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2013 Hong Kong 7’s Team Nanyak Dala Sean Duke Ciaran Hearn Nathan Hirayama Taylor Paris Conor Trainor Sean White Mike Scholz Chauncey O’Toole Jeff Hassler John Moonlight Lucas Hammond Justin Douglas Harry Jones Phil Mack Tyler Ardron Thyssen de Goede Michael Fuailefau Clayton Meeres Connor Braid Mozac Samson

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National Men’s 7’s coach, Geraint John, has selected a preliminary squad of 21 elite players to compete at the International Rugby Board HSBC 7’s in Hong Kong taking place March 22-24. With these 21 players, he is looking to build on and continue the success they have had so far this season and last season. With Canada being a core team (entry in all IRB World Series competitions) a large squad is vital for the success of the team and continuity. Out of this squad a select team of 12 players will represent Canada at each event, including Hong Kong. The 2011 / 2012 season was a highlight for the National 7s team with some great achievements: • October 2011 – Pan American Gold Medalists – First team to win a rugby gold medal • February 2012 - Wellington 2012 – Reaching the quarter final at the IRB tournament and losing to Samoa in over time • March 2012 - Winning the Hong Kong Qualifier to become a core team • August 2012 – Winning the World Cup Qualifier – beating USA in the final; this qualified Canada for the World Cup in Moscow next June 2013 A highlight of the team’s time spent in Hong Kong, will be an afternoon with 150 V.I.P. donors at the annual Great Canadian Hong Kong Rugby 7’s Luncheon on Thursday March 21, 2013. The team always looks forward to meeting their biggest supporters. For the first time in years, the CRHKSOF has secured the iconic China Club as the venue, with the proceeds of the luncheon going directly to support the Canadian 7’s National Men’s team. The team and staff would like to thank the Canadian Rugby Hong Kong 7’s and Olympic Fund for giving them the opportunity to arrive in Hong Kong early to begin preparation for the tournament. This is the third year the CRHKSOF has lent its support to allow the team to do this, and everyone involved is extremely grateful. The National Men’s 7’s team is proudly sponsored by Macquarie Financial in association with Trafigura Ltd.

HONG KONG 7’S 2013 BRINGS CHANGES TO THE 7’S! Format Rugby 7’s is a stripped-down version of rugby union from Scotland with seven players each side on a normal-sized field. Games are much shorter, lasting only seven or ten minutes each half, and tend to be very fast-paced. The game is quicker and higher scoring than 15-a-side rugby and the rules are simpler, which the fans like. It is traditionally played in a two-day tournament format, with the Hong Kong 7’s (an anomaly as a threeday event) being the most famous. Prior to each season, a group of “core teams” is announced, based on performances in recent seasons. Through the 2011–12 series, the number of core teams was 12. For 2012-13, the ranks of core teams were expanded to 15 for the first time in the event’s 38 year history, with the three extra teams determined by a 12-team qualifying tournament held as part of the 2012 Hong Kong Sevens. Each core team has a guaranteed place in all of the season’s IRB 7’s Circuit tournaments and is partially funded by the IRB. It is very exciting that Canada qualified as a core team in 2011/2012 to enable them to get more international playing time. The 2012–13 core teams are: • Argentina • Australia • Canada • England

• Fiji • France • Kenya • New Zealand

• Portugal • Samoa • Scotland • Spain

• South Africa • United States • Wales

The teams are divided into six pools of four teams, who play a round robin within the pool. The winning team of the tournament acquires 30 points towards its rankings in the World Series, and the runner-up earns 25 points. In 2013, the number of teams involved in the event will increase from 24 to 28. However, only 16 of these teams will compete for series points. The 15 core teams will be joined in the main draw by the winner of the most recent edition of the HSBC Asian Sevens Series. The remaining 12 teams of the 28 (specifically two qualifiers from each of the IRB’s six regional zones) participate in the World Series Pre-Qualifier. Like the main draw, the Pre-Qualifier groups the entrants into four-team pools. The top two teams from each pool, plus the top two third-place teams, advance to a quarterfinal round, with the winners of all four matches advancing to the World Series Core Team Qualifier at the London 7’s. Pool Points are awarded in each pool on a different schedule from most rugby tournaments (3 for a win, 2 for a draw, 1 for a loss). The first tiebreaker is the head-to-head result between the tied teams, followed by difference in points scored during the tournament. Trophies Like all other World Series tournaments, four trophies are awarded at the end of a knockout tournament. The top two teams in each pool advance to the Cup and Plate tournaments, and the remaining teams contest the Bowl and Shield. The losers of the Cup quarterfinals drop to the Plate tournament, and the losers of the Bowl quarterfinals drop to the Shield tournament.

2016 OLYMPICS – Rugby 7’s The game of rugby 7’s will make its Olympic debut in 2016 in Rio, Brazil. Rugby 7’s features seven players a side, three-man (rather than eight-man) scrums and is a faster and easier game to follow than the full team version. Games take place for seven minutes each way, with a oneminute halftime break. A tied game goes to “sudden death” extra time that ends when a team scores the first “try”. The point system is based on five points a try, two for a conversion and three for penalties and drop goals. Rugby football has a long history in Canada dating back to the 1860’s. Its early growth is generally credited to immigrants, members of the regimental armies, and to the Royal Navy in Halifax and Esquimalt, B.C. Olympic rugby in 2016 will likely feature 12 men’s and 12 women’s teams, with games held over a four-day period. It is expected that the Rugby 7’s in Rio will be 12 team tournaments – not the usual 16 team format as currently played on the IRB Sevens World Series or the 28 team Hong Kong 7’s. Most likely the IRB are looking at qualifying the top four teams through a global competition such as the IRB Sevens World Series, with the rest qualifying regionally. What will this mean for the Canadian Men’s 7’s team? It could mean that they may be competing for automatic top four qualifications, with a second opportunity of qualifying through games in the Americas. This would leave eight teams qualifying regionally, possibly only two from the Americas, the current rankings being: 1. Argentina 2. USA 3. Canada 4. Brazil The Olympic qualification will be intensely competitive - and that’s the main reason the Canadian Rugby HK 7’s & Olympic Fund is working so closely with the CRF and RC to bolster our Olympic 7’s program with additional funding.

We have to give the Canadian Men’s team every chance of qualifying in 2016.

SPONSOR THE MEN’S RUGBY 7’S NATIONAL TEAM Your Support Determines the Future of Canada’s Rugby 7’s Funding by the Canadian Government (Sport Canada, Own the Podium, etc.) is extremely limited for amateur sport and particularly rugby. Unlike many of the top competing teams on the IRB Rugby 7’s circuit, rugby in Canada is considered an amateur sport. Our athletes sacrifice much more than their competitors in order to compete for Canada. To play and train full time at the elite levels, players often have to delay their education or careers. Unlike many countries that have centrally contracted players, Canada’s players end up travelling from all over to get to each tournament. That can marginalize the outcome of a game, as every day of training is crucial. Support the future of the Rugby 7’s and the development of Canada’s Men’s Rugby 7’s National team. All donations are 100% eligible for a Canadian tax receipt (charity # 86915 9186 RR0001). Platinum Cup Gold Plate Silver Bowl Bronze Shield Other amount *

$10,000 CAD / $75,000 HKD $ 5,000 CAD / $40,000 HKD $ 2,500 CAD / $20,000 HKD $ 1,000 CAD / $ 8,000 HKD $

Donors contributing a minimum of $25,000 CAD will be nominated to become a “Contributing Member” of the Canadian Rugby Foundation. The CRF currently has 16 contributing members. There are several ways to gift money to the Canadian Rugby Hong Kong 7’s & Olympic Fund: PayPal Visit and click on the donations button, then follow the link to the PayPal donations button. Credit Card Visit and click on the donations button, then follow the link to our credit card donations button. * Smaller Monthly Donations Monthly donations of $20 CAD / $100 HKD, by PayPal or credit card are very appreciated. Tax receipts for this form of gift will be written at the end of the calendar year for the total amount donated. Donations of Stock This type of donation provides the donor with an enhanced Canadian tax exemption. For more information on any of the above donation methods, or to inquire about a bank transfer or money order, please contact the Canadian Rugby HK 7’s & Olympic Fund by emailing our Communications and Fundraising department

THE GREAT CANADIAN RUGBY 7’s LUNCHEON THURSDAY, MARCH 21, 12:30 P.M. For the first time since 2008, the Canadian Rugby Hong Kong 7’s and Olympic Fund has secured the legendary China Club for the luncheon venue, for what has grown to become the most anticipated event of the year for many Canadian expats living in Hong Kong. Join us for an afternoon of entertainment and incredible food in a classic Hong Kong setting, with an extraordinary selection of auction items. Ticket prices are only $150 CAD ($988 HKD), with all proceeds going towards building the endowment of the Hong Kong 7’s and the future success of our Canadian 7’s Men’s Team. “The Great Canadian Rugby 7’s Luncheon” will be held on Thursday, March 21 at 12:30 p.m. There will be fabulous live and silent auction items on offer, a special guest speaker, plus the unique opportunity to meet and greet the stars of the Canadian Rugby 7’s team. This exclusive luncheon is a 12 course Dim Sum meal, accompanied with a selection of beverages. Building on the success of the previous 6 years, the CRHKSOF with the assistance of the Canadian Rugby Foundation and Rugby Canada, would like to invite all Canadian Rugby 7’s supporters to join us for what is sure to be the biggest and best luncheon yet. Our Fund’s mission is to build an endowment that will keep our team a top tier competitor internationally, at the Hong Kong 7’s, and at the 2016 Olympics. Coupled with individual donations made in both Canada and Hong Kong, last year’s luncheon achieved the goal of $100,000 CAD ($750,000 HKD), allowing the CRHKSOF to set up an endowment fund to help finance Canada’s Rugby 7’s Olympic development. “That’s a phenomenal response,” Rugby Canada was quoted as saying. “Half the money was from expats and a lot of it was from people in Canada. $100,000 was our goal and it was a brand new target, which surpassed our previous high of $75,000 CAD ($564,000 HKD). It was a lot of work and we had some very generous people step up.” The support from Hong Kong is not unexpected as there are 300,000 very patriotic passport holding Canadians living here.

Established in 2005 by Randy Heward and John Woodward, the Canadian Rugby Hong Kong 7’s Fund has become the largest private revenue source for Canada’s National 7’s Men’s Rugby team. Since then, Doug Tate, Fergus Wilmer, John Coffeng, Rick Bourne and Kip Woodward have joined as directors, volunteering their time to create a Fund that will now also help to finance the dream of our Canadian team playing in the 2016 Olympics. Each year we host “The Great Canadian Rugby 7’s Luncheon”, which has grown to become the most anticipated event of the year for many Canadian expats living in HK. As well as hosting the 7th annual “Luncheon” in 2013, the CRHKSOF will hold several events in Hong Kong over the course of the week. Activities include a training session coupled with a meet and greet for fans by the Men’s Rugby 7’s team at the Canadian International School, a reception with the Canadian Consul General, and an impromptu dinner with the Women’s Rugby 7’s team.

OUR GOAL In 2012, Rugby 7’s became an Olympic Sport. Our commitment is to send the best Canadian team possible. We are very excited about the future of our team - the Canadian National 7’s Men’s has become a top tier competitor internationally and at the Hong Kong 7’s, thanks to the last seven years of funding. Our fundraising goal of $250,000 CAD (1,875,000 HKD) is not just for the Canadian team competing at the Hong Kong 7’s, but also will help to finance the efforts made to assemble and train a Canadian National squad so they can compete effectively on an international level leading up to the 2016 Olympics. By providing solid, consistent funding, program managers and coaches will be able to plan in advance and work strategically to best commit the staff, players and funding, and: • launch Coaching Development Programs that will identify and develop talented players and provide better coaching at the youth levels all across Canada, helping to create high performance athletes for the National level. • give the team the ability to arrive to IRB sanctioned tournaments early to acclimatize and train together (players often play on professional contracts in different countries). • consistently search for 20 new players a year to fill the rosters and compete at a national level, and: • bring professional staff members such as doctors, coaches and physiotherapists - to the tournaments based on allowances of the IRB.

HONG KONG BOARD OF DIRECTORS Randy Heward Randy is a proud Canadian who has enjoyed supporting Canada at every HK 7’s Tournament over the past 20 years. He is a founding member of the Canadian Rugby Hong Kong 7’s and Olympic Fund. He has enjoyed living in HK for 22 years. Randy played rugby at Magee High School in Vancouver and at the University of Western Ontario. He has a wife and two boys and enjoys coaching his son’s local Mini Rugby club.

Fergus Wilmer Fergus has been in Hong Kong for over 25 years. He is married with two teenage children. He played varsity rugby for Queens University in Canada, as well as for various clubs in Canada and Hong Kong. Fergus and Randy have been hosting Rugby supporters in the “Canada 7’s Box” for many years.

John Coffeng John has been cheering on the Canadian rugby 7’s team since he arrived in Hong Kong 17 years ago. He is the father of three and a coach with the local Mini Rugby club, Sai Kung Stingrays. He started playing rugby in high school in Toronto and went on to play with Queen’s University.

FUNDRAISING AND COMMUNICATIONS Stephanie Crozier Stephanie has lived in Hong Kong for the past 8 years with her husband and two children. She grew up in Victoria, B.C. watching many rugby matches and has many friends who once represented Canada in the Rugby 7’s. With a background in marketing and communications, Stephanie is a driving force in fundraising for the Canadian 7’s team in Hong Kong and the 2016 Olympics.

CANADIAN-BASED BOARD OF DIRECTORS Rick Bourne Rick played Rugby for Shawnigan Lake School, University of BC as well as internationally. He is currently a Mini Rugby Coach for his children’s team and supporter of Mini Rugby in the Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands). He is also a Director / co-founder of the Ravens Rugby club in Vancouver. Currently as a director of NACRA and a Director and Past Chairman of Rugby Canada, Rick has travelled the world supporting the Rugby Canada 7’s team. He is also a member of the Canadian Rugby Foundation and a Rugby Canada representative. Rick lives in Vancouver with his wife Dana and two (Mini Rugby) children, Jacob and McKinley.

Doug Tate Doug has a long history supporting the Canadian National Team as the former National Sevens team coach from 1997-2002 and then again as Technical Director of the program from 2005 - 2009. He is a full time coach at the University of Victoria, where many of the National Team 7’s players train and attend university. Currently, he is helping to develop Elite Sevens players who can compete at the national level. Back in 2005, Randy Heward approached Doug and together with John Woodward, created this fund to ensure Canada could send the best national team to Hong Kong. Doug is married with two teenage boys who play Rugby 7’s at the provincial level in British Columbia.

KIP WOODWARD Kip was one of the original Canadians to travel to Hong Kong and participate in the Great Canadian Luncheon. He has continued to show unflagging support for the Men’s National 7’s team by bringing many supporters to the Hong Kong 7’s to wave the flag and stir up the stadium. His rugby prowess was finely honed at Brentwood College as a member of the “Flying Fourths”. Kip‘s son has lived in Hong Kong for over 6 years.

Canadian Rugby Hong Kong 7s & Olympic Fund  
Canadian Rugby Hong Kong 7s & Olympic Fund  

An overview of the fundraising efforts of Canadian expats living in Hong Kong to support the Canadian Men's Rugby 7's National Team.