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Water Dispensing

Remote Water Dispensing

Chilled Sparkling Chilled Still Ambient

Enviromentally Friendly & Cost Effective Minimize plastic bottle waste in the environment! Remote Water Dispensing Systems from CBS is a pure way to enjoy drinking water. Ideal for universities, schools, offices, airports, nursing homes, hospitals and hotels. Our systems are designed to make installations easy and all parts included in our water systems are plug & play.

Remote Chiller The Horeca water chiller from CBS is a robust & efficient system. It comes with a built in carbonator and 1/4hp compressor which makes for a small carbon footprint. All water systems come with a full filtration kit to ensure cool, clean water

Flow control faucets Italian designed water tower Exquisite polished chrome finish • 1-888-303-7707 •

Cbs remote water system  
Cbs remote water system