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Intensive English Certificate & Diploma in English Exam Preparation English for Academic Purposes Internship Study

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Exam Preparation English for Academic Purposes Academic English

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Executive English Certificate in Business English Diploma in Business English Business English Work Study Internships Private Tutoring







CCEL Language Study Program Essential to Language Learning Canada - Quality, Safe, Peaceful English Examinations Work and Study University Pathways CCEL University Partners Study in Canada Conditional Acceptance Semester Start Dates CCEL Campus

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Commitment to Quality Morning Programs Afternoon Electives Chart Weekly Timetable CCEL Facts

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How to Get Information The Correct Visa Applying for a Program Accommodation Options CCEL Residence Arrival at YVR Airport First Day Orientation Activity Program Refund Policy

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Our Sister College


Spokane College of English Language

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LANGUAGE STUDENT The CCEL Language Study Program

This program has been developed over a 10 year period and is one of the most effective and successful in Canada.

Integrated Studies in the Morning

Morning classes integrate all aspects of language learning - listening, speaking, reading, vocabulary, grammar, writing, and pronunciation.

Enrichment and Remedial Electives in the Afternoon

Each student is given a diagnostic test on the first day and staff recommend appropriate afternoon electives. Students usually take one remedial elective that focuses on a weak area and one enrichment elective which focuses on a strong area or the topic the student is most interested in.

Intensive English Programs intended to prepare students for: exam courses such as Cambridge and TOEFL, IELTS, university pathways, career advancement, or for personal interest.

Certificate/Diploma in English 12, 24, 36, and 48 week programs for students seeking proficiency in English. These programs are perfect for students wishing to take International or Canadian English exams.

Essential Points to Language Learning • Qualified teachers • English only policy • Diverse ethnic groups • Effective Curriculum • Individualized assessments Student Nationality Mix (Yearly Average)

Exam Preparation Intensive Preparation courses for TOEFL, FCE and IELTS. CCEL prides itself on the high success rate of students in these programs.

Europe/ Middle East 25%

English Level Chart ESL level TOEFL (PBT)T OEFL (iBT)T OEIC Cambridge (BEC) Level 1 (Beginner)~ 350 ~20~ 400 Level 2 (Low-Intermediate) 351~400 21~32 400~550 Level 3 (Intermediate) 401~450 33~45 550~650 Level 4 (Upper-Intermediate) 451~500 46~61 650~750 BEC Preliminary Level 5 (Advanced) 501~550 62~80 750~850 FCE BEC Vantage Level 6 (Upper- Advanced) 551~600 81~100 850~900 CAE BEC Higher 600+ 100+ 900+ CPE

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Mexico/ Latin America 30%

Asia 40%

Others 5%

Countries Korea










El Salvador










Hong Kong


Saudi Arabia Argentina Chile












Costa Rica


Canada – High Quality, Safe, Friendly & Peaceful. Canada has a reputation for being the safest, friendliest, and most peaceful country in the world. An extremely high standard of education makes Canada the best choice for international students. Page 5

Work & Study International students studying degree programs at Canadian universities can work and study, but conditions apply. Students at High Schools, Colleges, and Institutions who are studying non-credit programs at universities can not work. work-opps.html Page 6


UNIVERSITY STUDENT Pathway to Canada’s Best Universities All students wishing to enter a university in Canada must have a proven high level of English. The UofA EAP course is recognised by a number of top universities and our exam prep courses also prepare students for university entrance.

University Support Desk Entry requirements for specific programs vary, but all require a suitable level of English. CCEL Academic Advisory staff assist students to find the right choice of program and university for their bachelor or master’s degree.

Conditional Acceptance Students who meet the academic requirements of some Canadian universities and colleges can get acceptance conditional on them reaching the necessary English level. This can be done with the assistance of CCEL staff before arrival in Canada or while enrolled in a CCEL program.

English For Academic Purposes (EAP) The University of Alberta Faculty of Extension has a partnership agreement with CCEL whereby students can study EAP (ESL 140 and ESL 145) courses at CCEL. Completion of ESL 145 meets English entry requirement for the University of Alberta undergraduate programs.

Academic English (Pre-EAP) Pre-EAP is an intensive, 10 week course designed to introduce students to academic English, focusing on academic reading and writing skills. The purpose of the course is to expose students to a variety of structures, from descriptive and comparative essays to opinion-based papers and reports, and to help them develop their own clear, cohesive, and organized compositions.

Semester Start Dates Canadian universities and colleges have different start dates for different programs. It is important for students to plan their study program in Canada around the university entry dates. Page 7


WORK & STUDY STUDENT Business English Work Study (BEWS) The Business English Work Study Program is offered in 12 to 56 weeks fulltime programs, comprising 50% academic and 50% paid or nonpaid work experience. This course helps reinforce the communication ability of students in a business context and gain work experience in Canada.

The Professional At CCEL we recognize the need for specialized programs for Business People, Teachers and other mature students, and have developed our English for Executive programs with these groups in mind: small group setting (maximum 9 students), board room style classrooms, professional teachers, a curriculum covering appropriate topics and material, and the choice of private lessons, work experience or specialty electives.

English For Executives This program is specifically designed for mature students. It is made up of 18 hours per week of small-group English lessons and the choice of private one-to-one tutoring (in any specialty area), individualized computer-assisted learning, specialized electives and/or work experience.

Certificate/Diploma in Business English 8 or 12 week program for business students. Business English in the morning 18hrs/week and electives in the afternoon including career preparation, exam preparation (BEC), public speaking, writing and presentations. This course was developed through the University of Cambridge and is internationally recognized. BEC is designed for students who need to use English in the context of international business.

TESOL Diploma

Executive Services Executive students can use a number of special executive services designed to assist professionals who need to do business while studying at CCEL. These include: faxing, email, cell phone rental, concierge, concert booking, long distance phone cards, teleconference / video conference set up, lap top rental, car rental, and travel booking.

This unique program consists of 8 weeks of theoretical foundation and 4 weeks of practical training with the Maple Ridge School District.

Internships This program combines English classes to improve communication in the work place with specialized classes which prepare students for finding a work placement. Students must have a student visa and a C30 work permit in order to do an unpaid internship or paid co-op program in Canada.

Private Tutoring Private lessons with qualified instructors are a fast and effective way for students to improve their English ability. Tutoring in specialized subject areas is available. (e.g. English for Law, Business English)

Accommodation CCEL Residence - Each apartment features a fully equipped kitchen, cable TV and High Speed Wireless Internet. Homestay - Executives can stay with Canadian families with the options of a single room, meals, and private bathroom. Hotels - Vancouver has a full range of hotels to meet any visitors’ needs.

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President’s Message “During its 17 years of operations CCEL has gained worldwide recognition as one of the most reputable private English Language Colleges in Canada. The selection and quality of courses are second to none. Vancouver, a sophisticated and safe North American city nestled in a spectacular natural setting, is the perfect study destination. My staff and I will do everything we can to make your visit successful.” Jim Clark (President & Owner) Page 9

CCEL Facts • Established in 1991 • Member of Languages Canada • Founding Member of PELSA Canada • Member of AILIA • Partnership program with the University of Alberta • Pathway to 100+ universities. Page 10


UNIVERSITY STUDENT Our Commitment to Quality

• All teachers have university degrees and TESL certificates or equivalent • Maximum 15 students per class • Excellent student mix - Europe and the Middle East (30%), the America’s (30%), Asia (30%) and other counties (10%) • Integrated morning program (18 hrs per week) and optional afternoon electives for an additional 6 or 12 hours per week.

Weekly Timetable

• Internship Program • Youth Vacation • English Tutoring For more information go to: /courses



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Times Vary

Pronunciation & Communication Public Speaking Back to Basics Communication Skills Writing & Debate Debate & Discussion Conversation & Idioms Grammar & Conversation Communication & Vocabulary Pronunciation & Conversation Idioms & Slang Career Preparation/Business Grammar & Communication English Through Movies Topical Discussions Presentations & Communications FCE, CPE, CAE EAP Private Tutorial (special sessions) TOEIC TOEFL IELTS


Day Programs

1:00 - 2:40, 2:55 - 4:05


• Intensive English • English for Executives • Examination Courses • Academic Year • EAP (University Pathway) • Business English Certificate • Business English Work Study



8:30 - 12:05


Morning Programs


• 18 hours / week - Mon-Fri 8:30am - 12:05pm (Mornings only) • 4 hours / week - Mon-Thu 8:30am - 2:40pm & Fri 8:30am - 12:05pm • 30 hours / week - Mon-Thu 8:30am - 4:05pm & Fri 8:30am - 12:05pm

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How to Get Information CCEL Representatives – We have agents in most cities to help you obtain information, register, and book flights. Website – All the information you need in 16 different languages. Phone – 1 604 688 9366 our staff speak 8 languages. Visit – visit us at 1050 Alberni St. for a trial lesson and interview. Email – Request information from

The Correct Visa Go to for information on visa requirements. Contact the visa office near you or the Canadian Embassy.

Applying for a Program CCEL Representatives in your city can help you with your application Online Mail, Fax (1 604 688 9322) or Email (

Accommodation Options Homestay with a Canadian Family – options of 2 or 3 meals per day, private or shared room or bathroom. Suitable for young adults. Bed and Breakfast in Downtown Area - Ideal for mature students. Residence – single room and shared facilities. Hotels and Serviced Apartments – for short and long stay students. CCEL can help meet requests for special needs or diet. Page 12

Student Residence The Canadian College Student Apartments are excellent furnished apartments in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The apartments are located in downtown Vancouver, next to world famous Stanley Park and is on trendy Robson Street, fantastic restaurants, interesting shops and quaint boutiques. Rougemont Apartments have single and double rooms. student-residence



CCEL Campus CCEL Vancouver campus has moved to a new location in the heart of downtown Vancouver. The campus is second to none with common areas, offices and classrooms with modern and stylish decor. Everything is new, bright and spacious!! • Same block as (Hermes, Tiffany’s, Louis Vuitton, Shangri la Hotel) • One block from Robson Street, Bus/ Skytrain Station, 7-11, Banks etc. • Brand New, Big, Bright Classrooms • Computer bar with 15 computers • Roof top patio/garden

Arrival at YVR Airport Immigration - you will clear customs and immigration at your first port of entry Airport Pickup - for a fee our staff can meet you at the airport and drive you to CCEL and your accommodation choice. Airporter Bus - to downtown hotels. Taxi - to downtown and to your accommodation. Emergency contact - obtain the emergency contact phone number before arriving in Vancouver.

First Day Orientation You will arrive at CCEL at 9:00am on Monday (excluding public holidays) and have an orientation, test, interview, and walking tour by our Staff and Student Advisors.

Activity Program We have a full range of activities planned for all four seasons which occur after school, evening and weekends. If you have special requests, contact our Activity Staff before or after you arrive in Vancouver.

Refund Policy Please read our refund policy before registering for our programs. Copies can faxed, emailed or mailed to you. Page 13


CANADIAN COLLEGE Paid Work in Canada The Canadian College (which is located in the heart of Vancouver) offers several internationally recognized Certificates and Diplomas. International students can receive paid work in Canada by taking on of our co-op diploma programs.

Why Study at the Canadian College • Internationally Recognized Certificates (FITT, AH&LA, PMI, CISCO, Microsoft, RedHat, Comptia) • Paid and Unpaid Co-op, Study/Work • Immigration Pathway • Industry Experienced Instructors • Competitively priced programs

• Fee Payment Plans • 8 Full time Student Services Staff • On Site Advising (Immigration, Visa, Study Career Planning) • On Campus Job Placement Service • On Campus employment (eh! Restaurant & residence) • Specialized Career Training

• Small Classes • Excellent Nationality Mix

Canadian College Diploma Programs • Business Management Diploma Co-op • International Trade Diploma Co-op • Hospitality Management Diploma Co-op More Information: web: email:

• Project Management Diploma Co-op • Information Technology (IT) Diploma Co-op

phone: 1.604.688.9366


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Par tner



Pathway to USA’s Best Colleges & Universities All students wishing to enter a college or university in USA must have a proven high level of English. The Spokane Community College has a partnership agreement with SCEL whereby students can study EAP courses at SCEL. Completion of EAP meets English entry requirement for the Spokane Community College undergraduate programs.

Spokane College of English Language (SCEL) - English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Spokane Community College (SCC) - A.A. Transferable Degree Programs

Conditional Admission to SCC Completion of EAP will meet the English language proficiency required by Spokane Community College. SCEL staff, together with the International Programs Office at SCC, will help the students to enroll at SCC and register for college classes.

Dual Enrolment Programs International students who apply to Spokane Community College (SCC) may also receive a conditional admission to one of our partner Universities in the Spokane region:

More Information: web: email: phone: 1.509.533.8304

Dual Enrolment Programs have the following benefits for students: • Pre-admission to the University of their choice. • Eligibility for scholarships. • Help from advisors in planning the University transfer process. • No further applications are required. • No TOEFL score is required. Students are free to apply for transfer to any academic institution at the conclusion of their A.A. program.

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CANADIAN COLLEGE of English Language

#450, 1050 Alberni Street Vancouver, CANADA V6E 1A3 Phone 1.604.688.9366 Fax 1.604.688.9322 Email Website

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CCEL Brochure  

The Canadian College of English Language (which is located in the heart of Vancouver) offers several internationally recognized Certificates...

CCEL Brochure  

The Canadian College of English Language (which is located in the heart of Vancouver) offers several internationally recognized Certificates...