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After almost 90 years of publishing, The Beaver brings Canada’s storied past to classrooms and the Internet. It’s the Canadian history course we all wish we’d taken in school. Truth and Reconciliation in the Classroom

Every story links you to an expanded experience.

For a brief moment, one of darkest chapters in Canadian history was brought to the surface of public perception. For educators, the residential schools apology served as a reminder An Old of the importance of teaching The Bea history well. ver are six b e n e lea ch By Anne Tenning 90- xpla rns ine mark yea du s wh r New f hi or si y Controversial Teaching his they story ng ex histo Tri tor of r a are i cks m c y Most teachers try to avoid cha the m ples al th is t by i a n n fr a Pet ugh k gin historical controversy but g t gazin om th ing er t. he er e Sei new guidelines for Quebec e wa xas y C veali ng ana teachers make it a dia n requirement to dive into contested territory. By Catherine Duquette

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The Beaver Magazine has been a welcome guest in Canadian households and a trusted and respected source for fresh and interesting perspectives about Canada’s history and heritage. It’s strong and devoted PMB measured readership of more than 350,000 has been the driving force behind the creation of this special issue.

Special Features & Rates 1) 64-pages, produced as two separate editions, one French, one English 2) Extended 6-month newsstand shelf life 3) Includes ad placements in Innovative Digital Edition for greater audience reach

Marketing and Distribution 1) 15,000 copies distributed in English, 5,000 copies in French. 2) Direct reach to teachers through school subscriptions, newsstands, and teacher conferences 2) Additional newsstand promotions for both English and French editions 4) Other promotional opportunities through •  On-line teaching newsletter (3,000 subscribers) •  The Beaver’s Website (30,000 visitors per month) •  Advertising Rates (net) English Only 3,000 2,875 2,500 1,300 895 700

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Closing Dates Resource Guide Reviews: July 17, 2009 Regular Space: August 14, 2009 Material deadline: September 4, 2009 Issue Date: October 29, 2009

Contact Information For more information or to reserve space in this special issue contact: Brian Stendel: (416) 630-4274 or For information on mechanical requirements or to send material, contact. James Gillespie at (204) 988-9300 ext 224 or Please note: we only accept files in high res pdf For Resource Guide reviews contact Joel Ralph at (204) 988-9300 ext 221 or