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Canada’s History Book & Gift Guide 2011 Just a Larger Family

Letters of Marie Williamson from the Canadian Home Front, 1940–1944 Edited by Mary F. Williamson and Tom Sharp “An extraordinary slice of wartime Canadian life. These splendidly edited letters are full of wonderful detail … all the manifold details of daily life that normally are forgotten in most accounts…. Marie Williamson and her family created a record of genuine historical importance.” — J.L. Granatstein $29.95. Paperback. 395 pgs. 16 black-and-white photos ISBN 978-1-55458-323-2 wilfrid laurier university press

The United Church of Canada A History Edited by Don Schweitzer

“The United Church of Canada should be noted as one of the most significant milestones in the documentation and exploration of the history of Christianity in Canada. This volume not only explores the origins of the unique ecumenical project that is the UCC but, perhaps more importantly, bravely confronts its key movements, conversations, and contributions in the story of Canadian political and religious history.” — Wendy Fletcher, Vancouver School of Theology, author of Like Water on Rock: Gender Integration in Canadian Anglicanism (2002)

The Legend of the Fog

Canada’s War Brides of World War II A History by Eswyn Lyster

$20.76 plus postage. 276 pgs. WWII History, Genealogy, Women’s studies Fully indexed ISBN 9781426902505 Online: Or write: War Brides, 602-32440 Simon Ave, Abbotsford, BC V2T 5R3


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December 2011 - January 2012

By Sakiasi Qaunaq Illustrated by Eva Widermann

KIDS LOVE IT! In this Inuit traditional story, published just as it has been told for decades in the Arctic Bay area of Nunavut, a little orphan, who is abandoned on the sea ice by a group of cruel hunters, is adopted and cared for by a polar bear elder. This beautifully illustrated, moving story gives the youngest readers a window into Inuit culture and the beautiful world of traditional Inuit storytelling. $13.95. Hardcover. 32 pgs. Ages 6–8 ISBN 978-1-926569-44-4 Inhabit media

$39.95. Hardcover. 445 pgs. 14 black-and-white photos, 2 charts ISBN 978-1-55458-331-7 Wilfrid Laurier University Press

Most Excellent Citizens

WREN writer Eswyn Lyster documents the experiences of thousands of War Brides from pre-war through instant romances to the recent fight for citizenship.

The Orphan and the Polar Bear

By Qaunaq Mikkigak and Joanne Schwartz Illustrated by Danny Christopher GREAT FOR KIDS! This action-packed book makes a centuries-old Inuit legend explaining the origin of fog widely available for the first time. Written by Cape Dorset, Nunavut, elder Qaunaq Mikkigak and Ontario-based author Joanne Schwartz, The Legend of the Fog introduces young readers to a chilling cast of mythological characters found right here in Canada.


Canada’s History Magazine for Kids Every issue of Kayak celebrates a special theme from our past, providing a fun and entertaining voyage of Canadian discovery. Published four times per year, filled with games, activities, comics, and stories, Kayak enlivens the reading experience for its 7-to-12-year-old readers.

$13.95. Hardcover. 32 pgs. Ages 8-10 ISBN 978-1-926569-45-1 Inhabit media

Canada’s History

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Canada’s History Book & Gift Guide 2011

First in Canada

Elusive Destiny

An Aboriginal Book of Days By Jonathan Anuik

First in Canada is a unique expression of the many accomplishments Indigenous Canadians have made to Canadian society. As beautiful as it is informative, this perpetual calendar is a glimpse of 10,000 years in 365 days that will take readers through one calendar year of Aboriginal history. Both an effective research tool and an attractive gift, this personal schedule book contains reproductions of beautiful Aboriginal works of art. Carefully researched by Jonathan Anuik, First in Canada is the first of its kind. $24.95. Hardcover. 200 pgs. 7.25” x 9”; Full Colour; smythe sewn ISBN: 978-0-88977-240-3 CPRC Press

This political biography extraordinaire reveals the inner workings of Liberal Politics as charted through the meteoric rise and fall of its golden boy, John Turner. This engaging history provides a new perspective on Canadian federal politics from the 1960s through the 1980s.

A donation to Canada’s History Society helps us share our past with future generations as well as recognize the amazing educators who bring history to life in the classroom.

$39.95. Hardcover. 536 pgs. With a foreword by John English 41 B&W photos, bibliography, index ISBN 978-0-7748-2264-0 UBC Press

Arctic Giants

Canadians at War

A Guide to the Battlefields of World War I By Susan Evans Shaw

Your Support Makes a Difference

The Political Vocation of John Napier Turner By Paul Litt

By Neil Christopher Illustrated by Eva Widermann

The first book of its kind. Using maps, photographs and archival materials, Susan Evans Shaw traces the route of the Canadian Expeditionary Force through the battlefields of World War I — the Somme, Vimy, Passchendaele and others — in this detailed guide to the fields of battle, cemeteries and memorials.

In ancient times, giants ruled the Arctic. For hundreds of years, Inuit stories of these creatures have been passed down from generation to generation, whispered in the night. Arctic Giants is the only full-length volume to chronicle the legends of these giants of the North. This illustrated compendium introduces readers young and old to the dozens of monstrous giants from Inuit mythology.

$22.95. Hardcover. 264 pgs. 250 images, including maps ISBN 978-0-86492-654-8 Goose Lane Editions

$24.95. Hardcover. 176 pgs. Ages 8 and Up ISBN 978-1-926569-09-3 Inhabit media

History of the Prairie West #3

Agricultural History Edited by Gregory P. Marchildon The eighteen articles in this volume focus on the agricultural history of the Canadian Plains. Early First Nations practices are examined, as are subsequent evolutions in farming, ranching, and marketing. The articles range from agriculture during the fur trade era to the wheat boom at the turn of the twentieth century and how cattle and crops were transported and marketed abroad. Articles also cover the emergence of farmers’ organizations to fight the grain companies and railways in order to receive fair prices for their products. $59.95. Hardcover. 425 pgs. 75 B&W photos and maps Casebound with dust jacket ISBN 978-0-88977-237-3 CPRC Press


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December 2011 - January 2012

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Help kids discover the fun and engaging stories they don’t often hear in school. Let them learn Canadian history through comics, games, puzzles, and great story telling. It’s all in Kayak – an exciting, colourful, totally awesome magazine designed to capture the imaginations of kids 7 to 12. Mail in the order card Call 1 888 816-0997 Order Online at

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2011 Book & Gift Guide  
2011 Book & Gift Guide  

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