championship.

3. Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



Spring Begins

The whistle blower" for the outbreak

Spring Begins means spring is coming.


Dr. Wenliang Li died of COVID-19 pneumonia on February 7.

Spring Begins is one the important term in the 24 Solar Terms in China. It also marks the coming of spring. On this day, Chinese people will eat a kind of food called "Spring Cake" to pray for good health.

The angels in white


Wenliang Li, an ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital, was called the "whistle blower" for the outbreak as early as December 30, 2019. However, his talk was regarded as a rumour, and was warned by the police.

Summer Universiade

Medical staff are the strongest groups to fight against the COVID-19 epidemic in China.

Chengdu, China will host Summer Universiade 2021.

The 31st Summer Universiade

In the face of this sudden COVID-19 epidemic, doctors and nurses raced against time and competed against the virus to make every effort to fight against the disease.

will be held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China in 2021. Chengdu is also the fourth mainland Chinese city



to host the Universiade after Beijing, Harbin, and Shenzhen, and it is also first Midwest city in China to host the Universiade.


The Volunteers

Qingtuan are green dumplings that are common in Chinese food.

Chinese actor went to a mask factory as a volunteer to make masks.

6. 23 VOL.16

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin

Chinese well-known actor Xin Gao volunteered to go to the mask factory to continue his work. He worked from 9 pm to 5:30 am and made 42,000 masks. He has participated in the famous idol drama— Romance in the Rain.


Qingtuan is made by mixing glutinous rice with Chinese mugwort and it is then usually stuffed with sweet red bean paste. Since the grass is only available in spring, this food is only edible in spring.

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



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