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Notes from Intercultural AwarenessTraining 2012 Activity Notes Jargon Busting Below is a list of the words and Jargon that gets thrown around when we think about interculturalism and youth work. Interculturalism Interlinking Coming together Influencing each other Politically Correct

Not offending

Way to control what people say Creates fear of speaking/getting it wrong Multiculturalism Many cultures living in the same place Though not necessarily mixing of getting on. Assimilation

Asking people to give up their culture One culture is better than another


Come together Learn from each other


Working together Negative historical context in Ireland though

Equality/Inclusion Self-Reflection

People are not the same but they are just as important

Measure yourself Be aware of your own idea’s and opinions and how these influence you


Negative connotations People do have their own nationalities Many young people and parents are Irish Citizens


Acknowledge Judgement 1

Notes from Intercultural AwarenessTraining 2012 Try not to be influenced negatively New Communities

Catch all term for people from diverse backgrounds

Activity Notes Representing Irish Culture A new country has been discovered. Come up with 15 things you will send them to represent Irish Culture. Sample answers 1. Fr. Ted DVD 2. Harp – Sign of Government

3. Guiness- Made here-represent drinking as an important social outlet 4. Flag 5. Poemsin Irish 6. Traditional Recipes 7. Shamrock – National emblem 8. Irish Blessing – Traditional saying 9. Tourism brochure 10. Irish Dancing videos 11. Irish sod 12. Copy of the constitution. ……….list goes on We discussedhow much you would actually know about day to day life in Ireland. Settled on a new list of markers that represent the day to day life in Ireland •

Collection of Irish music through the years (traditional to modern)

Influence of the church represent in pictures

Diversity and division – This was the idea that Irish society is extremely divided by classism, access to resources and racism 2

Notes from Intercultural AwarenessTraining 2012 •

Important milestones – 18ths/21st’s/Communions/Confirmations

Mobile technology and communications- Texting and Facebook

Changesin food over time

Clothes and different styles

Information on Travellers

Folklore and stories

What Next (Some Feedback and Where to Next) Session was good for starting to think about how to work with culture with young people Good for raising awarenessof prejudice on a personal level and in society

Questions to still address •

More needed to raise awarenessof own attitudes?

How to work with young people from Traveller backgrounds who may or may not identify themselves as Travellers?

How to reach out to new community youth, where are they how to reach them?

How addressracism in youth work, individual level and through programmes?

How to work with young people who self-report racist attitudes and explore the ideas that underpin those attitudes?

Levels of racism, how prevalent is it?

This project is co­financed by the European Commission under the European Integration Fund and is supported by the Office  for the Promotion of Migrant Integration in the Department of Justice and Equality and Pobal.


Notes from Intercultural AwarenessTraining 2012


Notes from Intercultural Awareness Training 19/02/12  

Notes from training delivered by the Canal Communities Intercultural Centre to youth workers January 2012

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