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Vinnies Bushfire Appeal, helping with the bushfires recovery


—interview with John Feint, President of St Vincent de Paul Society Canberra/Goulburn

BEST CANBERRA An English teacher in Canberra, familiar to many Chinese, who provides every help to her students.



An interview with Joe Murphy, ACT Rural Fire Service Chief Officer.





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Vinnies Bushfire Appeal, helping with the bushfiares recovery — Interview with John Feint, President of St Vincent de Paul Society Canberra/Goulburn

Vinnies 山火全部善款正帮助灾后重建 — 采访 John Feint, St Vincent De Paul Society Canberra/Goulburn 主席 Story By: Bo Wu

Bushfires are heavily impacting the South Coast this summer and devastating several communities across Australia. Hundreds of homes have been lost, livelihoods destroyed and tragically, some people have lost their loved ones. Vinnies helps people affected by the fires. CBRLife journalist has interviewed John Feint, President of St Vincent de Paul Society Canberra/Goulburn (Vinnies). The St Vincent de Paul Society is dedicated to tackling poverty and disadvantage by providing a ‘hand up’ to anyone in need in the community. Assistance is provided through a number of services and programs, as well as by volunteer members who visit with people in need to find out how best to provide support. Mr.. Feint has recently visited bushfire affected areas, helping people impacted to recover. The area of Canberra/Goulburn covers the South Coast, from the Victorian border up to Batemans Bay, covers the Snowy Mountains and out west through Tumut and Cootamundra out to West Wyalong and Lake Cargelligo, and of course includes Canberra and Goulburn.

Mr. Feint’s visit to affected areas The affected areas are along the South Coast and Tumut. The communities affected are from Batemans Bay down to Eden, a couple of hundred kilometers along the coast.

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生活。山火吞噬了一个个社区,成百上千的房屋被烧 毁,居民生活遭到破坏。更悲惨的是,有些人永远失 去了亲人。Vinnies 正在帮助那些因山火而遭受损失 的人们。

最近,St Vincent De Paul Society Canberra/

Goulburn 主席 John Feint,到访了受山火影响的区

域,他帮助火灾地区的人们重建家园。CBRLife 记者 就这一主题,采访了圣文森特·德·保罗(St Vincent de Paul)协会主席 Mr Feint。

St Vincent De Paul Society Canberra/Goulburn

一直在人们需要帮助的时候提供及时的支持,以防 止他们的困境和处境更糟,并从而鼓励他们自主的 走出困境。他们制定了很多服务和计划,并且组织

Vinnies 成员(Conference members)去了解人们 的需求。

堪培拉 / 古尔本地区囊括了南海岸,从维州边界

一直到贝塔曼斯湾,包括雪山,西至 Tumut 和

Cootamundra,一直延伸到 Wyalong 和 Cargelligo 湖,当然还包括堪培拉和古尔本。 Feint 先生到访受灾地区

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



Houses are burnt. People had to leave home. They are suffering great pain. During his visit to affected areas, Mr. Feint has met many such people. “I've been going down to Batemans Bay and other localities nearby, helping with the bushfire/recovery efforts there and also visiting areas that have been burnt. It's quite clear there's a massive amount of destruction and disruption in these communities. The people affected are still hurting. In some respects, they've gone through shock and now they’re going to realise the impact. People that we have been helping, are in the process of grieving for the loss of property and personal possessions.” Said Mr. Feint. What is the current situation there, According to Mr. Feint, areas like Batemans Bay, in terms of the community itself, are trying to get back to normal. They're trying to Some right on the coast and others in the hinterland to the beach and the seafront. A lot of small communities are in bushland. The communities, like Mogo and Cobargo, where a majority of properties have been destroyed, have been most seriously affected. The fire went straight through those towns. The fire affected communities there from Batemans Bay, going up to Wollongong and to Nowra. Now, those are being handled by St Vincent de Paul Society NSW colleagues. Several recovery centers are set up there and Vinnies is helping on the scene. Mr. Feint said, “Since the fires started, our members have been on the ground providing assistance wherever they could. Before we had even launched our Bushfire Appeal, we were providing assistance from our existing funds, and providing clothes from the Vinnies shops. The NSW Government has now set up recovery centers to help the community at Ulladulla, Batemans Bay and Bega and Vinnies is a part of those recovery centers and that's where we're seeing and helping people.”

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受山火影响的地区在南海岸和 Tumut 沿线。受灾

社区一直从 Batemans Bay 到 Eden,覆盖沿海数百 公里,其中有些社区在海岸,还有一些在与海滨接壤 的内陆地区。还有些社区的房屋损毁特别严重,比如 Mogo 和 Cobargo。这些小镇被大火径直烧过。

大火从 Batemans Bay 开始,蔓延到 Wollongong

和 Nowra,这其中的社区都遭受了严重的影响。 新南威尔士州和 St Vincent De Paul Society

encourage people to go back down the coast to holiday there. The businesses are suffering from the fact that the fires happened at the busiest tourist time of the year. So the local communities are trying to get the message out that whilst a lot of people have been affected by the fires, beaches are still there to enjoy and people should come down

Big loss in affected communities In those affected areas, some houses were completely

Canberra/Goulburn 的工作人员正在处理这些问

burnt. Some are still there but smoke affected. We can see


down, while the other next to it, is just smoked but not

题。那边有一些灾后恢复中心,Vinnies 在现场探望 Feint 先生说:“自山火爆发以来,我们的 Vinnies


the scene that, in the same street, the house is totally burnt burnt. Talking about this scene, Mr. Feint said, “Obviously, there are lots of houses and hundreds of


properties in that area that burnt fully or were damaged by


affected. It sometimes depended whether someone stayed

从我们 Vinnies 商店提供衣物(到灾区和需要的人 新州政府专门为 Ulladulla, Batemans Bay 和

Bega 一带受灾的沿海社区建立了灾后恢复中心。

Vinnies 是灾后恢复中心的一部分,他们在那里探望 和帮助受灾群体。”

the fires. And it's not as if every property in the street is and defended their property. Whether embers that got into a property could be sparked there. That does show evidence of how hot and vigorous the fires were, because all the trees burnt up into the crown and burnt in many places.”


的痛苦。Feint 先生访问受灾地区期间,见到了许多 这样的人。

Feint 先生说:“我去过 Batemans Bay 和附近的

一些地方,我加入了当地的救灾活动,帮助那里做灾 后重建。我也察看了被烧毁的地区。这些社区中有大 量建筑倒塌,设施损毁。被波及的人们仍然还在深受 伤害。人们刚从震惊中恢复过来,开始渐渐意识到山 火对他们造成的影响。他们为山火造成的财产损失而 深感惋惜。”

现在受灾区域是什么情况?根据 Feint 先生介绍,

像 Batemans Bay 这样的地区,社区正在慢慢的恢复 到正常,也在慢慢鼓励人们去海边度假。山火在全年 旅游业最好的时候爆发,那里的商业遭到了严重的打 击。当人们因为山火受到损失,当地的社区会帮助受 灾的居民发声。 受灾社区的损失 在那些受影响的地区,一些房屋被完全烧毁,另一

些房屋因烟雾侵入而受到影响。我们可以看到这样的 场景,在同一条街上,一栋房子被完全烧毁了,而它

旁边的另一栋只是被熏黑了。在谈到这一幕时,Feint 先生说:


甚至完全烧毁。但你也可以发现,并不是所有房屋都 被损毁,这个取决于,是否有人待在房屋里,保护这 个房子,是否有火星掉到房子里,点燃房屋。你会发 现大火在这些地方熊熊燃烧过,炙热的火焰燃烧了所 有的树冠,火势蔓延,把很多地方烧毁了。”


烧,但是大量烟尘进入房屋,导致家具和电器损毁。 Feint 先生说:“人们现在要面临更换家具,换地毯

和窗帘。浓烟和烟尘弥漫到家具里,很难清洁。因此, 许多人因火灾而流离失所,不仅是房屋被烧掉了,他 们还受到烟尘的影响。”

还有一种损失是看不见的。山火沿着海岸燃烧,影 Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



our funding.”

And, even worse, sad things happened. “Sadly, we also have some negatives. Some of the people we've seen, have had things stolen from their properties after they've been burnt out. Things are still valuable to them. They were not able to get into those areas, but people have got in there and stolen machinery equipment that wasn't burnt. That is something that sadly does happen. And we have to assist those people. But hopefully that's a minority. The great majority of people in that community, give generously to support our bushfire victims. They give of their money, they give of their expertise and many are giving up their time, ” said Mr. Feint.

Vinnies bushfire appeal The other impact on a lot of properties was through smoke and soot. A lot of smoke got into a lot of houses that were near the fires, but not burnt themselves. But furniture and appliances in the house got damaged. Mr. Feint said, “People are now faced with replacing their furniture, replacing carpets and curtains, because they just permeated with smoke and soot, and very difficult to clean. So we are seeing a lot of people who have been dislocated, as a result of the fire in that way and affected not directly by being burnt out, but by the smoke and soot.” Another loss is invisible. Some people lose income, as a result of not being able to work, as businesses are closed down because of the fire on the coast. For these affected areas, summer is the best season for local businesses. But this summer, they have to close the door. How to help these people? Mr. Feint said, “We can help to support people through that time of uncertainty, until they are back into regular employment. We can help people with some emergency accommodation with emergency food, clothing, toiletries, utility costs. We are quite flexible and we can provide assistance through

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Vinnies is distributing money from the government and


additionally, Vinnies also has Bushfire Appeal money.


bushfire appeal are going to bushfire victims. Also people

在那些地区,夏季本应是当地生意最好的时候。但是 这些人,Feint 先生回答说:


们回到工作岗位上。我们可以为人们提供紧急住所、 食物、衣物、洗护用品和水电费用。我们的方法非常 灵活,我们可以通过资助的方式给大家提供帮助。” 然而,更糟糕的事情,发生了。 Feint 先生说:“不幸的是,我们也看到了一些不好

的事情。有些人,他们的房屋着火了,房子里的东西 被偷走了。这些东西对他们来说还很重要,但是这些 业主却无法返回火灾地区。然而有人却趁虚而入,盗 取了室内没有被烧到的机器和设备。业主们没办法进 入他们的房子,所以,那些人为的悲剧发生了。我们 必须去帮助这些受害者。不过幸运的是,那只是一小

部分。社区里的大部分人都很慷慨,他们奉献了金钱, 奉献了时间,也有些给了专业建议。” Vinnies 的山火救济动员

Vinnies 有政府的资金支持,也有自己的山火救济

All monies that Vinnies receive through their national who have experienced property damage or loss, including damage from smoke and soot, or have lost power, electrical appliances in the house may have been burnt out, because they are shorted in power. All of that can be covered. Mr. Feint said, “The Australian government has given Vinnies as well as the Salvation Army some funding,

动员款。Vinnies 收到的所有“全国山火救济动员”

资金,都会发放给山火受灾者。所以,那些因山火和 浓烟而导致房屋受损、电路受影响,电器被烧到,或 电源短路等情况,都可以申请这一笔资助。

Feint 先生说:“澳大利亚政府给了我们和救世军

(Salvation Army,国际性宗教以及慈善公益组织) 一些资金,用于受灾地区。那些因山火而正在经历财 务困难的家庭,每户可以领 1000 澳元的政府补助。

Vinnies 也有自己的山火救济动员款。受灾群众可以

从 Vinnies 的山火救济动员中,获得额外的补助。” “另外我要补充的是,我们也会帮助那些在堪培拉

受到山火影响的人们。我有一个例子,有位女士,她 住在 Catalina,在 Batemans Bay 南边,她的房子 被山火烧毁了。她从 Catalina 逃到了堪培拉,现在


为火灾来到堪培拉的人们,以及其他地区的受灾群众。 他们的家被烧掉了,也无法跟亲戚朋友待在一起。因 此,我们正在努力与这些流离失所的人联系,无论他 们在哪。”Feint 先生说。


到一定补偿。根据 Feint 先生介绍,大部分家庭都有

房屋和财产保险。但拿到保险公司的理赔需要一定时 间;有些家庭,还需要时间去决定是否要重建房子,

还是卖掉土地或是直接搬家。所以 Vinnies 希望他们 的救济金,能在这段时间内帮助到这些家庭。

which can be delivered in the area. People who live or work in a bushfire affected area and experience financial hardship due to bushfire can receive $1000 per household that Vinnies is distributing from the government. We also have our Vinnies Bushfire Appeal money. If people need help because of bushfires they can receive additional financial assistance from the Vinnies Bushfire Appeal funds.” “ I should also add that we are also seeing people in Canberra. In fact, I'm going to see a lady whose property has been destroyed at Catalina, south of Batemans Bay. Now she is staying with her son in Canberra. She just evacuated from there to Canberra. So we need to help

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



people in Canberra as well as other places in our region where people were moving out. They haven't got a home anymore on the coast, to stay with relatives and friends. So we are trying to get in touch with those people wherever they are.” Said Mr. Feint. Luckily, most people are insured. So some of their loss could get covered. According to Mr. Feint, most people that they've spoken to have their houses and contents insured. So for Vinnies, it's simply a question of helping them while they get their insurance sorted out and get those payments, and work out whether they're going to rebuild on that site, or to sell the land and move away. Mr. Feint said, “Reconstruction work itself is handled, but most people are insured. So that covers their cost. The funding that we provide is not tied. We can give them a cash amount of up to $4000. It's then up to the family, the household, to decide how they could use it to assist with reconstruction. They could use it for more immediate needs which most will probably do. It's not dependent on whether people have insurance or not.” “This is not the end of the assistance either. We are encouraging people to come back to us if they need further help. This may be a week later, or months or years later. We will be available to assist whenever people need us.”

Ongoing recovery in the affected communities Refer to Mr. Feint, for the initial recovery, the recovery centres that they're assisting at will be open for 6 to 8 weeks. That recovery centre will be open,7 days a week, 9:00-5:00, or 10:00 to 4:00 on the weekends. So that's to provide immediate recovery assistance. Asked about estimated recovery time, Mr.. Feint said, “I think it will be at least two years that a community takes to get back on its feet for the rebuilding to have been completed. Whilst there is a great amount of personal and family tragedy associated with this, the positive side of fires and adversity is that people come together as a community to help each other. A lot more people

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Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin

Feint 先生说:“重建工作正在进行当中,但鉴于大

多数人都有保险来理赔,所以我们的重建资金并不是 一次性的,受到影响的居民最高可以拿到 4000 刀的

现金补助。这些补助金的用途视个人情况而定,人们 可以拿这笔钱来解决一些紧急的需求,无论他们有没 有保险都没关系。”


的话,我们鼓励人们回来找我们,可以是一周之后, 也可能是几个月甚至几年之后。任何时候有人需要我 们,我们都会去提供帮助。”Feint 先生说。 受灾社区正在恢复中 根据 Feint 先生介绍,最初的恢复阶段,恢复中心

将会用 6 到 8 周的时间来接待这些人,一周七天都会 开放,周末是 9:00-5:00 或者 10:00 to 4:00。这样便 于即时提供灾后援助。

当提及灾后恢复所需的时间,Feint 先生说:“我认

为,至少要花两年时间,才能把社区重新建好。山火 给个人和家庭带来了悲剧,但是我们也看到了,人们 互相帮助,自发形成了一个社区,他们相互了解,相 互支持。”

get to know each other and support each other in the community.”

Mr. Feint also took Tathra as a reference. “Our experience with the Tathra bushfires two years ago, where 108 properties were destroyed, was that some people decided not to return, and others to reconstruct. We've just finished working with that community; two years on from the fire. So recovery is not a quick process. It takes years to work through the community,” said Mr. Feint. More and more volunteer members of Vinnies from Canberra and other regions, come to help in the affected areas. So recovery centres keep operating and providing immediate help to the victims. Mr. Feint said, “In order for us to sustain our presence at the recovery centres, we're now calling on our volunteer members here in Canberra and regional areas to roster themselves on, to go down the coast and help in those centers over the next 2 months.”

Mr. Feint’s hope


Feint 先生也希望大家都能关注 www.vinnies.org.

au 网站上的山火救济动员(bushfire appeal)页面, Vinnies 会持续为人们提供支持和帮助。

Feint 先生说:“澳大利亚的山火季节,只过去了一

半。山火会带来更多悲剧,也将会有更多事情需要我 们去做。不得不说,我们的日常工作就是每天都在帮 助需要帮助的人,这次山火救助给我们的日常工作中 增加了新的挑战。”

在这个阶段,Vinnies 会随时为人们提供支援,

Vinnies 会为这些人提供物质上和精神上的双重支持, 也会在经济上帮助受灾人群,无论他们需要什么, Vinnies 都会一路相伴。

Feint 先生说:“我们希望能对受灾群众提供及时

的帮助,解决他们眼下的困难。过去的几天里,我们 也一直在为此努力。我们帮助受灾群众解决燃眉之

急,缓解他们的焦虑。不过,想要解决这些问题还需 要几个月的时间;而由此造成的心理伤害,更是需要 几年的时间来疗愈。当人们从震惊中恢复过来,他们 会感到悲伤,会开始计划他们下一步要怎么办。那需

Feint 先生还举出 Tathra 重建的例子作为参考。

“两年前的山火造成了 108 处房屋建筑的毁坏。根

据过去的经验来看,一些受到影响的居民会选择搬到 其他地方重建家园。对于那些选择留下的居民,我们 刚刚结束了两年艰苦卓绝的重建社区工作。这些工作 并不是一蹴而就的,我们花费了整整两年的时间进行 全面的社区重建。”Feint 先生说。

越来越多来自堪培拉和其他地区的 Vinnies 成员,


恢复中心得以持续运营,为受灾人群提供即时的帮助。 Feint 先生说:“为了使我们的灾后恢复中心维持运

转,我们召集了堪培拉和其他地区的成员,在未来两 个月内,他们将在沿岸的各个恢复中心,一起排班轮 岗。”

Feint 先生的愿望 Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



The generosity of community is in continuing to support bushfire recovery efforts and to point everyone to www. vinnies.org.au website to the bushfire appeal page there and to continue to give generously as the needs are there at the moment. Mr. Feint said, “We're still only halfway through a bushfire season in Australia. So we could still certainly have more tragedies and more fires issues that we need to help with. And I have to say that this is in addition to our normal work that we do regularly in the community, helping people day to day with their needs.” Vinnies is there to help at any time during that process, to provide the material support as well as emotional support for people, help with financial planning, whatever people need, to help them along the way. Mr. Feint said, “We hope that we help people over


Vinnies 会始终和他们在一起。我们希望通过我们的 努力,可以让人们更快的解决问题。”

关于 St Vincent De Paul Society Canberra/ Goulburn

Vincent De Paul Society,于 1833 年在法国成立,

Canberra/Goulburn has been assisting people experiencing poverty and disadvantage in the community. As well as visiting individuals and families in their homes, Vinnies runs a range of support programs across the Canberra/Goulburn region including:


• Emergency support helpline

Society 澳大利亚一直持续到今天。每天都有成千上

• Home visitations


• Blue Door drop-in centre

秉持同情心,热情和洞察力,St Vincent De Paul

万的人奉献他们的时间去互相关爱,投入精力去改变 堪培拉 / 古尔本地区的第一个理事会,是 1886 年在

Braidwood,由 Charles Gordon O’Neill 组织召集。

•Crisis accommodation and support for families and individuals experiencing homelessness • Camps and excursions for disadvantaged youth • Respite and recreation for young carers

their immediate difficulties. That was quite evident in working with people over the past few days. We deal

• Emergency provision of food and clothing

with the things that are most pressing for people right now, so that their anxiety levels reduce. Certainly that

• Access to tertiary education

process of dealing with the issue takes several months, psychologically can take years. After people move

• Support for people with a mental illness

through the shock, there's a grieving and then they start thinking about a plan and what to do. That takes a bit of

At the core of Vinnies good work is a grassroots

time. So we help people through those phases. Vinnies is

commitment to helping people break the cycle of

there in the long haul for recovery. We hope that, through


our work, we ease that process for people.”

About St Vincent de Paul Society

The best way to support the Vinnies bushfire appeal is via financial donations.

The St Vincent de Paul Society was founded in France by a group of young university students from the

11 VOL.15

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin

• 紧急支持热线(家暴 / 衣食等) • 拜访孤独老人或精神疾病者 • 蓝门餐饮服务中心 • 危难住宿救助

• 为家庭中承担过多义务的青少年(15-17 岁)提


• 弱势青少年(15-17 岁)营地和郊游 • 提供紧急食物和衣物 • 职业教育机会 • 精神疾病疏导支持 Vinnies 的核心工作是帮助人们摆脱贫困和不利的


捐款是对 Vinnies“山火救助”最好的支持,可通


• 在线链接 www.bushfireappeal.com.au

• 或者去 Vinnies 商店

• In a Vinnies shop

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The first Conference in the Canberra/Goulburn region in 1886. Since then, the St Vincent de Paul Society

通过上门服务个人和家庭的方式,Vinnies 在堪培拉 / 古尔本地区的主要项目,其中包括:

• Call 13 18 12

lives of disadvantaged people all around Australia.

was established by Charles Gordon O’Neill in Braidwood


• 电话 13 18 12

are thousands of people who every day share their time, care for humanity and energy to make a difference in the

Goulburn ,就一直在帮助社区中贫困人口和弱势群

• Online via www.bushfireappeal.com.au

Sorbonne, Paris in 1833. This compassionate outlook, enthusiasm and vision continues today in Australia. There

从那之后,St Vincent De Paul Society Canberra/




Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



An English teacher in Canberra, familiar to many Chinese, who provides every help to her students. Story by Bo Wu

Best Canberra 13 VOL.15

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin

Yvette Kirby is an English teacher at the Canberra

Institute of Technology (CIT). Her whole career has been working with speakers of other languages,

helping them with English or helping them in other ways. She studied Japanese as an international

student in Japan and then worked in Japan for a

subsequent in 4 years. After returning to Australia, she initially worked at the ANU, then relocated to

Melbourne where she made English teaching her primary occupation. In 2017, Yvette returned to

her hometown of Canberra and continued English teaching here. Of her work, she says,“I'm working as an English teacher now. I've also worked in at

several universities around Australia and overseas,

in student support and student services and helped students with personal problems, accommodation problems, and also with job-hunting and graduate

careers. I've always been fascinated by languages and cultures. I actually majored in Japanese at university as well as linguistics. And I studied

Japanese as an international student in Japan

myself. And the thing I want to do the most in my

life is to help to empower people. I wish to empower people and help them reach their potential.�

Yvette Kirby is also a familiar teacher to many

Chinese in Canberra, especially those migrants

holding a PR visa. For them, their first step after Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



than before. Because some students, such as these,

can already speak but it is just survival English. They

of other help from Yvette as well. For new migrants,

realize it. I help them t express themselves in a way

Yvette’s class will also provide the students a sense

can be found a little bit rude, even though they don't that when they need to ask for help, they will be

more likely to get help, because they are asking for

help in the right way. And then some other students

town centre, within the Gungahlin library complex.

Gungahlin library which has a wonderful range of

Yvette’s current English class is located in Gungahlin The Gungahlin precinct is populated by a large

number of Chinese residents, so it is nicknamed as Canberra's second Chinatown.

Thanks to the location, Yvette suggests her

students to borrow books from library, such as

children’s books. On the one hand, they, as parents, could tell their children stories, on the other hand,

they can improve their reading ability. Additionally,

CIT in Gungahlin also has its own small library and

other convenient facilities for students. When asked about these facilities, Yvette says,

“Gungahlin learning center is located conveniently

right in the heart of the Gungahlin town centre. Our classroom has a smart board, so we can

want to continue to Certificate IV level English so

We provide a lot of support. This can be hard for

are quite different. For some students, they come because they feel isolated. For others, they may

be good at speaking, but they don’t know to write a letter to their child’s school, for example. For

some others, they may be good at speaking and

writing, but they are not brave enough. They are not confident to speak to new people to make friends,

for example, to communicate to their neighbours, or their children’s teachers. And for some ones, they

have a really clear goal. Learning English is to help them find a better job and get a better life.

“It's very individual, But a lot of Chinese students

after leaving my class, they can actually have a

resources. So it's a very comfortable place and with

free tea and coffee too. There's a kitchenette as well.

15 VOL.15

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin

us as teachers, but it’s very much a passion job.

The reasons that students come to Yvette’s class

part of our program, but students can also use them can borrow readers, grammar books and other

They make friends and it's also for support as well.

materials for learning English.”

tend to be shy about speaking. Some can't say

anytime. There’s also a mini library where students

Yvette elaborates:“I think people join our English

And we're also lucky that we're right next to the

use multimedia as well. There are also computer facilities. We use them for language learning as

of security and a sense of belonging.

classes at CIT also for the sense of belonging.

that they can do university study”explains Yvette.

It's a small campus and a really friendly environment.

these types of help are quite important. Meanwhile,

come here for the certificate, so that they can

continue to further study at CIT or elsewhere. Some

having settled down here is to learn English in CIT.

Apart from learning English, students can get a lot

anything when they first start class. And then

conversation, maybe a very simple one. For other

students, when they finish studying with me they can use more formal English than before, such as make

polite requests and speak in a more appropriate way Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



Canberra Ready

We spend a lot of time helping students with other

So a whole semester, even at full price, 3 days a

club” in her class, otherwise, these Chinese students

isolation through building social connection. For

Centrelink pension card - it could be single parent,

improve their English level.

things. I think our classes help a lot with social

some students, there may not necessarily be a huge progress in their English learning, but they still make friends and benefit from other support available at CIT.”

Affordable tuition is also a reason that attracts

everyone to join. Government subsidies support people to study at CIT. For PR visa holders or

week, is about $600. And for some one who holds a disability or unemployment pension – any of these

people automaticaly get 50% off tuition fees, but then

different cultures, into the same class, is it too much

families. With fee assistance, you can get up to 75%

Yvette, the most important thing is to understand

“fee assistance”for all low-income individuals or

of your tuition fees for any course at CIT discounted. Yvette has rich experiences in English teaching

both in Australia and overseas. In her opinion, the

usually less than $200.

beginners. The courses not only allow students

On this topic, Yvette provides a detailed

explanation: “So actually we have two different

English programs. We have one for international students, and then we have another program for

students that are permanent residents or citizens.

To integrate students from different countries, with

there is another discount they can apply for called

Australian citizens, the tuition fee for a semester

of part-time study after government assistance is

get together, only speaking Chinese, and hard to

courses at CIT in Canberra are the best for the

to expect? Yvette has her own way. According to

students, to respect them, and to encourage them

to respect and learn from each other. In class, she

attempts to tap in to the students’ interests to make the class lively.

“We try to make things fun and have a laugh.

to better understand Australian culture, but also

But it's also about, keeping things respectful,

takes care of everyone in the class. Students,

that there are many different ways of doing one

integrate multicultural learning. Additionally, Yvette from different countries around the world love the

ambiance of Yvette’s class. But for Yvette, she has

her own hard work to do -----dissolving the “Chinese

First Hike Project. Many students found that a lot of fun and they went bush walking for the first time.” An English teacher’s work is certainly not only

limited on teaching. Students often wish to seek help from a native teacher for personal or career matters.

Yvette will even guide her students with how to apply

for Child Care Subsidy, and has also helped students to revise their resume and given suggestions for job interviews. Just as Yvette says, and as she

does in her job, “There are lots of things we support and connect people to in the community as well as helping them with their English.”

encouraging. I always encourage students to realise thing. The differences between students and cultures actually provides great topics for us to talk about and learn English through. Food and cooking is a great common topic. Different countries have naturally

different cuisines and food cultures. I think English

classes at CIT provide an important opportunity for

everyone to learn about their multicultural neighbours and ask questions they don’t usually get the chance to ask. There are also social opportunities such as

a hiking trip especially for migrants, offered through

17 VOL.15

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



Canberra Ready

Canberra Ready

An interview with Joe Murphy, ACT Rural Fire Service Chief Officer Story by Bo Wu Edited by Xiyu Feng

informed, understand what's going on there. There is no Q3. So there is quite a different status in Fires Near

immediate threat. So blue is Advice. If you see that pop-

Me. The one is out of control, the other is under control.

up have a read of the information, understand what it's

So could you tell us more about that?

saying, understand where it is in proximity to where you are and what you're going to be doing. The next one is

JOE: We have a couple of different levels of control. So

yellow. That's called Watch and Act. You need to be better

out of control, we are not controlling that. That means

prepared. You need to be understanding what's going on.

we don't have containment or control lines, which means

If you're closer to it, you need to start undertaking some

activities. There are enough fires out there we don't want

we don't have the necessary structures in place to keep it

actions. You need to start thinking about yourself. You


within what we call a box. So when it's being controlled,

need to have everything prepared just in case. So Watch

it means containment getting very close and we consume

and Act mean it's much closer to this area. So Watch and

much closer to constraining the spread of the fire. And

Act mean this fire might impact property or on a house

under control means we're quite comfortable and satisfied.

or on a life property. So we've called it a Watch and Act

The control lines are in place that we know what the fires

to say to people, you need to get better prepared. The

doing, we know where it's been and we know what we're

next one is red. that's called an Emergency Warning. It's

absolutely be a threat to Canberra. So if it was out in the

doing next to make sure that it will stay in control. And

about to have a direct impact on property, on people, on

parklands and prevailing wind side, we would be very

then it is out after that or patrol. So we make sure any fire,

houses. And that's the most serious one. The fire is on

concerned about that. It depends on where the fire is, and

we make sure that it's patrol for at least 48 to 72 hours

its way. This is really serious. You need to be very, very

what the fire conditions are at the time There's a whole

after the last smoke is seen to make sure it goes all the

concerned, but only if you're in proximity to where that

will be investigated. It will be done by the fire services

raft of actions that go around putting out and responding

way out as well.

Emergency Warning is. So if it was down on the border

with the police. But what we would like to say is, people

to any fire. So it would depend on what's going on at

need to be very careful right now. Everything is very dry.

that time. People need to be very careful, they need to

We're asking people to be very careful with any source of

work with the authorities and listen to what we're saying

ignition, matches, lighters, welding, grinding, anything

to them about being careful, about being safe and not

like that. They've got to be very careful. And when it's

undertaking high risk for fire activities.


This article is published here to express our thanks to firefighters, volunteers and people who provide helps in the bushfires catastrophe.

Q2. So is it a big threat to Canberra? The rubbish fire or grass fire? May cause a bush fire? JOE: The wrong spark in the wrong place could

Q1. There were also rubbish and grass fire time by time in ACT. So what causes the grass fire or rubbish fire? JOE: I can't tell you what the causes were that they

a Total Fire Ban, you can't do any of those high-risk

19 VOL.15

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin

between NSW and VIC, we wouldn't be concerned here Q4. So could you tell us about that, because people say that blue fire is not dangerous?

in ACT. It's too far away. So all these warnings are about whether you are local to the area, or whether the warning has been issued. And that's really important that people

JOE: All fire is dangerous. So the first one is Advice. Advice is where we're saying to the public to stay

understand, not every warning for everywhere, it's for that local area.

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin




Novel coronavirus Wuhan has been closed due to the pneumonia.

Recently, pneumonia caused by a novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) has been raging all over China and the world. The originated place of this disease, Wuhan, which is the capital city in Hubei province, has been closed during the Spring Festival.

2. Editor: Xiyu Feng Figure: From the Internet

21 VOL.15

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin

GDP per capita in China in 2019 The per capita GDP exceeded the US $ 10,000 in China. In 2019, China's GDP reached nearly one trillion yuan. The increase in GDP is 6.1%, which is a huge leap! Converted at the average annual exchange rate, per capita GDP exceeded the US $ 10,000 and reached the US $ 10,276.

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



“Year of the Mouse” People who are born in “the Year of Mouse” may be more intelligent. This year is the "Year of the Mouse " in China. The Mouse is the head of the traditional Chinese zodiac. The public thinks that people who are born in " the Year of Mouse" are generally more optimistic, and they are born with keen observation and the strong intuitive ability to help them complete the tasks in their lives more easily.

5. 3. Chinese New Year's Eve dinner

Red envelopes This is a great hope for youths to grow up healthy and happy. At the end of January is the Chinese New Year. On the first day of the Chinese new year, elders have the habit of preparing red envelopes (with money in them) for youths. This is called "Ya Sui Qian". This is to hope that young people can grow up healthy and happy in the new year.

Chinese New Year's Eve dinner is the most important meal of the year for Chinese people Chinese New Year's Eve dinner for Chinese is Christmas Eve dinner for Westerners. This is the most important meal of the year. All family members sit and eat happily together. The last dish of Chinese New Year's Eve is usually dumplings and fish, which implicates that people in the new year can earn more money than before.

6. Movie release cancelled Due to the pneumonia epidemic, all films released during the Spring Festival were cancelled.

4. 2020 Australian Open Chinese female tennis player Wang Qiang defeated world tennis star Serena Williams to advance to the top 16. Recently, the Australian Open, one of the four majors of tennis, has begun. Chinese female tennis player Wang Qiang defeated the top 10 Serena Williams in the traditional Chinese New Year's Eve to advance to the top 16 and created her best record in the Australian Open.

23 VOL.15

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin


The Spring Festival was originally a good time for the movies. However, due to the impact of the pneumonia epidemic, all Chineselanguage films released during the Spring Festival were cancelled to prevent the public from going to the cinema to cause the spread of the disease.

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



Zhong Nanshan Academician Zhong Nanshan went

to Wuhan to control the pneumonia epidemic caused by the novel coronavirus.

Academician Zhong Nanshan

is a famous medical scientist in China, who is 84 years old. He made an outstanding contribution


to the control and prevention of SARS during 2003. His research team's treatment experience has some guiding significance for the fight against SARS in the world. This time, he went to Wuhan to help other medical staff control


pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus.

Engel coefficient “Engel coefficient has been dropping for eight consecutive years" witnesses China's development and progress.�

9. 25 VOL.15

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin

In 2019, the Engel coefficient of residents nationwide was 28.2%, a decline for eight consecutive years. The Engel coefficient was created by the German statistician Engel in the 19th century and refers to the proportion of total food expenditure to total personal consumption expenditure. The prevailing international standards believe that the average Engel coefficient of a country is greater than 60% for poverty, 50% -60% for fair, 40% -50% for well-off, 30% -40% for relatively rich, 20% -30% for rich and below 20% for extremely rich. China's Engel coefficient has dropped from 57.5% to 28.2% today. This confirms that China's economy and society are developing and progressing, and it also shows that the people share the dividends of reform and opening up, say goodbye to the stage of food and clothing, and move towards a richer life.

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



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CBRLife VOL.15 【ENG】  

CBRLife VOL.15 【ENG】

CBRLife VOL.15 【ENG】  

CBRLife VOL.15 【ENG】