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Project Management Diploma & Co-op Increasingly, today's leading companies need project management specialists capable of delivering mission-critical work on time and on budget. A solid understanding of sound project management techniques and processes and the confidence to apply them appropriately throughout are essential to project success. The Project Management Co-op is an integral component of this program as it provides students with essential experience needed to meet the PMI criteria. Students who successfully complete the program will receive a Canadian College Project Management Diploma and either PMI`s PMP certification (minimum 3 years related work experience) or the CAPM certification (no experience necessary).

PM Course List CC100- Business Math CC101- Accounting 1 CC102- Accounting 2 CC105- Small Business CC106- Business Simulation CC120- Economics CC130- Operations Management 1 CC131- Operations Management 2 CC150- Business Computer 1 CC151- Business Computer 2 CC139- 21st Century Communication CC140- Communications CC141- Marketing 1 CC230- Human Resources 1 CC231- Human Resources 2 CC280a- Career Prep CC280b- PLA Portfolio CC285a- Co-op CC285b- Co-op CC405- PM Fundamentals CC410- PM Budgets & Scheduling CC415- PM Leadership CC420- PM Risk Management CC480- PM Exam Prep

Program Sequence Semester 1 & 2 - Study Semester 3 & 4 - Co-op Semester 5 - Study Semester 6 & 7 - Co-op Semester 8 - Study

Program Objectives While studying at Canadian College students will gain: 1. Exam certification prep for either • Project Management Professional (PMP), OR • Certified Associate Program Management (CAPM) 2. Achieve a functional working understanding of: • E-commerce strategies • Business planning skills • Corporate structures • Global technology trends 3. Over 1000 hours of Project Management related experience

Entrance Requirements • High School Diploma, High School Completion Certificate, or equivalent • iBT 70, or IELTS 5.5 or 78 on the Canadian College exam

Short Course Available PMP Fast Track Certificate (subject to availability)

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2012 Canadian College Project Management Diploma co-op  

Short Course Available PM Course List 2. Achieve a functional working understanding of: • E-commerce strategies • Business planning skills •...

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