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Important Tips to Increase Your Home Security

Whether you have a big family, smaller family or live alone, home security is an important subject. Whether you want to believe it or not, there are some people out there who make a nice living breaking into homes and stealing possessions. And they know exactly what to look for when they want to pick their next target. Follow these tips to keep your home safe from even the most seasoned burglar.

Keep Your Absence Low Profile If you are going out of town for any length of time, it’s a good idea to tell as few people as necessary about it. It may be commonplace these days to let everyone on social media know your every move, but the more people that know your house is empty, the higher chance you’ll experience problems. Try to keep the travel information to yourself and then post all your pictures and tell everyone about it when you get back.

Install Light Timers Whatever your schedule, keeping some of the main lights in your home on timers is a good way to deter break-ins. When lights go on and off in various rooms it appears as though people are home, which makes a burglar look elsewhere. Keeping a couple of exterior lights on timers is also a good idea.

Choosing an Alarm System Naturally, a quality alarm system is a great investment if you are serious about home security. An alarm system offers protection and it also offers peace of mind, as you can come and go as you please without having to worry. Take the time to shop around and compare security systems and companies before you decide on just one. It’s important that you are comfortable with the price and that your system has all the different components you want.

Important Alarm Components Some of the home security alarm features you should consider, include: • Professional installation • Instant reaction time • Lawn signs • Perimeter protection • Easy-to-use control panel • Loud siren • Back up battery

Reinforce the Door Jambs Many times, a burglar will kick in the door to gain access, yet it isn’t the quality of the door or even the locks that let him get in. In many cases, the door jamb splits close to the lock’s strike plate which is how he gets in. Installing a 1-inch long deadbolt lock with a reinforced metal box strike will help to ‘kick proof’ your exterior doors. Once a burglar sees his efforts aren’t working, he isn’t likely to hang around for very long.

Watch Your Landscaping You might not think that your trees, bushes and hedges have anything to do with home security, but they can play an important role. Leaving plants and bushes tall can provide cover for a burglar as he tries to figure out how to get into your house. Taller trees with branches that could provide access to windows or the roof should also be trimmed down accordingly. If you lay gravel around your house, it is much easier to hear someone walking around outside.

Hold a Meeting Organizing several of your neighbors is another wise home security tactic you can use. Creating a neighborhood watch program doesn’t cost anything but time, and then you’ll have many sets of eyes watching your place when you aren’t around. Holding regular meetings is also a good platform to exchange security ideas and tactics so everyone is up to date on all the latest tips.

Advice Canada National Security is a local authorized ADT dealer for home and business security monitored alarm systems. They are located at 104 Dawes Road Toronto, ON M4C 5B6‎ +1 877-76‎9-0372. Visit for more information.

Important Tips to Increase Your Home Security  

Canada National Security is a local authorized ADT dealer for home and business security monitored alarm systems. They are located at 104 Da...

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