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MAY | 2013

Mother’s Day Issue

Feature An Interview with Karyn Chopik -Langley’s World-Renowned Jewelry Designer

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An Interview with Karyn Chopik: Langley’s World-Renowned Jewelry Designer

By: Marilyn Lawrie CDN: What is your background and inspiration behind becoming a jewelry artist? KC: I have always made things in my life and knew I would be an artist of some kind or another. When I graduated from university in education, with a major in fine arts there were no teaching jobs. I began making jewelry as a hobby in 1984 and it just took off! Within four years we had twelve employees and were shipping jewelry across North America. It just happened to be one of those magical success stories of being in the right place at the right time - and at 24 trying to manage it all! That was how the universe lined things up with my first company. Then I went out on my own with a fashion agency representing jewellery collections such as Karl Lagerfeld. I really missed designing so in 1999 I started making pieces under Karyn Chopik Studio. CDN: There is a huge trend toward spiritually based jewelry these days, but your pieces have always been very spiritual and you are a forerunner in that sense. Tell us about it. KC: The energy you put into jewelry when making it- stays in the jewelry and everyone here at the studio is very positive. I have a great team and we all work really well together. Our beads and stones also have sacred meanings and symbolic energy. Venus Rising (spring collection) is timely and multilayered. There has been a shift toward the strength of matriarchy. It’s a time of cooperation and non competitiveness. People are making healthy lifestyle changes; downsizing, travelling more and changing careers. Choices are being made based on quality of life, not about acquiring and greed. All relationships will shift. It’s about the celebration of divine feminine and it really excites me. CDN: So it’s an exciting time for your jewelry, considering this is a Mother’s Day issue. What are the common elements women will feel when they wear Karyn Chopik? KC: It’s definitely not an age thing, it’s an energy thing. A woman who believes she has a purpose wants to bring good energy to everything she does on a deep human level. I feel that women who are drawn to my jewelry are much more conscious of their own essence and bring a higher vibration to the world. I want women to feel good, strong,


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grounded and powerful when they wear my pieces. I want women to feel their yang. My jewelry is not for the indiscriminate – its powerful stuff and it takes deep personalities to wear it. I hope my jewelry connects women to their own inner confidence and strength. CDN: That is certainly how I feel when I wear your pieces. No matter where I travel, the comments I get from people when I wear your pieces are just amazing – people really identify with it! KC: At one of my trunk shows a woman came up to me and told me a story about how she identified with my work. She had not bought jewelry since 1978 when she was in Greece and would buy a certain artists’ metal pieces. She had not connected to a jewelry artist since then but thanked me for getting her back into jewelry again, and I felt so honoured! Then about a half an hour later, another woman came up and told me an almost identical story about this man who designed jewelry in Greece. Twice in one night could not be coincidence. The two women didn’t know each other so I introduced them and sure enough it was the same designer. They related to the similarity in that we both use mixed metals and have a yin/yang spirit in our design. CDN: What influences your design? KC: I think primarily my jewelry is a work in process and it’s a reflection of me and what I’m going through and I don’t try to hide that. What the universe is bringing me I like to share with the world because I think what we go through, others are going through. Just recently at my mom’s birthday, her friends asked what was the best thing that happened to her this year and her response was “my heart finally opened”. My mom had been wrestling with negative emotions towards someone and she finally felt forgiveness. She felt her

| MAY 2013 |

heart go click and open up. That was interesting because I had recently experienced a very similar thing! Some of my most powerful collections have transpired when life changing events occur. For example, when my sister’s partner passed away with cancer I did a series on faith, love, and hope. So sometimes others really impact my work, but we are all connected and their journey is my journey. And so with my mom’s heart opening, it inspired me to do some of my heart pieces. This interview for Mothers Day inspired me to think about my mom and her birthday and from there to create this sacred Lion Heart Bracelet which will hopefully be in people’s homes and wardrobes for many years to come. When I create jewelry I want it to end up on the Antique Road Show and not a land fill. I want women to pass my work down to their daughters. Jewelry has huge energy. One of my agents went to a seniors home to visit her mother and she began talking with a group of the gals in the common room. When they found out she was an agent, they all went to their rooms to get shoe boxes, jars and chests with their jewelry in it. They could only bring bare bones items to the home; no furniture, very few clothes but by God they could not part with their jewelry! They sat around and told stories about their


jewelry and the memories it gave them. I believe there is sacred energy around jewelry because it is a hermetic art form. CDN: I truly believe that. My niece has asked if anything happens to me, could she please have my jewelry! KC: Yes, because it’s you, it’s Aunty! My friend Nan gave me a beautiful sacred Mary medallion that her aunt, who was a nun, passed on to her. It is very special to me. To me it is the highest form of compliment. Not all of us are moms, but we all have sacred relationships with women older and wiser than ourselves. It’s the bond between two women and the matriarchal relationship that mentors and guides another, not necessarily a blood relationship. CDN: What is your personal message to the women and men who are reading this article? KC: To believe in their own inner power and self worth. Like the Treasure Chest piece we did for spring, it’s about how worth is on the inside, not the trappings on the outside. I want people to awaken and to connect. CDN: What’s next for Karyn Chopik, what is your big dream? KC: My dream is working towards Karyn Chopik Studio becoming a household name. When I sign the register at a hotel and somebody says, “Oh my gosh, I have one of your pieces” I think that would be great! Also, I’m branching off into art and I would like the studio to run sufficiently on its own so that I can explore a bigger medium. CDN: Lastly, what do you want women to feel on Mother’s Day? KC: I want everyone to know how lucky they are to still have a mother and how fortunate we are to live in this society where our mothers represent sacred energy. If your mother has passed on we can still connect with her divine feminine because it’s all part of women empowering women!



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Healthy Homes

Cedar Roof Restoration


n recent years it seems an entire industry has developed around restoring cedar roofing. Many of you with cedar roofs may have seen companies in your area offering roof restoration services. We have received many emails and phone calls to our office regarding the services that are being offered by roofing restoration companies. Here is an article to help you make an educated choice when dealing with your cedar roof.

By: Shell Busey

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12-12-04 10:13 AM

| MAY 2013 |

The Southern Interior/ Okanagan regions have extensive sun and extreme heat. Cedar roofing performs very well in these environments and has historically lasted upwards to 40 or 50 years. The Coast, Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island regions are temperate rainforest. Due to abundant rainfall, the lifespan of neglected cedar roofing is reduced. Organic debris from o v e r h a n g i n g trees, wind-blown leaves, dust and dirt combine with the spring rains to provide an excellent medium to promote the growth of moss, algae and a host of other organisms that break down a cedar roof. This situation has spawned an army of entrepreneurs offering to extend the life of cedar roofs with high pressure washing, and treatments with solutions of unknown ingredients while promising unrealistic warranties. Unfortunately the industry is largely unregulated, in the case of both the products and the work force. Desperate homeowners see this as a way to avoid re-roofing for another 10 years, when in fact, the damage in many cases has already been done from years of neglect. Without question, maintenance in the form of cleaning is essential for roofing of all types but especially for cedar, since it is a natural product. High-pressure washing (with gas-powered pressure washers) can do more damage than good by removing the pulp of the cedar itself. WHAT CAN BE DONE? Cedar roofing should be cleaned regularly, spring and fall, with medium pressure or enough to remove debris that accumulated during those 6 months, and inspected in preparation for the next season. Damaged and prematurely deteriorated shakes/shingles should be replaced. Ridge caps often separate due to failure of the fastener, which joins the 2 sides together causing them to open up. Ridge and hip caps oppose the flow of water along the grain so they tend to break down a little sooner than field shakes/shingles. They should be repaired or replaced as required. Even cracked or warped shakes/shingles can be replaced without losing any watershedding performance. Cedar has natural oils and natural anti-fungal agents, which is why cedar trees can live over 1000 years. Besides pressure treating the cedar by the manufacturer before installation, it is difficult to improve on cedar’s natural long-lasting properties. Do not use a topical treatment product that makes outrageous claims (such as a 10-year effectiveness); makes fire-retardant claims; is a sealant, waterproofer or plasticizer; or contains unfortified linseed oil, diesel fuel or crank case oil. Topical solutions such as latex, butyl, or silicon, “seal” or coat the surface of the cedar preventing it from “breathing”. Anything used as a topical treatment should be labelled as a cedar roof treatment product or have a letter from the manufacturer stating that treating cedar roofs is an appropriate use for that product.

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Healthy Pets

You Can’t Keep DIXIE Down By Rachel Hector, DVM Paton and Martin Veterinary Services


ll miniature horses are hard to keep slender. Or at least that’s what Dixie’s owner thought as she earnestly tried to keep her rotund 13-year-old roan mare at a proper weight. But after several months of a strictly controlled diet and an ever-expanding pony belly, Dixie’s owner began to wonder if something else might be going on. And when Dixie stopped eating one December day, her belly as large as ever, it confirmed that something just wasn’t right with the little mare. After an ultrasound evaluation by Dixie’s regular vet showed that Dixie’s abdomen was filled with several liters of a blood-tinged fluid, she was referred to our equine hospital for further evaluation, monitoring, and treatment of this unusual condition. This type of fluid accumulation, known as ascites, is extremely uncommon in horses. When it does occur, it is most commonly related to heart failure. However, a thorough examination of Dixie’s heart on arrival at our hospital revealed Dixie’s heart was normal. She was simply feeling dull and had a severely distended abdomen. Repeat ultrasound not only showed us the large quantity of fluid in Dixie’s abdomen, but also clued us into a suspicious mass floating among the abdominal organs. Tumours causing ascites are very rare in horses, but unfortunately for Dixie, they are usually malignant and carry a poor prognosis. Despite this, Dixie’s owner wanted to give her the best chance to survive, so we took Dixie to surgery the following morning to try to remove the tumour (if possible) and assess spread to other abdominal organs. In surgery, not only did over 20 liters of fluid come spilling out of this miniature horse’s abdomen, but an extremely large tumour was also found on her right ovary. The ovary and tumour, nearly 40 cm in diameter, were removed. Interestingly, the remainder of the abdomen appeared normal. Ovarian tumours are not uncommon in horses, are usually of a type called a granulosa-theca cell tumour, and are invariably benign. They cause clinical signs related to the hormones they produce, including abnormal heat cycles and behaviour. Though rare, malignant ovarian tumours have also been reported in horses. We would have to wait a few days for the tissue pathology results from the lab before we knew for sure what we were dealing with in Dixie’s case. After surgery, Dixie was carefully managed with fluids, pain medications, and repeat ultrasounds to monitor potential post-operative fluid accumulation. Although she had a few minor setbacks, her condition


Canadian Healthcare News

gradually improved. It was during this time that her true personality blossomed and she became one of our favorite patients. Because she was not tall enough to see out of our horse-sized stalls, we would often crack the door open just enough for her to poke her head out. She would usually take the opportunity when our backs were turned to push the door open just a little wider so she could squeeze through and explore the hospital. The sound of her high-pitched whinny and the clip-clop of her tiny hooves on the hospital floor brightened our days immensely. It was a huge relief to everyone involved in Dixie’s care when the pathology report came back saying that Dixie’s tumour was indeed benign! Since then, Dixie has never looked back. She returned to her family— tumour-free and with a new slender contour—just in time to celebrate Christmas. A recheck examination two months later showed that the ascites had not returned, and Dixie’s owner happily told us that Dixie’s future plans include pony camp with her young daughter this summer. Dixie is an excellent example of a case in which taking chances provided pleasant surprises. Although many unusual cases have poor outcomes, Dixie’s case stands out from the rest. She showed us that just because the odds are against you, that doesn’t mean you have to give up—one of the biggest lessons from one of our smallest hospital patients. Paton and Martin Veterinary Services is an equine exclusive practice serving Vancouver and the entire Fraser Valley. Ambulatory and hospital care for horses is available 24 hours a day.

| MAY 2013 |


Hormone therapy: Good or Bad? By: Dr. Nishi Dhawan and Dr. Bal Pawa, Westcoast Womens Clinic


efore 2002, most women used hormone therapy to treat menopausal symptoms, improve quality of life and long term health. Then in 2002 a large clinical trial showed health risks. Fear and confusion ensued. But now there’s good news…10 years of research later, what do we know and what does this mean to you?

Prior to 2002, 30 million women in the USA were taking hormone medication and Premarin and Provera were the one of most prescribed drugs in the USA. It was felt that hormone therapy reduced cardiovascular disease and provided significant quality of life benefits. In 2002 a major research study, the WHI, was conducted that threw a bombshell on the treatment of menopause – the study showed an increase risk of heart attacks, stroke and breast cancer. As a result millions of women went off of hormone therapy, but the use of antidepressants increased by 50%, use of tranquilizers doubled, the number of fractures seen in women increased and women suffered as symptoms were left unanswered. Women were told that it’s a part of life so we need to deal with it. But women demanded answers. After more than 10 years of further research, review of clinical trials and new evidence show that hormone therapy may be very beneficial for some women, depending on their risk factors.1

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Here are some of the new findings: •The optimal timing to start hormone therapy is within 10 years of menopause.

Be informed and Take Charge: Reading current information and understanding the ongoing research allows you to play an active role in the best decisions for your health.

• Women between 50-59 showed no increased risk of breast cancer, no increased risk of heart disease and stroke

So where do we stand in 2013? When hormone therapy is started near menopause, the research supports benefit over risks with a trend toward disease prevention and healthier long-term outcomes. The North American Menopause society, The International Menopause Society and the Endocrine Society advocate the consideration of use of hormone therapy as part of an overall strategy for maintaining the health of post-menopausal women, while improving quality of life. Individual risk assessment, personalized treatment and lifestyle modification is key in obtaining the most optimal outcomes.

•The type of hormones are important: transdermal estrogen and micronized progesterone appearing to be the safest and most beneficial. •Estrogen appears to help prevent insulin resistance and diabetes, has a favourable effect on cardiovascular biomarkers and blood pressure, and when started early in menopause appears to help prevent the progression of atherosclerosis (cholesterol plaque) • Hormone therapy is still the most effective treatment for menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and insomnia. It can also help with mood, verbal learning and sexual function. Hormone therapy significantly improves quality of life for many women

For more information and educational seminars on hormone health: visit Co authored by: Dr. Nishi Dhawan and Dr. Bal Pawa Westcoast Womens Clinic 1. WHI sub study ages 50-59, Nurses Health Study, E3N study, ESTHER trial, WISE study, Danish study, KEEPS trial

• HT is associated with a decrease risk of osteoporosis and fracture, and bowel cancer How do you decide if Hormone Therapy is right for you? Talk to your doctor – you need a professional that understands your medical history, personal benefits and risks. A doctor who is open and aware of the current research will be able give you the best advice. If you have Premature menopause (<age 40) – see your doctor. Women who have premature menopause and are not on hormones are at an increase risk of cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, earlier death, dementia, anxiety/depression and sexual dysfunction Get Educated –Hot flashes are not the only symptoms of menopause Quality of life can be significantly affected as many women experience fatigue, insomnia, mood alterations, vaginal dryness, and palpitations that are often related to hormonal changes. If you are taking Hormones, how do you optimize your treatment? Find the right type for you: Your doctor can help decide what type and dose of hormones are best given your needs and medical history. We now have many more choices in tailoring therapy. Have regular follow up care: See your health care provider regularly to ensure that the benefits of hormone therapy continue to outweigh the risks, and for screenings such as mammograms and pelvic exams. Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle: Effective stress management, regular exercise, healthy body weight, minimizing alcohol, not smoking, and eating a healthy diet all contribute to optimizing hormones effects in the body and minimizing risk. Women who have healthier lifestyles have healthier outcomes with hormones. Remember the other hormones: Estrogen and Progesterone do not function alone in the body. Thyroid, cortisol, testosterone, insulin, are all other key players in the symphony of hormones and play a critical role in maintain optimal function.


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