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3 Benefits of Regular Garage Door Maintenance Garage doors see a lot of action; in fact, you could say they are the action movie star of the home. So much action takes its toll on garage doors, even on the toughest of doors. We use our garage doors day in and day out, opening and closing the garage door without even thinking about how garage doors work. Well, the garage door is the largest moving part of your home. There are hundreds of garage door parts. All of these parts have a role in the way that garage doors operate, from the springs to the opener to the track and rollers; they are all important. This is why regular garage door maintenance, either performed by you or a professional is recommended. The good news is that garage door maintenance is a breeze and it will not cost a fortune if you decide to go the professional route. Garage Door Maintenance Prolongs the Life of Garage Door Parts One benefit of garage door maintenance is that you can prolong the life of the many garage door parts. Maintenance includes lubricating the moving parts of the garage door. Moving parts such as rollers and bearings can stiffen up, causing the garage door to operate much slower. Lubricate rollers and bearings and the garage door will have no problems moving up and down the track. Regular Maintenance May Prevent Minor Problems from Turning into Big Ones Professional garage door maintenance is perhaps the best way to ensure all parts are working correctly. A professional Garage Door Vancouver expert can spot problems with garage doors right away. In fact, a garage door technician from Del Mar Garage Door Repair specializes in troubleshooting garage doors. Parts such as the garage door spring are vital to the way your garage door stays balanced. If the tension of the spring is weak, it will lead to problems with the counterbalance of the garage door. Other problems include the balance of the door. A professional is able to check the balance of the door and provide a tune-up that keeps garage doors working great. Regular Maintenance Will Keep Garage Doors Looking Good Too! Cleaning is not just good for inside your home; it is perfect for the look of your garage door too. A clean garage contributes to clean tracks so the garage door can operate smoothly. Both wood and steel garage doors will benefit from a good wash down. Simply spray the garage door with a high-pressure water hose and wash off all that build up from rain, wind, and dust. You’ll be amazed by how great your garage door will look after you give the door an excellent and thoroughly clean. Vancouver Garage Door Repair provides garage door maintenance that can add to the life of garage doors and parts. Give us a call and let a professional do all the work required!

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