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Couturier x island Mist x

2009 C anadian National Champion Mare 2009 U.S. National Reserve Champion Mare 2009 Scottsdale Reserve 6 & 7 Yr Old Mares

Don James, owner of Island Arabians, would like to thank all the many Canadians who played such a major part in Island Elegance’s development: John & Andrea Pringle, Pringle Equine Services; Pat Simmonds, W.P. Simmonds Arabians; Edwina MacDonald, Jem Arabians; Francis Fischer, Greenhill Farms; Brenda Driediger, Driediger Arabians; Ed & Laura Friesen, Wunderbar Arabians; Susan & Will Nichol, Geoff Gaunt Elk Lake Veterinary Clinic; and of course our new American friends and inspiration Jeff and Roxanne Schall, and Jerry and Anisa Schall of Shada Arabians.

Island Arabians 11200 West Saanich Road, North Saanich, BC, Canada V8L 5P4 Ph: (250)655-4131; E:

Siring in

Halter & Performance Scottsdale T10 Stallion, Open & AAOTH Sweepstakes Champion Colt 2 x Regional Champion Stallion AHA SweepStAkeS, ScottSdAle SignAture, minneSotA medAllion StAllion and iowA gold StAr nominAted Sire Video & SHipped Semen AVAilAble • Scid cleAr

Versace x Evening Intrigue

Sire of...

) 3 , ! . $ % , %'!.#% Canadian National Champion Mare U.S. Reserve National Champion Mare

7 5 . $ % 2 "! 2 ! 2 ! " ) ! . 3 Ed & Laura Friesen | 306.220.8157 | Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada |

on the Leading Sires List of

Canadian Nat’l Halter Winners (Arabian Horse World, Nov 2009)

#/ , , %#4 ) / . 4(%

# / 5 4 5 2 ) % 2

-!+).'4(%)2$%"54 THE  3 #/4 43 $! , % #/ . 4 % . $ % 23

Joaquim WA by Mariachi WA out of a Couturier daughter

SSS Auction Colt with Maegan Friesen

Nyla WA

by Couturier SSS Auction Filly with Maegan Friesen

Everest ESA

out of a Couturier daughter

3! " 2 ) .!7! (Couturier x Brooklyn Bey)

Performing in Western Pleasure Jr Horse with Rick Gault

2009 Canadian National Top Ten Futurity Filly R17 Champion Western Pleasure Jr Horse R17 Champion Two-Yr-Old Filly

#//, ( ! . $ ,5 + % 7! &! - / 3 / 7! Half-Arabian by Mariachi WA

(Mariachi WA x Famess N Parys WA)

2008 U.S. National Reserve Champion HA Sweepstakes Colt/Gelding

R17 Res Champion Yearlilng Colts/Geldings 2009 Res Champ SSS Auction Yearling Colts/Geldings AOTH

! ( 3 / 5 , ˜ 3!&)2%

Joaquim WA by Mariachi WA

Half-Arabian by Mariachi WA

out of a Couturier daughter

SSS Auction Colt with Maegan Friesen

Sasha Fierce WA 2009 Filly by Mariachi WA

2009 Canadian National Reserve Champion 2-yr-old Sweepstakes Gelding

on the Leading Sires List of

Canadian Nat’l Halter Winners (Arabian Horse World, Nov 2009) aha swEEPstakEs, sCottsdalE signaturE, iowa gold star, minnEsota mEdallion stallion and arabian English swEEPstakEs nominatEd sirE sCid ClEar VidEo & shiPPEd sEmEn aVailablE

Baske Afire x Brooklyn Bey 10 crosses to *Bask

#!.!$)!..!4)/.!,#(!-0)/. 5  3 2%3%26%#(!-0)/. 2%')/.  #(!-0)/ . Co u n t ry English Pl EasurE Jr. h ors E

Scottsdale Champion 3yr old Colt • Regional Champion Sweepstakes Colt Canadian and U.S. National Top Ten Futurity Colt

75. $ % 2 "! 2 ! 2 ! " ) ! . 3 Ed & Laura Friesen | 306.220.8157 | Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada |

DXihl`j@oJX]XXiXYp@YeJXÔeXq 2007 Grey Straight Egyptian Stallion

)''0I\^`fe(.LeXe`dflj:_Xdg`fe)$pi$fc[:fckj :XeX[`XeEXk`feXcjKfgK\e)$pi$fc[:fckj Introductory Stud Fee $ 1,500 USD $ 500 booking deposit • Live Foal Guarantee

El Masri BJ made his show ring debut in 2009, winning at the Class A level, winning at Region 17 (Unanimous Champion), and a Top Ten finish at the Canadian Nationals, all the while being the youngest in his classes, and being one of the taller, large bodied colts at 14.3 HH. “Masri” is a blending of bloodlines from two Straight Egyptian breeding farms who are recognized world-wide, the famed Imperial Egyptian Stud and the highly respected Kehilan Arabians of Ft Worth TX. Masri is growing up and showing a great resemblance to his sire Marquis I in carriage, the size and structure of his dam Safaara, and the great fantastic motion of his grand sire Ibn Safinaz.

Barry Dearle RR7, Site 707, Box 43 Saskatoon, SK S7K 1N2, Canada Tel: (306) 978-5798 Fax: (306) 978-5772 E: W:

El Masri BJ has shown a great, level-headed attitude in his paddock and in the barn, all in close to proximity to the other horses here at Alli~Barr Arabians.

Volume 48, No 1

Stallion Issue • January 2010


Odyssey: Canadian National Champion Stallion . . . . . . . . . . 24 by Tex Kam

Island Elegance: From Harleys to Horses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 By Nicole Toren

WAHO Trophy: Horse of the Year. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 Presented to Canadian National Champion Mare Island Elegance

Allionce+/. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 by Tex Kam

U.S. National Championships . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51

by Nicole Toren

Sport Horse Nationals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56 Canadian Results & Missed Titles from Canadian Nationals

Report from the Royal. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59 by Jane Whitwell

Advertising 101: Tips for a Marketing Plan. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61 by Christina Weese

Understanding Cerebellar Abiotrophy and Lavender Foal Syndrome . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63

by Beth Minnich and Brenda Wahler

Barn News Roundup 2010. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65 News, Articles, In Memoriams, and Tidbits from across the Country

Spruce Meadows 2009 Photo Gallery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 76 by Christina Weese

News & Columns

Incoming President’s Message. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 News & Info from the Registry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Outgoing President’s Message . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 20 Questions: Marcia Friesen. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19

Trainer Profile: The Pringle Farm. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Index of Advertisers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74 Classified Advertising . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 78

On the Cover

Couturier, owned by Ed & Laura Friesen of Wunderbar Arabians, Saskatoon SK Allison Mostowich and VLQ Friendly Fire. See story p. 75.

Photo: April Visel

stallion issue January 2010 11

Tex Kam: Incoming President’s


nce again I welcome you all into a new year, one that augurs many changes in my life both

professionally and personally. 2009 was certainly one for the record books, and I am sure glad it’s behind us. Record economic collapses throughout not only North America, but around the world, had everyone in a state of disbelief. Despite a worry that things may collapse, the world of the Arabian horse continued to evolve, albeit at a little slower pace. This to me demonstrates the strength and fortitude of the people who love this breed. 2010 marks the start of a personal quest that I started a few years ago. It is my first term as President of the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry. As I move forward in this position, the thought of what lies in front of me is at times daunting. I have large shoes to fill as my forbearers have laid down a great past upon which to build. This Canadian-managed Registry has been a beacon of one of the few things that we hold as truly Canadian. When I started as a director a few years ago, there was a movement by a few members to turn our Registry over to be managed by AHA in Denver, Colorado. To be honest, that may have been just what we as Registry members needed, as we all realized how important this Canadian Registry is to us.

Thanks to the Past Presidents and Directors of this association, we are very close to owning our building in Sherwood Park, Alberta, which houses our operations. Due to that fortuitous move several years ago by past presidents Gerry Levasseur and Robert Sproule, we are currently on the home stretch in completely paying off this building. If we were still paying commercial rents, the Canadian Registry might not exist today. Our ownership guarantees us a stronger position in which the Registry can continue to flourish. That being said, we are far from out of the woods. One only has to look to our partners at AHA to see how even the largest Arabian registry in the world is struggling to find its way in times of declining memberships and horse registrations. In fact, if it were not for the revenue associated with the National Shows, AHA would be faced with even tougher decisions, if they’d had to rely solely on registrations and memberships revenue as does the CAHR. We here at the CAHR are certainly not immune to these economic factors; registrations and memberships have been declining here as well. I have a theory that many may not want to hear, but I truly believe that overall, the equine lifestyle is in decline not only in North America but in most places around the world. The costs associated with keeping horses coupled with a move of population to urban centres means growing this business is an uphill climb. Now with that doom and gloom message out of the way, my main goal is, how do we make this organization valuable to the people that are still in this business of breeding, showing and just plain enjoying the Arabian horse. When I started out as a director the main phrase I heard from within our board of directors was that “we just register horses”. I firmly believe in my heart that our registry needs to be more than that. If registering and ensuring the integrity of the breed is our number one priority, then I believe without a shadow of a doubt that our number two priority, and equally as important, is the promotion of the “Canadian Bred and Owned Arabian Horse” throughout the world. My first action as a director three years ago was to get our magazine up and running again. I believe that, in an effort to conserve the resources we had, we perhaps forgot to try to create ways to keep moving forward. In many people’s eyes, we had hunkered down to the point of being stagnant and had in fact maybe even been moving

Tex and *Gazal Al Shaqab

12 Canadian Arabian Horse News


THE MAIN PRIORITIES The main priorities I have set out for myself are as follows: • Ensure continued fiscal responsibility for the organization

backwards. Whether it was a fact or simply an assumption, I think many members questioned where we were headed. It was no small feat to convince our board to bring back a magazine which had been losing money and was seen to be dragging down the Registry. My idea of raising membership fees was foreign to many of our directors, as they tried so hard to protect the membership from rising prices. But by polling the membership to see if they would accept a fee increase, we were able to determine that we did have the support of our members and were able to resurrect the magazine. We are without question one of the biggest Arabian registries in the world. Now that we are members of WAHO again, I want to ensure we take our rightful place on the world stage. With that being said, we also must support our breeders in Central and Eastern Canada and have them feel that this registry, while based in Western Canada, is theirs also. That is obviously a two-way-street and I feel confident that this can be achieved through an understanding of each others’ needs. On that note, Nicole Toren and myself, with the blessing of the Board, attended the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto for the first time in many years this past November. To be blunt, we were speechless as to the enormity of the event. Just as the Arabian horse is showcased at Spruce Meadows, the opportunity to showcase the Arabian horse at the Royal is one that, in my opinion, the CAHR must be involved with in some future capacity. These past few years, I have been surrounded by great directors who receive no compensation for their efforts and have gathered with me to start to bring about some changes. The world is evolving very quickly around us and we must not remain stagnant. The internet has made the planet a very small place; our members are selling Arabian horses not just in North America but around the world. My utmost sincere thanks to our outgoing president Marcia Friesen for continually being the voice of reason. Marcia not only steered the Registry through some of its toughest years, but has also guided me through the processes of being a director with her usual grace. My pledge to my fellow directors and all of our membership during my term is to continue on the path I started four years ago. Simply put, “To Protect the Purity and to Promote our Canadian-bred Arabian horses, in Canada and abroad.”

• Maximize revenues for the Registry. • Find talented people to run as directors for vacant positions. • Revamp internal CAHR committees to ensure continued effectiveness. • Ensure our Clubs, our Regions and our members understand our priorities. • Ensure our members in Central and Eastern Canada feel part of our organization. • Work with our newly formed external committee to revamp our Breeders shows. • Expand the magazine and websites with the team of great people we have. • Elevate our position in the eyes of the World Arabian community within WAHO.

2009 closed with a year not to be forgotten by many of our Canadian breeders, trainers and owners. Many new Champions were crowned, none more obviously Canadian than the mare Island Elegance. By our research, this is the first Canadian-bred National Champion mare in the history of our country! I will leave you all with a quote from Don James (the owner of Island Elegance) which is written elsewhere in this magazine also. “The Arabian business in Canada is no different than any other business. We offered a quality product and surrounded ourselves with committed people who were directly responsible for making this a reality. There are some very talented people in Canada and we were able to find them. Sometimes you just have to have a little faith, take a leap, commit and sort of bring them through.” I encourage anyone to email or call me with any questions, suggestions, or comments you may have. So until our next issue, as we all take that leap of faith into 2010, I remain surrounded by everything Arabian.

stallion issue January 2010 13




4(9,:+<,05!763650(1*(05-6(3;6),@,*3@7:,*,3,:;(05-6(3;6),@ ,*3@7:,(+1(:405,05-6(3;6),@,*3@7:,12-:0,99(05-6(3;64:(<9,30<: ),@,*3@7:,

 >,>03340::@6<63+-90,5+@6<93,.(*@>03330=,65 ;/96<./@6<9-6(3:




MORNING SUN ARABIANS 9,(:65()3,790*,:65(:,3,*;0656-@6<5.8<(30;@7<9,)9,+(9()0(5: 402, :/,,5(:;,,5/(9;c)6?*96::-0,3+();4:*(5(+(   c>>>469505.:<5(9()0(5:*64 7H[.DP3KRWRV

Canadian Arabian  Horse Registry Canadian Arabian Horse News c/o the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry #113-37 Athabascan Ave, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada T8A 4H3 phone: 780-416-4990 fax: 780-416-4860 email: website: The Official Publication of the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry Executive Editor Nicole Toren, Sherwood Park AB Managing Editor Christina Weese, Saskatoon SK phone: (306) 931-7187 Sales Associate Amanda Ubell, Unity SK phone: (306) 228-4517 CAHR President Tex Kam, Edmonton AB phone: (780) 977-8003 Publisher Canadian Arabian Horse Registry Printer Houghton Boston, Saskatoon SK Website Publication Mail Agreement # 40011861 Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to: CAHR, #113-37 Athabascan Ave, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4H3

PRINTED IN CANADA The opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the publisher, editors, or CAHR directors.

News and Info from the Registry Board of Directors Officers

Tex Kam, President Edmonton AB (780) 977-8003 Hilda Markis, Vice President 352 Morrison Rd, Kingbury QC (819) 826-2755

phone: 306-931-7187

16 Canadian Arabian Horse News

Two corrections to the AGM minutes as printed in the October 2009 issue: - Executives present included Hilda Markis (QC) via telephone. - The date of Tex Kam taking over as president was incorrectly reported as Jan. 1, 2009. It should have been Jan. 1, 2010.

Robert Sproule, Secretary/Treasurer 41 Newport Drive, Sherwood Park AB T8A 5V8 (780) 467-2062

directors at large

Wayne McLaughlin 84 Clibrig Ext Rd, Chamcook NB E5B 3G9 (506) 529-4348 Jill Barton 733 Maple Rd, Odessa ON T0M 0S0 (613) 386-3195 Marcia Friesen, Past President, CPAR Chair Box 302, Oakville MB R0H 0Y0 (204) 267-2411 Megan Francis Box 732, Southey SK S0G 4P0 (306) 726-4645 Mike Steenhart Box 208, Crossfield AB T0M 0S0 (403) 946-5292 Bill Lee, Breeders Chair 1545 Reservoir Rd, Penticton BC V2A 8T3 (250) 492-6908

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Art Direction/Design Foxtail Studio ~ Christina Weese 2338 McKinnon Ave, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada S7J 1N8

Corrections to AGM Minutes

Canadian Arabian Horse Registry #113, 37 Athabascan Avenue Sherwood Park, Alberta T8A 4H3 Ph: (780) 416-4990, Fax: (780) 416-4860 website:

Congratulations to the Winners of our December Give-Aways! Lisa Christie of Red Deer, AB, and Manuela Schroer of Germany each won a subscription to the Canadian Arabian News and an Arabian Fascination calendar from Edition Boiselle featuring Gabriele Boiselle’s world-renowned photography. Participants entered by joining the email list at Watch for more give-aways in the future! Gabriele Boiselle is a world renowned photographer who says Arabian horses are the reason for her equine career. “Photographing the grey stallion Echnaton and the chestnut Ibn Ahktal at the El Zahraa Stud in Cairo meant the beginning of quite dramatic changes in my life. It was the meeting with these stallions that made me into an equestrian photographer.” She has since spent nearly three decades traveling and photographing horses around the globe; the 2010 calendar line celebrates her Jubilee (25th) anniversary of her first calendar.

Nomination of CAHR Directors for 2010


All Directors shall hold office for two (2) years or until their successors are elected. For the purpose of the election of Directors and to effecting proportional representation as well as possible, the membership is divided into the electoral zones as listed below: British Columbia and Yukon - 2 Alberta and Northwest Territories - 3 Saskatchewan -1 Manitoba - 1


Ontario - 2 Quebec - 1 Atlantic Provinces - 1

Members within these areas will elect Directors from among themselves for 2010 as follows: British Columbia and Yukon - 1 Alberta and Northwest Territories - 1 Saskatchewan -1

Manitoba - 1 Ontario - 1 Quebec - 1

- 2008 -

Nomination procedures for the election of Directors shall be as follows: 1. Existing Directors whose terms are completed in 2010 will automatically be included for their electoral zone unless a written request for withdrawal of his/her name is received from the Director. 2. A slate of Candidates will be presented by the Nominating Committee. 3. A nomination of any member will be accepted for their electoral zone providing his/ her nomination paper is signed by five (5) members in good standing in the year prior to the election.


4. All nominees must have been members in good standing in the years prior to the election. 5. Nominations must be postmarked no later than March 31, 2010.

- 2009 -

Nominations for Directors are an important part of being a member of the CAHR and your involvement is encouraged! Si vous désirez des informations en français,

vous pouvez contacter Hilda Markis au (819) 826-2755.

Nominations should be sent to: Nominating Chairman,

c/o Canadian Arabian Horse Registry #113, 37 Athabascan Avenue Sherwood Park, AB, T8A 4H3

CAHR Life Memberships are being offered ON SALE.

Purchase a Life Membership for $750.00. Sale runs until the end of August, 2010.

January 2009


Ja ma al ian 2008 Canad cham pion natio nal stalli on

All four issues from each year available in a convenient, beautiful hardcover book! Order online at By phone, call the Registry 780-416-4990 Visa, Mastercard, AmEx

stallion issue January 2010 17

The most winning straight Egyptian stallion past or present...

S h y G a y f e e n ++++// (Safeen x Gayleen R CA)

2008 Region 17 Champion stallion tWiCe Canadian national top ten hUnteR pleasURe open Canadian national top ten hUnteR pleasURe aatR 18-39 Regions 4, 5, 6 and 17 Champion hUnteR pleasURe open moRe than 40 Regional titles in halteR and peRFoRmanCe egYptian event UnanimoUs Champion WoRld Class stallions 4&5 YR olds egYptian event Champion hUnteR pleasURe open the onlY se hoRse to have aChieved aha’s highest honoRs: legion oF masteRs & legion oF exCellenCe siRe oF Regional Champions in halteR and peRFoRmanCe

Born To Shyne DF (by Shy Gayfeen) 2008 Region 17 UnanimoUs Champion ha YeaRling FillY

SweepStakeS nominated Sire • Shn payback Sire pyramid Society futurity Sire • Scid clear

2008 WCB UnanimoUs Champion ha YeaRling FillY

pRoUdlY oWned BY CoRi Wilson

2008 CahR UnanimoUs Champion FUtURitY FillY

STanDing aT todd ehRet eqUine 780.352.0332 tehRet@xploRnet.Com WWW.toddehRet.Com

2008 CahR UnanimoUs sUpReme Champion FUtURitY halteR Congratulations to Melissa Maclellan on your recent purchase of this beautiful Filly!

Thanks for the Opportunity â&#x20AC;&#x201C; My last words as president.


will not write a long detailed final report as President. Suffice

it to say that the three terms I served as the leader of our Registry were challenging. When I took over the reins of this organization, I had to put my ideas for promotion on the back burners and instead focus on cost cutting measures as we wrestled with ways to ensure the decline in revenue and registrations would not affect our service to the membership. At the end of my term of service as President, I am thankful for the loyalty of staff that followed through on the cost cutting measures we implemented and to Bob Sproule who as Treasurer was always looking for ways to best utilize our resources. Through these measures our executive has ensured a solid financial footing for CAHR which is pretty amazing in these economic times. After being elected as President of CAHR for my third term, I was thinking that at some point there would have to be a successor as change in leadership is often necessary for an organization to move forward. After speaking to Tex Kam about this, he said he was interested in the position and agreed to be nominated. Through his passion for the Canadian Arabian News, we have witnessed Texâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s determination to succeed when he takes on a project. I trust

he will bring that same doggedness to the Presidency. I would like to extend my thanks to the entire board. I believe that each of you has a love for this breed and made your decisions based on the desire to do what is best for our beloved Arabian. In closing, I see sitting on the CAHR Board as a means to protect the Arabian breed, so I would like to thank you the members for allowing me the opportunity to serve the CAHR as President. Although not all the phone calls or e-mails I received were positive, I believe most concerns were answered and that you felt you were heard. I trust that during my time as your president that you have come to realize that CAHR is open to suggestions and constructive criticism from its membership. If you have concerns all you need to do is contact a director, the president or committee chair or attend the AGM, and voice that concern. Yours in service to the Arabian breed,

Marcia Friesen, Oakville, MB

Twenty Questions

with Past President Marcia Friesen 1. How long have you had Arabians?

In 1987 I got my first Arabian, a colt named Keylyn Ibn Kateef, from Wynn Keown. I wanted to get into endurance and his grandam was a Rushcreek-bred horse; at that time they were making a name for themselves in distance riding. But I made the mistake of taking him to a Class A show when he was a yearling and was bit by the show bug. I never did make it to a ride as a competitor after that fateful day.

2. Who is your favourite Arabian horse of

all time? That would be Bask+++//, without a doubt. I also loved Bay El Bey and many of his get.

3. Most favourite Arabian that you

have owned? My own stallion, Northern Allusion, a Bask+++// great-grandson on both his dam and sireâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s side.

Continued on next page...

stallion issue January 2010 19

Twenty Questions

with Past President Marcia Friesen 4. Who in the Arabian breed did you learn

the most from? Hmm... there’s so many! Probably I learned the most from Lori Conway, when I worked for her as a groom. Sitting beside her at a show is like attending a judges seminar, and walking in pastures looking at horses was always a lesson in conformation and form to function.

Syuzanna kgi

5. How long were you president of CAHR? I think six years... I did three terms, but it sure did not seem that long.

6. What made you decide to run for

president? Bob Sproule – he approached me about it, and I thought it would be a great opportunity. I really wanted the registry members to know that their concerns were heard, no matter what size of breeding operation they had. Being on the board gives you an opportunity to be able to protect the breed, and as president you get to kind of head up the direction that it takes.

7. What was your favourite thing about

Leszek kgi See more of our 2009 foals on our website Sired by



(Mag x Nefisa by Salon)

1982 Straight Russian Stallion Sweepstakes & SHN Payback SCID & CA Clear Mare Lease Packages Available

Kakagi Arabians Box 227, Devlin, ON P0W 1C0

20 Canadian Arabian Horse News

being CAHR president? Getting to talk to and listen to concerns of people from across Canada, not just from my own province – I was able to learn what was going on across the country.

8. What was the hardest thing? Because

CAHR was under financial constraints, we couldn’t promote the breed the way it needed to be promoted. That was frustrating. That, and not being able to meet with directors face-to-face annually. We did all of our business via teleconference and email to be cost effective. It’s hard to be as effective when you have a 2 hour limit because of time zones.

9. If you could have dinner with any 3

people from any time, fictional or nonfictional, who would they be? Joan of Arc, because I would like to know how someone could be so sure that their beliefs were worth dying for; some of our Canadian soldiers families, to let them know we care; and Stephen King. Just to find out how he can sleep at night.

10. What’s something you couldn’t live

without and why? Probably my Arabian horses! With all the trauma that I have gone

...Continued from previous page

through with them, between the barn fire and West Nile, they’ve always given me the strength to carry on another day, and to try harder.

11. What’s your favorite guilty pleasure? Going out with the girls from work for margaritas, after a hard week!

12. Where’s your ultimate vacation

destination? Egypt. I went as a 16-year-old in high school, but I’d like to go back and actually experience it properly. Or anywhere else in the Middle East.

13. Favourite movie?

Beaches, with Bette Middler

14. Favourite book?

My Friend Flicka, by Mary O’Hara

15. What’s the best thing you did in 2009? I attended the AHA Convention for the first time.

16. What are you most looking forward to in 2010? Celebrating our 25th Anniversary with my husband, Rick.

17. What’s your favourite Arabian horse show? I love Canadian Nationals. The Minnesota Medallion show was always fun too.

18. What has been your most exciting mo-

ment at an Arabian horse show? Watching Red Tape+// win his Park class with Mary Trowbridge riding. It was just like he was not even touching the ground when he hit that park trot! And then going into his stall and seeing he was barely 14.1 – he looked so big when Mary was riding him.

19. What’s the best advice anyone ever

gave you? If you are looking at something and the seller says, “I will give you a special deal but it is only good for today,” walk away, fast!

20. Any last words as outgoing president?

No matter what the market or politics dictate, you still have to love what you see in your pasture every day. And TEST YOUR BREEDING STOCK for SCIDS, CA and LFS.


1996 Bay Stallion 37017 cahr By Arwitraz (Gay Polka x Aristawa) Out of Filia (Figaro pasb x Halali Frangipani)

1996 Bay Stallion 31861 cahr By Al Banat (Banat pasb x Alkaba pasb) Out of *Alchemia (Gwarny pasb x Algeria pasb)

for sale

DSF SPIRIT FACE 2005 Bay Roan Half-Arabian Gelding By HS Filius Stand out in the show ring on this unique bay roan! Wonderful dressage or sport horse prospect. 15.2 hh. See video at

Youngstock Available For Sale At All Times! Gordon, Kim and Joshua Tucker • RR#3, North Battleford SK S9A 2X4 Phone/fax: 306.386.2870 • •

4N[NQVN[2_NOVN[9\_`RDNYR` More quality horses available on our website...

Allionce I Am

Allionce+/ x Hermione 2009 Bay Purebred Gelding Sweepstakes Nominated Canadian Futurities Nominated

DTD Disani

FSF Jesse James x Dyamond Solytayr (Solstice) 2007 Grey Purebred Filly Sweepstakes Nominated


GF Forever Magic x Araya Hope 2008 Black Bay Purebred Colt Sweepstakes Nominated 2009 WCB Champion Yearling Colt

Saarez BJ

Imperial Baarez x Safaara (Ibn Safinaz) 2008 Grey Purebred Colt

DTD California Fame

(pend) ES California Dreamin x Fames Lady (Fame VF) 2008 Bay Purebred Colt Sweepstakes Nominated

El Masri BJ

Marquis I x Safaara (Ibn Safinaz) 2007 Grey Purebred Stallion 2009 Cdn Nat’l Top Ten 2-yr-old Colt 2009 R17 Unanimous Champion 2-yr-old Colt

ddd!4N[NQVN[2_NOVN[9\_`RDNYR`!P\Z AMANDA UBELL Phone 306-228-4517 Box 1161, Unity, SK S0K 4L0 • RENEE LUPIIEN-SMULAN Phone 306-277-4400; Fax 306-277-4403 Box 85, Ridgedale SK S0E 1L0 •

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STLA c U In Heaven c Our Zeus x Answered Prayers 2006 Partbred Arabian Gelding Sweepstakes Nominated

WWA Ceara Gazal

Gazal Al Shaqab x Ceara PJ (*Positiw) 1998 Grey Pure Polish Purebred Mare

SD Totally Impressed

FSF Jesse James x Reviews Last Skip (Impressive Review) 2009 Palomino Arab/QH Colt Sweepstakes Nominated

RNX Truly A Dream

GF Forever Magic x Chelsea Dream Linebred Magic Dream CAHR 2003 Bay Purebred Mare

PV Khaasino Rahkstahr Khaaleb x El Kaylah (Khemosabi++++//) (Lakayo El Bask) 1999 Bay Purebred Gelding


NV Inferno x Faith Shines On (Bey Shah+) (Shine On Mahogany) 2003 Bay Purebred Mare Sweepstakes Nominated

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2009 Canadian National Champion

24 Canadian Arabian Horse News


he 2009 Canadian National Champion stallion Odyssey SC has been a crowd


bey shah+

fame vf+




precious as gold

*El shaklan autumn in gold

aladdinn echo

echo magnifficoo


s s magnolia

latoura echo

gai latour

latoura dare


favourite in the show rings of North America since his yearling debut. Good horses need good owners behind them if they are to succeed and the last few years it would be hard to find a more supportive owner than Duke Mendel of Plant City, Florida. It is also rare to see one trainer committed to a stallion over a ten year span, but that has certainly been the case with Jerry Schall. Jerry has had the good fortune to have shown Odyssey to each and every one of his show wins over his ten years. It is a great story of a trainer and the owner having unstoppable faith in this stallion. Odyssey was foaled in 1999 at Rojo Arabians in Florida. Jerry Schall was the first trainer to lay eyes on him as a baby and was quick to purchase him for client Keith Novick of Eads, Tennessee. It did not take long to make believers out of the thousands of Arabian aficionados standing ringside at the Wendell when Odyssey captured the 2000 Scottsdale Junior Champion Colt Title. By 2002 he captured both the Canadian and U.S. National Champion Futurity titles. 2006 saw him capture the Reserve Championship in Stallion Halter in Canada. A change of ownership ensued for Odyssey when Duke Mendel purchased him in January of 2007. Although he was already a champion many times over, Duke had the confidence that Odyssey was not yet ready to retire to the breeding barn! Once again, Jerry Schall was chosen as handler. Scottsdale 2008 saw the eight-year-old stallion looking like he was three again. Superbly presented and conditioned, Odyssey captured a unanimous win in Aged Stallions and the Overall Reserve Champion Stallion title for the show. His next appearance at U.S. Nationals saw him placing Top Ten amongst an elite group of stallions. Not to be dismayed, Duke decided to take one more run at a National Championship, this time in Canada. As fate would have it, that August day in Regina, at nine years old, Odyssey SC was named 2009 Canadian National Champion Stallion. Odysseyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s full brother, FM Echota, was named Reserve Champion Stallion in that same class â&#x20AC;&#x201C; that is probably one for the history books! As Odyssey continued his pursuits in the show ring, his legacy was building in his champion offspring. He is the sire of over 200 foals including eight in Canada. He has sired many Nationals Champions, not only in North America, but also in South Africa and New Zealand. Once again, congratulations to Duke Mendel, Jerry Schall and Odyssey SC on your Canadian National Championship. Odyssey SC found a new home in October 2009 with Jerad Cooper and Stranger Creek Ranch of Kansas.

stallion issue January 2010 25


CALIFORNIA DREAMIN Gazal Al Shaqab x AB Farenheit

Vet gen Tested SCID clear / UC Davis Tested CA clear / Sweepstakes Nominated Sire

Renex Arabians Lindbrook, AB Ph: 780.662.2855 web:

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The type that moves the next generation!

Photo: Stu Vesty

From Harleys... to Horses By Nicole Toren & Tex Kam


hat do you do once you’ve achieved all that you set out to accomplish? We’re not sure, but

what we can you tell you is that the story of the two men whose breeding program created Island Elegance (known to all who love her as “Ellie”), is not your everyday Arabian tale. According to our research, Don James and Pat Simmonds have in Island Elegance the first Canadian-Bred Canadian National Champion Mare ever. Sometimes the little guy does win “the big one.” Our story starts out in approximately 1993 when Don James and his wife Ruth were ready for a change. They had decided to relocate from their home in North Vancouver to a farm just outside of North Saanich, on Vancouver Island. It was very much a diamond in the rough, forty acres of raw land and a house that required some TLC. There they built the facility that would become the backdrop of Island Arabians. In order for Don to achieve his dream of breeding Arabian horses, he needed not only good foundation stock, but the knowledge of how to create a winning breeding program. This is where he approached his good friend, Pat Simmonds.

Having both grown up in Edmonton, Don and Pat have been friends since they were teenagers. Pat’s father Vernor Simmonds was a successful breeder of Arabians and in his day was very involved in the local Arabian community. This included being a founding member of the Aurora Arabian Horse Association. Although Don didn’t grow up owning horses as Pat did, he was always drawn to them. His childhood consisted of hitchhiking to the family farm outside of Sedgewick, Alberta at every opportunity just to go for a ride. It was through this friendship with Pat and Vern that Don came to appreciate the qualities of the Arabian. “What stands out for me,” Don says, “is that although I was always a horse enthusiast, it’s the experiences that touch us, that are truly amazing.” His affection for the Arabian took root thanks to the Simmonds family. It was further developed by another Edmontonian, critically acclaimed filmmaker Anne Wheeler. Anne had an Arabian mare that she loaned to Don for a summer. He kept the mare at the Simmonds’ farm and entered her in a local show that year. His first venture into the show ring was less than he had hoped for. “Everything was going good until they asked for the hand gallop,” Don laughed. They excused him from the ring and stallion issue January 2010 27

28 Canadian Arabian Horse News

fame vf+ versace precious as gold

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Wunderbar Arabians, Saskatoon SK alada




evening intrigue Wunderbar Arabians precious me Wunderbar Arabians

raffoleta-rose *el shaklan autumn in gold

It is noted which horses have, on record, a Canadian breeder. Some horses, such as Gai Ferzon Dream and KGB Intrigue, were owned for their entire lives by the Canadian breeders who purchased them, and contributed greatly to their breeding programs – however, their recorded breeder did not reside in Canada.

launa basketu wildwood kochar++ Sharon Barnes, Calgary AB

gai ferzon dream

Bay el Bay++ Bey Shah+ Star of ofir GH Venture Frances Fischer, QF balladeer Aldergrove, BC Geert Keur QF Nobelesse Geert Keur, qf paradise

Island Mist

Richmond, BC

Don James & Pat Simmonds, Vancouvcer Island, BC

kgb intrigue kgb spring fire Dr Al Wilke, Okotoks, AB spring classique Gary S. Fraser, Surrey, BC

that was the end of that for a while. His show ring debut may not have gone as planned, but his love for the breed never dimmed. In the mid 1960’s the two young men forged similar paths. Both were accepted to the University of Alberta to study Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Around the time they were about to start their postsecondary education, the cowboy lifestyle (or more specifically the thrill of the rodeo) also drew their attention. “I had a ‘flash’,” Don recalls with a hint of good humour. “I got this idea that I wanted to be a rodeo cowboy.” Pat apparently had the same idea. They joined the local rodeo association and entered the first Intercollegiate Rodeo, held that year at the University of Alberta. (Normally the intercollegiate rodeos used 3rd or 4th string stock, but the stock supplier for the more mainstream rodeos happened to be passing through with their first string on hand.)

Geert Keur

*muscat velvet drift jurafic royal victoria

Cary Flack, Aldergrove, BC

Much like his first foray into the show ring, Don’s attempt at Bareback Bronc was nothing to write home about. Pat came to the same conclusion. As he was being launched into the air high enough that he could see eye to eye with the people in the stands, he had enough time to decide that this was perhaps not his calling either. To seal the deal, he landed on the only rock in the entire arena. As dreams of a rodeo career faded, so too did their interest in veterinary medicine. Don and Pat eventually chose different career paths. Pat became a pilot, flying for major Canadian airlines for thirty-five years until his retirement, while Don followed his love for the other horsepower with Harley Davidson Canada. Not to be completely outdone in the air by Pat, Don also became a recreational pilot and pilots his own helicopter. stallion issue January 2010 29


Owned by:

Phone: 905.477.1646 E-mail:

30 Canadian Arabian Horse News

For Breeding Information contact:

Phone: 289.284.0586 Fax: 289.284.0153 E-mail:

Stud Fee: $1000.00 / $750.00 Shipped Semen Available SCID Clear / LFG Carries the Black Gene

Photo by: Sparagowski

The years flew by; Pat’s father Vern Simmonds passed away in 1993 and Pat inherited a few of his father’s horses. That same year, Don moved to the Island and he approached Pat with an idea for a partnership. Don reiterates, “Pat had this group of great foundation horses and mountains of knowledge, and what I lacked in experience, I made up for in enthusiasm and drive.” Once the handshake was done, as with any new venture, Pat and Don began to lay out a plan. According to Pat, the basic principle was simple: “Between 1993 and before I reached 70, I was going to work at breeding a National Champion.” In actuality, Pat had accomplished this once before, with the part-Arabian mare Lady Rahmeer++, but he wanted to succeed with a purebred. The road map to get there was pretty simple as well... begin with a good foundation of mares, breed them to the best stallions you could afford, and produce something better than what you started with. But to be even more specific, they wanted to prove that they could breed Nationalcalibre horses using only Canadian breeding stock. Simple... right? Simple, but by no means easy... From Vern Simmonds’ stock, Don and Pat picked three mares that would give them their start – KGB Spring Fire, TC Moonlight and Shai’s Springette. They decided that the best way to evaluate what these mares could produce was to breed them all to the same stallion. Their priority was to choose a stallion with the right attributes, but it was also important to both men to use a Canadian horse. They turned their hopes to the Bey Shah son GH Venture, who was bred and owned by Frances Fischer in the lower mainland of BC. The big, handsome grey was exactly what they were looking for. The mares could go from the farm in Alberta to Island Arabians in BC, with a stop along the way to be bred. It was a great plan, until they discovered GH Venture was not in BC, but was standing at RA Aloha Arabians in Reno, Nevada that year. If they wanted to breed to this stallion, they either had to pack up and head south with their mares, or ship the semen north. They opted to ship semen and in the spring of 1995 they bred all three mares but none conceived. Disappointed but by no means discouraged, that following February Don and Pat loaded the mares into

the trailer and took off to Reno. Pat felt it was rather ironic that in their efforts to use a Canadian stallion they had to cross the border and travel several hundred miles into the U.S. Regardless, it was worth the trip. All three mares caught this time and their first foal crop in 1997 produced Island Mist (x KGB Spring Fire), Hailey Bop (x TC Moonlight) and Island Venture+++/ (x Shai’s Springette). Pleased with the results, Don and Pat repeated the breedings to GH Venture for the next couple of years. After they had a few foals on the ground, they decided that the KGB Spring Fire foals were the best of the group and would be used to carry on the breeding program. Many of the foals that resulted from that first foray went on to successful show careers, especially those out of KGB Spring Fire. The first of those was Island Mist and she is still considered by both Pat and Don to be one of the best they ever bred. She was shown as a two-yearold and earned Top 5’s at Region 17 and the Western Canadian Breeders. By 2001, Don and Pat had begun breeding the second generation of Island Arabian horses. When choosing a stallion for Island Mist, they stuck to their guns on Canadian bloodstock. Their sights ended up setting on Ed and Laura Friesen’s Versace son Couturier. Pat had seen him as a yearling. “He had everything I required,” says Pat. “He had all the necessary strong points to offset any points in the mares that needed help.” As they did with the previous generation, they bred a number of mares to Couturier over the span of a few years. The first crossing of Island Mist and Couturier produced Island Shamrock, who was Region 17 Champion Colt as a yearling. In 2003, their second year of breeding to Couturier, Island Elegance was born. At one point the partnership’s herd had grown to about fourteen horses and it got to be too much for Don and his staff, who cared for the horses. Don’s very busy personal life and professional career as the CEO and co-founder of Deeley Harley Davidson Canada, coupled with Pat’s retirement, dictated that the time was right to divide the herd. With fourteen horses and more on the way, decisions had to be made as to how they were going to accomplish this.

A love of everything exciting seems to be

a common thread between Pat Simmonds and Don James. One dedicated his life to the skies as a professional pilot, and the other to the highways on a Harley Davidson. Daredevils to the core, it is

probably not coincidence that Don and Pat picked the Arabian horse.

stallion issue January 2010 31

As Don explains, “The basis of our decisions were made on where our attachment was.” Pat decided on his favourites and one of them was Ellie’s mother, Island Mist. Don chose his own favourites, and it is interesting to note that Island Elegance was not his first choice but rather his second. All of the other horses Don picked showed and did well, but Island Elegance stayed home in the pasture as she was something of a late bloomer. Don continued to show his horses locally and regionally, but was determined not to go to Nationals until he got there with his own breeding program. By the time Island Elegance was four a decision was made to get her into the show ring. “When we started,” Don remembers, “we showed her in a few halter classes locally and she did alright.” Ellie was considered a Western Pleasure prospect, and did do some showing in that area, but by then Don ascertained that she really loved halter. “To me, Island Elegance epitomizes the Arabian horse,” says Don. “She has this presence that forces you to look at her.” He decided to find someone who had had some success in the ring for Ellie’s chance at recognition. They discussed who was available and at the suggestion of Susan Nichol, Don’s barn manager, ultimately chose fellow British Columbians John and Andrea Pringle on Salt Spring Island. “It was a tough decision to send Ellie,” says Don, “because John was quite a ways away.” John and Andrea readied the mare for competition and she was shown successfully in 2008, winning Region 5 Top Five Mare, Region 17 Reserve Champion Mare and Region 17 Mares ATH with John and Andrea’s daughter Jody. After those wins Don felt very strongly that he had made a good decision. “It was during the Region 5 Show in 2008 that Jeff Schall of Shada Arabians in Minnesota approached us,” says Don, “and he said, ‘This is a great mare, she can go all the way and I’d love to help you with her!’” After some thought, Don wasn’t sure he wanted to put the time and expense into it, but the Schalls were very convinced that Island Elegance could do it all. Jeff wanted Island Elegance to show at Scottsdale 2009, but despite the pressure of a big show, Don decided to have John show her at Scottsdale – he had gotten her this far and this was their op-

32 Canadian Arabian Horse News

portunity. “In a very Canadian fashion we had a compromise,” says Don. “We decided to send the mare down to Schall’s in Scottsdale in November 2008, and to have John work with Jeff to get her ready.” The grey Canadian-bred mare was the talk of the show in the open mare class. Everyone was wondering who she was and who the handler was. John showed Island Elegance to a 2nd place finish (or in Scottsdale terms a Reserve Championship) in the 6- and 7-year old Mares class. Not to be left out, Jody showed her to a third place finish in the JTH class against some nationally very well-decorated mares. At that point, they knew they really had something and both John and Don decided to let Jeff have her for a Nationals campaign. Island Elegance returned to Salt Spring Island after Scottsdale to be readied for the balance of the 2009 show season. Was this mare to be pampered and kept like a hot house flower after her Scottsdale wins? Well, yes and no! John and Andrea were adamant that she should be top condition to face the toughest competition of her life. Her regiment included lots of work under saddle... now who says you can’t ride halter horses! Ellie was even shown in (and won) several performance classes while also competing in halter in 2008. In early July 2009 at Region 5 in Monroe, Washington, Island Elegance was Regional Champion Mare with John at the lead. What a coupe considering that Top Island Elegance’s sire, Couturier. Region Five is genMiddle row Island Mist with Ellie as a foal. erally one of the Bottom Island Shamrock, full brother to Island Elegance. most competitive in North America, with top halter trainers flying in from around the U.S. to catch lead horses. As the end of July approached the tension mounted; Ellie would now be competing in her own backyard at the Region 17 Championships in Langley, BC. To add to the excitement, Midwest Training Center from Rogers, Minnesota brought several horses to the Region 17 Championships, including the reigning Scottsdale Champion Mare Dulcinea BHF (Denali BHF x Felisha BHF) for the open mares class and U.S. and Canadian National Champion NBW Angels Kiss (Magnum Psyche x BHF Dark Angel) to compete in ATH mare halter. The excitement was substantial and the ring was elbow to elbow in the blistering, record-breaking heat as spectators gathered to watch the standoff. In the end, Dulcinea BHF was named Region 17 Champion Mare with David Boggs at the lead, while Island Elegance was named Reserve Champion with John Pringle. Not one bit dismayed, they readied the mare yet again for Jody to handle in the ATH class against NBW Angels Kiss and all other comers. This time victory was in the air with Jody and Ellie taking the championship.



AtA ec h o b e y x A k ro b AtA 2 0 0 4 b Ay s tA l l i o n s w e e p s tA k es n o m i n At e D s i r e

D es e rt Ac r es A rA b i A n s DA n & t rAc e y D u r i e z Fo rt st J o h n , b .c . (250) 785-4448

w w w. D es e rtAc r es A rA b i A n s .co m

John Pringle, Island Elegance, and Don James in Scottsdale 2009.

A Conversation with PAT SIMMONDS What was the most important element in achieving this goal? You have to have the dream – you are going to run into all kinds of obstacles, it’s so easy to quit and say, I’ve got a nice horse, but that level of the big time, it just can’t be done for whatever reason. It takes an exceptional horse to come out of the blue and win over those big names and Ellie is that exceptional horse. It’s so important to keep your eye on the goal and not to give up. What did you feel when she went Canadian National Champion? It was a super high – We’ve DONE IT – it was so exciting, but at the same time it brought closure to the dream. I thought it would take three generations, and it only took two. The chances of doing it once are in the hundreds of thousands. Doing it twice is... who knows! Now what? That’s the ultimate quandary… what do we do now. I’m going to move on to something different – maybe a performance horse. It’s someone else’s turn to take the Halter torch and run with it….

A Conversation with DON JAMES What were some of the great positives about your win? I felt that Ellie really brought the Arabian Community together. The biggest example was as I was walking around the showgrounds prior to the class, everywhere I went everyone kept coming up telling me how well she had been doing. When she won, it was like a spontaneous move that everyone who had anything to do with her came rushing into the ring for the photo. I never really envisioned this kind of success with her, but when she did so well with each show, I really thought she deserved the chance to go all the way. After fifteen years in this business, I still consider myself a novice. I have been impressed by the Arabian community, because to me when you reach out for help, you always get it. People have been very supportive – the preconceived notion that this business is very elite and standoffish certainly has not been my experience. Many of the other exhibitors in the show ring came up to say how nice she was and to offer their support. What makes Island Elegance so special to you? I have always had a lot of faith in the personality of a horse if it is to make fantastic show horse. Island Elegance has that exceptional personality. Her type of personality, the snort and blow is precisely what drew me to the Arabian in the first place. The investment we put in over time on her will continue, it’s not about the monetary reward. Just having her is reward enough. 34 Canadian Arabian Horse News

The victories were sweet but the toughest challenges were still ahead of them. Just a couple weeks later, after a short rest at Pringles’ farm on Salt Spring Island, she was loaded back on to the trailer for her trip to Canadian Nationals in Regina, Saskatchewan. Once in Regina, Ellie was handed off to Jeff Schall at Shada and the rest shall we say is history! This Canadian-bred, Canadian trained, and Canadian conditioned mare was the first National Champion Mare bred in our country, ever.* Island Elegance finished off her halter career in fine style by claiming the 2009 U.S. Reserve National Champion Mare honours with Jeff Schall in Tulsa, Oklahoma in October. This story has so many feel-good elements, it’s hard to put into words. That night in Regina, generations of Canadian Arabian breeders had their passions fulfilled with the blood of their Canadian horses running through the veins of this mare. A dedicated owner putting faith in a local trainer, and everyone attached to the horse not seeking the spotlight, truly just wanting what is best for the mare. This story has got to give every Canadian breeder of Arabian horses, whether large or small, a chill up their spine, to think... maybe one day that could be my horse with those roses on! Producing a National Champion using only Canadian breeding stock was Pat Simmonds’ goal all along. Right from the ground up, Pat and Don felt there were enough good horses in Canada to achieve this. “At the time of our partnership,” says Pat, “it was popular for breeders to head to Brazil to buy their next champion. We felt that Canadians had been importing horses into Canada for a long time and we have some pretty great ones right here. Our average Canadian Arabian is probably better than the average Arabian in any other country. We simply proved that a top Canadian-bred horse can be as good as a Top Arabian from anywhere!” “The Arabian business in Canada is no different than any other business,” says Don. “We offered a quality product and surrounded ourselves with committed people who were directly responsible for making this a reality. There are some very talented people in Canada and we were able to find them. Sometimes you just have to have a little faith, take a leap, commit, and sort of bring them through.” What does the future hold for this Canadian Champion? Only time will tell, but as we speak Don, Susan and John are looking at many opportunities in regards to Island Elegance’s breeding future. While the mare is a hot commodity after her winning streak, she is not for sale. Perhaps her next mating will produce another National Champion bearing the insignia “Made in Canada”. * In the category of National Champion Mare (excluding other classes such as Futurity Fillies, ATH, and other filly/mare halter).

Marwan Al Shaqab x FSF Marquessa (Lamolin)

2004 Chestnut Stallion Sweepstakes Nominated Sire • SCID/CA Clear Shipped Semen Available • LFG 2008 Region 1 Top Five Western Plesure Junior Horse 2008 Region 7 Top Five Western Plesure Junior Horse 2007 Region 17 Champion Stallion ATH 2006 Region 17 Champion 2-yr-old Colt

araBIaN HorSe PHotoGraPHY HaNd-made Beaded HaLterS


(top) DTD WANTED FSF Jesse James x Baskskosstar (SV Basko) 2009 Purebred Colt Owned by Alli Bruen of MN, USA (right) DTD JESS BELIEVE FSF Jesse James x CA Sweet Thing (Versace) 2009 Half-Arabian Filly

AMANDA UBELL Phone 306-228-4517

Box 1161, Unity, SK S0K 4L0 •

Salt Spring Island


Pringle Farm By Tex Kam


hat do you say about a family so humble

they do not take an ounce of credit for what was accomplished with Island Elegance these past two years? That describes John and Andrea Pringle to a tee. Everyone who knows them would be the first to say, “Wow, what a great thing to happen to such good people.” Let us say from all at the Registry and the News... CONGRATULATIONS! John and Andrea along with their children Jeff and Jody operate Pringle Equine Services. Their farm is located on picturesque Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada. It is the largest of the Gulf Islands, situated between Vancouver Island and mainland Vancouver, British Columbia. As with Island Elegance, the story of Pringle Equine Services is deeply rooted in Canadian Arabian horse breeding history. John’s attachment to Arabians goes back to his parents and Willomar Arabians, then of Taber, Alberta. Willomar was owned by Dr. George Allen and his wife Lynn. Its main breeding and showing operations were located in Taber, but satellite farms were located in the United States and in Holland. Willomar, in its heyday, was one of the premier Arabian breeding operations in the world. The famous Polish horses *Pietuszok, *Rezus, and *Arwistawa all called Willomar home at one time or another. Dr. Allen was also one of the first breeders to import Russian-bred stock to the North American continent. John’s parents owned South Springs Arabians on Salt Spring Island and were long-time clients of Willomar. Through their association with the Allens, they became heavily involved in the syndication of Willomar’s two main breeding stallions, *El Kasaka (Patron x Purga) and Pyatigorsk (Pietuszok DWA x Mistical Lady). By the early 1980’s John had left the farm to pursue a career in welding. The early 80’s were a very lucrative time in North America for Arabian horse breeding, and it was suggested to John that he return to the farm to train horses. John surmised that if he was going to take that on he needed more experience, so he enlisted the help of Willomar and started off as an assistant trainer in 1982 to Blair Allen. One year eventually led to five with John showing many of Willomar’s best horses. It was during that time at Willomar that he met his wife Andrea, who also worked at the farm. By the late 80’s, John’s mother had passed on and John’s dad was left alone to care for twenty-five horses, so along with his new wife Andrea, John moved home to help sell horses and get things under control. Not long after their move to Salt Spring Island, the business began growing, people started to buy, horses came in to be trained for the show ring. The Pringles ended up introducing many new people to the industry in those first few years. 36 Canadian Arabian Horse News

Andrea & John Pringle

By 1990 the Arabian breeding business was in a total free fall and Willomar was forced to liquidate its herd in a bankruptcy auction. The Pringles acquired *El Kasaka, who lived out his life at the farm, breeding mares until his death at twenty-six years old. John and Andrea have now been in business on Salt Spring Island for the past twenty-two years. The farm sits on 22 acres and is home to approximately 30 purebred and partbred Arabians. They specialize in showing the Arabian horse. Their professional services include training for halter, under saddle, breeding, sales and purchasing consulting. They have a strong competitive amateur and junior rider program as well. They have competed for many years at the Class A and Regional level, and have recently added National competitions to the mix. Through the success of their strong amateur programs and now a Nationally decorated halter mare, Pringle Equine Services has flourished on Salt Spring Island... a location where many would have said it couldn’t succeed. The 2009 successes at the Pringle farm are taken with the dose of modesty one would expect from John and Andrea. When interviewed about their success with Island Elegance (“Ellie”) this year, they quickly gave a large part of the credit to Susan Nichol, Don and Ruth James’ barn manager, for caring for Ellie through her younger years. We could all learn how to handle success from these folks! Congratulations!

Congratulations & Thank You to all of our clients for the 2009 season!

REGION 17 CHAMPION ATH Island Elegance with Jody Pringle

ISLAND ELEGANCE Cdn National Champion Mare US Res National Champion Mare Shown by Jeff Schall SCOTTSDALE 2009 Res Champion 6 & 7 Yr Old Mares Island Elegance shown by John Pringle Top Ten (3rd) JTH Island Elegance shown by Jody Pringle

CANADIAN NATIONALS 2009 Top 10 Half-Arabian Hunter Pl JTR 14-17 SS Bak Street ridden by Jody Pringle

REGION 5 & 17 WINS IN 2009 8 Championships 6 Reserve Championships 10 Top Fives In Halter, Hunter Pleasure, Sport Horse, Western Pleasure, Equitation, and Showmanship... ***************

HORSES FOR SALE Western, Country, and Hunter Pleasure, Purebreds and Partbreds. SERVICES Arabian Training, Showing & Sales Amateur & Lesson Programs Breeding Sales & Services

Pringle Equine Services John and Andrea Pringle ~ 981 Sunset Drive, Salt Spring Island, B.C. V8K 1E6 Ph 250-537-5132 ~ Cell 250-537-7358 ~ Fax 250-537-5172 email: ~

WAHO Trophy The Canadian Arabian Horse Registry is pleased to announce the recipient for the 2009 WAHO Trophy, ISLAND ELEGANCE. This mare is an exceptional example of Canada’s breeding program. Bred by Pat Simmonds and Don James, of Western Canada, her pedigree is deeply rooted in Canadian bloodlines, especially along each of her parent dam lines. She is out of the Canadian-bred mare Island Mist (KGB Spring Fire {KGB Intrigue CAHR#14281} x Spring Classique { Jurafic CAHR#5884}) and by the Canadian-bred stallion Couturier (Versace x Evening Intrigue CAHR#22135). Her recent accomplishments include 2009 Canadian National Champion Mare and 2009 US National Reserve Champion Sr Mare. She also represented Canadian breeding at the 2009 Scottsdale Show with a Reserve in the 6 & 7-Yr-Old Mares class, and a Top Ten in the JTH. Her show ring accomplishments were largely credited to the training and handling by Canadian trainer John Pringle and his wife Andrea. The CAHR selection committee felt that Island Elegance is a shining example of superior Canadian breeding and represented the high level of quality that the Canadian industry can accomplish.

The World Arabian Horse Organization (WAHO) Trophy is a perpetual award provided by WAHO to each member country, to be presented to an outstanding purebred individual of their choosing. Each WAHO Member Society/Registry has been advised that they should choose one living Arabian horse each year, bred and still domiciled in that country and registered in that country’s WAHO approved stud book, which in the opinion of the Board or Committee Members deserves to be presented with this award for a particular achievement. Ideally, WAHO has requested that they should look for an Arabian horse which has itself in some way been an excellent “ambassador” for the breed or, in the case of older horses, has achieved the same through its immediate progeny.

stallion issue January 2010 39

Blessed by our Family of Champions

Alligance WF++++// (Allionce x Miss USA) Dlck`LJ:XeX[`XeEXk`feXcK`kc\j `e?8?lek\iXe[@e$?Xe[ Fne\[Yp9i`kkXep=i`\j\

Flames Miss Delite WF

Allegacy WF++++//

(Bask Flame x Miss USA)

(Allionce x Miss USA)

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In Foal to Allionce for 2010

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Justin Tyme WF (Allionce x Tyme After Tyme) Fne\[YpJ_XifeD`ccj

A Speciall Tyme WF (Allionce x Tyme After Tyme) Fne\[Yp9\m<c[feBiXlj\ ?lek\iGc\Xjli\:_Xdg`fe XkI\^`fe(.Xe[N\jk\ie :XeX[`Xe9i\\[\ij

Alltimate WF++


estElm Farm

Eldon & Bev Krause Mike, Melanie, Adam, Lauren & Ryan Krause Wetaskiwin, AB 780-352-6312

(Allionce x Miss USA) Dlck`Jgfik?fij\:XeX[`XeEXk`feXc K`kc\j`e?8Jgfik?fij\J_fn?XZb Fne\[YpDXi`cpeIfY`ejfe

The Ar abian hor se has had m any noble progenitor s over the centuries. It has been said that a classical Arabian horse could be led down any street in the world and that those who saw it would immediately recognize it as an Arabian, even if they know nothing about horses. The qualities that identify an Arabian â&#x20AC;&#x201C; a beautiful dished face, large luminous eyes, large nostrils, high tail carriage, level topline and a regal air â&#x20AC;&#x201C; encapsulate the qualities of Arabian stallion Allionce+/.

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Allionce was foaled in 1990 in Arlington, Texas on the farm of Paul and Dody Wood of Colonial Wood Arabians. In Texas during the late 1970’s and early 80’s, Colonial Wood Arabians had assembled a who’s who of top breeding and show horses sired by the breed’s greats, such as *Bask and *Aladdinn. During Colonial Woods’ heyday, the farm’s main breeding stallion was the handsome bay Medalion (*Dar x Marushka). Industry stalwart Johnny Downing, the manager of Colonial Wood at the time, found Medalion during the summer of 1982 in the pastures of Patterson Arabians in Sisters, Oregon. Medalion, who was only a yearling at the time, was reportedly sold to Colonial Wood for the princely sum of $350,000. Medalion became a sire of many National winners in all disciplines. During his tenure at Colonial Wood, Medalion had the opportunity to breed some of the greatest *Bask daughters of the day. One of those daughters was the beautiful chestnut mare JCRNE Yabaskka. The combination of Medalion and JCRNE Yabaskka produced a beautiful, smooth-bodied bay filly named Equitie. 42 Canadian Arabian Horse News

Not long after, Rick Moser, a well-respected trainer from Florida, started a public training division at Colonial Wood. One of the horses that came to the farm was the young chestnut *Aladdinn son Alada Baskin, from clients in Minnesota. Rick Moser eventually showed Alada Baskin to U.S. Reserve National Champion Stallion, not once, but twice. It was during his tenure at Colonial Wood that Alada Baskin was bred to Equitie and the rest, shall we say, is part of history, with the birth of Allionce in 1990.

A NEW OWNER In 1992, southern California Arabian breeder Toni Wessell and her husband Lynn were in Scottsdale looking for a stallion to complement their breeding program. Though they had already seen Allionce on a yearling video from Colonial Wood, when the two-year-old trotted into the ring with handler Rick Moser at the lead, he caught their attention immediately. The Wessells had been searching for a national-calibre colt, and one look at Allionce in the flesh sealed the deal. Toni says, “When Lynn saw Allionce, he exclaimed, ‘That’s it; this is the colt!’” Though Toni is a lifelong horse

person, and her husband Lynn was a new convert to the breed, Toni credits Lynn’s foresight in choosing Allionce that day in Scottsdale. Sadly, just two months before Allionce’s first show under the Wessell’s ownership in late 1992, Lynn Wessell suddenly passed away. He was never able to see his beloved colt in the show ring. Allionce ended up winning the three-year-old colt class with Steve Heathcott at the lead. In 1993 the young stallion showed only twice more in the futurity colt division, winning Canadian National Top Ten Futurity Colt in Regina, SK and U.S. Reserve National Champion Futurity Colt in Albuquerque, NM. That year in Albuquerque, Alada Baskin sired four out of the ten futurity colts, a monumental accomplishment for a young sire. Steve Heathcott was quoted in Arabian Horse World magazine as saying, “Allionce did things with his neck I’ve never seen a horse do before, charismawise... he took over the whole ring.” Back in California after the ‘93 Nationals, Toni had some tough decisions to make about Allionce’s future. She decided she wanted a top English trainer to start him under saddle. Luckily, not far from

her home, she enlisted the help of Nationally-decorated English trainer Jim Lowe. Starting in May, 1994, and with less than 30 days under saddle, Jim had Allionce winning his first English Pleasure Class. Jim told Toni, “You just don’t see many halter horse who move and look like that.” Allionce’s abilities came naturally to him. With an extreme front end and motion that any English trainer would die for, he got better with each ride. He was the Region Two Champion English Pleasure Junior Horse and by October ‘94, with just a few months training, Allionce won U.S. National Reserve Champion English Pleasure Junior Horse. In 1995 he added more accolades to his record, winning Canadian National Champion Junior English Horse and the 1995 U.S. Reserve National Champion Junior English Horse a second time. That same year, Allionce was also the Region Two Reserve Champion halter stallion. ‘Versatile’ is the only word that can be used to describe those accomplishments.

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Dance All Night (ALLIONCE+/ x Luvs Tdance FA) 2009 Half Arabian Bay Filly AHA Sweepsakes Nominated $15,000.00

Sweet Alligcations (ALLIONCE+/ x Muscinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Eclipse+/) 1999 Purebred Arabian Bay Mare AHA Sweepsakes Nominated $25,000.00


2009 Purebred Arabian Bay Gelding AHA Sweepsakes Nominated $10,000.00

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above Allionce+/ at Scottsdale, 1996. below Allionce+/, a recent photo taken at the Ehret’s.

The bay stallion started ‘96 in Scottsdale in typical Allionce fashion, winning more classes. But the elation that followed a brilliant outing at the Scottsdale show in pleasure driving, where he earned his Legion of Honor, was quickly put aside when it was discovered that a fungal eye infection could prove life threatening. He spent most of the year under a vet’s care. His eye was stitched shut and drainage tubes were inserted to provide relief. Through all the trauma, Allionce remained quiet and very tractable. Two surgeries, performed later that year, finally claimed the sight in his right eye. After the healing process was finished, Jim Lowe was astonished that the loss of sight in one eye did not seem to bother Allionce at all. A plan was put in place that would see Allionce back in the show ring in 1997. That show year proved to many that this horse was perhaps not only a giant in looks, but also a giant in heart and attitude. He won the Pleasure Driving Class for Stallions in Scottsdale, was Unanimous Region Two Champion Open English Pleasure Champion, and finished the year as the National Champion in Informal Combination. 1998 was no less stellar with him winning Scottsdale Champion English Pleasure and U.S. Top Ten English Pleasure, completing his Legion of Supreme Honour. As his show career was winding down, his career as a sire was taking a firm hold. Allionce became very busy in the breeding shed, siring numerous winners in all divisions. Jim Lowe bred his own mares to the stallion and was very pleased with the results. Word spread that Allionce was becoming a great sire and trainers began to take note. However, as is well known in this business, it takes a constant commitment of time, energy, and money to keep a stallion in the public eye. Without constant promotion, Allionce settled into a quiet life of breeding as the Arabian show world moved on to next year’s champions. Enter Canadian trainer Todd Ehret of Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Todd, himself a winner of many National titles, had developed a sincere appreciation for Allionce and his siring capabilities.

Todd Ehret RR#1 SITE 6 Box 4 Wetaskiwin, AB, Canada T9A 1W8 780.352.0332 ZZZWRGGHKUHWFRP stallion issue January 2010 45










Through his professional association with Jim Lowe, Todd and his wife Andrea began and continued to purchase multiple breedings to Allionce for their customers in Canada. From that point on, Todd’s customers in Canada became some of Allionce’s biggest supporters and his largest source of breedings. The early believers in Allionce, such as Eldon and Beverly Krause of Westelm farm in Wetaskiwin, were very intuitive as the Westelmbred horses became some of Allionce’s biggest winners. The Krauses bred their best mares to Allionce, namely the pure Polish *Aladdinn daughter Tyme After Tyme and the beautiful bay partbred show mare Miss USA (GA-Serafay). Their results produced multi-National winners such as Allegacy WF++++// and Alligance WF++++//, who have each garnered both halter and performance wins at the same show in National competition. Marg Martin of Hassan Arabians in Bentley, AB is another respected breeder whose choice of Allionce in her breeding program proved to be very fruitful. Hassan’s Faith Shines On (Shine On Mahogany) produced two winning Allionce offspring (who are incidentally both black). The winning western horse Azkaban, now owned by Norma-Jean Abel, has been the Western Canadian Breeders Western Pleasure Junior Horse several times in a row

and was also 2009 Region 17 Western Pleasure Junior Horse. His full brother Shiver n Shake, now owned by Sandy Tougas, chose a different performance road and is a champion Country English Pleasure horse. His wins include Championship outings at the 2009 Western Canadian Breeders Show and a unanimous win in Langley at the 2009 Region 17 Show. Sandy herself showed him to a Top Five placing at Regionals.

A NEW lease on life and a new country In late 2007, Jim and Todd were discussing Allionce and commented on what a large percentage of his breedings came from the support of Todd’s clients. Jim thought that perhaps Allionce, and Toni, would benefit from standing him in Canada. After discussions with Toni, arrangements were made and in February 2008, Allionce was on his way to Canada which would start a new chapter not only in his life, but in Todd and Andrea’s as well. Over the past two seasons, Allionce became one of the busiest outside breeding stallions in Canada. The initial interest in 2008 was swift and continued to keep pace even with the strained economy encountered in 2009. Todd and Andrea’s customers have embraced stallion issue January 2010 47

far left All Fancified Out of Berry Fancy (Hucklebey Berry+/) middle Hot Tomolly Out of Good Golly Miss Molly (Soldat) left Allotta Sumthin Sumthin Out of Sakyko (TB) Photos by Tex Kam.

right Soleya (Soldat) inspects Soreall, her embryo transfer foal by Allionce+/. far right Heya Gameela (Oh Canada x Madori) with her Allionce+/ foal Game On. Photos by Tex Kam.

Allionce in their breeding programs – one might say the stallion is getting a second chance at success. Recognized Alberta breeders such as Sylvia Lenzner, Marg Martin, the Knupp family, Portas Arabians, Jill Bromley, Kelemen Arabians, and Rasel Arabians are utilizing Allionce with great success. The Harron family has also chosen him to sire foals out of their mares, including the most decorated Half-Arabian show mare of all time, the Anglo-Arabian Soldat daughter and 23-time National Champion Soleya ++++//. Trainers who have worked with Allionce and his get all agree – they have an innate ability to perform with such ease that you simply have to guide them. Todd reiterates that their presence, carriage and front ends all combine to make them true naturals. Whether it is the Canadian National Champion halter mare All Aflare AOF, or the U.S. Junior English winner Allisun, these horses perform flawlessly amidst the toughest competition in North America. With nearly 300 registered foals, Allionce’s championship get are too numerous to mention. Recent research has shown that his offspring have won at least forty-five National Championships, not to mention numerous Reserve Championships, Top Tens and Regional Championships throughout North America. This is likely 48 Canadian Arabian Horse News

to make Allionce not only one of the most decorated sires to ever stand in Canada, but also Canada’s leading living sire for numbers of National Champion offspring. Todd and Andrea are eagerly expecting great things from Allionce’s new crop of foals. The Ehrets have invited everyone to witness Allionce and his offspring in person. Even at twenty years old, Allionce’s chiselled head and extreme throatlatch looks like it could fit on a two-year-old colt. That head sits proudly on a neck that comes staight out of his withers and seemingly reaches for the sky. His performance record, however, proves that he’s not just a pretty face. And the adversity and odds he has overcome speak volumes as to his character and ability. One also has to strongly admire the courage and passion of Toni Wessell to stick with Allionce all these years, when many lucrative offers have surely come her way. As she has said in past, “Owning Allionce has been the benchmark of my success as an Arabian breeder.” Allionce is a shining example of that horse spoken of at the beginning of this article – one that, paraded anywhere in the world, would scream “I AM ARABIAN.”


National Championship Offspring A LUCKY HAND+// 2007 Youth Nat’l Ch Hunter Hack JTR 17 & Under

ADDICTYON+/ 2004 Canadian Nat’l Ch Hunter Pleasure 2002 Canadian Nat’l Ch Hunter Pleasure

Allionce+/ Daughters

Full Siblings to National Champions

Available for purchase

ALL AFLARE AOF 2005 Canadian Nat’l Ch Senior Mare

ALLEGACY WF++++// 2002 U.S. Nat’l Ch H/A Hunter Pleasure AAOTR 40 & Over 2002 U.S. Nat’l Ch H/A Stock/Hunter Geldings AAOTH 2002 Canadian Nat’l Ch H/A Stock/Hunter Geldings 2001 U.S. Nat’l Ch H/A Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse


Ala Vivian AOF

(Allionce+/ x Flaring Fire) 1999 Bay Mare. Scottsdale & Cal-Bred Futurity credentialed Halter Filly.

2005 U.S. Nat’l Ch H/A Stock/Hunter Geldings AAOTH 2006 Youth Nat’l Ch H/A Stock/Hunter Geldings JTH 17 & Under 2007 Youth Nat’l Ch H/A Hunter Pleasure JOTR 14 - 17 2004 Canadian Nat’l Ch H/A Stock/Hunter Geldings 2004 U.S. Nat’l Ch H/A Stock/Hunter Geldings AAOTH 2003 Canadian Nat’l Ch H/A Stock/Hunter Geldings 2003 Canadian Nat’l Ch H/A Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse 2002 U.S. Nat’l Ch H/A Stock/Hunter Geldings 2002 U.S Nat’l Ch H/A Hunter Pleasure Futurity

Full sibling to: All Aflare AOF (left), 2002 Canadian Nat’l Champion Halter Mare & Country Pleasure Champion

ALLISUN+// 2002 Canadian Nat’l Ch Country English Pleasure JTR 17 & Under 2002 Canadian Nat’l Ch Country English Pleasure JOTR 17 & Under 2002 U.S Nat’l Ch Country English Pleasure Junior Horse 2004 Youth Nat’l Ch Show Hack JTR 13 & Under 2007 Youth Nat’l Ch Ladies Side Saddle JTR 17 & Under

All Afire AOF, US Top Ten Futurity Colt & Western Pleasure Champion. Pictured: full sibling All Aflare AOF

ALLOVE SONG+/ 2002 Youth Nat’l Ch Western Pleasure JOTR 14 - 17


L Allure (Allionce+/ x Clovis Cameo)

2006 Canadian Nat’l Ch Hunter Pleasure AATR 18 - 39 2006 Canadian Nat’l Ch Hunter Pleasure AAOTR 18 - 39

1995 Chestnut Mare Regional Yearling Halter title, proven broodmare.

CYLENT ALLY++++// 2001 U.S. Nat’l Ch H/A Hunter Pleasure AAOTR 18 - 39 2003 U.S. Nat’l Ch H/A Hunter Pleasure AAOTR 18 - 39

Full sibling to:


L Allegraa (left), Multi-National Champion Hunter

2007 Youth Nat’l Ch Show Hack JTR 14 - 17


Allegionce AOF US Top Ten English AOTR

2008 Canadian Nat’l Ch A/HA/AA Dressage First Level 2008 Youth Nat’l Ch Arabian Hunter Pleasure JTR 14-17

DA TREMOR 2004 Canadian Nat’l Ch Country Pleasure Driving 2004 Canadian Nat’l Ch Country Pleasure Driving AOTD 2004 U.S. Nat’l Ch Country Pleasure Driving 2005 U.S. Nat’l Ch Country Pleasure Driving

JD ALLEY KHAT+++// 2007 Canadian Nat’l Ch H/A Hunter Pleasure 2007 U.S. Nat’l Ch H/A Hunter Pleasure AAOTR

Pictured: full sibling L Allegraa

KHALID KID+// 2008 Canadian Nat’l Ch Arabian Hunter Pleasure 2008 Canadian Nat’l Ch Arabian Hunter Pleasure AAOTR 40 & Over 2007 U.S. Nat’l Ch Hunter Pleasure AAOTR 55 & Over 2007 Canadian Nat’l Ch Hunter Pleasure 2004 U.S. Nat’l Ch Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse 2003 U.S. Nat’l Ch Hunter Pleasure Futurity

Toni Wessell, Ancient Oak Farms California Ph: 818-486-9474

Allionce+/ is standing at Todd Ehret Equine, Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada

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r a e Y m a e r D e h T VLQ Friendly Fire +/

Jay Goss

The first purebred to win... 2009 US National Champion Purebred Open 2009 US National Champion AAOTR Reining 2009 Canadian National Champion Purebred Open 2009 Canadian National Champion AAOTR Reining

... all in the same year! Sincere and Heartfelt thanks to... Silver Aspen Ranch, Rod and LaRae for your guidance, support... and patience! Ron and Darlene, for teaching me the love of reining. Nadine and Kevin, for allowing us to own this amazing animal.

And... Everyone else, for your unbelievable support. Allison Mostowich

U.S. National

Shirley & Murray Popplewell with RaeDawn trainer Claudinei Machado and Bey Ambition.

Championships October 23-31, 2009 • Tulsa, Oklahoma


he U.S. National Championships is the

culmination of the North American show season, with the best of the best converging in Tulsa, OK for eight days of fun and tough competition. Preliminary go-rounds and semi-final cuts packed the schedule and the three main arenas for the first few days. Classes were interspersed with some friendly competition in the form of Cowboy Mounted Shooting. With trainers like Jim Lowe, LaRae Fletcher-Powell, and Travis Hanson showing off their prowess at galloping down the length of the arena shooting pellets at evenly spaced balloon targets, it provided for some lighthearted entertainment and stress relief by mid-week. The show wrapped up on October 31st, giving it the unique flavour of All Hallow’s Eve on the final day. Canada sent a sprinkling of entries to this year’s US Nationals. Just over 40 horses out of the 1687 entered were from north of the border, and of those close to half came home with Top Ten or better. It was an exciting show for Barbara and Natalie Hunt of Schomberg, ON. Natalie brought home one of the first Championships of the show, winning the Arabian Western Maturity AAOTR with the Versace son JF Verrisk (Versace x FS Risque). JF Verrisk and Tommy Garland went on to win the very

By Nicole Toren

competitive PB Western Jr. Horse later in the week. Their second entry, Jeweliette (Marquis de Cognac x Sultan’s Crown Jewel) was Reserve in the HA Side Saddle Western with Natalie and TT in the HA Open with Tommy.  Early Championship honours also went to Gord and Sandy Helster’s young stallion, SR Dellta Force (Shine On Mahogany x Dellta Dawn). Piloted by Gord Hester, the pair won the PB Working Cow Horse Futurity. Alberta-bred VLQ Friendly Fire+/ (Forelock’s Petja x Polka Jane) had just come off back-to-back wins at Canada and continued his winning streak in the PB Reining in Tulsa. Owner Allison Mostowich rode to the Championship in the AAO 18-39, while trainer LaRae Fletcher-Powell won the Open. Allison was also Top Ten with CA Just Plain Fancy (DA Napitov x Fancy Kip) in the HA Reining AAO 18-39.  It was a bitter-sweet show for Vanessa Parsons. She and her unmistakable half-Arabian Kohlminer (RA Hot Every Nite x Orriya) were Champions in the HA Show Hack AOTR and trainer Todd Ehret captured a unanimous win in the Open. Bred by Sylvia Lenzner of Spruce Grove, AB, the fancy gelding parted ways with his Canadian roots and headed off to his new home in Washington at the close of the show. 

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U.S. National Championships

clockwise, from top left Joel Kiesner rides Mariachi WA to the Reserve Championship for owners Ed & Laura Friesen of Wunderbar Arabians. Claudinei Machado and Spitfyre VF claim Top Ten for owners Mike & Sheena Steenhart of Morning Sun Arabians. Working Cow Champions Gord Hester and SR Dellta Force, owned by Gord and his wife Sandy. LaRae Fletcher Powell pilots VLQ Friendly Fire+/ to a National Championship in Reining for owner Allison Mostowich. See story, p. 75.

Canada’s talented young stallions are wasting no time stepping into the spotlight this year. On Thursday, Claudinei Machado and Rae-Dawn’s Bey Ambition (Regal Actor x Bey Shahs Lady) caused a ‘major upset’ in the Futurity Colts. Up against perpetual favourite Aria Impressario, nobody imagined prior to the class that they would emerge victorious. Once they hit the in-gate, however, there was no question. Even on the small screen of the streaming live-feed you could see that Bey Ambition’s entrance was electrifying. A few steps into the ring, with “Simply The Best” playing in the background, Claudinei simply stopped along the rail and let the colt snort and blow at the crowd. The place erupted and the duo became the instant front-runner. No one else was able to top their performance. After claiming the roses in Regina, Wunderbar’s Mariachi WA (Baske Afire x Brooklyn Bey) put in another spectacular performance in Tulsa. With Joel Kiesner in the irons, Mariachi trotted out of the Arabian Country Pleasure Junior Horse with the Reserve Championship. Top Ten honours went home to Crossfield, AB with Mike and Sheena Steenhart’s newest addition, Spitfyre VF (TF Psymreekhe x Red Flame BRSB) with Claudinei Machado in PB 52 Canadian Arabian Horse News

Yearling Sweepstakes Colts. The Steenharts fell in love with the striking young colt at Rae-Dawn’s farm in Scottsdale and have had great success with him in the show ring this year, including the 2009 Region 17 Championship. A bright future is in store for this youngster. Another Calgary-area entry earning Top Ten was ER Invictus (Ravenwood Jaleel x Kaela). Bred and owned by Janice and Bev Tokar of Airdrie, AB, ER Invictus was handled to his title by Bev in the PB Stallions AOTH. Canadian National Champion Mare Island Elegance, owned by Don James of Island Arabians, emerged from the main ring as the National Reserve Champion Senior Mare with Jeff Schall. The story of this extraordinary mare can be found on p. 27 of this issue. In Half-Arabian halter, Donatella Versace (Versace x VF Campus Queen) claimed the Championship in HA Stock/Hunter Mares for owner Carrie Langstroth of Grande Prairie, AB. The exciting Rohara Americanlegend++++// (Justafire DGL x Miz American Pie), purchased in 2009 by Linda Crank of Markham, ON, was crowned National Champion in HA Saddle/Pleasure Type Gelding AAOTH and Top Ten in the Open. Not just a pretty face,

Remuda Arabians proudly presents... DIBMMÖT!NCB )Nbhovn!Dibmm!IWQ!y!Xjoe!Dijnft* 311:!Sfhjpo!28!Dibnqjpo!Bsbcjbo!Uxp!Zfbs!Pme!Hfmejoh! 3119!BBIBCD!Bqsjm!Tipx!Dibnqjpo!Bsbcjbo!Zfbsmjoh!Dpmu! Eftujofe!up!cf!b!qfsgpsnbodf!tubs"

Cjmm!boe!Kvez!pg!Sfnveb!Bsbcjbot!xpvme!mjlf!up! uibol!Disjt!boe!uif!Gmjhiumjof!Gbsn!Bsbcjbot!gbnjmz! gps!b!nfnpsbcmf!tipx!tfbtpoÊ! Cpui!pg!uiftf!pvutuboejoh!zpvoh!Bsbcjbot!bsf!DBIS! Csffefst!Gvuvsjuz-!DEO!'!VT!Obujpobm!Gvuvsjuz!boe! BIB!Txffqtublft!opnjobufe/ Ejsfdu!tfsjpvt!jorvjsjft!up!sfnvebbsbcjbot!A!tibx/db!

KVTUJGZBCMFF!MBDF )Kvtujgz!y!Njeojhiu!Mbdf* 311:!Sfhjpo!28!Dibnqjpo!Bsbcjbo!Uxp!Zfbs!Pme!Gjmmz! 3119!Sfhjpo!6!Upq!Gjwf!Txffqtublft!Gjmmz! 3119!BBIBCD!Bqsjm!Tipx!Dibnqjpo!Bsbcjbo!Zfbsmjoh!Gjmmz B!hfn!jo!boz!csffejoh0qfsgpsnbodf!cbso/

Remuda Arabians Cjmm!'!Kvez!¦!Qipof!)361*!5:3.7:19! 2656!Sftfswpjs!Spbe-!Qfoujdupo!CD!Dbobeb!!W3B!9U4!! stallion issue January 2010 53

U.S. National Championships Gord Hester and SR Dellta Force in Working Cow

CAHA Youth Judging Team at US Nationals

The Calgary Arabian Horse Association sent a senior judging team to the Youth Judging Competition at US Nationals consisting of Courtney Isbister, Jennifer Liddell, Kathryn Mostowich, Jacqueline Stephenson and Jaime Stephenson. They were the only Canadian team competing and finished a very respectable 5th overall out of 20 senior teams. This year’s team was most ably coached by Dr. Phillipa Keegan.

the gelding also won Top Ten in HA Country English Pleasure AAOTR 36-54. Reserve Championship garlands went to Chance To Jam (CWP Chances Are x She Be Jammin) in triplicate this year. Owned by Ashley Toye of Surrey, BC, Chance to Jam placed with Cheryl Fletcher in HA Hunter Open and HA Side Saddle English, and with Ashley in HA Hunter AAOTR 18-39. Also garnering a Reserve was Langley, BC’s Laura Wolsey and her six-year-old gelding, O Lordy (The Firelord x Hi Passion), in PB Side Saddle English. Thrilling the crowds and earning Top Tens in the process, ERA The Big Ticket (Apollopalooza x Amazing Grace Pr) placed with owner Laura Cross in HA Park AO and with Carmelle Rooker in the Open. Earning Top Tens in HA Country Pleasure Driving Open and AAOTD was REA Hey Look Me Over (Hey Hallelujah x Hot Scandal), owned by Sheila, Janet and Walter Wojcik of Wyebridge, ON.  For the Record KA (Nadir I x Prima Dona KA) added to his already impressive record, earning a Top Ten in the PB Geldings with Andy Sellman for owners/breeders Val and Michael Resch of Karija Arabians, Emerson, MB. Sandra Arabsky and Herman Steunenberg 54 Canadian Arabian Horse News

Kohlminer++++// with Todd and Andrea Ehret

of Sky’s The Limit Arabians in BC have seen their breeding program make its mark in the show ring over the past few years. STLA Dancing With The Stars (Mariachi WA x Answered Prayers++/) went Top Ten in the PB Yearling Fillies for her new owners, Midwest Station II of Rogers, MN. Rounding out our Top Tens were two up-and-comer’s, She’s Got Sol (Soldat x Margarita Monday) and Obsidian Knightt (Knight Invader x HPA Midnite Lover). She’s Got Sol was ridden by both Lana Weaterdon and Todd Ehret for their Top Ten honours in the HA Hunter Maturity and HA Hunter Jr Horse, respectively, for owners Dennis and Willa Miller of Calgary, AB. Obsidian Knightt, owned by Rene and Barrie Padgham, of Chilliwack, BC, was Top Ten in the HA Hunter Pleasure Futurity. Without question, this year has produced some of the most successful results for Canadian entries in recent history – if not in numbers, then certainly in prestigious wins! Our horses claimed top spots in a number of the most difficult and competitive classes at the 2009 U.S. Nationals, a collection of some of the world’s best Arabian horses.

Spoons Arabians welcomes the legendary bloodlines of...


Ryad El Jamaal

Rashid Van Ryad

*Ali Jamaal Roxana El Shaklan Strike

*Striking Rhapsody

Four Winds Flare Bey El Bey

Huckleberry Bey

2005 Purebred Stallion


PB Bannerbey

Gazal Ibn Shiko

R Ahmad Najeeb


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Sport Horse Nationals Showcasing North Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s top Arabian and Half-Arabian sporting athletes, Sport Horse Nationals celebrated its seventh year of competition in 2009. Held at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY, from September 22-27, several Canadian horses came home with their share of the ribbons. While nearly all of the classes were a good size, the PB Sport Horse Under Saddle Open and AT were particularly large, requiring 4 initial cuts and two sections before proceeding to the Final. Congratulations to all of our entrants who earned a National Top Ten or better this year! right In 2009, KF Almaz++// and Elaine Ward were Third Level Dressage Canadian Reserve Champions, Sport Horse National Champions, and U.S. National Champions. CCF Infinite Charm (Infiniti Z x A Little Bit Of Charm) Owned by Shelly Davis, Peterborough, ON Top Ten HA Sport Horse Under Saddle ATR Crystals Abendstern (Grey Mystique x Abendstern II) Owned by Deb Leard-Growcott, Dorchester, ON Top Ten HA Sport Horse Mares Top Ten HA Sport Horse Mares ATH Dal Apollo (Sea Ben Ben Bilal x Rudaynah) Owned by Allan Ehrlick, Campbellville, ON Champion PB Working Hunter AAOTR Top Ten PB Working Hunter ATR Top Ten PB Working Hunter KF Almaz (Magic Domino AHS x Annaconda) Owned by Elaine Ward, St. George, ON Champion 3rd Level Dressage Top Ten HA Sport Horse Under Saddle Top Ten HA Sport Horse Show Hack Top Ten 4th Level Dressage KV Once And Again (Eternety x OK Once In A Blue Moon) Owned by Gord & Louisa Breitkreuz, Falun, AB Champion PB Sport Horse Mares Open Champion PB Sport Horse Mares ATH

Pageant (The Pioneer V x Le Fire Lace) Owned by Leigh & Kevin Johnston, Sherwood Park, AB Top Ten Sport Horse Gelding Open Top Ten Sport Horse Gelding ATH Top Ten Sport Horse Under Saddle Open R Jay Bakaro (Emkay Bakaro x Elexe Joy) Owned by Allan Ehrlick, Campbellville, ON Top Ten HA Working Hunter AAOTR Simplee Magic (Bay Cytation x San-Su Sari) Owned by Danielle Donald, Mississauga, ON Top Ten PB Training Level Dressage AAOTR Top Ten PB First Level Dressage AAOTR Top Ten Arabian Hunter Hack ATR Travelin Man ZA (Take Heart x Sing For Joy) Owned by Janet Schaub, Caistor Centre, ON Top Ten HA Sport Horse Show Hack ATR

Canadian Nationals WE MISSED A FEW... Arabian Trail Horse Top Ten Fire Majik and Karen Caughell, Sherwood Park AB A/HA Dressage Training Level AT Champion Starlord Rhythm and Daniella Gray, Aldergrove BC Top Ten Sur Teddyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Magna and Lorraine Prowse, Sherwood Park AB Top Ten Shay and Sarah Kavanagh, Surrey BC Top Ten Mi Lucero and Colleen Mckenzie, Sherwood Park AB Top Ten Coppers Rocky Mountain and Rachel Barker, Surrey BC Top Ten Irresistible Grace and Suzanne Calnan (Owner Lori Quinn), Surrey BC A/HA Dressage Training Level Top Top Top Top

Ten Ten Ten Ten

Mi Lucero and Colleen Mckenzie, Sherwood Park AB Starlord Rhythm and Daniella Gray, Aldergrove BC Irresistible Grace and Nicki Muller (Owner Lori Quinn), Surrey BC Coppers Rocky Mountain and Rachel Barker, Surrey BC

A/HA/AA Dressage First Level Top Ten Coppers Rocky Mountain and Allison Morris (Owner Rachel Barker), Surrey BC Top Ten Starlord Rhythm and Daniella Gray, Aldergrove BC

^QZ[\KPVZJH 56 Canadian Arabian Horse News

A/HA Dressage Second Level Res Ch Vimy Ridge and DJ Cairns, Grayson SK

RR ACRES Home of National Champion RR GAR-SUN

Sandra & RR Gar-Sun

Simply Awesome

Rae E. Roulston Ph: 780-922-5585 / E -mail:

STANDING IN 2010: RR GAR-SUN & RR KHAMSOON-SUN Both CLASSIFIED at Alberta Horse Improvement and AHA Sweepstakes Nominated Sires. Gar-Sun is SHN Payback Program Nominated again for 2010 (ensures all his existing offspring are eligible to win additional prize money at Sport Horse Nationals), & Canadian Trakehner Approved Breeding Stallion. Also Offering Fresh/Frozen Semen or Offspring Already Here We look forward to meeting you and your “girls”! RR Khamsoon-Sun THANKS to all of you for your interest and faith in breeding to these fine stallions & BEST WISHES for years of enjoyment on your purchases to Lisa Keizer of the up and coming “Star” RR TRIPLE H-SUN & Joan Reader of the loving & dependable mare TK PATRYNA. CONGRATULATIONS TO DEBBIE & DINA ADOLPHSON, not only qualifying for but winning 3 Canadian National Championships & a Top Ten with the Gar-Sun son AFTERSHADE. Good luck next season...

Aftershade RR THEODORE-SUN Watch for “Teddy” and his little brother “H” at the shows Under the capable hands and tutelage of SANCHE PERFORMANCE HORSES RR Theodore-Sun


Offering Training, Conditioning & Showing to National Level, Sales, Clinics Certified E/C Lesson Instructions • Judging (“r” E/C/Arab) Specializes in Arabians, Partbred Arabians, Morgans, Saddlebreds & Hackney Ponies – Welcomes ALL Breeds

Also STANDING the fine ARABIAN STALLION – “SPH SPIRIT OF HAL” Contact Sandra Fenstad-Sanche Ph: 780-922-6280 /

FUTURITY CLASSES Yearling Halter ATH in 2012 Purebred Fillies Purebred Colts/Geldings Partbred Fillies Partbred Colts/Geldings

Performance ATR in 2015 Country English Pleasrure Hunter Pleasure Sport Horse Under Saddle Western Pleasure

I\^`fe(.J\c\Zk JkXcc`fe8lZk`fe  For more information,visit:

Region 17 Championship Show • August 3-8, 2010 • Red Deer AB stallion issue January 2010 58

Agricultur al Winter Fair November 6-15, Toronto, Ontario


he Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, held annually in November on the shores of Lake Ontario in downtown Toronto is reputed to be the most highly respected indoor agricultural event in the world. Over the past number of years

The Royal has “remarketed” itself – it has a vibrancy which has developed more growth yet still maintains its traditions. With an attendance exceeding 350,000 people over its ten-day duration, each day features strong competition throughout all divisions offered from maple syrup to cattle to grain to horses, agriculturalists and equine enthusiasts are motivated to participate and honoured to be included in this annual venue. above Elaine Ward and KF Almaz++// doing a dressage demonstration. After many years’ absence from The Royal, the Arabian horse was back in 2009 – not competitively, but as a “showcase breed” participating in the Ontario Equestrian Federation’s “Spirit of the Horse” exhibit featuring a promotional booth Watch Elaine’s 2009 demonstration online! Go to www. and search for “KF Almaz++// Royal Winter and daily breed demonstrations. Special thanks to our sponFair Arabian Dressage Demonstration”. sors John Code, Greg Lymer, Paul Rutherford, Jane Whitwell, Devereau Farms and Zone 9 Arabian, as they were the impetus for this 2009 inclusion! After many year’s absence from the royal, Befitting The Royal’s royal heritage, the 2009 event was the ar abian horse was back, participating officially opened by Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. The Ontario Pony Club, celebrating their 75th in the “spirit of the horse” exhibit... anniversary in Canada, was one of the escorts in the opening proceedings. Pony Clubber Rebecca Simmons and her Anglo-Arabian mare Poetry In Motion were selected from club members across the province to participate. As part of the royal couple’s tour, the Duchess attended the sporting dogs demonstration held in the “Spirit of the Horse” ring, stopping briefly at the Arabian horse booth. The Royal is very much about education. Marketing efforts are directed to people living in non-agricultural areas and children in both the elementary and secondary school systems are a prime focus for tours. Our objective for the Arabian horse booth was also the “educational” aspect; we needed to show the breed, its versatility and sensibility, as well as provide handout information to assist teachers in developing their curriculum. Visitors pet an Arabian at the booth. Tex Kam (above) and Nicole Toren flew to Toronto as ambassadors from the west. We provided “teachers’ packets” containing brochures from stallion issue January 2010 59

the Arabian Horse Association, giving an introduction to the breed and its heritage, as well as the “My Little Pony” activity/lesson books, and websites for more specific books and information. These packets were a tremendous hit – all the information was self-contained in a canvas tote bag featuring the Arabian logo and website address, a handout package meant to be kept and reused! Our contingent of demonstration horses not only displayed their individual qualities in their field of expertise, but exhibited true companionship and versatility to thousands of spectators every day. Travelin Man ZA, a Half-Arabian owned by Janet Schaub, demonstrated the refined qualities of a National-winning Show Hack & amateur Hunter Pleasure mount; RBF Super Sport, owned by Ruth Sturley, is an internationally competitive purebred long-distance horse; KF Almaz is a Half-Arabian multi-National Champion Dressage & Show Hack mare owned by Elaine Ward; and MDA Cody is a Purebred National Champion Junior Equitation mount, owned by Erin Edwards. After each horse’s demonstration the booth overflowed with spectators wanting to learn more about our proud breed or to chat about their own equine experiences. The booth also became an opportunity for many members past and present to visit. Oh how quickly the decades

Fresian breed demonstration.

“Our demonstr ation horses not only displayed their individual qualities in their field of expertise, but exhibited true companionship and versatility to thousands of spectators every day.”

Saturday night gala.

Getting instructions for a television demonstration.

60 Canadian Arabian Horse News

pass as competitors from the ‘80’s now have children competing at many equine levels – so encouraging to witness the Arabian horse interest pass from one generation to the next! From the very first entrance into the “Spirit of the Horse” ring by Travelin Man ZA to the concluding “Parade of the Breeds” in the main coliseum ring by MDA Cody, the Arabian breed was a highlight for many. Even on the last afternoon spectators came to the booth specifically to see and touch MDA Cody because it was announced at 20 years young he was retiring and would spend his days lazily at Muskoka Trails Riding Academy. In order to generate even more interest to the general public we held a draw for t-shirts and magazine subscriptions donated by the Canadian Arabian Registry and the Canadian Arabian News. A total of 375 ballots were received from people residing in Europe, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario. A total of 80 currently own Arabian horses and 32 are teachers. Winners, representing all age demographics, include Susan Wolfe, Gia Petrella, Michelle Coleman, Danielle Fleres, Marjorie Larson, Joli Manson, Audrey Palmer Steinhauser, Greg Oakes, Dawn Richardson and Debbie Sawers. When contacted the winners were extremely enthusiastic to receive the magazine so they would continue to learn more about the breed, some even reporting their interest in visiting local Arabian horse farms and/or events in 2010! Our 2009 effort at The Royal – the horses, owners and booth volunteers – generated many compliments for the quality of presentations, the interactive relationship with the public, and for providing a variety of information. This has proven to be a resounding success. The results exceeded any projected expectations and 2010 is already in the planning stages. We all welcome you to join us November 5th-14th, 2010, in Toronto! Submitted courtesy Jane Whitwell.


tips to create a marketing plan for 2010... 1. Have a BUSINESS PLAN.

Even if it’s just a list of 10 goals for your business to accomplish this year. Some should be attainable and some should be outrageous. At the end of each year, you can look back and see what was accomplished and what wasn’t, and how much closer you are to your ultimate goals. It’s also great to see how your priorities may have shifted. A business plan should include a rough break-down of the numbers, if you want your business to turn a profit.

2. Then create a MARKETING PLAN.

Business guidelines recommend spending 10% of last year’s gross profit on marketing. If you don’t have a profit to work with, return to your Business Plan and ask the hard questions! Take your budget and divide it over the entire year, including print and online advertising. It’s better to have a smaller ad with more repetition, than a larger ad with no repetition. Don’t underestimate “free” advertising; send your news to local newspapers, breed magazines, and club newsletters. Always get feedback from people who contact you – how did they come across your business? Breeding horses is a long-term business; your ads from 3 years ago may bring you customers who are finally ready to step up and purchase their first show horse.

3. Get some good PHOTOS.

Good photography is the best investment you can make. It’s what attracts people to your advertising and your website. Be critical, especially if you choose to take the photos yourself. Get your horse show-ready and have a clean, uncluttered background. Realize that if you choose to hire a professional, you are not only paying for experience, but also for higher-quality lenses, which will reduce distortion and give your audience a better view of your horse. The standard lens for professional horse photographers tends to be a 70-200mm/f 2.8 lens.


Good marketing is all about connecting with your customer. This includes many levels – handing out business cards, talking to people at shows, getting appropriate links to your website, and connecting to magazine readers and industry leaders. The new “social media” sites such as Facebook and Twitter are just another level of being connected – don’t be afraid to get your feet wet! By Christina Weese •

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Breeding & Performance Classes

Breeding & Performance Classes



Regional and National Qualifying Show AHA Sweepstakes Classes CAHR Futurity Classes

Regional and National Qualifying Show AHA Sweepstakes Classes CAHR Futurity Classes

AHA Approved SHow

AHA Approved SHow

May 13-16, 2010 • Langley BC

June 5, 2010 • Bethany ON

thunderbird Show park

Saddlewood equeStrian Center

Understanding Equine Cerebellar Abiotrophy and Lavender Foal Syndrome A brief guide for owners. By Beth Minnich and Brenda Wahler


t the Arabian Horse Association Convention in

Reno, NV this past November, delegates unanimously voted to modify the AHA Code of Ethics and Sportsmanship to include the disclosure to interested parties of known Cerebellar Abiotrophy (CA) and/or Lavender Foal Syndrome (LFS) carrier status of breeding stock. (This rule modification is an expansion of the Code which previously only addressed SCID disclosure.) With the equine genome sequence now completed, updated information on equine genetic disorders is regularly becoming available from the research community. More and more owners are seeking education to gain a better understanding of what these disorders are and how their horses could be affected. There are several genetic disorders that can affect Arabians; advancements in genetic testing are shedding new light on two of these conditions: Cerebellar Abiotrophy (CA) and Lavender Foal Syndrome (LFS). With access to these new genetic tests, breeders can avoid producing an affected foal by making informed choices about breeding carriers and breeding to carriers. While some owners choose to never breed a known carrier, others argue that it is important to preserve the genetics of exceptional and/or rare horses and bloodlines. There are options for responsibly using carriers of recessive disorders as breeding stock. Affected foals will not occur so long as two carriers are not bred to one another, and here, use of testing is particularly helpful. Many breeders also select suitable clear offspring of carrier horses and use them to replace carriers in their programs. The results of SCID testing suggests that if known carriers are bred, with careful, selective breeding and testing of offspring, even carrier lines can be “cleared” of the mutated gene while preserving valued bloodlines.

Cerebellar Abiotrophy (CA) Cerebellar Abiotrophy, also known as Equine Cerebellar Abiotrophy (CA) or Cerebellar Cortical Abiotrophy (CCA), is a genetic, neurological condition found almost exclusively in Arabian horses which is caused by the death of Purkinje cells in the brain’s cerebellum, resulting in a severe lack of coordination and balance equilibrium. The degree of severity is variable, but most affected individuals are euthanized before adulthood, due to the hazard they present to themselves and others. If they are not euthanized, they are generally restricted to life as a pasture pet, as they are unsafe to ride and should not be bred. Genetic analyses by researchers at UC Davis, based on families of 29 affected horses, indicates an autosomal recessive mode of inheritance for this condition. “Autosomal” means that the trait is not sex linked and “recessive” means that in order for a horse to be AFFECTED and show clinical signs of CA, it must have two copies of the mutated allele which causes CA; receiving one copy of the mutated allele from each of its parents. Horses who carry only one copy of the CA mutation are physically normal, but are classified as CARRIERS. With each mating of a carrier there is a 50% probability of passing the mutated allele along to the ensuing offspring.

Breeding Probabilities (at each mating) for Recessive Single Gene Traits Clear Mare

Clear Stallion

Carrier Stallion

Affected Stallion

100% clear

50% clear

50% carrier

50% carrier Carrier Mare

50% clear

25% clear

50% carrier

50% carrier

50% carrier

50% affected

25% affected Affected Mare

50% carrier

50% carrier

100% affected

50% affected Note: While it is clear that CA Affected horses should never be used as breeding stock, the comparison is presented here simply to demonstrate the inheritance probabilities for the gene.

Affected foals are usually born without clinical signs. However, Purkinje cell degeneration begins after birth. Clinical signs often begin to show within 6 weeks to 4 months of age, but in milder cases, may not be noticeable to the ordinary observer until the horse is significantly older. They are often first noticed at times when the foal is under close scrutiny, such as weaning. Speed of onset may also vary. Clinical signs include incoordination (ataxia), intention head tremor, an inability to accurately gauge distance, and poor menace reflex. Additional signs include an exaggerated gait when moving, a wide-based stance when standing, and difficulty rising from a recumbent position. Horses with CA also tend to be hyper-reactive and as a result can be more prone to rearing or may startle easily and fall, potentially injuring themselves or handlers. The normal cerebellum is divided into two layers: the inner layer (granular layer), and the outer layer (molecular layer). Purkinje cells are large neurons that lie on the border between these two layers; their function is to carry electrical signals from the outer layer to the inner layer, where the signal is then transmitted to the body. The Purkinje cells carry all messages generated by the cerebellum and have control over the refinement of movement and coordination. In horses affected with CA, the Purkinje cells begin to degenerate soon after birth. Remaining Purkinje cells are usually small and shrunken. Without the Purkinje cells, the two layers of the cerebellum become indistinct (see image, next page). Because CA affected foals do have the potential to injure themselves, CA can be misdiagnosed as head trauma from an injury or accident, such as rearing and falling over backwards or colliding with a fence. In some cases, CA affected foals are diagnosed as having Wobbler’s Syndrome, which is a very different neurologic condition caused by compression of the spinal cord, due to malformation of the cervical vertebrae during growth. Wobbler’s Syndrome can be diagnosed with the assistance of radiographs and is relatively rare in Arabians, so care should be made to properly differentiate CA from Wobbler’s Syndrome during the process of evaluation and diagnosis. Clinical signs, case history and use of a marker-based DNA test can lead to the diagnosis of CA; a definitive diagnosis is made during examination of the brain tissue after euthanasia. stallion issue January 2010 63

Image courtesy UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory. Normal Cerebellum

Cerebellum of a 3-year-old Arabian colt affected with CA

CA Testing Information A marker-based DNA test (indirect DNA test) for CA is available from UC Davis for $50/test, using hair samples. Orders can be placed by visiting the UC Davis website at http://www.vgl.ucdavis. edu/services/horse.php or calling (530) 752-2211. [Note: The Arabian Horse Foundation has partially funded the CA research at UC Davis.] This indirect DNA test has been developed with the use of a group of genetic markers that have been identified on chromosome 2 adjacent to the CA gene region. When markers lie close to a gene of interest, they are often inherited along with the trait. This marker-based DNA test for CA looks for a specific set of alleles that are co-inherited with CA, which can be used as a diagnostic tool to identify affected foals and also identify horses that are potential carriers of the disease. As of December 15, 2009, the number of CA screening tests performed by the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory at UC Davis, and the reported status of animals are shown below. CA Status


% of Total

N/N N/CA CA/CA Undetermined

818 219 32 6

76% 20% 3% 1%



Test results are reported as follows: N/N: Normal. Horse does not possess markers associated with CA. N/CA: Carrier (1 copy of gene). Horse has markers associated with CA and is considered to be phenotypically normal and a carrier of the disease gene. CA/CA: Affected (2 copies of gene). Horse has markers associated with CA and is considered to have the disease. Undetermined: CA status cannot be determined. Atypical combination of DNA markers. Possibility of CAcarrier status cannot be excluded with confidence.

Lavender Foal Syndrome (LFS) Lavender Foal Syndrome (LFS) (more properly known as Coat Color Dilution Lethal/CCDL), is a genetic disorder thought to be caused by a brain lesion. An affected foal often has a difficult delivery (dystocia) and cannot stand at birth, although they may have a strong suckle reflex and can be bottle fed. However, these efforts are ultimately futile; if they do not die, LFS affected foals are usually euthanized within a few days of birth on humane grounds, as they are incapable of survival. A disturbance in the nervous system prevents foals with LFS from being able to stand, and often they cannot even reach sternal recumbency, that is, they cannot roll from their side to sit upright, resting on the sternum. They generally lay with their head and neck drawn back, with the body and legs rigid (known as opisthotonus) 64 Canadian Arabian Horse News

and the foal may make paddling motions with their legs. The paddling movement seen in LFS foals may be the result of the foal’s effort to correct their position and gain sternal recumbency. Or alternatively, these movements could represent partial seizures. Involuntary, rapid eye movements (known as nystagmus) are also present in some LFS foals. LFS foals are frequently born with a telltale diluted coat color that lightens the coat hairs, giving the foal an unusual appearance that can appear pale lavender, pale pink or even silvery, hence the name “coat color dilution” or “lavender foal”. The eye color has also been described as grayish-brown or having a bluish tint. However, not all foals will have the unique coat coloration (although they may be paler than a normal foal) and if the coat color is overlooked or not present, foals may be misdiagnosed as having neonatal maladjustment syndrome (“dummy” foals), due to a lack of oxygen from the dystocia, or as having some type of spinal cord injury. LFS is thought to be a single gene autosomal recessive trait. This means that it is not sex linked and both parents must carry and pass along a copy of the mutated allele for an affected foal to be born; carrier horses are physically normal. Some researchers have proposed a potential genetic relationship between LFS and Juvenile Epilepsy; this theory is being further researched. It is important to note that while LFS is usually associated with horses of Straight Egyptian or heavy Egyptian breeding, it has been reported in other breeding groups. In 2008, the Arabian Horse Foundation provided funding to Cornell University for a new LFS project being conducted in the laboratory of Dr. Samantha Brooks. Using single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) technology made available from the completion of the equine genome sequence in 2007, a small bank of samples from LFS/CCDL affected foals was analyzed and with additional testing in 2009, the mutation thought to cause LFS has been located and a direct DNA test for LFS has been developed. This genetic test will be commercially available in the near future and additional information about this test will be announced as it becomes available. Beth Minnich is Chair of the Research Advisory Panel for the Arabian Horse Foundation and also Chair of the AHA Task Force on Genetic Diseases and the AHA ESRE Subcommittee on Genetic Disorders. Beth earned her BSc Degree in Equine Science from Colorado State University and has over 20 years of direct involvement with the Arabian breed. She enjoys trail riding in the Pacific Northwest with her Davenport gelding. Brenda Wahler is a member of the AHA Task Force on Genetic Diseases and Co-Chair of the AHA ESRE Sub-committee on Genetic Disorders. She is an attorney in Montana who has been an Arabian horse owner for over 35 years, including time as a trainer, riding instructor, and clinician. Her interest in genetic diseases in Arabians stems from her experience owning and dealing with a young mare affected with Cerebellar Abiotrophy who, at age 7, is still alive and living as a pasture companion to her other horses.  


Roundup > 2010 EVENT SCHEDULE Feb 11-21

55th Annual Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show • Scottsdale AZ

May 13-16

Western Canadian Breeders Championship • Langley BC

June 5

Eastern Canadian Breeders Championship • Bethany ON

July 1

2010 Canadian Endurance Championships - FEI • New Lowell ON

July 29-30

Region 18 Championship Show • London ON

July 24-31

Youth Nationals • New Mexico Expo , Albuquerque NM 

Aug 3-8

Region 17 Championship Show • Red Deer AB

Aug 16-21

Canadian Nationals • Evraz Place, Regina SK 

Sept 22-25

Sport Horse Nationals • Idaho Horse Center , Nampa ID 

Oct 22-30

U.S. Nationals • Expo Square, Tulsa OK 

2010 CAHR MEMBERS’ DIRECTORY This year’s Members’ Directory is available in PDF format from the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry website,


Akhademy Pedigree Write-Up Donalda Marshall has had a pedigree research article by Arlene Magrid done for her stallion Akhademy+/. It’s posted online at in the stallion section. She mentions that there is a lot of Canadian content, info on Soldat and Bey Shah, as well as Padomac Hilane. Go to http://forums.arabianbreeders. net and click on Market Place > Stallions at Stud > Akhademy+/ (page 2 of stallion listings).

U.S. Nationals Vendor Needs Your Immediate Help! Arabian Saddle Company’s (ASC) truck and trailer, along with their entire show stock were stolen from the parking lot of the Extended Stay Hotel on Saturday night after packing up from U.S. Nationals in Tulsa, OK. The goods alone are worth several hundred thousand dollars. If you or someone you know is offered a significantly reduced price on any of ASC’s products, or you see their products advertised anywhere (ebay, local retail store, etc.), other than their official website or from an authorized dealer, please contact the Tulsa Police Department 918-596-COPS (2677) immediately. At time of publication, the only stolen item that has been recovered is the truck.

Conley Driediger Named Equine Canad Junior Equestrian of the Year Conley Driediger, daughter of BC trainer Brenda Driediger, has been awarded the Gillian Wilson Perpetual Trophy as Equine Canada’s 2009 Junior Equestrian of the Year. Nominated by Lorne Robertson, Terry Johnson, and Kimberly Toye, Conley will be traveling to Montreal, QC, to accept her award the Equine Canada Awards Gala on February 6. Conley says she will be proud to represent the Arabian breed at the Awards ceremony, and believes she is the first Arabian rider to have received this award since its commencement seventeen years ago. Congratulations and way to go!! 66 Canadian Arabian Horse News

Region 17 to Host the 2011 AHA Convention

The AHA Convention will be held in Vancouver, BC in 2011. Anyone wishing to assist the organizing committee or contribute in any way may contact Terry Johnson, Region 17 Director.

Congratulations to Region 17 award winners from this year’s AHA Convention! Gerald McDonald • 2009 AHA President’s Award and 2009 National Volunteer Award 2009 Regional Volunteer Award recipients are Lorne Robertson and Kimberly Toye.

2009 Was a Busy Year for Seawall Valley Arabian Club (Region 18) Our club had a busy year! Starting in February, we hosted an APEX (Endurance) seminar with John Crandall III and Dr. Art King, then a “Distance 101” seminar in April leading up to our two days of distance training rides and Endurance Canada’s first Novice Endurance event on the Mother’s Day weekend with over 50 horses and riders participating. Our members were seen far and wide, with Lee Hutten representing not only our club, but Canada at the North American Young Riders Endurance Ride (held in conDenise Blanchet and Cabasco junction with the NAYRC) to win Silver on her Canadian Half-Arabian mare, I Bee Jazzin (Ibn Bee). Another huge event for us was our CTR ride held in August with 50 plus competitors with our members having a strong presence as riders and volunteers. Denise Blanchet riding her purebred mare Cabasco (Hennessy x Quinte Phantazia) had a perfect score and was named Overall Champion and Top Arabian. More members were seen in Kentucky supporting the Canadian teams (East & West) at the WEG pre-ride, the Kentucky Cup in October. Plans for 2010 are under way for another busy year, mostly supporting distance riding, but our members have a strong presence in the show ring as well, particularly at the Eastern Canadian Breeder’s Championships.

Y Not Dunny continued to represent the farm and had an excellent year in reining competitions. He earned almost $10,000 in NRHA money (US and Cdn $) for 2009 – a combination of Categories 1, 2, and 6. I do not think any Quarter Horse reiners earned this much from Ontario, certainly not a home grown. All this under the handicap of missing nearly half the ORHA NRHA season, with his first start in mid-July.

R Jay Bakaro+// and Alan Ehrlick

In Memoriam: R Jay Bakaro+// On November 4, the Arabian world lost a superstar when R Jay Bakaro+// suddenly passed away. A true champion in every sense of the word, this Anglo-Arabian gelding had a spectacular show record, which included 15 National Championships, 15 Reserve National Championships, 25 National Top Ten’s and many Regional Championships too numerous to count. In all, he competed in an amazing 24 National Shows – twelve in Canada and twelve in the U.S. His exceptional ability was accompanied by his warm and often humourous personality. It is a huge personal loss for Cheryl and Allan Ehrlick who always felt priviledged to have owned, trained and shown a horse of this quality and talent. They certainly have great memories to treasure.

Our end ambition is to have Y Not Dunny become the first part-Arabian to achieve NRHA Gold status ($10,000 earned in Category 1 competitions), and by 2011 be the first part-Arabian to earn NRHA Platinum status ($20,000 in Category 1 earnings), just like his sire, purebred QH Dun It You Won It. Neither has ever been accomplished by a part-Arabian – in fact, there are few NRHA Golds and very few NRHA Platinums among Quarter Horses. Our stud Dun It is only one of two in Ontario to have achieved this significant world class status in reining. In other news, Y Not Farms has made a proposal to host the Canada Cup, an FEI-sanctioned reining competition and the final qualifier for the Canadian Reining team selection for WEG 2010. We proudly held the first FEI reining competition in Canada in 2004. Ron Lubinski, Y Not Farms


Barn News from Y Not Farms

Soldat x Padomac Hilane SCID clear Siring National and Regional Winners Standing at Todd Ehret Equine Ph: 780-352-0332 | E-Mail: Donalda Marshall Ph: 250-549-3074 | E-Mail:

stallion issue January 2010 67

In Memoriam... Bey Eclypse (Bey Shah+ x EM Celecte) 1990-2009

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Bey Eclypse. At 19 years of age, Bey Eclypse had begun to suffer from chronic joint deterioration of the hind limb. After a year and a half of working with our veterinarian to maintain his quality of life, it was with a very heavy heart that the decision to put “Fred” down was finally reached. I first saw Bey Eclypse with Eric Brand when he was named Region 17 Reserve Champion Yearling Sweepstakes colt in 1991. I really liked the colt, but felt sure I would never have the opportunity to own a Bey Shah son. In November of 1993 Sharon Cooke called to ask if we would like to lease him or purchase him as she did not want the responsibility of standing a breeding stallion and she really wanted him to stay in Canada. On December 11, the decision was made to purchase Bey Eclypse and bring him home to the new Morning Sun Arabians facility we were in the process of building. We had no idea at that point the tremendous impact he would have on our breeding program or how much he would capture our hearts. We were to learn that although he could be a big macho man, he was also a gentle spirit, who never once in all the time we owned him ever showed aggression. We were told in the beginning that we would never show him under saddle – especially not in the amateur division. With seemingly so much prejudice against him in the “Arabian world” we chose to send him to our long time friend Bob Grimshaw to be started under saddle. After only a day to settle in to his new surroundings, Bob saddled this big, mature colt and headed off to the round pen. After only a few minutes it was obvious the colt had been lunged lots – we had been conditioning and showing him at halter ourselves for over a year already – so off to the big arena he went, hopped up on the big horse and went for a ride. Bob was always very fond of his kind and willing attitude and after only 3 months we brought him home so he could do his “real job” of breeding mares. Pam Zimmerman offered to assist us in obtaining the required performance ribbon so we could show him in halter at Canadian Nationals. With a quick test ride during lunch break, Pam rode him in a Hunter Pleasure class and obtained the ribbon we needed. With very sporadic training and a schedule that always seemed to conflict with the Quarter Horse circuit, Bob Grimshaw went on to show the horse to a Top 6 in Western Pleasure at the Western Canadian Breeders Championships. Still, everyone was convinced he would never be ridden and shown by an amateur – so the challenge was on. First, Mike would ride him and show him in Western Pleasure. Then after Sheena spent a winter conditioning him by riding him Hunter – which he absolutely loved – the following years would be spent with either Mike or Sheena showing him in the Hunter Division.

Bey Eclypse on the cover of the 2002 Canadian Nationals edition of the Canadian Arabian News.

His greatest accomplishments, however, were always in the breeding shed. No matter what type of mare he bred the foal was always an improvement - every breeder’s dream! In addition, his offspring are all very trainable and most have been started and shown by amateurs. An extremely versatile sire, he has produced offspring in almost every discipline including endurance, competitive trail, working hunter, dressage, sport horse, hunter and western pleasure, side saddle, show hack and halter. We will forever be thankful for the legacy that Bey Eclypse has left, not only in the Morning Sun breeding program, but also in the show rings, performance competitions and breeding barns across the continent. We are grateful to have several beautiful Bey Eclypse daughters and grand-get on the farm to carry on this great bloodline in our program. Thank you to all the breeders and owners who have put their faith in Bey Eclypse and his offspring through these last two decades. We are grateful to have shared in your success. Thank you to Sharon Cooke for making that call and believing that we could be worthy stewards of this great horse. Thank you old friend. You will be missed! Mike & Sheena Steenhart

TW Riel Named MB Team Penning “Horse of the Year”

TW Riel (Capeesh x Chantilly Lace) has been named “Horse of the Year” by the Manitoba Team Penning Association. The announcement was made at the Annual Awards Dinner on Nov 7, 2009. “Louie” is the primary mount of team penner Ron Lemay. Louie’s outstanding athletic ability and refusal to be outrun or out-manoeuvred by a cow has made this award well-deserved and long overdue; Louie has been consistently nominated for the award over the last several years. Louie’s sire, Capeesh, switched from reining to team penning in 2003 and was named “Horse of the Year” in 2005. TouchWood’s breeding program currently blends the bloodlines of Bask through Capeesh; Baharr through Roanoak Barlo; and Czort through Botaan and Eldans Wotan. For more information, visit our website at 68 Canadian Arabian Horse News

STLA Dancin With The Stars

Barn News from Desert Acres

Sky’s The Limit Arabians Snags Baske Afire Futurity Breeding!!

We have a full barn of horses for the winter, some of which will go show on the local open circuit and some are aiming for the Class A circuit. We will be starting all our 3-year-olds this winter as well (all six of them). This should make the cold months go by fast! We are looking forward to four more foals from RRA Amador to go with the two we were thrilled with in 2009.

Sky’s the Limit Arabians is thrilled to have acquired the Scottsdale $100 000 Arabian English Pleasure Futurity Purebred breeding rights to BASKE AFIRE and VCP Magnifire, and Iowa Gold Star Futurity Partbred breeding rights to Brandon Bey JCA and Justtice!

Tracey Duriez, Desert Acres Arabians

We would also like to congratulate David Boggs and Midwest Training Center on their purchase of STLA Dancin With The Stars (Mariachi WA x Answered Prayers++/), Region V Unanimous HA Sweepstakes Filly. Congratulations to “Angel” and Midwest/Oakridge Arabians on her Top 10 at U.S. Nationals! 


RRA Amador

Sandra Arabsky, Sky’s The Limit Arabians

FSF Jesse James x Gdahlia (Warranty) 2009 WCB Champion Stallion 2009 WCB Champion 2-Yr-Old Colt Fururity 2008 WCB Top Six Yearling Colt Futurity 2008 WCB Top Six Yearling Colt

2007 Purebred Arabian Stallion

Sweepstakes Nominated Sire SHN Payback Sire Live cover only for 2010 • LFG Purebreds $1200 • Partbreds $750 Discounts to show mares.

A Full Service Equine Facility offering Training, Lessons, Sales, Boarding, Breeding and More! RENEE LUPIIEN-SMULAN Phone (306) 277-4400; Fax (306) 277-4403 Box 85, Ridgedale SK S0E 1L0 • stallion issue January 2010 69

In Loving Memory... Khaeczharb 1984 - 2009 (Khaaleb (Khemosabi) x Mieczharba) Bred by George & Doris Husband, Wawota, SK

scratch and followed her to the barn. He was the kindest natured stallion I’ve ever met.

Khaeczharb was the first of Khaaleb’s foals to be born to George & Doris Husband’s Pleasant Vista Arabians. Khaaleb, a son of the legendary Khemosabi, was a gift from George’s brother Bert, Khemosabi’s breeder. Khaeczharb (“Sharb,” as he was known) was wonderfully bred throughout his pedigree. Khaaleb’s dam, Bay Mara, was by the great Bay Abi. Bay Mara’s dam was Ramari, a champion mare by Amerigo (US Res National Champion and Scottsdale Champion Stallion), who was also Khemosabi’s sire. Khaeczharb’s dam’s sire, Miecznik El Nattall, was by Alla Amarward’s best son, El Nattall, and out of Bierka, who also produced Mary Sypolt’s great show horse, The Viking.

He was shown in Western Pleasure and raced in his younger years, then went on to a career breeding and working for a living, checking cattle out at the Husband farm in Wawota.

In 2002 we had purchased Khrista, a Khaeczharb daughter. A few years later in 2004, we were blessed with an opportunity to purchase Khaeczharb at age twenty, giving him a semi-retirement home here at Hayward Arabians. I remember the day we arrived to pick him up. Doris walked out into the large pasture calling out his name, and he came running towards her – at a full gallop – only to stop within a foot away from us. He immediately dropped his head for a

Much to my surprise, after a few rides, I felt that he would be really fun to show. He had such a desire to work, such natural collection, and smooth transitions – so we started conditioning for the following year. He was very successful at the Sask Arabian shows in western pleasure, trail, working cow and halter from 2006-2008 (aged 21-23). In the his last five years while we had him he sired eight foals. Several Khaeczharb get are out there heating up the showring – our mare Khrista (working cowhorse), DeeAnna Lyke’s stallion Khaacey (working cowhorse & trail), Renee Lupien-Smulan’s gelding Khemokhashkarema (western pleasure, working cow, reining), and Melanie Patton’s mares Khaeczharbs Khatareena & Kharema II (dressage). There are several young up-and-coming get to keep an eye out for as well. His legacy will no doubt live on through his get and grandget. Aside from being a great show horse and sire, his best trait was the loyalty and companionship that he provided to everyone


that knew him. He carried me many miles on his back, just the two of us going down the trail. He was excellent with other horses, so much so that people didn’t even realize he was a stallion. He also absolutely loved his foals. He would wrap me up under his big strong neck and give me hugs – I can still feel him hugging me today whenever I need one. I always knew I was in good hands when I was with him. He will remain always in my heart and my memories! Tammy Hayward, Hayward Arabians


KHRISTA 2001 Purebred Bay Mare (Khaeczharb {Khemosabi++++// grandson} x El Kaylah) 2008 Equine Canada SK Champion Working Cowhorse

APHRODYTE 2009 31/32 Arabian Bay filly (HS Kolors Khemorada {Khemosabi++++// grandson} x Abbanathay)


AHA Sweepstakes Nominated SHN Payback Eligible for life

KHAOS N’ KHEMOTION 2009 Purebred Black filly (HS Kolors Khemorada x Khrista) Khemosabi++++// top & bottom AHA Sweepstakes Nominated SHN Payback Eligible for life

Ubell 70 Canadian Arabian Horse News

Kolors (Khemosabi) x Truimphs Twizder

The Khemosabi++++// Legacy is Alive!

2005 Purebred Bay Stallion Sweepstakes Nominated Sire SHN Payback Sire Stud Fee $1000/$750 LFG Discounts to show mares

Undefeated in Halter & SHIH Khemorada’s sire Kolors +// has over 52 Regional & National titles

HAYWARD ARABIANS • Tammy Hayward & Glenda Miller Pilot Butte, SK • (306) 535-7402 • Email:

It was a successful year for Bartongate in Competitive Trail and endurance rides. Our half-Arabian Fort William+/ (Morab) completed 487 miles to add to his career mileage and now has 4475 miles. Perfidiya, our first half-Arabian (Morab) mare by Perdition VF, had her first season competing in Limited Distance Endurance rides, winning Best Conditioned in one of them. In the Novice Division Competitive Trail rides she won a ride and placed second in another. She has recently been sold and I took her to Batoche, Saskatchewan to her new home where it is hoped she will continue in distance rides in the future. There was some excitement after her trip. I arrived in the afternoon, giving her time to settle before dark, and left early the next morning. The temperatures had plummeted to -30ºC – not the best weather for either traveling or introducing a horse to a new home. Her new owners checked her several times during the morning and all was well. They checked her at 2pm and then when they went to her corral at 3pm she had

In The Limelight Half-Arabian

disappeared! She had jumped the corral fence (4ft 3ins) and the first hoofprints were some 20 feet away in the snow! (Sport Horse extraordinaire!!) They were able to follow her tracks for eight and a half miles, and it looked like she was heading in the direction of Manitoba! By this time it was getting dark, so they abandoned the search until first light in the morning. Luckily they spotted her in a field about 1 1/2 miles away – and she was making her way back to their home! They called her from the road and she came dashing towards them and was happy to be haltered and taken home, held through the window of the truck. She now seems to have settled down and decided that it’s a pretty nice place to live! Late in the year, a five-year-old horse born here at Bartongate was returned to me as his owner had gone to college. In The Limelight, half-Arabian (Morab) by Perdition VF, hadn’t been trained and so went immediately to my trainer in the city. He is coming along very well and I look forward to competing with him next year.

Above is a photo of In The Limelight with Aime St. Vincent of Ste Anne, Manitoba, who will be training “Flash” through the winter. Prue Critchley, Bartongate


Barn news from Bartongate

Perestroikaa Half-Arabian

Story of FAITH The year 1998 had us excitedly waiting on our cherished mare, Faradessa, in foal to Shine On Mahogany. It had been 3 years since we had our first foal of this ‘golden cross’, Precious Moments. But finally Faradessa was back in foal to Shine On.

Faith Shines On

May 17th was the day of arrival – we were doubled blessed, a filly plus she was black. The filly was more than we could have hoped for – extreme type and a lot of presence. She received the special name of Faith Shines On as a tribute to a special friend and her battle with breast cancer. Faith’s show career was limited due to her late birthday and firey disposition. She was a pampered diva, doing everything her own way.

Cupidio and Bianca MacKenzie

In October 2000 I went out for late feeding of Faith and her pal. To my horror Faith came up on three legs. We brought her in to my trainer, Todd Ehret’s, barn and the veterinarian’s visit brought shocking news – her superficial flexor tendon was completed severed. We were told there was nothing to do but put her down. To hear those words took my breath away--how could I lose my classic Arabian Black Beauty! We decided to give it 24 hours to think on it. During this time one of Todd’s staff, Roxann, held faith in saying no way to that news. Roxann had a special bond with Faith and was able to connect with her when others couldn’t. We decided to give Faith complete stall rest for the next six months to see if the tendon would reattach itself. During this time Faith soon realized she wasn’t to step out of her stall. Her door could be left open; she would look out her door but not once step foot into the alley. At the end of her stall rest the tendon had reattached!

Now began the slow work of getting Faith back to being a horse. With her show career gone, we turned our sights on her career as a broodmare.  Faith’s first foal, by NV Inferno, was a bay colt born Feb 14/02; thus his name, Cupidio. With his owner Bionca he is on the Endurance circuit. Faith’s second foal was Hermione, again by NV Inferno. Allionce+/ was the chosen mate for her 3rd and 4th foals. Her black son Azkaban was foal number three. He started his successful show career as a yearling, but Western Pleasure was where he really shone. Azkaban was Canadian Breeders Western Pleasure Jr Horse Champion three  years in a row, and back-to-back Region 17 Champion Jr. Western Pleasure Horse in 2008 and 2009. Sadly Azkaban is no longer here for his owner Norma-Jean Abel. Colt number four was another black colt called Shiver n Shake by owner Sandra Tougas. He also started out as a yearling with halter championships. Then at the age of four he trotted into the Country English Pleasure Jr. Horse classes. At his first show he became the Canadian Breeders Champion, then at Region 17 Unanimous Champion plus placed Top 5 in the Jackpot class with Sandra riding. (See this issue’s ALLIONCE article for photos of Azkaban and Shiver N Shake.) Faith is having a motherhood rest in 2010 after having two fillies by Ames Charisma. Allionce+/ is the sire of Hermione’s 2009 colt and the 2010 foal, carrying on the ‘golden cross’. It paid to have FAITH in FAITH so long ago.

Marg Martin, Hassan Arabians

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity presented itself when it was announced that the Olympic Torch would be coming through the town of Port Colborne. Our mayor and his staff immediately went to work, contacting every type of sports organization, including Rivendell Arabian Sport Horses, requesting their involvement. The day’s activities would spotlight many Olympic sports and strive to allow hands-on participation for the local school-aged children. Response from local groups was amazing, including the Para-Olympic association. Janet Henderson from Rivendell Arabian Sport Horses volunteered to bring a horse to the market square for the torch arrival, and offered to host an open house at the barn in the afternoon. Twenty-five hundred people turned out to watch the torch arrive. The main streets were lined with flag-waving supporters and the market square activities offered children participation in five different sports. Janet and her daughter Bri trailered Rivendell Brego, a 4-year-old purebred gelding (out of the pure Crabbet mare Seffers Amber Rose) to the market square to promote the breed and Dressage Niagara. Brego is a very typey dark bay gelding and was stellar in how he handled the crowds of people. There were times when he had twenty or more people around him. He dropped his head to allow the children to touch his face, standing with a hip tipped. It took Brego all of ten minutes to figure out why he was there and he was a wonderful ambassador for the breed during the two hour party. Janet and Bri handed out CAHR and AHA promotional material as well as invitations to the barn’s Open House. The barn was beautifully decorated for Christmas and a table set with hot drinks, candy canes and obligatory Timbits. Also set up was a table with more promotional material as well as a few of the national and regional awards won by the Henderson family members and their horses. Bri Henderson and Sarah Smith did demonstration rides on Rivendell Arwen and Rivendell Elanna. Trudy Tattersall rode her Canadian horse, Phoenix. Janet provided commentary for the crowd of nearly fifty people, explaining the basics of dressage and the history of the Arabian breed. Rivendell Arwen is a 7-year-old Arabian/Hannoverian cross mare. In 2009 she competed in dressage and long distance, earning the year end Reserve Champion for Training Level dressage with Dressage Niagara. Rivendell Elanna is a 4-yearold purebred mare who was started under saddle in March 2009. She competed in limited distance rides and is in training for FEI pony dressage.

Janet Henderson (holding the torch with the torch runner), Rivendell Brego and Bri Henderson, standing in front of Port Colborne City Hall. Photo: Roy Norgrove


Port Colborne Olympic Torch Celebration and Rivendell Arabians

Rivendell Elessar (aka Stryder), a two year old colt with an amazing temperament. RIGHT Bri Henderson and Rivendell’s Arwen. Bri is in her last year of veterinary medicine at the University of Edinburgh and is going on to become an equine surgeon. Rivendell’s Arwen earned three Regional Top Five awards this year in Dressage and Sport Horse, in her first year of showing.

below Sarah Smith, riding Rivendell Elanna.

Many of our visitors were children. We had all ten horses in the barn with the half doors open. The horses were happy to greet the many visitors, especially Rivendell Elessar (aka Stryder - *Ecaho x Seffers Amber Rose). He is a two-year-old colt who was more than pleased to be adored and was an absolute gentleman. The Olympic Torch Run was a wonderful reason to be involved with such a great day. Smiling faces, happy kids and beautiful horses – it doesn’t get any better! stallion issue January 2010 73

Barn News from Cassiosum Acres We are anxiously awaiting the 2010 arrivals of our foals! Both the following mares are in foal to our stallion Prime Time SCA (Allience+// x Gai Fiera Prima).  LM Gharibah (Nihal x EH Ghorees, by El Hilal GSB) - Double Gharib bred, German, Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa mare due in April 2010. Special thanks goes out to Tracy and Cole Howson for allowing us to aquire this mare earlier this year!

Alyssa Johnson leads her dad Lee Johnson on Pocketfull of Promise in the Adult Leadline class at the Kamloops Arabian Community Show (2007). Photo courtesy the BCIAHA website,

For more informaion on ACS shows, visit the AHA website > Competitions > Arabian Community Shows

OA Orchard Mist (OA Ruffian x OA Uptown Girl, by Bruask) This polish-bred beauty is due May/June 2010 for a repeat of our 2008 colt. We are very excited to see the results! Sue Stefaniuk, Cassiosum Acres Arabians, Markdale, ON

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74 Canadian Arabian Horse News

What an incredible year VLQ Friendly Fire +/ (aka Fireman or “the little red desert goat”) and I have had. Never, in my wildest dreams, did I imagine he and I would accomplish so much together. In 2006, having retired my Country English Pleasure mare from competition, I thought it might be fun to try reining. Sandy Hester suggested I call Ron and Darlene Brouwer as she thought Fireman was available for purchase from Kevin and Nadine Cusack. He was already an accomplished reining horse with Ron aboard but had never been ridden by an amateur. I tried him, I loved him and thus began many a weekend trip from Lethbridge, AB,where I was attending university, to Clive, AB, where I was taught to ride this talented reiner. I can still hear Ron, “Get your inside leg off him, this isn’t dressage!” Ron not only taught me to ride a reiner, he taught me the love of reining. With his encouragement, Fireman and I won the 2007 Region 17 amateur classes and finished Top 3 in the Open. Attempting to widen our competition experience, with the full support of the Brouwers, we made the move to Silver Aspen Ranch and LaRae Fletcher-Powell in 2008. Well, Fireman exhibited a lot more attitude than LaRae likes in her reiners. He made a less than auspicious debut that year at Spanaway, WA. Being reluctant to enter the ring, he forced LaRae to “cowboy up” and cleared out the hitching area in the process. Since then, through LaRae’s program of “attitude adjustment,” he has become a polished performer with just a little more attitude than LaRae likes in her reiners. Commuting from Lethbridge AB to Auburn WA didn’t afford me a lot of “seat time”, so in 2009, it was decided that I would ride both the amateur and open classes at the numerous shows we planned to attend. With LaRae’s guidance and patience, Fireman and I improved our partnership over the course of the year winning both classes at Region 17, winning the amateur class and reserving in the open class at Region 5. My favourite memory from the Region 5 show is the run-off for Reserve in which Fireman and I topped the champion’s score, the champion being LaRae! This was the day after Fireman won the “pole bending” exhibition during the traditional Saturday night festivities. How could it get any better? ©2010 Canadian Arabian News Contents copyrighted. All rights reserved. Reproduction of any article, photograph or artwork without written permission from the Canadian Arabian Horse News (CAHN) is strictly prohibited. Articles, artwork and photographs are welcomed. Publication or use of the material is left to the sole discretion of the editor. The Canadian Arabian Horse News is dedicated to disseminating reported news and events pertaining to the portrayal of the Arabian horse without prejudice, for or against, any individual, horse, or group. Opinions and statements reprinted from material provided whether paid advertising or articles are not necessarily those of the Canadian Arabian Horse News, its editors, the Magazine Committee, or the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry. The CAHN will take utmost care of photos and materials submitted but is not liable in the event of loss or damage. The CAHN is not responsible for errors in advertising due to handwritten, telephone, or mis-spelled copy. The publisher’s liability for errors will not exceed the cost of the space occupied by the error.

Well it did! At Canadian Nationals, with Ron and Darlene Brouwer in the audience and numerous friends on streaming video cheering him on, Fireman showed his true colours, taking me to the Amateur Championship. Though I was slated to compete in the open class, I wanted to give Fireman the best chance to gain some well-deserved recognition, so I asked LaRae to ride him even though she hadn’t shown him all year. In her usual professional manner, not only did she ride him well once, she had to “run off” for the championship! To their credit, Fireman and LaRae scored even higher in the run-off! Never having been to U.S. Nationals, we thought this was probably the year to try our luck. With only one preliminary round, we found ourselves in the final competing against many former national champions. I was nervous but someone said, “You’re already a Top 10 winner, what have you got to lose?” Fireman and I have always found run-in patterns challenging but he was totally focused throughout and allowed me to “ride up” without fear of penalty. Lady Luck continued to smile on us as we won the amateur championship with a score of 214½, a full four points ahead of the Reserve Champion. The Open final was the next day, and again, Fireman proved himself a consummate competitor posting a score of 216 to win with LaRae aboard.


Reiners On Fire!

By virtue of winning both the Amateur and Open divisions at Canadian Nationals and U.S. Nationals in the same year, VLQ Friendly Fire+/ has become the first purebred Arabian reiner to accomplish this feat! What a way to end our “dream year”! Respectully submitted by Allison Mostowich

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TEAM ARABIAN COMPULSORIES - 10th Jayded Moon & Lorraine Prowse PS Poison & Deb Storey

JEOPARDY JUMPING - 4th BTA Intrigues Belle & Lorraine Prowse BTA Intrigues Finesse & Jacqueline Stephenson

PRECISION DRIVING - 9th Jayded Moon & Lorraine Prowse BTA Intrigues Finesse & Jacqueline Stephenson

Jayded Moon and Lorraine Prowse in Compulsories

BTA Intrigues Belle and Jaimie Stephenson

BARREL RACING - 4TH BTA Intrigues Belle & Jaimie Stephenson BTA Intrigues Finesse & Jacqueline Stephenson

TRAIL RIDING - 9th Jayded Moon & Lorraine Prowse PS Poison & Deb Storey PHOTOS BY CHRISTINA WEESE Jayded Moon and Lorraine Prowse in Trail

A JEOPARDY TRAIL RUN Deb Storey and PS Poison (with comments from Poison)

BTA Intrigues Finesse and Jaqueline Stephenson

Oo this bridge is tippy! Keepin’ goin’, keepin’ goin’ Izzat supposed to be scary?

76 Canadian Arabian Horse News

Raised poles - we’s done this before...

Ring that bell Debbie!

adows 2009 PHOTO GALLERY

SEPT 10-12/09 BTA Intrigues Finesse in Precision Driving with Deb Storey and Jacqueline Stephenson.

Dressage bling at the trade show. That would look right at home on an Arabian, wouldn’t it?

Above Eric Lamaze and Hickstead in the CN International. Right The Atco Electric Six-Bar. This puissance competition is done Friday night under the spotlights – the back fence is well over 6’ tall.

View from above: The Calgary/AHA booth in the “Breeds of the World” exhibit.

I’ll just jump this one, k? Cleanin howse!

A small piece of Arabian history, just outside Spruce Meadows - this sign points to the Sirocco Golf Club, named after Canada’s first Canadian-owned National Champion Stallion, Ibn Sirocco. See the Canadian Arabian News, August 2008, for the story.

You grab rings, I’ll hold still... Git ‘er done!!

stallion issue January 2010 77

stallions at stud

Classified Advertising ER Invictus

Sired By Ravenwood Jaleel • Breed for Quality, Type, Body, Movement Breed for the Win... Breed to

Ravenwood Jaleel

horses for sale

stallions at stud

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2009 Show RecoRd: Scottsdale Fall Festival Champion Stallion U.S. National Top Ten Stallion AOTH • Canadian Reserve National Champion AOTH • Region Three Top Five Champion Stallion Egyptian Event Champion World Class Stallion • Egyptian Event Champion Stallion ATH • Scottsdale Stallion Top Ten ATH

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BW Sensational

(Imperial Baarez x JD SH-Reba) 2002 Straight Egyptian Producer of awesome foals! Sweepstakes Nom. Sire. SCID Clear • Stud Fee $2000.00

(Genesis Golda x Ras-Moniet) Double Rasmoniet RSI Bred 2004 15.2HH Rabicano Straight Egyptian Introductory Stud Fee: PB $800 / Others $600

SARACEN FARMS • Amherstburg, Ontario Canada Phone 519-736-7049 • Email: Website:

For more info: Alexandra Paulhus (780) 901-7725 Kimberly Paulhus (780) 991-4888 • Sherwood Park, AB

PB SE Gelding by Shy Gayfeen NWA Shy Shamal (Shy Gayfeen x Al-Shama) 2005 SE Bay Rabicano Gelding, 15.2hh as a 4yr old. WCB Champion Yearling colt, Region 17 Top 5 Yearling Colt/Gelding, Scottsdale 2-yr-old Top 10 AOTH Gelding. Very fun, talented horse, going great under saddle, in training for Western Pleasure & Trail to be shown as a Jr Horse in 2010. Price reduced to $6500, approved home only.

Contact: Night Wind Arabians, Pat & Colleen DeVry (780) 992-9228 •

78 Canadian Arabian Horse News

Ranch of Cherry Creek Steve Grove, owner Don Ulmer, trainer 22746 365th Ave., Wessington Springs, SD 57382 605-539-WHOA

BOLD VANTAGE FARM “Ride History into the Future”


1999 Imported VNIIK Registered Akhal Teke Stallion -- Crossing very well on Arabian mares -Private Treaty High River, AB • 403-560-7503

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ScottSdale 2010

Western Pleasure Gelding - Junior Horse Available for purchase – Contact Joe Reser at Setting Sun Stables (574) 360-5649

Sired by... NatioNal top teN WeSterN pleaSure opeN NatioNal top teN WeSterN SideSaddle

Outstanding Performance Prospects For Sale • For breeding information or for a sales list, contact: Bob Sproule, Salisbury Farms • Sherwood Park, Alberta Phone (780) 919 - 5760 •

January 2010  

January 2010 Stallion Issue, featuring Arabian stallion Couturier on the cover. Stories on Island Elegance, Odyssey, and Allionce.

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