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We Believe... Annual Report 2009-2010


where poverty


is eliminated, equality prevails and the of women and girls


are fulfilled


Mission Canadian Crossroads International works to create a more equitable and sustainable world by engaging and strengthening individuals, organizations and communities through mutual learning, solidarity and collective action.

Vision ONE WORLD where poverty is eliminated,

equality prevails and the rights of women and girls are fulfilled.

Values Active global citizenship • Equity and diversity • Solidarity – North and South • Innovation and learning • Transparency and accountability.

We deliVer

Karen Takacs

Darlene Bessey

Five years ago we made a commitment — to our partners and the people they serve, to our funders and donors, and to our volunteers — to focus our efforts and resources on achieving development results. Today, those results can be measured in lives changed. In 2009/10, as one strategic plan came to an end and another was put in motion, it is clear that our programming is strengthening women’s rights and local economies. In communities where we work, more women and girls are asserting their rights to live free from violence and abuse. More women are earning incomes of their own, and taking leadership in their communities. More women and men are pooling their resources to respond to needs in their communities and to increase local economic development. Partners reported that their capacity to deliver programming increased. This year alone, thanks to 99 volunteer and partner exchanges, new services for victims of abuse were introduced; successful programmes such as girls’ empowerment clubs, shea butter cooperatives and women-centred HIV and AIDS prevention strategies thrived and grew. Advancing the rights of women and girls and sustainable livelihoods for all, CCI’s new strategic plan, builds on these successes. Our plan is ambitious. Over the next five years, Crossroads will scale up programming to increase women’s participation in decision-making and to reduce violence against women and girls. CCI will work to advance women’s economic autonomy, and the right of all people to a reliable income. The challenges are formidable. The continued economic and food crises, the impact of climate change, and political instability in many partners’ countries exacerbate conditions of extreme

poverty, putting women at great risk and reducing people’s real incomes and opportunities. Loss of funding for some partners has also limited their potential. So, to achieve these goals, we must redouble our efforts. We will raise new funds to support local partners and expand overseas programming. We will increase our own operational efficiency and effectiveness. Already, we have reorganized our staff teams to support the advancement of women’s rights, sustainable livelihoods and excellence in international volunteering. None of this would be possible without the commitment and conviction of our partners, volunteers, staff and donors. We are grateful that you have chosen to support CCI in this work. In particular we would like to acknowledge the leadership and vision of the board over the past year in the development of this bold plan. We also thank our funders who are true partners. We are delighted that CIDA, and the government of Canada, have shown us their continued confidence by awarding Crossroads a five year agreement to continue this vital work. Together, we are improving the lives of women, men and children, and building a more just and equitable future for all.

Karen Takacs

Darlene Bessey

Executive Director

Chair, Board of Directors 1

Program m es

We connect Canadian Crossroads International (CCI) believes that poverty can be eliminated and equality for women and girls achieved. Each year our programming brings us closer. Equality is measureable in women’s and girls’ capacity to assert their rights, in their participation in politics and decisions that affect their lives, and in the passage of new laws that afford them equal opportunity and protection. Equality increases in palpable ways when women form collectives and earn a living wage; when men and women pool their resources, providing for their families while contributing to vibrant local economies. With partner organizations, Crossroads is providing services to people in need and working to address root causes of poverty and inequality. Crossroads’ clear focus on advancing women’s rights and achieving sustainable livelihoods for all is improving lives. But we would rather show than tell. The dispatches in the following pages serve as a testament to the impact of our work with partners on the ground. Here are a few of our stories from Bolivia to the Haida Gwaii archipelago, from Zimbabwe to Halifax to Mali.

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batik collectives mean

financial independence and a greater role in public life



incomes are increasing

women’s stature in their



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to more participation


in local decision-making


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or, Co-ordinat a National g n ho us M e Netsai Zimbabw alition of Women’s Co

We partner Women in the South are electing change, claiming their space in politics and shaping the laws that affect their lives. This year, Crossroads supported the Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCoZ) in its work to enshrine the rights of women in the nation’s constitution. Successful exchanges between women candidates in Dakar, Senegal and city councilors in Montreal, have spurred a new programme pairing women politicians in the two cities. In Ghana, ABANTU for Development’s mentorship programmes inspired CCI to launch a new project assisting partners to engage young women in politics. Through these partnerships, and many others, Crossroads is supporting women to become leaders and decision-makers in their communities. Dispatch: Harare, Zimbabwe Netsai Mushonga, National Co-ordinator, WCoZ

“Today, we are working with the Parliamentary Select Committee to enshrine women’s rights in the new constitution. We demand equal participation at all levels of constitution-making and raise awareness about gender issues with them. Sometimes they listen, but it is an uphill task. At the end of the day, we want a constitution that ushers in good governance and democracy for Zimbabwe.” Just a few years ago this work would have been unimaginable in Zimbabwe. During the last elections women were targeted in a campaign of politically-motivated violence. Members of WCoZ decided they could no longer leave politics and peacebuilding to men. The organization, representing more than 40 women’s groups, is actively involved in constitutional reform, pushing for changes in law to improve women’s lives.

Dispatch: Dakar, Senegal Yacine Diagne, President, Association des femmes de la Médina (AFEME)

“We worked hard to mobilize women and there were 28 women elected… It was a good step, but we must keep it up so that we can get women to represent 30 per cent of local councilors in the next election.” In Senegal, Crossroads works with AFEME to prepare women — through education and leadership training — to run for office. This year, AFEME’s president, Yacine Diagne, and a woman candidate, Aïda Touré, came to Montreal to observe municipal elections and strategize with their Canadian counterparts on how to recruit more women to politics. While getting elected is the goal, campaigning also increases women’s confidence, raises their public visibility, and brings media exposure to key issues during elections. For Touré, her first campaign was only the beginning: “While I didn’t win, it’s important for women to take part in the process and have their voices heard where decisions are made… I plan on running again in the next elections.”

CCI partner Ann Decter, of YWCA Canada and ABANTU for Development in Ghana trained in gender and ce governance issues at a conferen for local women politicians


125 wom en




Coprokazan shea butter co-operative has 1,000 memBers in 35 Malian villages Production increased from 17 tons in 2008 to 31 tons in 2009,


ROughLy the WEight oF 9 fEMaLE ELEphaNts.

ped set up Crossroaders in Mali hel serving a 120 women in 33 women and trained son gardening microfinance and dry-sea

miCroCredi t Programme




We inVest A sustainable livelihood is more than a job. It’s about economic independence, agency and human dignity. Coprokazan shea butter co-operative in Mali, supported by CCI and partner Association malienne pour la promotion des jeunes (AMPJ), now provides reliable income for more than 1,000 women. This year, Crossroaders supported their development of new products and markets. In Niger, Crossroads arranged trainings to help partner Organisation nigérienne pour la promotion de l’hydraulique et du développement à la base (ONPHDB) replicate Coprokazan’s success and today Kotaki co-operative is thriving with more than 300 members. CCI also helped Malian youth acquire new skills with Crossroads placements in Quebec. And, thanks to our collaborative programming with Canadian and Bolivian partners, more people can access loans and invest in their own businesses. Dispatch: Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, Canada Marina Salazar, Foncresol

“In Haida Gwaii the First Nations people want to start something. They have this spirit and say: I don’t always want to live as I’m living now. They want to tell their children that there is a different life.” The investment in microfinance in Bolivia has returned to Canadian shores. Marina Salazar, a 32-year-old Crossroader and Foncresol employee, spent two months with Haida Gwaii Community Futures, putting her considerable experience and technical know-how to use, creating a model tailored to the community’s needs. The first communal bank based on the Bolivian model is now being piloted by a group of Haida artists in Skidegate.

2,770 Boliv ian women

ns as can now access loa members communal bank

Dispatch: Bamako, Mali The story of Samba Yomboliba

Samba realized his dream: his company, Métal Savoir, was born. Today, his business has four full-time employees and he is well positioned as a specialist in ironwork furniture. Samba supports a family of ten, for whom he provides decent shelter and permanent access to all basic social services. Samba Yomboliba grew up in abject poverty in the slums around Bamako. He was forced to drop out of primary school and was selling cigarettes and gum for change, until he heard about the Association jeunesse action Mali (AJA) entrepreneurship programme. With AJA’s support, Yomboliba started a metal work business, creating jobs for others, and this year came to Quebec as a Crossroader to hone his skills with master blacksmiths.

. 7

giRLs, EMpOWERED women


Girls’ Club Rule #1: One Metre Bubble


Girls learn to claim one metre of space around their bodies at all times — abuse

happens when uninvited people burst that bubble. If someone wants to


come in close, they have to ask!

in girls is proven that investing ds can go a long way towar



ACh iEVi nG ri GhTs and deVE lo pm en T.“

cer, Empowerment Clubs Offi Shuvai Mandigo, Girls’ babwe Girl Child Network, Zim 8

We inspire Girls are speaking up about abuse. Girls are asserting their rights. Girls are saying no. Girls’ empowerment clubs deliver results. Club members aged eight to 20 are gaining confidence and leadership skills by translating their experiences of violence, illness and poverty into presentations, songs and dramas. Pioneered by the Girl Child Network (GCN) in Zimbabwe, the award-winning model promotes healing by sparking discussion about abuse. Just one year after Crossroads and the Swaziland Action Group Against Abuse (SWAGAA) piloted five clubs in Swaziland, the results are in. More than 230 girls have joined, with a countrywide demand for new chapters. Teachers attribute a 50 per cent drop in teen pregnancy to the clubs. Crossroader Shuvai Mandigo, who runs girls’ clubs in Zimbabwe, also developed curriculum for girls in impoverished communities in Halifax while on placement with the YWCA. Dispatch: Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe Geoginah Jambwa, girls’ empowerment club participant

Dispatch: Mahlanya, Swaziland Nokwazi Mashaya, girls’ empowerment club participant

“Girls are special: they are intelligent, they are overcomers. They “We make up plays and act them out for club members and are good listeners, their words inspire other people to take action… sometimes for groups outside of the club in the community. They If I was in charge, I would give everyone equal opportunities and are about abuse and how we can deal with it… I have learned rights, whether a boy or a girl, and empower girls to claim their about my rights. Also, about the different types of abuse… It is rights. If I could speak to world leaders I would ask them to grant important to help us to defend ourselves and to grow up safely… equal rights to all children, have poverty issues solved and improve I wanted to know how to take care of myself.” on the health sector so that everyone will have treatment.” Nokwazi Mashaya lives in the rural village of Mahlanya in central Despite her family’s grinding poverty, without money for food or Swaziland with her mother, two sisters and brother. Unusually, school fees, 16-year-old Geoginah Jambwa aspires to become a all of the children currently go to school. One of her sisters nurse. She believes the world’s most pressing problems are sexual participated in the empowerment club until she graduated abuse, poverty and violence. Clubs address these overwhelming and moved on to secondary school. This is Mashaya’s second issues by cultivating a sense of agency in young women like year with the club. Geoginah, to assert their rights and reach their full potential.

ant what swaz i girls :w Canad ia ns to know

“We are proud of who “ThE sky is Th E li m i T.“ “We love our club.“


we are


the right tO a LifE F REE fROM violenCe

MORE thaN 6,500 ghaNaiaNs

now understand the

country’s three-year-old Domestic Violence Act thanks to


WiLDAF’s outreach

WHo .

own life as a woman has improved People look at me as a ro e model.“




Beauty Bansah


Legal Literacy Volunteer with WiLDAF

We engage Violence against women is an issue of human rights. Crossroads and many African partners work to advance the right of women to live free from abuse. This year, Crossroads supported Women in Law and Development in Africa-Ghana (WiLDAF) in its public education campaign about the recently passed Domestic Violence Act. This included community outreach and training members of the judiciary, traditional leaders and community volunteers. In Senegal, Crossroaders expanded Réseau Siggil Jigéen’s women’s resource centre and set up a system to collect statistics on abuse with the Association pour la promotion de la femme sénégalaise (APROFES). As women’s rights, sexual violence and the spread of HIV and AIDS are inextricably linked, Crossroads brought partners the Women and AIDS Support Network in Zimbabwe and Pro-Link in Ghana together to share prevention strategies. Pro-Link has now adopted the network’s innovative model to reduce women’s risk of infection. Dispatch: Ho, Volta Region, Ghana Gertrude, junior high school teacher

“I could not stay; I might lose my life if I had stayed… No doubt, without WiLDAF and the support of the legal literacy volunteer, I would have been very handicapped. To divorce him was the best path I have taken. But I had a choice because I have a job. Economic empowerment allows the woman to take care of herself and the children.” Legal literacy is a groundbreaking programme developed by WiLDAF — supported by Crossroads and Toronto-based Metropolitan Action Committee on Violence Against Women and Children — that trains community volunteers to help abused women access the judicial system. Legal literacy volunteer Beauty Bansah says the programme reduces violence, “When two or three cases have been known publicly in a village or community, you know it won’t happen again.”

Dispatch: Dakar, Senegal Julie Massey, Crossroader, Réseau Siggil Jigéen

“Réseau Siggil Jigéen members are working flat out to improve conditions for women in Senegal. And, based on the existing documentation, their work is far from over. Violence towards women is deeply rooted in the culture… This kind of research and documentation will later serve as references for court cases and awareness-raising activities.” Julie Massey’s placement helped make the case for change in Senegal by enabling the organization to document and analyze incidences of violence against women. To break the cycle of abuse, Crossroads and partners support victims’ services and advocacy that seeks to address attitudes, values and protection under the law.

fund APROFES created a loan ent to help women leave viol their se rea inc and relationships e. economic independenc




in Bolivia munal banks into each one of those com totally ause it brought home a bec me to was g] groups at creating [peer lendin different way of looking that’s to implement now and That’s what I’m trying king with Crossroads.“ one of the reasons for wor


vERy iNspiRiNg

, Art Lew, General Manager res, British Columbia Haida Gwaii Community Futu


cci partners 2009-2010 The engagement of people, individually and collectively, in determining their futures is a strategy shared by Crossroads and 41 partner organizations in West Africa, Southern Africa, Bolivia and Canada. This year thanks to 19 partnership visits and 16 exchanges between partners, Bolivians helped Haida Gwaii First Nations launch a communal bank to support local businesses; municipal politicians in Montreal helped Senegalese women run for office; and girls in Halifax and Zimbabwe learned about their rights. Through these, and all of CCI’s programmes, the vital exchange of knowledge and experience is advancing the rights of women and creating sustainable livelihoods in the communities we serve. We are grateful for the skills, enthusiasm and dedication of the following partners. Bolivia Asociación Bolivia para el Desarrollo Rural (Pro-rural)

Fédération de l’union des producteurs agricoles de St-Jean-Valleyfield

Asociación Nacional Ecuménica de Desarrollo (ANED)

Fédération des ressources d’hébergement pour femmes violentées et en difficulté du Québec (FRHFVDQ)

Fondo de Crédito Solidario (Foncresol) Canada AIDS Coalition of Cape Breton (ACCB) Centre de développement économique communautaire (CDEC) Centre Nord Centre de développement économique communautaire (CDEC) Rosemont Petite-Patrie Centre d’organisation mauricien de services et d’éducation populaire (COMSEP) Corporation de développement économique communautaire, de Trois-Rivières (CDEC – ECOF) Corporation de relance économique (CREC) St-Léonard

First Nations Agricultural Association Haida Gwaii Community Futures Development Corporation Maison l’Escale de l’Estrie Metropolitan Action Committee on Violence against Women and Children (METRAC) Société d’aide au développement des collectivités (SADC), Centre de la Mauricie Table des groupes de femmes de Montréal (TGFM) Union des producteurs agricoles (UPA) Montérégie YWCA Canada YWCA Halifax

Ghana ABANTU for Development Pro-Link Organisation Women in Law and Development in Africa –Ghana (WiLDAF) Mali Association des groupements villageois féminins (AGVF) Association jeunesse action Mali (AJA Mali) Association Kilabo Association malienne pour la promotion des jeunes (AMPJ) Niger Action pour un dévelopement durable (ADD) Organisation nigérienne pour la promotion de l’hydraulique et du développement à la base (ONPHDB) Plate Forme Paysanne du Niger (PFPN) Sénégal Association des Femmes de la Médina (AFEME)

Association pour les femmes et la communication alternative (ALTERCOM) Association pour la promotion de la femme sénégalaise (APROFES) Réseau Siggil Jigéen (RSJ) Swaziland Family Life Association of Swaziland (FLAS) Swaziland Action Group Against Abuse (SWAGAA) Togo Aides médicales & charité (AMC) Groupe de réflexion et d’action femme démocratie et développement/Centre de recherche d’information et de formation pour la femme (GF2D/CRIFF) Zimbabwe Girl Child Network (GCN) Women and AIDS Support Network (WASN) Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCoZ) 13

“We are working for

social justice

what we do here and the impact of is felt directly .“ alack, Senegal 2010 on Godin-Bilodeau, Ko Sim

crossroaders 2009-2010 Crossroads believes in international volunteering and co-operation because it works. We have seen the impact for over half a century. This year our volunteers brought an astonishing array of skills, experience and passion to their work — setting up communal banks, tracking incidences of violence, mentoring girls about their rights, piloting dry season gardening techniques and more. CCI sent 46 Canadians to work in West Africa, Southern Africa and Bolivia, brought 13 Crossroaders from Southern countries to work in Canada, and organized 16 exchanges between partners in the South. This ongoing engagement with Crossroaders is enhancing local programming and creating a global network of citizens working for an equitable and sustainable world. North-South Crossroaders

Ourida Anki Josiane Bathalien Marie Beauchamp Marlie Bélanger-Joly Chantal Benoît Marie-Hélène Bernier Claudie Bouchard Sophie Bourdon Lisa-Marie Brassard Laurence BrossardCharbonneau Richard Côté Maxime Doucet Denise Doucet Jade Ducharme July Duchesne Catherine Dufour Claudia Rosario Farias Reyes Geneviève Fullum-Locat Marie-Hélène Gagné-Fortin

Jean-François Gagnon Pierre-Luc Gagnon Simon Godin-Bilodeau Mathilde Grenier Emilie Guestier Gerry Hutchison Cynthia Joyal Élysée Kapanga Bangambi Mario Levac Jonathan Parker Mah Valérie Martin Julie Massey Érica Mazerolle-Castillo Sherry McKibben Delphine Melanson Sandra Ménard Julie X. Ouellet Joanne Pontbriand Jo Anne Rolls Mélanie Sarazin Dominique Scali

Rosamond Stavert Natasha St-Jean Marie-Eve Thériault François Therrien Martin Venne Francis Waddell South-North Crossroaders

Ali Boureima Alima Coulibaly Kayi Bibi d’Almeida Haby Doumbia Shuvai Mandigo Fabian Mendivil Gomez Netsai Mushonga Khadidiatou N’diaye Anna-Colletor Penduka Luz Marina Salazar Ayanome Mary Sandasi Bourama Sidibé Samba Yomboliba

South-South Crossroaders Anne-Colette Aguemon

Ruth Bikwa Amadou Boubacar Ramatou Boubacar Ali Boureima Gladys Chiwome Aminata Diallo Safi Djibo Idrissa Hassane Kossi Hotonyo Idi Kaoura Nana Adjoa Ampomah Nettey Ndeye Penda Niang Flavio Ralde Laguna Ethel Sakitey Ropafadzo Tarugarira


Ghana back in 198 2 Volunteering with CCI in for me was truly a , making a regular   Nearly 30 years later way of returning a favour    donation is just my tion working tirelessly to a top notch organiza women and girls to promote equality for


life-changing experience

rio ey, Toronto, Onta Jean-Marc Hach


our donors Canadian Crossroads International thanks you, our donors, for your generous support. Together we are creating ONE WORLD where poverty is eliminated, equality prevails and the rights of women and girls are fulfilled. Your gifts are developing local economies and increasing the voice of women and girls in their communities. The following donor list acknowledges the individuals and organizations who have contributed an annual gift of more than $50 between April 1, 2009 and March 31, 2010. Our valued James Robinson Society (JRS) monthly donors are highlighted with a ( ) beside their name. Through their critical, sustained support, they honour our visionary founder and all those who share his commitment to justice, equality and opportunity for all. One World Circle recognizes donors who have made an exceptional commitment to CCI with a cumulative donation of $1,000 or more. Funders

Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) Health Canada Ministère des relations internationales du Québec

One World Circle $25,000+

CAW Social Justice Fund Ken & Oli Johnstone Foundation $10,000-$24,999

Anonymous The Blossom Foundation $5,000-$9,999

Collège de Valleyfield Fondation Marcelle et Jean Coutu Fonds Marie-François Soeurs Servantes du Saint-Coeur de Marie $2,500-$4,999

Anonymous Michael Cooke Caro Macdonald and Mark McCain Saskatchewan Council for International Cooperation Donald G. Simpson Janice Simpson and Adrian Horwood Sisters of Charity Halifax The Peterborough K. M. Hunter Charitable Foundation


Anonymous Atlantic Council for International Cooperation Blumberg Family Foundation Anaïs Brault-Cotnoir Rev. James Cairney and Ann McRae Campbellcraft Consulting Luc Charbonneau Cirque du Soleil Inc Montreal Corps. des Soeurs Franciscaines July Duchesne Catherine Dufour Fondation Carmand Normand Anne A. Gardner Patsy George Françoise Goutier Granby Granite Inc. Meredith Low Jonathan Parker Mah Kathryn McCain and Jamie Pyper Linda McCain and Dan Walshe Margaret Motz Brandur Olafsson and Terril Calder Randy A. Pepper and MaryAnn Jansen

Province du St-Coeur De Marie des Servantes du St-Coeur Catherine Rose-Lavallée Christian St-Louis Karen Takacs Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada Global Citizens $500-$999

Anonymous Belinda Abraham Maurice L. April Atira Women’s Resource Society Machlie Baptiste Josiane Bathalien Ghislaine Benoit Marie-Hélène Bernier France Bertrand Darlene Bessey Luc Bouchard Sarah Bradshaw Charles Brown Club Rotary de Drummondville Linda Cousineau Isabelle Desjardins Deutsche Bank, Canada Branch Dr. Susan A. Edwards Danielle Fisette Dr. Charles and Catherine Gardner Elizabeth Harper-Rom and Stephen Rom

Alain Héroux Rev. Nancy Hudson James K. Hugessen Mary Hugessen Pattie LaCroix Suzanne Larouche André Lauzon Jenna Leclercq Les Soeurs de la Congrégation de Notre-Dame du Québec Louis Mazerolle Dorothy McCabe and Janek Jagiellowicz Colin and Marian McNairn Delphine Melanson Geoffrey Moore and Krista Leitham Sabrina Moro-Woolcock Kelly O’Brien Vera N. Radyo David Robertson Rotary Club of East York Salvatore Scali Lawrence Scanlan Soeurs de Sainte-Anne du Québec Soeurs de Sainte-Croix Dawn Elizabeth Straka Ursuline Religious of the Diocese of London in Ontario Carole Valiquette and Yves Normandin 17

our donors Agnès van ‘t Bosch Merlin Watt John G. Wonfor $250-$499

Anonymous Odette Bélanger Lynne Brennan Jill Bridgman Paul and Margaret Bridgman Malcolm Burrows Caisse populaire Desjardins ImmaculéeConception Christine Campbell Canadian Autoparts Toyota Inc. Jonathan N. Carlzon Carmen and Frances D’Intino Charitable Trust Ronald Caza Club Richelieu Ste-Foy Mario Cormier Louise Cornfield Patrick Cossette Éthel Côté Mamadou Coulibaly Anne M. Creighton Paul Delaney Frank and Mary DeMarco Anita K. Dhami Patricia DiNicolantonio Hélène Dupuis Maureen Fair and Wendy Shaw Debra Forman Sylvia Franke Jean-François Gagnon Jennifer Gagnon Arlee Gale Célestine Gendron Hélène Genest 18

Constance C. Gerwing Vanessa Girard Tremblay Benoit Girard Mathilde Grenier Robert Grenier Janice Hamilton Eilis and Murray Hiebert Roy D. Hogg Valerie Hussey Stella Jetté Allan Johnson Cynthia Joyal Helmut T. Kuhn Luc Lavallée Les Filles de Marie-del’Assomption Les Oeuvres Hedwidge Buisson Inc. Les Soeurs de St-François d’Assise Les Soeurs des Saints Noms de Jésus et de Marie du Québec Gaétan Levesque Geneviève Levesque Marie-Josée Lorion Daphne C. Loukidelis Richard Low Dr. Joyce Lundberg Sister Elizabeth Lynch Maple Trade Finance Inc. Francois Marchand Robert Martin Julie Massey François Melanson Jennifer Mitchell Marie-Eve Morisset Paul Morisset Rosemary E. Nation Heather Neun Emilie Newell Lambrina Nikolaou Patricia O’Donnell Simon Pagé

Maurice Paquette Emmanuelle Pin Janet Riehm Wayne Robertson and Huguette Cloutier David Roe Shelagh Rogers Johanne Rousseau Joanne Royer Lucy Sadowski Rosa Skiby Soeurs de Notre-Dame du Saint-Rosaire Doris Splinter Flynn Rosamond Stavert Jacquelyn Stevens Guy and Diane St-Jean Shauna Sylvester Thérèse Thibeault Bernard Tremblay Ghislaine Tremblay Stephane Vachon Daniel Waddell Don and Nora Whyte Marcia Wilson Cécile and Ed Wong Judy Zachariassen $100-$249

Anonymous (14) Abbaya St-Benoit du Lac Kathy Allan Dr. Ronald Allin and Vivienne Buick Robert Arcand David Armstrong Association étudiante du Cégep de Sainte-Foy Au Diabolo Jeux et Jouets Inc. Anne Catherine Bajard Norine and Garth Baron Dr. Walter M. Barss Joseph D. Bartol BBG Réfrigération Inc

Bernadette Beaujard Marie-Andrée Beaupré Ernest Beausoleil Jean Bélisle Robert Béliveau and Chantal Raymond Hélène Bellemaie Pearl Benyk BFL Canada Michelle Blaquière Irene Bleton Annette Blin Carine Blin Mario Blouin Dr. Kathleen Boies Francine Boivin Denis Bouchard Alphé Boudreau Jacques Boutin Denise Boyer Marie and Robert Braedley Claude Breault Sylvain Breault Maryann Brown Aukje Byker Serge Cachat and Louise Leblanc Lynn Calder Canbec Construction Inc Lise Castonguay Marlene Celinski Jason Chapnik Dominic Charbonneau Dr. Nicholas Chirgadze Adrienne M. Chow Reginald M. Clarke Lynne and Ian Cleghorn Pattie Cleghorn Clinique Dentaire Carole Vaillancourt Club Optimiste Spécial Congrégation de NotreDame du Québec

Caroline Connell Denise Côté Hélène Cousineau Don Crane Bohdan Czarnocki and Susan Hook Czarnocki Fedor Danilenko Derrick Deans Christina DeMarco Terry DeMarco Pauline Desbiens Patrick Dion Dominicaines de la Trinité James L. Donald Fernand Doucet Jean Claude Drapeau Ginette Dube Hélène Dufresne and Daniel Gauthier Michel Dupré Robynne Eagan Ann Eder Tony Eder Dr. Ernest Epp Équipements récréatifs jambette inc. Dr. David Evans Denis Fafard Joan E. Fair Luis Farias Hélène Fauret Lois Fine Warren Fine and Melanie Bishop Fine Leanne J. Fisher Harold Flaming Gary Fleischmann Fondation Eulalie Durocher Jean-Pierre Foucault Louise Fournet Robyn Fowler

Christopher Francis   and Janice Elliott Janine Gagnier Alain L. Gagnon Odette Gaudreault Mary Gauld and   Robert Stevens Penelope Gawn Dr. Ronald E. Gibson Suzanne Gibson Richard Gilbert Anne Gillespie Denis Girard Francine Girard Isabelle Girard Michael Girdwood Michael Graham and   Hulene Montgomery Heather Grant George Greig Jean-François Grenier Audrey Greves Dr. Catherine Groh   and John Tyler Stan Guenther Géraldine Guijarro-Cayer Jean-Marc Hachey Janet Haddock Stacey C. Hagen Berna L. Hagglund Viola Halstead Carole Hamelin Barry Hammond   and Mary Mathias Paul Harrington Bob Hawkesworth Ronald L. Heider Laurel and Jim Henning Douglas and   Mary Ann Hicks Lawrence and   Miranda Hill Kenneth Hoffman Archie and Evelyn Horn Linda Huehn

Carol Jackson Marielle Jacques Kathryn A. Jarrett Annie Jaud Bernice Jetté Elizabeth Johnson Isabelle P. Johnson Suzanne Johnson Warren Johnson Jolicoeur et associés Pam Jolliffe Elisabeth Jud Élysée Kapanga Bangambi Elizabeth Khabouth Art Kilgour Verna M. Killam Doug King Peter G. Kirby John Kolkman and   M. Kathleen Quinn Wendy Komiotis Thrainn Kristjansson Aku Kwamie Audrey Labbé Denis Labbé Louis Laberge-Côté Brigitte Laliberte Emeline Lamond Herle Éveline Landa Sam Landon D.A. Landry Julienne Landry Dr. Alan and Corinne Lane James R. Lane Richard Lane André Lauzon Isabelle Lavigueur Eveline Leblanc Lijeanne Lee Marie Leguerrier Thérèse Leguerrier Terri Lemke Les Petites Soeurs   de la Sainte-Famille Ian O. Leslie

Megan Leslie Jean-Paul Létourneau Roxanne Létourneau Jean-François Levesque Kathlyn W. Lew Ursula Lipski Susan F. Liver Janet A. Lockington François-René Lord Colin Loudon Pinky Lowe Lise Lussier Maryse Lussier M.C. forêt inc Bonnie MacDonald Roderick MacDonald John T. MacFarlane Danae Mack Jo-Ann Mackie Rev. Sandy MacPherson Sergio Macri Renald Mailhot Mary Malainey Peggy Mann Anne Marceau Gilles Marchildon Jody A. Marshall William A. Matheson Robert-Yves Mazerolle   and Olga Manzoni Mary McAllister Steven McAllister Ginger McBride Don McEwen Donna McGee Wayne McGill Margaret McIntosh   and Laurence Hebb Audrey M. McLaughlin Donald A. McMaster Elizabeth and   Keith McNair Ian McNeil Veronica McNeil

Ann McRae Diane Melanson Claude Ménard Catherine Meyerhoff Rev. Catherine Miller Margaret Miller Patrick Miller Catherine Mitchell Pamela Mitchell Perry and Ann-Marie   Mitchelmore Katherine Moore Pierre Morasse Lydia Moreyne Murray Morrison Municipalité  St-Majoriquede-Erantham Jackie Murphy Shannon Nelson Barbara E. Neuwelt Nicole Newell Michelle Nuttall Lesa O’Brien Gary O’Connor Helen O’Donnell Lynn and Thomas Okanski Gudrun Olafsdottir Donald H. Oliver Nicolas Ouellet Jean-Pascal Paquette Beverly Parker Hang Thuy Phan Solange Plamondon Mathieu Poliquin Mike Pollock   and Donna Takacs Marc Pontbriand Ian Potts Heather Preece Bryan Prentice Joan Prout Christian Provencher Mary Pullen

Harry Qualman Andree Quinlan Éliette Racine Claudette Raymond Lianne Raynor Viviane Renaud Andrew Reynolds Heather Ritchie Bruce Roberts Linda Roberts Dr. Michael Rochester Margot Rogers Mark Rogers Michael Rose Jacinthe Rousseau Hélène Royer Michael D. Rudiak Christiane Ruel Stuart Rush Nancy Rutherford Alain Saint-Jacques Mélanie Sarazin Paul Saunders Shelagh Savage Tricia Schers Christine Schmidt Dr. Gaston Schwarz Charles J. Seiden Serrurier l’Homme   Clef Inc Laura M. Sie Katalin and Alex Sikur Sisters of Saint Martha Pamela A. Skinner Nancy Smith Soeurs Notre-Dame   du Perpétuel Secours Aranka Somlo Hélène Soumis Kevin C. St. Michael Dianne S. Staruch Bruce Stavert André St-Jean


our donors Claude St-Jean and Mariette St-Jean Gabrielle St-Jean Guillaume St-Jean Lise St-Jean Michèle St-Jean Rosella G. Stoesz Kathy Stuart Janet Sutherland Roderick Syme Kristoff Talin Verne E. Tant David Taylor Denis Thibault André Thomas Jennifer E. Thomson Pierrette Tougas Diane Trahan Lina Tremblay Réjean Tremblay Debbie Tripp Ray Tucker Virginia Van Vliet Harry Vedelago Josephine M. Vickers Tran-Thang Vu Diane L. Waddell William Wallace Ann Waters Susan E. Wendt-Hildebrandt Juanita R. Westmoreland-Traoré Trudy L. White Marian Williamson Richard Wilson Dr. Ruth Wilson Claire L. Winterton Sean Wolfe Dr. Norman P. Woods Dan P. Wright Lana Wright


Russell Wyatt Jocelyne Yelle Debbie Zemnickis Brenda Zimmerman Dr. Robert Zimmerman Margaret Zurbrigg $50-$99

Anonymous (14) Maya Ahmad Angie Allard Brian and Linda Allen Sylvain Archambault Jean-Claude Arseneault Aslaug Asgeirsdottir Martha Attridge Bufton Benoît Baton Lucie Beauchamp Carole Beaujard Julia C. Beddoe Diane Bélanger Isabelle Bélanger Marcel Bélanger Vanessa Bélisle Lorraine Bender Sheri Benson Kathleen Bentall Claire Bergeron Ginette Bergeron Suzanne Bergeron Dr. Donna Berry Ella Berry Wendy Birks and Karie Johnston Margrét Björgvinsdòttir Katharine Blair Mireille Bonhomme Stéphanie Bonneau Mary Anne Brager Broadway Shoe Repair Barbara Brockmann Linda Burnside Dr. Rano Burton

Caisse Desjardins du Lac des Deux-Montagnes Caisse Desjardins Granby Haute-Yamaska Oliver Carroll Alexandre Castonguay Gwendolyn Cave Centre communautaire jeunesse unie de Parc Extension Centre dentaire de Nicolet Centre Dentaire Ross & Moreau Sylvia M. Chadwick Guy Chenard Chevaliers de Colomb Marie-Pierre Chevrier Marcia Clark Claude Manigat Medicine Professional Corporation Kerry Ann Cochrane Mary Louise Conlin Francine Côté Richard Côté Dr. Christine Crader Ruth Crammond Daniel Cuerrier Ken Cunningham Natacha Daigle Jim DeMarco Kim DeMarco Demenagement baril inc. Ronald Desbiens and Louise Desbiens Steeve Desbiens Desjardins Transit Ann DeVito Joy Dicker Marie Doucet Pierre Doucet Mihai Draghici Michel Drapeau

Diane Dubois Éric Dufour and Dominique Vigneault Shyla Dutt Kelly Eagan Susan Eagleson Charlie Eigl Louise Elsliger Dionne A. Falconer Roger Ferland Caroline Forland Sousan Forghani-Ashrafi Evelyne Fournier Nicolas Frenette Marie-Eve Gagné Maureen Gans Lauretta Gatz Thierry Gaudreau Linda Gauthier Caroline Girard Mireille Girard Emilie Giroux-Gareau Mary Glauser Kathryn Glazier Louise Gosselin André Grenier Edith Greslin Nicole Guillot André Guy Elin Gwyn Margaret Hancock Laurie Hannah Michiko Hara Helga Harman John Harman Gail Harwood Wayne Haymer Gord Henning Anne-Louise Hill Ross Hillis Rosalind Hobson Lee R. Holland Cynthia Holmes

Eri Hosokawa Frances Hough Tricia Hough Sandra Houston Thomas Howlett Michelle Hunt Ilene Hyman Arlene Janzen Mathieu Jobin Christine Jonas-Simpson Diane Kage Ingrid Kastens Sheila Kelly-Blackmore Cindy Kleiman Caroline Knepper David Kurdyla John Kurdyla Richard Laberge Odette Lacasse Tor Laine Guy Lamarre Ben Lambert Christine Landry Catherine L’Anglais Julie Laporte Sylvain Larocque Jeannot Leblanc Sylvie Lefevre Legeco Inc Pierre-Marc Legris Jacques Lessard Jacques Letourneau Karen Levkovitsh Michael Loebach and Patricia Howe Loebach John Loukidelis Ruth Loukidelis Iain Lowe Pauline MacDonald-Smith and Harold Smith Leandre Maheu Maison Provinciale des Filles de la Charité du Sacré-Coeur

Dr. Bertrand Major Jean Malenfant Valerie March Bennett Michèle Marchand Marcel and Colette Marcotte Tougas Valérie Martin Darlene R. Marzari Ian Masse Jean Massé Robert Massé Gilles Mathieu Gail McCleery Fabian McGaugh Megan McIlroy Ed and Cindy McKenna Anne McTiernan J. Marc and Andrea C. Melanson Charles A. Melanson Lysanne Melanson Paulette Melanson Lucie Ménard Réjean Ménard

David Miller and Jill Campbell-Miller Freddie Milowsky Dave Molyneux Sandra Monteath Annie Moore Aude Moriani Jane Morley Alex Morosovskiy David R. Morrison John Mould Catherine Mountain Dr. Kenneth R. Murray Eugene Nakonechny Steve New Brenda Newhook Fabienne Nolet Kevin O’Donnell Alan Oickle M.J. O’Keefe Louise Orieux Linda Osbourne Cheryl O’Sullivan Laura Panter

Pierre Paquette Eric Paré Michel Pauzé Michelle Pearlman Kari Pearson Pharmacie Guylaine Lefebvre Pharmacie Jocelyn Lacroix Annie and Serge Pin Joanne Plouffe Dr. Blake and Brenda Poland Joanne Pontbriand Jacinthe Poulin Jennifer Proudfoot Roch Provencher Marla Rapoport Matthieu Rapp Dr. Michel Raymond Eric Robinson Dr. Fiona Robinson Denis Roy Caroline Ryan Patricia Sagl

Lisa Sansom Nick Saul Normand Sauvé Yves Savoie Carol and Bill Shank Lisa Shepherd Susan Simpson Eddy Slater Heather M. Smith Soeurs de la Présentation de Marie Bill Souder Benoit St-Jean Robert St-Jean Sobhi Tadros Valerian Tchang Laura Teed Pauline Tetley Lorraine Théberge Anne Thivierge Patricia Thompson Kym Thrift Dr. Elmer Tory Frédéric Tremblay

Sébastien Tremblay Jean-Pierre Valiquette Marianne Vancaemelbeke Lorraine H. van Grol Richard Veenstra Mary-Jane Walsh Wioletta Wesolowski Holly Wheler Margaret White Mindy G. Willett Esther Willms Patricia Wilson Philippe Wilson Karen Wishart Anne Wood Carlyn Zwarenstein Patricia Aubé Sandra Conrad and Neil Hannam Jessie Litven Jane Mulkewich


For more than 50 years, Crossroads has supported organizations and volunteers in the global South and Canada to enable people to improve their lives and increase the health and vitality of their communities


A planned gift, such as a bequest or a gift of life insurance is the ultimate expression of support for an equitable and sustainable world — a world where poverty is eliminated, equality prevails, and the rights of women and girls are fulfilled


We would like to thank the many individuals who have made a planned commitment to Crossroads, and gratefully acknowledge the legacies realized in past years



stateMent of incoMe

Revenues Federal Government – CIDA Federal Government – CIDA-IYIP Federal Government – CIDA joint public engagement projects Federal Government – One time project funding Federal Government – CIDA NetCorps Programme Other Federal Government

Provincial Government Contributions (Quebec) Fundraising Other Revenues Volunteer Contributions

Expenses Programme Expenses (including salaries and benefits) Public Engagement Programme Expenses One Time Programme Expenses Administration, Governance and Overhead (including salaries and benefits) Fundraising (including salaries and benefits) Contributions by Volunteers

Income from Operations Before Other Expenses



2,670,789 36,067 51,856 0 0 39,700

2,583,328 208,918 298,338 226,855 25,617 0





339,901 53,146 1,157,913

1,347,744 127,684 1,677,834





2,849,813 188,843 0 540,557 111,434 1,157,913

3,096,588 287,741 219,573 583,642 131,707 1,677,834





Other Expenses Strategic Planning and Restructuring Expenses



Net Income (Loss)




stateMent of financial position



Assets Current Long-term Investments Capital Assets

972,469 1,055,990 28,850

1,522,275 1,002,750 29,374

Total Assets



Liabilities & Net Assets Current Liabilities Net Assets

594,578 1,462,731

931,672 1,622,727

Total Liabilities & Net Assets





(including in-kind contributions)

(including in-kind contributions)

C IDA – Volunteer Co-operation Programme 55% V olunteer Contributions (in-kind)


Provincial Government


Programme Expenses (including volunteer contributions)


A dministration, Governance and Overhead (including volunteer contributions) 12%



Other Revenue


Public Engagement Programme Expenses


CIDA – IYIP Programme




C IDA – Joint Public Engagement Programme


friends of canadian crossroads foundation The Friends of Canadian Crossroads Foundation (FCCF) is a separate charitable foundation that supports registered charities and, in particular, Canadian Crossroads International. As of March 31, 2010, FCCF had net assets of $484,437. As of March 31, 2009, the net assets of FCCF were $480,806. The 2009-2010 audited financial statements for Canadian Crossroads International and FCCF are available on our web site ( or upon request by calling our Toronto office (1-877-967-1611).


Board of directors 2009-2010

Aku Kwamie – Director Research Officer, International Development Research Centre, Ottawa, Ontario

Executive Committee

Board of Directors

Darlene Bessey – Chair Consultant in Organizational Development, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Mark Blumberg – Director Lawyer, Blumberg Segal LLP, Toronto, Ontario

Jonathan Nils Carlzon – Treasurer Lawyer and Advocate, Office of the Child and Youth Advocate, Alberta Children and Youth Services, Edmonton, Alberta

Éthel Côté – Director Consultant, L’Art du Développement, Plantagenet, Ontario

Betty Plewes – Director Consultant, Carp, Ontario Pattie LaCroix – Director CEO, Catapult Media, Halifax, Nova Scotia Karen Takacs – Director (ex-officio) Executive Director, Canadian Crossroads International, Toronto, Ontario

Nonhlanhla Dlamini (Hon.) – Director Member of Parliament, Swaziland (former ED, SWAGAA), Manzini, Swaziland

Heather D. Neun – Director Lawyer, Vancouver, British Columbia Souleymane Sarr – Director President, Association jeunesse action Mali, Bamako, Mali

Patsy George – Director Retired social worker, Vancouver, British Columbia

cci Honorary patrons

Lyse Doucet (Côte d’Ivoire, 1982) Senior Presenter and Correspondent for BBC World News television and BBC World Service radio


Ann McCain Evans (Ethiopia, 1976) Chairperson, Harrison McCain Foundation

Lawrence Hill (Niger, 1979; Cameroon, 1981; Mali, 1989) Writer

The Honourable Audrey McLaughlin (Barbados, 1986) Consultant and former leader of the New Democratic Party

Senator Donald Oliver (Ethiopia, 1962)

Dr. Peter Paris (Nigeria, 1958) Professor Emeritus, Princeton Theological Seminary

J. Robert S. Prichard (Zambia, 1969) President and CEO, Metrolinx

Executive Director: Karen Takacs Director External Relations: Christine Campbell Writing/Coordination: Candice O’Grady Linguistic Services: Nicolas Gersdorff Concept and Design: Campbell Symons Design Charitable Registration Number: 12981 4570 RR0001 Photos: Courtesy of ABANTU for Development (5); Courtesy of Association Jeunesse Action Mali (7); Ulrike Bender (cover); Christine Campbell (9); Nathalie Cloutier (5); Hélène Duquette (11); Jean-François Gagnon (pp. 10, 16); Courtesy of the Girl Child Network (8); Jérémy Landa (1); Maria Luna (7); Katherine Marshall (12); Carine Ricci (inside cover, pp. 2, 3, 6); Karen Takacs (9); Courtesy of Women in Law and Development in Africa-Ghana (11).

49 Bathurst Street, Suite 201 Toronto, ON M5V 2P2 Tel: 1-877-967-1611

Canadian Crossroads International gratefully acknowledges the support of: Canadian International Development Agency

Agence canadienne de dĂŠveloppement international


This report was printed on environmentally friendly paper containing 100% post-consumer waste. Please recycle.

CCI Annual Report 2009-2010 - We Believe...  

Canadian Crossroads International's annual report for the year of 2009-2010. "We believe in one world where poverty is eliminated, equalit...

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