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Giovanna Franci is Professor of American Literature and Culture, and member of the teaching staff of the Doctorate in Semiotics at the Alma Mater-University of Bologna. She is Director of the “Center for Canadian Studies ‘Alfredo Rizzzardi’”, and Co-director of the “International Center for Civic Engagement University of Bologna/University of Denver” together with Roberta Waldbaum. She is also member of the steering committee of the SSSUB - Scuola Superiore Studi Umanistici in Bologna (directed by Umberto Eco), and resident fellow of the ISA - Institute of Advanced Studies. She collaborates with the Master Program on Fashion (Corso di Master per Operatori della Moda) at the branch of the University of Bologna in Rimini, and with the School of Fashion and Design L.U.N.A., in Bologna. She remains extremely active in the area of International Relations at the University of Bologna. She is a Faculty representative in the Foreign commission, and a member of the board for International Relations of the Institution, as the coordinator of North American exchange programs. She has worked to open exchanges with the universities of Yale, Washington State (Seattle), California, Denver and Portland, and is head of the Erasmus-Socrates exchange with Ireland (Trinity College, Dublin; UC Cork, and UC Galway) and with Cyprus (University of Cyprus). Together with the University of Denver she has organized an International Conference The University and Civil Society: Autonomy and Responsibility, involving both the University and the City of Bologna, as well as other international networks. She is also the European coordinator of the EU/Canada Cooperation Programme in Higher Education (2005/2008)- Cemmenti: “Canada Exchanges with the Mediterranean: Migration Experiences and their Impact on Nationalism, Trans-nationalism, and Identity”. European Consortium Institutions: Bologna, Malta, Athens; Canadian Consortium Institutions: York University, Toronto; Trent University; University of Prince Edward Island. She has written extensively on the Gothic Novel (La messa in scena del terrore: Walpole, Beckford, and Lewis), Romantic poetry, Fin-de-siècle literature (Il sistema del Dandy: Wilde, Bearsdley, Beerbohm), women’s romance, the myth of the Vampire, the theory of the Sublime, Translation Studies, and contemporary North-American criticism, from Deconstruction to New Historicism and Cultural Studies. She is presently working on two main projects: -The first one concerns American cities and landscape in literature, architecture, and urban planning. Her publications in the field include, among others, the volumes The Other Shore of Byzantium or the Imagination of America, Longo, Ravenna, 1992; A Journey through American Art Deco. Architecture, Design, and Cinema in the Twenties and Thirties, Washington University Press, 1997; “Re-imagining the City in the Age of Multiculturalism”, in Englishes, 12, 4, 2000; “Cultura e decorazione architettonica: il caso di Denver”, together with Esther Zago, in Decorazioni architettoniche nelle Americhe del primo Novecento, Roma, Gangemi, 2003; “New Eclecticism in Downtown Los Angeles: Restoration and Innovation”, in OP (Opera Progetto): Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall, Bologna, Editrice Compositori, 2005, photographs by Federico Zignani; Dreaming of Italy: Las Vegas and the Virtual Grand Tour, photographs by Federico Zignani (Nevada University Press, 2005); “Variazioni sull’architettura di Los Angeles e Las Vegas: dal segno all’icona al tema”, in Senso e metropoli. Per una semiotica posturbana, a cura di G. Marrone e I. Pezzini, Roma, Meltemi, 2006; Lost in Paradise/Stranieri in Paradiso. A Journey through the Los Angeles Homes of European Expatriates during the Nazi Years, Bologna, Bononia University Press, BUP, 2007. -The second project is an interdisciplinary research on Art and Fashion: she has organized the international conference “Dandies and their Spectres”, Rome 5/6 May 2005; published (with R.

Mangaroni and F. Raffaelli) Fashion and Society: Discover Emilia-Romagna, Bologna, Inedita, 2006; G. Franci and M.G. Muzzarelli eds., Il vestito degli ‘altri’, Milano, Lupetti, 2005, and an essay on “Fashion and the Dandy”, In forma di parole, 2006. She is presently working on a book on “Canadian Fashion and Identity”. Prof. Giovanna Franci, Dipartimento di Lingue e Letterature Straniere Moderne, Alma Mater-Università di Bologna Via Cartoleria 5, 40124 Bologna, Italy; tel. (++39)051-209 7198; fax. 051-264722 e-mail office: tel. home (++39) 051-224578; cell. 347-6313700, e-mail home:;


Prof. Giovanna Franci, Dipartimento di Lingue e Letterature Straniere Moderne, Alma Mater-Università di Bologna Via Cartoleria 5, 40124 Bolo...