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CLSA Newsletter Sem. 122 Issue 2 Vol. 15

Bond University Gold Coast July 2012


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A MESSAGE FROM YOUR PRESIDENT As another semester comes to a close, on behalf of the Canadian Law Students’ Association (CLSA), I would like to thank everyone for making it a huge success. A special thanks goes out to Amy Ezzy and the CDC for organizing another informative ‘Homebound’ seminar and for assisting and setting up many of those daunting Skype interviews – your help is very much appreciated! Another special thank you goes out to the current CLSA executive who have all worked incredibly hard and dedicated many hours trying to make each experience just a little bit more Canadian!

The CLSA is here to represent all Canadians and to enhance both your educational and social experiences during your time here at Bond. We are very excited for next semester and look forward to bringing you the very first Canadian Moot, Canadian Office Hours (for all things Canadian) and the much-anticipated Halloween party! Until then we would like to wish everyone the best of luck with their exams and enjoyable holidays. Thanks again for another successful semester and see you all in 123! Jamie Bregman 3

The new Law Students Association committee members would first of all like to thank everyone for their support during the election period. Lead by our President, Ms. Madeline Clare Wardleworth, the LSA is looking forward to spending the next year working closely with the Law Faculty to ensure students have an enjoyable experience at Bond. In less than a month we have met with various faculty departments and professors to ensure we can fulfill our campaign promises. We strongly believe in an open door policy where students are encouraged to contact the LSA with any questions or concerns they might have related to Law or life at Bond in general. There is a large diversity of students in our faculty and the LSA recognizes that each student has different expectations when they come to Bond. While advocating student concerns to the Law Faculty is important, the LSA provides several other services we hope will enrich the student experience during their degree. The LSA organises social and networking events, academic support, training and competitions and a broad range of career opportunities for the law students of Bond. In week 9 the Bond Law ALSA team represented us fiercely in Melbourne. Our Client Interview team, were semifinalists, our mooters and witness examiner made the quarters, and negotiators did us proud. We saw some of the best results Bond has had in many years and that is an exciting indicator of our competitiveness on the national stage.


On Thursday of Week 10, the LSA hosted a ‘BBQ and Beats’ session for students to meet their new committee. We hope you had a chance to get some good bites and have a chat with the members. While it may seem like the semester is coming to an end, the LSA has a calendar full of events in the weeks to come. In Week 11 we are hosting our annual ‘Client Interview Competition’ from Tuesday – Friday. On Thursday of that week we are also supporting the Business v Law Rugby match. Week 12 will mark the release of the LSA’s rebranded publication with content from your fellow students and professors. The semester will wrap up in Week 13 with our annual ‘Protrackstination’ event where we will gear you all with food, lollies, and drinks so you can focus on studying during the late nights in the Batlabs.

We hope to see you all at one of our events where we can talk to in person. If you are swamped with assessments and unable to come out, you can drop by the LSA office or send any questions or concerns to Best of luck with any remaining assignments and final exams!

Basil Bansal LSA Publications Director

CLSA 122





The Articling Hunt

By Ben Eshref

Why do our exams happen the same week as interviews in Canada? As August rolls around, Canadian law firms begin their recruitment process. While many of us have spent countless hours working on resumes, securing letters of reference and customizing our cover letters; what is Bond doing to make this process simpler? Interviews with law firms in Canada overlap with second semester finals here at Bond. One would assume the University would be aiding students to ensure that applicants can fly home for interviews to secure a position upon graduation. The reality is that Bond could care less about Canadian articling interviews. Not only are students unable to postpone finals for interviews, volunteering to write exams ahead of schedule is strictly prohibited. While many of you may believe procuring a doctor’s note will be a quick remedy, be advised the administrative staff has witnessed similar attempts in the past and will not tolerate such dubious efforts in the future.

rules cannot be bent. For an institution that spends considerable funds recruiting students across Canada, on the basis that the program prepares us for a career in Canada, little attention is paid to interview process. Much needs to be done with ensuring we stand a fighting chance at securing positions upon our return, as the last place that should be preventing our future careers is the University we entrust with our education. Ben Eshref is a fourth-term Juris Doctor candidate hailing from Vancouver. This past term he interned with the Queensland Civil Administrative Tribunal under the tutelage of Justice Brenda Cullen.

So is Bond picking on Canadian students from British Columbia and Ontario? Maybe. Consider the fact that the University is quick to give students on mooting teams, travelling abroad for competitions, the ability to postpone finals. Of course success in an international competition attracts attention, and potentially new international students. It appears that once tuition has been paid the



+ Baseball, The Humble Games: Canada’s pride down under There are plenty of activities Australians are naturally better at than Canadians. Life-threatening sports, displaying tattoos and staying in shape year round. However, the boys of Bond University proved North America’s favorite pastime is best left to athletes from the Northern Hemisphere. In the absence of ice rinks and lacrosse fields, a team assembled by members of the CLSA executive journeyed to the Northern Australia University Games (‘AUG’) and proved that law students are not all malnourished, sun starved, type-A competitors. The team moved onto the finals and ended with a podium finish after an excited championship game. This was a remarkable achievement considering this was Bond’s first appearance at the AUG in this sport. With any luck, it will not be the last.




+ WHAT’S COMING UP NEXT SEM? Pancakes, Elections and Costumes

Welcome Back Breakfast!

Elections in Semester 123

Halloween 2012

For years, the CLSA has organized a

Four spots will open next semester on the

It’s July and we are already planning for

welcome back BBQ with much fanfare

CLSA exec. If you want to run in the

the best Halloween Party on the Gold

and meat consumption. In the coming

election, start thinking of what you want

Coast. Fire breathers, costume prizes..

term, we will try something a little

to bring to the CLSA.

The list goes on.

If you’re interested in helping fellow

Easily the best night of the term!

different. In Week 3 of Semester 123, we will host a

Canucks at Bond and want to join the

true Canadian breakfast with bacon, ‘real

CLSA, our next exec elections will occur

coffee’ and pancakes.

at the end of Semester 123. Stay tuned for details.

Law Links Canadian law students studying abroad are now able to join the Canadian Bar Association as student members for as little as $20 per year! This opportunity to join the CBA is beneficial for those who would like to be part of an organization in which they can learn about the Canadian legal profession while networking, accessing services and getting involved in the profession. Signing up for membership is easy and convenient, and can be done through the CBA website at: BA memberUpdate

Online Resources


National Association for Law Placement (NALP):

Quicklaw’s National Articling Database:

Canadian Bar Association - Articles Registry




Canada Day 2012

Americans celebrate their independence, the Brits have royal weddings‌ and our day to party is an actual birthday. Anyone who was at Don’s tavern knows the firework show was worth every penny. Thanks for coming out!



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