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With a growing interest in specialty teas, the

from drought and famine that had swept the

KTDA has recently begun to diversify into

region-- slowing crop production, driving up

orthodox manufacture at some factories, the

food prices, increasing inflation, and straining

first of which was the Kangaita Tea Estate.

economic growth.

Select clonal tea plants produce an excellent variety of leafy grades made with special

Much of Kenya is semi arid landscape which

machinery imported from India.

will continue to dry up. As it does, farmers will

These teas

have been so successful that plans are

need to seek higher elevations to ensure

underway to expand orthodox lines, now being

sufficient rainfall. But even on Mount Kenya,

manufactured at over 10 KTDA factories as

the second highest mountain in Africa, only 10

well as at private tea plantations.

glaciers remain of the 18 that once covered its peaks.

Within the next 25 years, warming

Further exploits into orthodox manufacture

temperatures could mean that there will no

include the creation of a unique special

longer be any ice on Mount Kenya. The lands

cultivar known as purple tea which has a

surrounding the mountain are important tea

bright and unique hue. Factories are also

growing regions and the dying glaciers are

making various styles of small batch green,

impacting the livelihoods of farmers

white, and oolong teas. Despite the challenges, Kenya tea will Climate Change is an increasing reality in

continue to gain in prominence as a quality

Kenya as weather extremes have become

tea origin. It is a relatively young tea industry

commonplace. In the past few years, torrential

that has much to offer in terms of quality and

rains displaced 260,000 people; the floods

innovation. Asante Sana!

came just as many people were recovering

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Sip: Issue 08  

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