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CV Template (3-5 pages max) Surname: Thake Vassallo ____________________________________________________ Name: Clare __________________ ___________________________________ Email: ______________________________________________________ Nationality: Maltese __________________________________________________ Affiliation (with full address, fax, phone number):

University of Malta.

Dept of English and Dept of Translation Studies. Msida Malta MSD 12 Tel: 00356- 21-224271 ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________

____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Position: Senior Lecturer ____________________________________________________________

Areas of Research: Semiotics – Literary and Cultural Gender Theory Literary Genre Translation Theory

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International Expertise: Semiotics of Culture and Genre.

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Courses Taught (selection): Literary Theory (from 1900) The History and Development of the Sonnet Semiotics of Gender and Genre Literature, Politics and the Canon Narratology Feminist Critical, Literary and Cultural Theory ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Publications (selection): In Progress: Umberto Eco’s Interpretative Semiotics: Encyclopaedia, Culture, Translation. University of Toronto Press. To be published late in 2007 or early in 2008. This volume will be partly funded by SEPS – Segretariato Europeo per le Pubblicazioni Scientifiche. Co-edited with Dr Cinzia Bianchi, with a Preface by Prof Umberto Eco, and papers by various authors. December 2005: Co-editor with Dr Ivan Callus Malta at War in Cultural Memory: Representations of the Madonna’s Chosen People, Malta University Publishers. This book was funded by the EU Thematic Network, ACUME, which focussed on the issue of Cultural Memory and war. The volume brings together different aspects of memory ranging from personal testimonies to literary memory, to unresolved political issues in Malta’s memory of the war years. December 2003: Co-editor with Dr Carmel Vassallo of The Communist Manifesto: Karl Marx’s Legacy to Humanity, published by the University of Malta. With an Introduction by Prof Paula Allman. This volume represents the proceedings of a conference held to draw attention to the 150th anniversary of the

publication of Karl Marx’s The Communist Manifesto, and its impact on various aspects of society from economics and sociology to literature, religion and other forms of culture. A paper of mine, Marxist Ideology, The Literary Canon and the Sign of Canonicity, is also published in this volume. Forthcoming (2007/8): Sharing Places: Searching for Common Ground in a world of Continuing Exclusion. Proceeding from the EACLALS Triennial (International) Conference held at the University of Malta. Ed. Stella Borg Barthet. Includes my paper titled: English Language and British Literature: From Colonial Legislation to Post-Colonial Repercussions. CD-Rom and DVD: Oral and Written History: Re-Oralization and Interfacing Oralcy and Literacy. Editors: Prof. Steven Knight (University of Cardiff) and Prof. Marianne Boerch (University of Southern Denmark). This volume includes two papers of mine from two ACUME Conferences The Pact in the Text: Faust and the Shifts in Literary and Cultural Genres, and Throwing out the Baby with the Bathwater: The Ostracisation of English in Malta. 2001: In Malta and the Arts: Proceedings of a National Conference, 2001, published by the Ministry of Education a paper entitled, “Borders and Perceptions: Pynchon, Faust and the Literary Arts”. Paper originally given at a public conference on Malta and the Arts: Looking at the Arts in the new Millennium organised by the University of Malta, International Summer School.

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Nationality: Maltese __________________________________________________ Surname: Thake Vassallo ____________________________________________...