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The best fitness trainer makes you perfect

—An interview with Fei, celebrity fitness trainer of Body Boost Fitness



Six photographers express their love of Canberra -An interview with Bhaumik Bumia

Changes and trend on Australia Immigration policies

-Interviewed with John Hourigan, Registered Migration Agent and ex-public officer of the Immigration Department


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The best fitness trainer makes you PERFECT —专访堪培拉明星级健身教练 Fei Jiang Story by Bo Wu and Will Edited by Xiyu Feng 文章作者:吴博、侯戎威 编辑:冯习羽


Aussies have a passion on fitness. According to the

Suncorp 银行公布的《健身花费报告》显示,澳洲人

Cost of Being Fit Report, published by Suncorp Bank,

85 亿澳元,大约 460 万澳洲人办了健身卡。今天,

membership, sports equipment, and fitness products each

每年在健身卡、体育设备和健身产品上的总花费大约 CBRLife 来到了 Body Boost Fitness 的健身课堂, 采访了 Body Boost Fitness 的明星级健身教练 Fei Jiang。

Fei Jiang 是堪培拉最早的、屈指可数的华人健

身教练之一,她在堪培拉已经生活了 12 年,现

Australian people spend about 8.5 billion dollars on gym year. Moreover, about 4.6 million Australian people have gym membership. Today, CBRLife stepped into Body Boost Fitness class and interviewed the celebrity fitness trainer Fei Jiang. Fei Jiang is one of the few and the very first Chinese


fitness trainers in Canberra. She has lived in Canberra for

(Personal trainer),也是注册的澳大利亚力量与

fitness trainers in the ACT. Specifically, she is a Fitness

地说,她是 Fitness Australia 注册的健身私教

体能教练(Australian strength and conditioning

coach),也是运动教练(sports trainer), 同时也

12 years. By now she is one of the most famous registered Australia registered personal trainer; Australian Strength and Conditioning Coach; Sports Medicine Australia

是瑜伽教练(yoga instructor)。这么多教练的头衔, accredited Sports Trainer and yoga instructor. These titles 中文听起来似乎差不多,但是在澳洲本地的含义是不 同的。

关于教练的概念,Fei Jiang 给我们做了详细的解释:

Regarding the concepts of coach, trainer, and instructor, Fei Jiang gave us a detailed explanation, “An instructor

能教你什么东西。Trainer 就是大家平时印象中的健

trainer can train you and give nutritional guidance. Coach


Coach 相对来说更专业一些,相当于我们平时说的运 动员教练。”

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin

them are quite different.

“中文的教练,在澳洲却有 instructor,trainer 和

coach 的区别。Instructor 只能指导、示范,但他不

03 VOL.14

might sound similar in Chinese, but the meanings behind

can demonstrate, however, he can not train a person. A is more athletically.”

Fei’s Body Boost Fitness Classes Everyone’s physical condition is different. As a personal

Fei Jiang 的 Body Boost Fitness 课程

trainer, Fei makes personalised training plans for her


strength, etc.

clients, based on the client’s age, gender, diet, recovery,

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



平衡的基础,很多膝盖受伤、崴脚,以及 X 型腿和 O

intensity gradually increases. Fei provides customized diet


lost 8kg in just 10 weeks and looked completely different.

型腿,都是因为臀部没有力量导致的。如果臀部的力 伤。

guidance to her clients in this class. One of the participants However, Fei concerns more about her less disciplined clients. She encourage them to follow and achieve their

在 Body Boost Fitness 课程里, Fei 还开了各种团课, goals. She said, “Self-discipline is significant. If clients

其中的一门叫做“10 周挑战减脂营”。这门团课的减 肥效果非常好,尤其适合那些受体重困扰的人们。在 整个课程中,每一周的训练强度都会逐步增加,学员 们也要同时配合 Fei 给出的饮食计划。参加这个团课 的学员,最多的在 10 周内减掉了 8 公斤体重,整个

人看上去都完全不一样了。然而对于带团课,Fei 更


上进度,达到他们的理想效果。Fei 说:“如果 10 周内, 学员们足够自律,能坚持下来,跟得上运动计划的话, 身的人,身体条件是不一样的。Fei 作为私教,会根

Fei's boxing class is one of the most popular classes. In


the boxing class, clients can experience a real fight game.


on teaching boxing skill for self-defense, which is one

量结构等来为每个学员进行测试,根据测试结果,来 Fei 的拳击课,是很多女孩子们比较喜欢的。拳击课

上,学员们除了能够畅快淋漓的打一场,还会学到一 些拳击的技巧。Fei 比较注重拳击技巧的教学,学会

拳击是可以防身的,这也是许多女孩子们慕名而来的 原因之一。

Additionally, they can learn real combat skills. Fei focuses of the reasons that boxing classes is more welcomed by females. Another popular class is “peach booty. This class aims to tighten up gluteus. The aesthetics is different between West and Orient. Asian people love bony shape, while Australian people enjoy the fitness journey. This impacts

除了拳击课,另一门大热的是“蜜桃臀”课。 “蜜桃臀” some Asians who live in Australia. Asian girls in Canberra


reached Fei to achieve fitness goals – slim and healthy.


their goals. Fei’s clients who participated in “peach booty”


can follow my training plan, they will absolutely achieve what they want.”

Testimonials Fei is so happy to see the ‘before and after’ differences. Clients just love themselves more! During the interview with CBRLife, clients give their testimonials. Fei is one of the few mandarin speaking personal trainers


in Canberra. Chinese people can understand instructions


such as muscles and bones. If you don’t understand what

学员们对 Fei 的评价

training? But in Fei's class, you won’t encounter this

了多少钱,买了多少装备,办了多少卡,都没有关系, better. There are certain medical terminologies in fitness,

Fei 说,她最开心的事情,就是看见自己的学员,在


your trainer is saying, how could you keep up with your problem. Fei understands what king of shape Asian girls want.

都会更加喜欢新的自己。在 CBRLife 的采访过程中,

Asian clients always seek to be skinny or even bony. Fei

选择 Fei 的原因主要有以下几点:

fitness principals, for her Asian clients.

学员们也给出了自己对 Fei 的评价。总体而言,他们

在沟通上,Fei 是堪培拉少数几个华人教练之一,对

gives fitness plans, combined with Australia's advanced

Genetically, Asian people are significantly different from

于华人学员来说,教练和他们之间沟通起来更加方便。 white people. If Asian girls exercise athletically, they may

Fei deeply understand what they want and how to achieve

S 型、宽肩、丰乳翘臀的沙漏型身材。西方的审美标准, class are all approaching their dream shape. 影响了生活在澳大利亚的亚洲人。堪培拉的亚洲女生

们找到了 Fei, 提出了她们的健身目标——既要瘦,又 要有线条,又要有好看的翘臀!这个苛刻的要求,也

只有理解东方审美的 Fei, 才能帮助她们达到。参加了

‘Peach Booty’ can also help people to build a good foundation in fitness. Glute strength maintains lower body balance. Lack of strength in glutes may cause knee

Fei 的蜜桃臀课程的学员们,臀型普遍会从“外八下趴” injuries, weak ankles, imbalance and more. It is unlikely 的亚洲臀型,神奇的变成鼓起来、翘起来、立体的蜜 桃臀。



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Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin

to be injured in long run.

“10 Week Challenge Fat Loss Bootcamp” is Fei’s most popular group class. It focuses on losing fat, especially for those who suffer an obesity problem. The training

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin





good shape trainer is a good trainer". Some people judge


the appearance. Mentioned about this misunderstanding,

适合自己。器械大部分是有固定轨迹的。每个人身高 个人都是一样的运动轨迹。有些人每次来到健身房只 会使用某一种器械,而还有一些人,认为每种器械都 尝试一下,这就是健身。对于这一点,Fei 给了非常

专业的意见: “盲目的使用器械会导致一个问题,就 是只有在机器的运动轨迹里你才有力量,一旦出了这 个运动轨迹以后,你就没有力量了,长此以往,肌肉 形态会被器械的轨迹决定,你就成了器械的奴隶了。 所以我觉得作为一个好的教练,应该是要教会大家以 自由重量为主,固定器械为辅,自己学会控制运动轨 迹,让这些训练来满足你的需求。要做到这一点,对 教练的水平有很高要求。” 健身课程里面会有很多医学,甚至解剖学的专业词汇, end up with chunky legs. They prefer slim but tight legs. 比如肌肉和骨骼、内旋外旋等专有名词,如果学员对 这些词汇不了解,在本地英语教练的课上就会很难跟 上进度。但是在 Fei 的课上,就不会有这个问题。

在审美上,Fei 可以理解亚洲的审美要求。亚洲学员

们希望自己看起来很苗条,甚至有一些骨感。Fei 会

Thus, Fei's training method is "focus on hips rather than legs". Although lots of Asian people have lived in Australia

for many years, they still keep an oriental diet habit. They don’t like western food. Therefore, Fei gives her Asian

根据这些亚洲学员的目标,结合澳洲先进的健身理念, clients suggestions and recipes on healthy Chinese food. 来专门为他们制定他们想要的健身计划。



Throughout Fei's career, she has encountered lots of

亚洲人普遍腿短,如果按照西方人的标准来健身的话, misunderstanding about fitness. Fei introduced us the 腿的效果可能是又粗又短,这是很多亚洲女生不希望

的。为了避免这种情况,Fei 的训练理念是“重臀轻腿”, 让身材看起来比较匀称,既苗条,又具有美感。


方的饮食习惯。如果长期按照西式的食谱来吃,这对 华人来说是很难的。所以在饮食计划上,Fei 会专门

给亚洲学员们一些中式的饮食建议,来指导学员们怎 样吃的健康、吃的美。


most common fitness misunderstandings as follows. One of the most common misunderstandings is

following the same routine. Many people access to the gym with a variety of fitness equipment. They have no idea what is best for them. Most equipment has a fixed trail. Every person's height and length of limbs are different. Some people keep using the same equipment, while others keep trying different equipment. Fei gave her professional opinion: "Keep using the same equipment will result in adaptive resistance. As time goes by, your strength and shape will be limited. Thus, I believe, it is

在 Fei 的教练生涯中,她遇到过很多哭笑不得的事情, better to perform with free weights, as well as fixed trail

这些事情大多是因为人们对健身有所误解。Fei 大致 为我们介绍了以下几个最常见的健身误区。

07 VOL.14

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin

equipment, to gain new stimulations. There is a higher

expectation and demand on experienced personal trainer."

Another common misunderstanding about fitness-"A the trainer only based on the trainer’s shape and even Fei said: "We need to consider the trainer's professional knowledge, experience, as well as teaching skills. These are more important. Take the football coach as an example, a football coach might be a senior, but you cannot judge him just by his age or appearance. I am a petite girl. It doesn’t mean I can only train girls. I am training a middleweight class male power lifter, who is highly likely to break the Asian record in 2020. The trainer's appearance is not directly related to their professional skills. " How can you tell which trainer is good? Fei gave her

人们对健身的第二个误区是“身材好的教练 = 好教

answer: "When looking for a trainer, firstly, you should

甚至脸,来判断教练的水平。对此,Fei 说:“我们

see the results he helped his clients to achieve. All of my

练”。很多人来到健身房找教练,只凭教练的身材, 要看教练的知识储备、教练的训练经验,包括性格和

consider his professional knowledge, and you need to clients can see results in a period of time.” Fei has never

教学方式等,这些方面比较重要。比如足球队的教练, stopped on self-improvement, and always expands her 他可能是个年纪很大的老人,也可能很胖,你不能光 凭他的身材、样貌、穿着打扮就觉得他不是一个好教

knowledge base.

练。再比如我,我表面看起来是一个瘦小的女生,但 是我现在带的一个力量举运动员成绩很好,他目前的 状况,很有希望在 2020 年打破亚洲纪录。这在健身

上也是一样的道理。教练的外表身材,跟他们的专业 能力和能够给你的健身效果,是没有关系的。”


自己呢? Fei 给出了她的建议:“找教练的时候,要

先看他的知识储备够不够,还有就是要看一下教练教 过的人的效果。不管是减肥、增肌,还是举重,我带 的学生都能达到很明显的效果。所以怎样选教练,这 是一个显而易见的判断标准。”Fei 教练在提高自己

的道路上从没有停止,永远都在扩展自己的知识储备。 人们对健身的第三个常见误区是“减肥 / 塑形可以速

成”。事实上,脂肪的代谢大概要 8-12 周,肌肉的

生长大概要 6 周,这是一个很缓慢的过程。Fei 介绍

说:“今天你吃了很多东西,明天你不会胖,但是等 两到三个月之后你会发现自己变胖了。所以,今天你 运动了,明天你的体重也不会减,要大概两到三个月 Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin




One more common misunderstanding: "weight loss

常常迷信‘10 天瘦 5 斤’,‘5 分钟瘦小腿’,’10

/ muscle gain can be done quickly." In fact, It usually


about 6 weeks. It is a very slow process. Fei said: "If you


下载 APP 预约 Fei 的健身课 在 Pencil in 的 APP 里面,可以预约 Fei 的健身课。

大家可以在澳洲的 APP Store 里面,下载 Pencil

in,注册之后,搜索 Body Boost Fitness 就可以找 到 Fei Jiang 教练 , 然后大家可以选择自己合适的时 间,在线约课。

今年 3 月 7 号,Fei 要开办她的免费讲座啦,届

时,Fei 将为大家带来最专业的健身指导,内容包括

postural assessment and rehab,营养学,以及个

别训练计划,包括频率、强度、容量和健身误区等。 关注以下微信号,直接联系 Fei Jiang 教练。

takes 8-12 weeks to metabolize fat; muscle growth takes overeat today, you won't be fat tomorrow. But you will find your weight up in two months or three. Counter-wise, if you exercise today, you will not lose weight tomorrow. It takes about two months or three to see weight loss. The result of training depends on consistency. People are often superstitious of these slogans like 'lose 5kg within 10 days', 'toning legs in 5 minutes' and 'no equipment home Peach Booty workout'. However, after all they will find it's a waste of time."

Make appointment with Fei via phone App You can make an appointment with Fei via a phone app called "Pencil in" . You can find "Pencil in" in both Google and apple APP Stores. Sign up and search Body Boost Fitness to see availability. On 7th March 2020, Fei is going to give a free lecture on postural assessment and rehabilitation, nutrition and programming, including training frequency, intensity, and volume. Follow her WeChat account. Contact today!

09 VOL.14

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



Six photographers express their love of Canberra —An interview with Bhaumik Bumia Story by Bo Wu Edited by Xiyu Feng

In January 2020, 6 members, with the common interest

Canberra for 3 to 15 years and each one of them loves

in photography and mesmerized by the beauty of

Canberra to the core. They thought about different options

Canberra, came together to show their love for Canberra

that they could present their work with. They were

through their camera lenses. They have successfully

discussions about doing it on canvas, or fine paper prints

completed their first photo exhibition “For the love of

or acrylic sheets. Finally, they decided to go with high-

Canberra”. They successfully transformed their passion

quality acrylic mount prints, which looked pretty good at

for photography and love for the Bush Capital from social

the exhibition and gave a mesmerizing view of Canberra.

media into the real world. Mentioned about the team, Bhaumik said, “I’m a Bhaumik Bumia, one of the six, stepped into the office of

professional accountant and a photographer enthusiast. It

CBRLife and told us the story about the exhibition. This

is an interest in photography and the love of Canberra that

is the first exhibition for all of the six. 10 Months earlier,

has brought us together. In our squad, we have Nicolas

when the idea about an exhibition was been discussed,

Duhaut. He is the main man behind this exhibition. It was

the common consensus was to represent the beauty of

his idea to come together and do the exhibition based on

Canberra. The team members have been a resident of

the theme - Canberra. Then we have Glenn Martin, he's

Best Canberra 11 VOL.14

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



Bhaumik said, “A couple of years ago, Canberra was

mostly abandoned farm machinery. Through my photo,

ranked as the third best city to visit in the world on the

I want to pass the message to the people that the eagle

lonely planet. We wanted it to continue to be in the top 10

sitting in the nest keeps an eye on green Canberra, we

& also contribute towards its growth in a different way.

must do the same & work towards making it more and

We want to show everyone, Canberra is a beautiful place

more green. That is the only way to address the Climate

to live in.” Canberra is an all-season city & that is what

change issue. I wanted to capture this at the sunrise. To

I have presented in the exhibition through my photos. I

achieve this, I must get out of bed early and reach the

have captured balloon spectacular in summers, Autumnal

location before sunrise to do all pre-shoot setup. That was

trees along lake Burley Griffin in Autumn, Foggy

a real struggle for me who is not so early riser. Passion for

mornings of winter & the milky way captured during the

photography made it possible and cloudy morning added

clear nights of spring. Canberra Sunrises & Sunsets are

the X factor to my photo. I was lucky enough to secure

not to be missed.

the 1st position. This gave a boost to my passion for photography.”

Today, Bhaumik’s fame on photography spreads all over the Capital. In 2017, he has won the 1st place in the

The 6 ambitious photographers have a future plan. They

Climate change photo competition, organized by the ACT

wish to make their exhibition an annual event. They

Government. The photo shows the silhouette of an eagle

always hope to present more and more about picturesque

under the background of the sunrise. Talked about this

Canberra. Just like what said, “Enjoy stunning images

competition, Bhaumik said, “When I was entering that

showcasing Canberra’s unique sceneries and unmissable

competition, one thing on my mind, it has to be something

landmarks. Because likes and shares also exist outside of

that has to go with the climate change. When I decided to

the digital world, enjoy an exceptional photo exhibition

enter this competition, the toughest thing was to decide

before exploring the Capital region for yourself!”

what to photograph that goes with the theme. I narrowed down on this sculpture called “Nest III” at dairy farmer hill – National Arboretum of Canberra. This is a striking metal sculpture of an Australian wedgetail eagle on its

More photos of Bhaumik Bumia via links: Insta: https://www.instagram.com/bb_clickz/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BBClickz/

nest, Nest III is made from welded steel found objects,

a very famous professional photographer and everyone

According to Bhaumik, their inspiration is Canberra, the

knows him in Canberra. We also have Sally Bishop, who

beauty that it has to offer. If you look at Canberra, it has

loves photography and is based in Canberra for 15 years.

forests, produces fiery sunset & sunrises, mystical fog in

We have Grand O’loughlan and he loves taking photos,

the winter, Colorful autumnal trees along the basin of lake

too. He has been calling Canberra home for the last 10

burley griffin. Canberra offers easy access to clear nights

years. The last but not the least is Vincent – Xianjun

and dark skies, which makes it a perfect location for

Huang. Vincent is from china and lives in Canberra since

some astrophotography like capturing the milky way or

2015. He loves landscape, meteor photography & infrared

meteor showers to name a few. So, this is Bhaumik’s start

photography too. And' it's again the love for Canberra and

of developing an interest in photography. We wanted to

passion for photography that has brought us together.”

present this to the wider audience through our exhibition.

13 VOL.14

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



CHANGES and TREND on Australia Immigration policies

-Interviewed with John Hourigan, Registered Migration Agent and ex-public officer of the Immigration Department Story by Bo Wu Edited by Xiyu Feng

At the end of 2019, ACT government has released

the new visa policies, which impact and change lots of people’s life. They concern about their future, as they live here, and wish to live here. Considering about this, CBRLife has an interview with John

Hourigan, Registered Migration Agent and ex-public officer of the Immigration Department, about the immigration policies.

About John Hourigan John Hourigan is a Registered Migration Agent with

a practicing agent since 2000 and prior to becoming

the rules. There are many degrees out there which

for over 21 years including working in several

the best choice for immigration outcome, such as

an agent he worked in the Immigration Department over 20 years’ experience as a registered migration agent and has lodged several thousand successful applications spanning all visa categories. The Migration Act.

Migration Regulations and policy instructions

change constantly and rapidly. John keeps his finger

overseas posts administrating Australia’s immigration

program, interviewing visa applicants and in deciding the outcome of their visa applications. There are

very few registered migration agents who can claim having a similar skill set to that of John’s.

The annual income requirement The recent immigration policies require a taxable

income is different from gross income. “Tax income

up-to-date advice and assistance to meet all their

Public Accountants; and a Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia.

Under the new rules, the students may not be able

to apply for permanent residency from the student

visa. But They still have a pathway through the other temporary visas before they can get a permanent residency. John said,”It might well be from the

student visa to the 485, maybe 485 extension, and

maybe onto the 491, before the 191. Others will be

dollars. John has specially mentioned that “taxable takes to account allowable deductions, such as

workplace, work expenses and accountants fees. ”If

you take all that into account, some people who may be earning gross income of 53,900, their taxable

income may be less than that. They won't be eligible to move forward from the 491 to the 190 visa. So they can have to be look at this. And they might

actually have to take out several jobs, in which to meet the income requirements.”Said John.

A harsh trend on immigration policies? John said, ”I don't think the immigration policies got

able to go from the student visa 485 onto the 190

harsh over the years. I think there's just a lot more

studied, to what their nominated occupation is, and

here. And the immigration program numbers in the

visa. And this will depend largely on what they've

how their points affected us both on the Canberra

Matrix and on the immigration points test. Plan out as they move forward. Under the new rules, some

cases are good luck, other cases just have to start planning on how to get to permanent residency on Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin

degrees, but not the best for immigration outcome. “

Financial Accountants and a Fellow of the Institute of

Possible Impact of immigration policies on students

15 VOL.14

of international business. There are very popular

income, which is equivalent the moment to 53,900

Managers and Leaders, a Fellow of the Institute of

immigration and citizenship needs. John has been

a masters of business administration, or masters

John is also a Fellow of the Australian Institute of

on the pulse of current immigration law, policies

and procedures to ensure clients are provided with

are very good for careers, but may actually not be

people who wish to come to Australia and settle

last year have reduced. What has happened over

the years is the policies become more prescriptive. the points test hasn't changed all that much in the

last eight years, with the more recent changes that

came through on the idea on the 16th of November Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



2019. It's given people additional qualifications to

the student visa to a permanent visa are limited to a

Suggestions for oversea students

student visa to the 485, maybe for 485 extension. If

obtain necessary points.”

For these years, the immigration policy is not

stable, especially for the occupation list. Students come here and study a major in the occupation

list for immigration. But maybe the next year, their

major would be move out form the occupation list.

Asked “Do they still have a chance?” John said,“Any student who's been studying here, for last 3-5 years in Canberra, would have to view optimistically their

few students. Many students will be going from the they're eligible and then on to permanent resident. It's still not available for permanent residence for

the 491 visa, then ultimate onto the 191. So there

will be some students, maybe progressing through

2 temporary visas after the student visa before they can apply for permanent residence. “

Will the policies go easing? John answered in a direct way and estimated a

chance of getting either the 190 or the 491 visa.

quite clear trend, he said,”No, it would never ease.

year. Obviously the students who got occupations

immigration policies. It all depends on what the role

Again, there’s only a limited number of places per which are closed on the ACT matrix and believed

less than 5 years. They just gonna have to transition between one visa to another before they can get the five years. So they can actually be nominated any occupation. So I think that the days of going from

I've been doing this for over 40 years and I've seen

Editor: Xiyu Feng

Figure: From the Internet

of economy is doing at the time. And our economy at the moment is not bouncing. The government

reduced 30,000 places out of the 189 visa program

in 2018. And the invitation points became 80, 85, 90 points. It’s getting hard for everyone.”

1. 5G in China 5G will change the digital circumstance in China. 5G is a very exciting technology and it will become a powerful promoter of digital transformation in China. 5G has low latency and high speed, which will change many application scenarios and bring disruptive changes to the communications industry. 5G will achieve the Internet of Things (IoT) , which will bring enterprises closer to users, and AR and VR will make the user experience even more impressive.

17 VOL.14

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin





Passed Away

The Retirement

Yuan-Cheng Fung, a foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and “father of the world's biomechanics�, died at the age of 100.

Mr. Liu Chuanzhi, "Godfather" of the entrepreneurs in Chinese Business Circle, Retired now.

Recently, Mr. Yuan-Cheng Fung, a Chinese American and the world's "father of biomechanics", died at the age of 100 at the UCSD Jacobs Hospital in California. He was the founder of biomechanics. In this field, Mr. Fung and his laboratory have made three landmark achievements, namely the study of the constitutive relationship of biological soft tissues, the study of pulmonary hemodynamics, and the study of the relationship between growth and stress of tissues and organs.

Lenovo Holdings announced that Mr. Liu Chuanzhi, the chairman of Lenovo Holdings and founder of Lenovo Group, resigned as the chairman and the executive director of the company. He would serve as honorary chairman, senior consultant and member of the board's strategy committee in Lenovo Holding. As an entrepreneur, he founded Lenovo that is the worldwide largest personal computer company, and took the lead in making a China's voice in the world's high-tech industries.

Critical Ice Nucleus Anti-cancer Drugs

Chinese scientists confirmed the existence of a "critical ice nucleus" for the first time.

China's self-developed anti-cancer drug zanubrutinib may land in the United States. Recently, zanubrutinib becomes the first new anti-cancer drug independently developed by a Chinese company and approved to be marketed in the United States. The 30-day course costs $ 12,935, which is exactly the same as the similar star drug, ibutinib. This is also a major breakthrough in the history of the development of anticancer drugs in China. Zanubrutinib is a specific medicine for treating lymphoma.

19 VOL.14


Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin


For the first time, Chinese scientists have experimentally confirmed the existence of "critical ice nucleus" during water icing, and given the relationship between the size of the "critical ice nucleus" and the super-cooling temperature, thereby confirming the prediction of the "classical nucleation theory". The research results have recently been published online in the internationally renowned academic journal, "Nature".

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin



China’s Aircraft Carrier China's first domestic aircraft

carrier officially entered service, named Shandong Ship

China's first domestically-

made carrier, Shandong Ship, recently officially entered service in Sanya, Hainan. This is also


China's first independently developed aircraft carrier. Although aircraft carriers in China started late, they are developing rapidly nowadays. This aircraft carrier will also become an important force for maintaining peace in the world.

8. Shanghai Grand Opera House One large Opera House will be built in Shanghai, China. Shanghai will build a large opera house to deepen Shanghai's cultural heritage. After the completion of the opera house, it will become a world-oriented cultural living room in Shanghai, as well as a new engine and new height for the development of opera art at home and abroad.

The Special Academician Yuan Longping Appointed as Special Academician of Guangdong Ocean University.

7. Rural Life Youtuber in China Li Ziqi became one of the most influential YouTubers in China. Li Ziqi, a blogger demonstrating the beauty of rural China, has about 7.5 million followers on YouTube, becoming China's most refreshing YouTube influencer. Her video is a good introduction to Chinese traditional culture, and also fully shows the peaceful and tranquillity of Chinese rural life.

21 VOL.14

Connect and Impact in English and Mandarin


Recently, Mr. Yuan Longping, the "father of hybrid rice" in the world, was formally appointed as a special academician of Guangdong Ocean University. Mr. Yuan said that he was glad to be appointed as a special academician at Guangdong Ocean University. He hopes to work together with professors and experts from Guangdong Ocean University to research and breed high-yielding rice that can resist to saline and alkali and to apply the thirdgeneration hybrid rice to production as soon as possible, thereby making greater contributions to food production in China and the world.

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CBRLife Vol.14 【ENG】  

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