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A year for the history books Canada’s History Society strengthens connections with wider history community via new programs, awards.


reach and redefining our role as a content provider and leader within the history community. But, as everyone knows, it was our flagship magazine that garnered the most attention with our decision to rename it Canada’s History. The announcement gave me an opportunity to talk with many readers throughout the year about the name change and the magazine in general. We know this has been an upsetting transition for some of our readers and are grateful for your understanding and continued support. We hope you feel we’ve delivered on our promise to ensure the same fresh, factual, and engaging content you’ve always expected of us. Some of you were skeptical about the anticipated outcomes of these changes. Indeed. In a good year, progress in the magazine publishing industry is measured in small increments. With one full year under

James Gillespie

ithout a doubt 2010 was a challenging year. Continued economic uncertainty in the first half of the year constrained donors, budgets, and long-term planning. Many Canadian magazines adopted strategies of consolidation, cost reductions, and in some cases stopped printing altogether. Our children’s magazine, Kayak: Canada’s History Magazine for Kids is a good case in point, changing from a bi-monthly to a quarterly magazine to better align production costs with available revenues. Elsewhere within the Society, we seemed to be bucking the trends. Already well along the development track with two key strategic initiatives, we pressed forward with the launch of our new online portal and the expansion of our national awards program. These new developments are broadening our audience

James Gillespie

Catherine and Carolyn Nakagawa (Great Canadian Questions award recipient), Daniel Conner (Teaching award recipient) and Canada’s History Society Board Chair Charlotte Gray at Rideau Hall.

the new banner, albeit not our best year on record, we remain confident in our decision. Subscriptions declined by four per cent, slightly better than the industry average of six per cent. Newsstand sales experienced a significant drop, with 1,500 fewer copies sold on average, which we attribute to our efforts to cut costs in our marketing promotions and newsstand draws. More importantly, we are beginning to see improvement in key areas that signal future growth for the magazine, such as first-time readers converting to regular subscribers, increases in overall measured readership, and a lower average reader age. Another concern from readers was that our focus on the integration of new media might somehow come at the expense of the magazine. In fact, the expansion into new media has been of direct benefit to the magazine — by increasing advertising sales,

Red River Heritage Fairs students proudly present their research project on the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre on May 5, 2010.

by finding new subscribers more cost-effectively, and by providing regular readers with value-added content through the website. Canada’s History magazine is now available as a digital edition for the Web, iPad, and Android smartphones. However, our commitment to print media is as strong as ever. Over the next year, we’re increas-

Canada’s History

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June - July 2011


4/19/11 2:40:16 PM

ing the number of pages in every issue of Canada’s History, as well as developing special editions in both French and English. As publishers of Kayak, we’re one of only a handful of Canadian publishers that produce magazines for children. Published in both English and French, Kayak was for the third year in a row recognized for its editorial excellence by the Canadian Children’s Book Centre and the Parent’s Choice Foundation. Later this November, we will be launching 100 Days That Changed Canada, a follow-up to Canada’s best-selling history book of 2009, 100 Photos That Changed Canada. So what does do that more pages in the magazine couldn’t achieve? It enhances our print publications, allowing subscribers and visitors to explore Canadian history and history-makers in a whole new way. First launched in April 2010, our web portal currently has monthly traffic estimated at 45,000 page views with more than 1,500 registered online members. Roughly

James Gillespie

Governor General David Johnston with Teaching Award winner Amy Park, right, and her mother, Donna Hamilton, left.


June - July 2011

annual report and honour roll.indd 58

half of our online audience is not made up of regular subscribers to the magazine. The Department of Canadian Heritage is providing core funding over three years to help build the new site that features dedicated channels for the two magazines, as well as one for history education and research. Here visitors can find out how history really is being taught in schools. It includes award-winning lesson plans from recipients of the Governor General’s Award for Excellence in Teaching Canadian History, as well as podcasts and videos about current academic research, profiles of Canadians in historyrelated careers, and a listing of Canadian history programs offered at universities across the country. The new site also provides opportunities for users to add to our stories, commenting on what they see, submitting stories and album photos of their own, as well as providing us with continuous feedback. Over the next year, the Society will concentrate on expanding its content reach to mobile phones, as well as developing its community and travel channels. These channels will be of particular interest to our magazine readers, offering one-stop access to news and information about events and exhibits at hundreds of museums, heritage

Courtesy CBC

Alexander Galt (Patrick McKenna), John A. Macdonald (Shawn Doyle), and Georges-Étienne Cartier (David Lahaye) await news of the government’s fate in a scene from John A:The Birth of a Country, to be broadcast on CBC in September 2011.

sites, and cultural institutions. In response to long-time magazine subscribers who have told us they’re not Web surfers and want easier access to all this new online content, we’ve created electronic newsletters. Delivered via email, these e-newsletters conveniently package together feature extensions, online book reviews, and “breaking history news.” Nearly five thousand people have already registered to receive them. Creating opportunities to bring the history community closer together is not something the Society reserves exclusively for the online world. Fostering more opportunities for historians, authors, filmmakers, students, teachers, and our cultural institutions to connect in real time has been the raison d’être behind the Society’s ambitious plan to expand the Governor General’s Awards program. With the generous support of TD Bank Financial Group, the Department of Canadian Heritage, Library and Archives Canada, and the Canadian Museum of Civilization, sixteen Canadians were honoured in Ottawa last November, bringing together for the first time Canada’s top history award recipients, finalists, and Canada’s national historical organizations in a national celebration of our history. Earlier this year, Canada’s History Society and the Canadian Museums Association announced the creation of three new awards for excellence in history programming by museums and community organizations to complete the expanded roster of Canada’s History Awards. In addition to the official ceremony at Rideau Hall, a number of events are scheduled throughout the nation’s capital, including a day long national history forum where all the recipients and organizational leadership convene to discuss key issues facing the history community. Canada’s History Society is pleased to confirm that Enbridge, Inc. will be the presenting sponsor of the 2011 Canada’s History Forum titled “Speaking of History: Discovering the Past Outside of

Canada’s History

4/19/11 2:40:19 PM

the Classroom.” The forum will explore how our history is remembered, reinterpreted, and enriched through family history, oral history, artifacts, and other public means. The presentations will be open to the public, and made available online via Canada’s History Society’s mission is to

James Gillespie

On October 19, 2010, history songwriter and musician Mike Ford gave the inaugural presentation in the H. Sanford Riley Lecture Series held at the University of Winnipeg.

tember. Materials will be featured on our website and available for sale on DVD. We’re also very proud to contribute to Heritage Fairs, a network of over ninety regional exhibitions held across Canada. Students from Grades 4 to 8 are encouraged to present multi-media projects based on research they’ve conducted within their local museums and historical societies. Together, the Heritage Fairs, Kayak magazine, and the Kid’s Illustrated History Challenge provide a suite of programs for children at the elementary and middle school grade level that are sure to spark a lifelong love for Canadian history. History is ultimately about people. Canada’s History Society is no different. The extraordinary commitment of our volunteer board of directors, and the exceptional staff of the History Society have allowed us to move further and faster in our mission than anyone could have imagined. New partnerships have created new opportunities and broader horizons. But it is readers like you, members of the History Society, whose ongoing feedback and generous contributions fuel our drive and determination. Subscriptions and donations from individual members of the Society accounted for more

History is ultimately about people. Canada’s History is no different. promote greater popular interest in Canadian history. We do this principally through our publishing initiatives and our efforts to recognize the exemplary accomplishments of others in the field. We continue to deliver quality original content inside the pages of Canada’s History and across a growing number of other dynamic new media platforms. In the past year, we’ve partnered with more history organizations than ever before, lending prizing and promotional support, attending conferences, or creating new programs or products. Working with Benchmarks for Historical Thinking and CBC Television, we’ve produced behindthe-scenes footage and created educational materials for the television movie Sir John A.: The Birth of a Country, which airs this Sep-

than half of our annual revenues and we are most grateful to you for that support. Your involvement not only helps us to build a better magazine, but it also contributes to our support for strengthening history both inside and outside of the classroom. Together we are making history and establishing new communities in a world that is entirely new to us — just like the original Company of Adventurers. It will no doubt continue to be a challenging journey, but one well worth the effort, with tremendous dividends for today’s readers as well as for generations to come. Deborah Morrison is the Publisher, President and CEO of Canada’s History.

Canada’s History

annual report and honour roll.indd 59

June - July 2011


4/19/11 2:40:21 PM



Each year Canada’s History Society makes an appeal for annual donations to support its current programs. This year’s fundraising efforts realized a total of $1,576,767 in charitable contributions from our members, corporations, foundations, and governments. Canada’s History extends a special thanks to all of our donors for their generosity. Gifts of $75 or more have been recognized in this honour roll.

The Company of Adventurers

Gordon Mollenhauer Family

Isabel Colvin

M. R. Hunter

Foundation at the Toronto

G. T. Conaty

Josephine Hutchinson

Like the original HBC Company of Adventurers who explored new territory, forged relationships, and established new commercial routes, Canada’s History established its own Company of Adventurers in 2010. Through their significant contributions, they permit us to pursue long-term investments in growth and seize on unexpected opportunities.

Community Foundation

G. Coombes

Vince Jacobson

Gail M. Morberg

Jock Coulson

Mary Janigan & Tom Kierans

Sandy Moroz

Patti Coutie

Jan W. Jansen

Don Newman

Stewart H. Coxford

Robert H. Jardine

Marion O'Donnell

Purdy Crawford

John Kean

Margie & Wayne Savigny

Allan Crosbie

R. T. Kenny

Bernard Shapiro

Marshall Crowe

David W. Kerr

Craig Smith

Colin Crutch

Fred Ketchen

Telus Corporation

Nick Cybuchowski

Louis Krushnisky

C. J. Winn

Doug Dent

Judith Kutt

Judith Woodsworth

Margaret & Douglas Derry

Maggie Laing

$150 - 499

Paul H. Dirksen

Muriel Laking

David Dodge

Lorne & Pat Larson

T. Allen

Heather-Belle Dowling

Greg Latremoille

Jacques Alleyn

John Downing

Joseph Leach

W. Ames

Duane Erlandson

Dr. & Mrs. E. F. Ledgerwood

Lawrie Pollard

D. R. Andrews

Frank Estey

David Lee

Richard W. Pound

Frank A. Anfield

Michael W. Fawcett

R. A. Lester

Cecil Rabinovitch

K. Angus

John Fiell

Phil Lind

John A. Rae

Gail Asper & Michael Paterson

David B. Flemming

W. H. Loewen

James A. Richardson

John L. Baker

Bernice Wood Flett UE

R. Lornie

Stikeman Elliott

Mr. & Mrs. Albert E. Ballantyne

R. A. Fowler

Robert A. MacBeth

Timothy Thompson

C. Lorraine Barclay

Walter Frey

Catherine MacDonald

Manon Vennat

A. Bayly

Patricia Gerow

John Maher

Elizabeth Beazley

Betty & Mike Gibbins

G. I. Maier

Paul Beeston

John Goddard

J. H. Malcom

Dr. Robert W. Bennett

John Goodwin

Margaret Martel

Harvey A. Bergner

Ron & Gillian Graham

John Matthews

John Blachford

P. Hart Green

James Mazerall

Robert John Black

Anthony Griffin

Derek Blackburn

Mr. & Mrs. R. W. Gurman

Bob Blakely

Mr. David R. Haigh QC

Fred M. Blayney

Norman R. Hain

Julia Boberg

John P. Hamilton

E. Bott

Scott M. Hand

Don Bourgeois

Brian Handford

Gerald Bowland

Dr. James F. Harrison

Stephen Bowman

Fred H. Harrison

& Elizabeth Roester

Dr. Gerald Hart

Helen S. & Robert G. Brouzes

Joe & Linda Harvey

Joan Bunting

Michelle & Chris Hatch

L. Burley

Margaret & Doug Hatlelid

Chris Burtchall

Kathryn-Jane Hazel

John Buttars

William L. B. Heath

Laura Cabott

Sholto Hebenton

Brian R. Carr

Tom Heisinger

Guy Chaisson

Brian Heurter

Pierre L. Chartrand

Kevin B. Higgins

Danielle Chartier

Marion Holmes

Harold Chmara

P. V. Holmes

Jim & Edna Claydon

Charles Hou

Helen A. Cole

B. Hubka

N. C. M. Collingwood

Ken Hugo

John Collins

Mr. & Mrs. C. L. Hunt

Governors Circle

$25,000 + Colin Adair James Baillie

G. Wallace F. & Margaret McCain

Factors Club

$10,000 +

Charlotte Gray & George Anderson J. D. Riley H. Sanford & Deborah Riley 1 anonymous donor


$5,000 – 9,999 J. Douglas Barrington Deborah Davis Alex Graham

John Kenny Joseph Martin Deborah Morrison Pacific International Equities Corp. Inc. Pirie Foundation

R. Howard Webster Foundation Norman Webster Dr. B. Anne Wood

$500 – 999 Verna Abear Evan Addy

Henry N. R. Jackman

Karen & Bill Barnett

Gillian Manning

R. L. Bradshaw

David Ross

Janet E. Bush Barry Campbell


$1,000 – 4,999 Aqueduct Foundation James Arnett A. Baillie Michael Belmer John Catto John & Pattie Cleghorn

Valerie & David Christie Stuart & Jill Cobbett Helen Edwards George A. Fierheller Paul Gibbons Edward Goldenberg Fred Gorbet Terence Gordon Ernest Howard Colin Irving

Harold Corrigan

John S. Keenlyside

William Cunningham

Shaun Ledding

Andre Desmarais

Tad & David Letson

Graham Farquharson

Lewis Communications Inc.

Jackman Foundation

R. L. Loukidelis

Bryce Honsinger

John Lynch-Staunton

A. Rolph Huband

R. L. MacIntosh

Paul Jones

John Manley

Canada’s History

annual report and honour roll.indd 61

The Hudson’s Bay Company History Foundation is the History Society’s founding patron. It remains our largest donor, with an annual grant essential to supporting the delivery of our programs. In 2010, the History Foundation contributed $300,000.

June - July 2011


4/19/11 2:40:21 PM

Elizabeth McColm

Margaret Ann Pattison

Murray Arnill

Rosalind Christie

M. Ellison

R. McLean

J. H. Pearson

J. William Asselstine

Michael Clague CM

Bryan Elson

Peter & Chloe McLellan

Dr. Clifford Pennock

Karen Atkin

Lynne Clark

John P. Elson

Prof. Cheryl S. McWatters

Jean L. Pettifor

Norma Jean Atkinson

John H. C. Clarry

Douglas Elver

S.W. Meldrum

Dr. Mark Quigley

Wayne Atkinson

Garth Clifford

Roger Emery

Rev. James Miller

James & Doreen Rainer

Louis Augustine

J. P. T. Clough

George Emiry

William O. Minish

Reesor Family

Remi G. Avon

Audrey & John Coats

Chris English

Elizabeth Misewich

Jane Richardson

Tom Axworthy

Norman Cochrane

Murray & Judith English

George & Vivian Morgan

William & Rita Rollins

Beverly Baird

Don Cockburn

Shirley Estey

A. E. W. Morton

Stephen Rowan

Mr. George Allan Baker

G. B. Coll

J. P. Evans

M. Murray

Rose Rubinoff

William Ball

Catherine & Art Collins

Charles Fairbank

John Mustard

Kevin Ryan

Jane Barnum

G. Collins

Gerry & Eleanor Fairhead

V. M. Naimish

S. Sanderman

Ione Barre

Raymond H. Collins

Alex Falconer

Nancy's Very Own Foundation

Clyde & Penny Sanger

Roslyn Barrettara

Mr. K. Ross Conners

Nancy J. Falkowski

William M. Nauss

Neil Schwartzbein

Leonard A. Bateman

James Connop

Martin M. Farnsworth

Bert & Pearl Newman

Dr. David & Hudoneil Scott

B. J. Bayle

Jim Connor

Jack Felstead

Arne Nielsen

Francois Senecal -Tremblay

Douglas A. Bean

George Cook

Richard & Judith Field

V. Nygaard

Mr. Bruce Shaw

Avie Bennett

Bonar & Bessie Cooley

Gary Filmon

Patricia & Gerald O'Brien

Ted & Joy Simonson

Dr. Paul W. Bennett

Grace Cooper

R. & C. Finch

Trevar O'Dell

Duncan W. Sinclair

Cameron & Eloise Berry

Joan Cotton

Bruce Findlay

Odell G. Olson

Algirdas Siriunas

M. Bickerstaff

Maureen Couture

W. Michael & Lynn Fix

Jim & Edna Packham

Marie Smibert

Howard F. Biehl

William H. N. Covert

Douglas L. Flanders

Robert Page

M. Smith

Carolyn J. Bird

David Crane

Mr. & Mrs. David J. Floyd

Peter Pardee

Margaret Southern

Peter Bird

Ralph & Olga Crawford

Harry Fox

Edward Patriquin

Rosemary Speirs

Norman J. Blaskovits

Z. Critelli

Lorne M. Fox

Diane Stampfler

Richard Bleile

Bill & Morven Crothers

Malcolm Foy

E. Stewart

Wm T. Blizard

R. Crowther

Ian Fraser

Frank Sus

In Honour of Jean B. Boan

Michael Curry

Mary Fraser

Harry Swain


Jean & Peter Curzon

Robert L. Friberg

Allan & Shirley Taylor


Brian Cuthbertson

Kim Fullerton

Harold Thomas

Alan C. Bottomley

K. Allan Cuzen

Erika Gaertner

Brian J. Thompson

Roger Bourgeois

Elizabeth Dadson

Victor Gallant

G. Thompson

Ian H. D. Bovey

Elizabeth Hay Dalton

R. J. B. Garland

Diana Thomson

Lynne Bowen

Harvey Dann

Catherine Garvey

Gloria & Peter Tice

John H. Boyd

Ed G. David

Joyce Gauthier

M. J. Timmins

Keith & Robin Bracken

Jack M. Davidchuk

J. M. Gauvreau

Bryan Trothen

Gordon Brackstone

Barry H. Davidson

Hannelore Gewers

Ron Veale

Helen Brimmell

Betsy Davidson

Dr. Osman P. Gialloreto

Janet & Michael Walker

Fred & Celine Brittain

Suzanne Davidson

Prof. P. G. Gilbert

Patricia Walker

Dr. Hugh R. Brodie

Dr. E. M. Davies

Lynn Gimby-Bougerol

Dr. C. Malcolm & Helen K. Warner

Dr. Simon A. Brooks

Ralph A. Davis

Marcel Giroux

Ronald K. Watts

G. Broomfield

L. E. Davison

John H. Glavin

Gary L. Welland

In Memory of

Ted Dawson

Dr. W. W. Goodman

David J. Westfall

Dr. Shaun R. G. Brown

Max De Bruyn

Pat Gorman

Jo & Jay Weston

James T. Brown

Bert Decaire

Glenna & Ross Gowan

Brenda Whitlock

K. H. Brown

Aileen Desbarats

George Grant

D. J. Wight

Suzanne Brown

Richard J. Desimone

Peter R. Grant

William E. Wilson

Phyllis Bruce

Stephen N. Di Tommaso

David Gray

J. R. Windrim

Dennis G. Burke

Daniel K. Dixon

Delcie Gray

Jack Wood

Dr. Robert Burridge

Cathy & Tom Dobbie

Siobhan Grealis

Windsor Wood

Larry Buskard

Gordon Dollar

Murray A. Green

Dr. W. C. Wood Sr.

John Butcher

Rhonda Domitruk

Rod Green

Brian Young

Keith Byram

Battista Dompe

Maureen Greff

12 anonymous donors

Edward F. Cairns

V. F. Donnelly

Mel D. Greif

$75 – 149

A. B. Campbell

Althea Douglas

P. L. Guinevan

Beryl L. Campbell

Kelly Douglas

Charles Guy

John Adamski

Mary & Douglas Campbell

Sally R. Dowler

I. C. Hain

Arthur J. Affeldt

Richard Card

Brian Dowse

David C. Halkett

Harry & Marjorie Aime

Janice & Donald Carlisle

George Duddy

Michael F. H. Halleran

G. Allen

E. L. Carlton

Jacqueline Duranceau

R. M. Halyk

Martha Allen

David H. Cathcart CD

Lt (N) John Eden RCN (Ret'd)

Eileen A. Hammill

Jeanette Anbinder

Chris Chambers

John & Martha Edmond

Anne Hardy

George Andersen

Christopher Chance

Herb Egloff

Wendy Harris

Ann Anderson

P. G. Chance

John Eidt

Elizabeth Harrison

George M. W. Anderson

David Chapman

Hugh Eisler

Trevor W. Harrison

M. Armstrong

R. N. Chartrand

Don Elder

Marilyn Hassard

Peter Armstrong

E. Christ

Vera Ellaschuk

Harriet Healy

Thank you to our corporate and foundation donors.

The McLean Foundation


June - July 2011

annual report and honour roll.indd 62

Canada’s History

4/27/11 3:34:04 PM

Jack Hedges

Ronald L. MacFeeters

A. Jay Nuttall

John & Donna Schwartzburg

Willow Thompson

E. Heenan

D. George MacIntosh

Esther S. Ondrack

Helen Schweitzer

In Memory of Wm Ross Thompson

Jeff C. Hemming

Bert MacKay

H. J. Osborne

Paul & Lyn Schwindt

Dr. T. Kenneth Thorlakson CM

Virginia M. Hemphill

Colin A. MacKay

O. F. Osborne

Clara Scott

Dr. George Tilser

John Henderson

Mary MacKay

James Ottley

Clifton & Maureen Scott

Wayne Todd

Mark Herman

Hilda J. MacKinnon

Catherine Palmer

F. David Scott

Laura Tooke

James Hersey

Roy MacLaren

R. Parker

Helen Seedhouse

G. Trick

William & Frances Herzer

Margaret MacLean

Creslenzio Pascucci

Bruce Seifred & Sandra Sobko

Susan & Ronald Trueman

Jack Hester

Rod MacLennan

Victor C. Passmore

Michael W. Semak

Carl W. Turner

Robert Hester

Marilyn MacMillan

Alexander R. Paton

A. Shaw

W. A. Tweed

Harold Hetherington

Charles E. Magee

George E. Patton

D. Shaw

Richard E. Vale

Maurine Hetherington

John Magee

Anton Paver

Terrance Sheils

John & Elizabeth Van Seters

Daniel B. Hillier

Rosemary Malaher

D. Peat

M. P. Shepard

Donald & Elaine Vanstone

Bronwen Hodgins

Joanne Manley

A. M. Pennie

Betty Ann Sherwood

J. B. Varcoe

Charles Honey

Dougie Mann

Evelyn M. Penny

John Shirley

Lindy Vincent

J. Hood

Judith Manning

A. Pepin

J. & H. Shore

John G. Vine

Shirley B. Hooper

Randy Manning

F. Warren Perkins

Walter E. Shoults

Robert Vineberg

Norman Hopland

Peter Mansbridge

Jean-Marc Perron

M. Siggins

Allan Wachowich

Constance Horne

Andrew Markle

John Perry

James M. Silburn

D. Waddington

William Houston

Judge Lauren Marshall

Clayton Peterson

Mary C. Sills

Dr. & Mrs. Richard Wait

Mrs. Carl Howard

K. G. Marshall

Rein Pfab & Deborah Legge

Frank Simmons

Dave Walden

Dr. Frank Hruska

Doug Mattice

Dorothy Phillips

John & Marilyn Simmons

E. Walker

Ralph Hudgins

Bill McAdie

Ross F. Phillips

Leanne Simonson

Denise & Reg Walton

Mary Hulbert

R. J. McBurney

Thomas L. Pilgrim

Sinclair Supply Ltd.

Alan & Bernie Warden

Margaret Hunt

John H. McCallum

Suzanne & Joe Plousos

Ron Slater

G. Wardle

Helvi Hunter

W. Harold McCamus

Mrs. Eileen Pound

Christina Smallman-Tew

Germaine Warkentin

Charles K. Hurst

John A. McDonald

David M. Powell

Ben Smith

Glenn & Elle Andra Warner

Robert P. Hutchison

Bruce & Karen McGrath

Maury Prevost

Ernest Smith

G. Watt

Herbert Jackman

Joyce & Darcy McKeough

Betty Price

Gordon Smith

Diana Weatherall

R. Jacyna

James McKerchar

Bonita Price

Howard & Barbara Smith

Ken & Cecile Weber

P. Jekill

E. McLaren

Steve Prokopenko

Jim M. Smith

Alan E. Wheable

Raymond Johnson

Duncan D. McMillan

Jo Ann Pynn

Mary Lynn Smith & Ronald Smith

Alden & Joyce Wheeler

Basil Elmerross Johnston

Allan McRae

Dan Quinn

Peter Smith

T. Whillans

Philip A. Jones

Gerald Mendel

Kevin Quinn

Tom W. Smith

Mac White

Marilyn E. Joseph

Nancy Millar

Harold I. G. Ragg

George Soininen

Philipp Wienand

Paul J. Kerley

David Croydon Miller

Joan K. Ramsay

Marjorie Soper

Audrey Wild

J. A. Kewen

D. & J. Millican

Ann & Bob Ramsbottom

Robert Sparks

Richard Wilkinson

Michael & Mary Kinnear

Russell Mills

Donald W. Rapelje

R. A. Spencer

Gary Willson

Patricia Kirk

Ted & Judy Mills

John H. W. Rathwell

J. K. Stager

Andrew H. Wilson

Ron Knight

Pat & Jean Miskiman

Sally Reardon

Dale Standen

David Kerr Wilson

In memory of Victor M. Knight

Bae & George Mitten

Bruce Reed

Della M. M. Stanley

Douglas & Jane Wilson

J. Knoppers

Roger D. Moore

Ruth Reeves

Mary Stedman

Paul W. Wilson

Nathan M. Korpan

Bruce Moore & Katherine Schultz

Ida M. Reid

Kenneth Stephen

Brock Winterton & Family

Terry W. Kostiuk

June Moore UE

R. Murray Reid

Robert & Deirdre Stevenson

Bruce & Joy Wisbey

J. Kozlowski

Toby Morantz

Terence Reynolds

F. John Stewart

The Women's Canadian Club of

Frank Kramer

Bernadette Morencie

Robin Richardson

E. Stringam


M. P. Kramer

Nancy E. Morris

LCdr Sherry Richardson CD

Wilf Strohmaier

James K. Wood

Kim Lachaine & Michael Scott

Jean Morrison

Mr. Robert Riddle

Bruce & Isabel Sully

Lesley Wood

Warren Lacoste

John L. Motherwell

Terry Robert

Paul Surette

Peter R. Wooding

J. S. Lapointe

Norman Mountain

Ronald Robertson

Scott Sutherland & Lindsay D.

J. P. Woods

Jack & Margaret Larcombe

Claire & Farley Mowat

John H. Rogers

R. W. Sweeney

Arthur W. Worth

R. Lawrence

Thom M. Mowry

Marguerite Rogers

Janne Switzer

Lavern Wray

Richard Borshey Lee

David Muir

Robert D. Ross

W. Sychylo

Arlene Wright

Ron Lemon

D. Mullen

Carol Rothbart

In Memory of

Lynn Wright

Warren G. Linkert

Toby Mundy

Bernard Rowe

John Gordon Terpenning

Dan C. Young

Daryl Logan

F. E. Murray

Aline & John Rowen

Linda Thistle

Douglas Youngson

B. Longworth

Margaret Near

Beatrice Royle Gaw

R. Thomas

51 anonymous donors

Jack Longworth

William M. Neilson

D. Rudd

Robert Thompson

John L. Loranger

H. Nelles

Nevi Rusich

M. J. Lowes

Dr. J. Beaumont Nelson

Mary Sandison

Shelley Luckasavitch

Greg Nelson

Sonja Sanguinetti

Robert M. Lunan

Matti Nenonen

Al Sargeant

Jean & Neil Lund

Dr. Edward P. Neufeld

Kenneth Sargent

Luszczak Peterson Family

Garry Nicol

Leslie D. Saul

L. Lutton

Garnet Nix

Edward Saunders

Douglas Lynass

Dr. & Mrs. John A. Noakes

J. G. Scales

Walter & Marian MacDougald

Murray Noble

Harold R. Schaus

Bart MacDougall

Bernard Noel De Tilly

Harvey Schwartz

Planned Gifts We were honoured to receive a bequest in 2010 from long-time member of Canada’s History Society, Jean Vogan. We wish to express our deep appreciation for this generous gift.

Canada’s History

annual report and honour roll.indd 63

June - July 2011


4/19/11 2:40:23 PM

2010 Annual Report Canada's History  

2010 Annual Report Canada's History