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April 7 - 9, 2014 Washington DC

The Aerospace and Defence Industry Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (ADIANL) facilitates the development of business opportunities in the Aerospace, Defence and Security sector and acts as a common forum for all Newfoundland and Labrador aerospace and defence related companies, agencies and other interested stakeholders. ADIANL is focused on facilitating the enhancement of the industry in the following key areas: • Building stronger recognition for Newfoundland and Labrador’s Aerospace, Defence and security industry within domestic and international markets. • Enhancing the profile and competitiveness of the provincial Aerospace, Defence and security industry in global markets. • Building strong relations with complementary associations in other provinces. • Identifying specific opportunities for the benefit of the industry in Newfoundland and Labrador.


Willis Jacobs Executive Director

Tel: +1-709-237-7340

The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) is the federal government agency responsible for helping to build economic development in the Atlantic provinces. ACOA works to create opportunities for economic growth in this region by helping businesses become more competitive, innovative and productive, and by working with communities to develop and diversify local economies. In addition, ACOA ensures that companies looking to locate in Atlantic Canada have access to a range of practical support to help them successfully develop their businesses. Research and development efforts in Atlantic Canada are also greatly enhanced by ACOA programs such as the Atlantic Innovation Fund and the Business Development Program. These programs support R&D projects and related international business expansion activities of the region’s private sector and research institutions that lead to the development and commercialization of new products, processes or services. Find out more:


Mike Howley

International Business Officer

Tel: +1-709-772-0344 Tel: +1-800-668-1010 Fax: +1-709-772-2712

Bluedrop Training and Simulation Inc. (BTSI) is Atlantic Canada’s partner of choice for the Defence and Aerospace industry. This position is only strengthened by our recent acquisition of Atlantis Systems Corp. We employ leading Subject Matter Experts in Air Force, Army, and Naval domains who understand how to design and deliver highly effective operational training. We provide complex training systems development and support for military programs. Through the Bluedrop Training and Simulation Centre in Halifax NS we focus on the development and integration of the world’s best training and simulation technologies to meet with increased demand in Aviation, Land and Naval domains. Ultimately BTSI’s mission is to develop and deliver advanced training and simulation technology solutions to contribute to the highest operational readiness for Canadian and international military… People Ready is our motto. We improve the readiness of the modern operator and maintainer as they progress through the training system into their operational units.


Carl Daniels

Vice President Business Development

Tel: +1-800-563-3638 Fax: +1-902-445-3071

For over 65 years, the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) has worked closely with the U.S. Department of Defense (U.S. DoD) to support and strengthen the integrated North American defense industrial base. As the defense and security export sales organization of the Government of Canada, CCC helps the U.S. DoD with simplified and timely acquisitions from Canada — providing assurance, backed by the Government of Canada, that the contract will be fulfilled in accordance with its terms and conditions. CCC is specifically referenced in the U.S. Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS 225.870) and is mandated to assist U.S. DoD with acquisitions from Canada. CCC operates under the Minister of International Trade in collaboration with the Trade Commissioner Service and the Department of National Defense to support export sales. As Prime Contractor, CCC endorses the Canadian proposal, issues a subcontract to the Canadian supplier whose proposal was selected for award and administers the contract. Each year CCC contracts for and manages approximately $1 billion in contracts with Canadian companies’ on behalf of the U.S. DoD. Find out more about CCC’s history and services at


Thomas DeWolf

Director, U.S. Government Relations

Tel: +1-613-992-3082

CNS Systems develops, sells, and implements systems for Communication, Navigation and Surveillance for both the aviation and maritime markets. The expertise and capability of CNS Systems covers a wide range of solutions from the delivery of complete system solutions to unit level solutions. The maritime solution includes complete systems for shore based, ship borne and airborne operations and the aviation offer includes communication and applications for air traffic management, airport and helicopter operation. The systems are based on, fully compliant with and certified to, the international standards AIS for the marine market and VDL Mode 4 for the aviation market. The business is based on system and product sales of AIS related hardware and software. These products meet the needs of the AIS shore side infrastructure, vessel and airborne markets. System integrators and distributors are the link to the end customer for CNS Systems products.


Joel Box

Director, Marketing & Sales Americas

Tel: +1-813-443-0580 Fax: +1-866-780-4226

The Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada through the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) helps Canadian Defense and Security Companies navigate the complexities of international markets and make better business decisions. The TCS is on the ground in more than 150 cities worldwide, gaining market intelligence, uncovering opportunities for Canadian companies. From trade shows to government-led trade missions, the TCS directly assists Canadian Defense and Security companies to connect with potential business partners or clients by organizing and supporting matchmaking programs for business-to-business (B2B) and business-togovernment (B2G) initiatives in their priority markets. The TCS is a free service of the Government of Canada to help companies prepare for international markets, assess market potential, find qualified contacts and resolve business problems.


Richard Malloy

Trade Commissioner, Embassy of Canada in Washington Aerospace, Defence and Security, Government Procurement


Excite Corporation, ( is an economic development corporation promoting a large Greenfield data center in Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland, Canada. The data centre site has low total cost of operation – key components, cheap green energy, cold climate, free land, tax incentives, and is a very low risk area for natural disasters. CH2M HILL’s Industrial and Advanced Technology Business Location Analysis group was contracted to perform an independent evaluation of potential data center sites in Grand Falls-Windsor (GFW), Newfoundland and Labrador (NL), Canada. Based on CH2MHILL’s findings, Grand Falls-Windsor, provides the following benefits as compared to similar areas: inexpensive electricity, low carbon/green power, cool climate and potential for lower cost mechanical cooling systems, low infrastructure disruption risk from natural disasters and extreme weather, good reliability from nearest electrical substation, good national and international network connectivity and transcontinental connections outside of U.S, and lower Project Net Present Value of costs than comparison locations (before incentives).


Stanley Singh Executive Director

Tel: +1-709-489-4628 Fax: +1-709-489-0465

The Gander International Airport Authority (GIAA) is the not-for-profit organization created in 1996 to manage operations at Gander International Airport (CYQX). Gander International Airport (CYQX) was purpose-built for transatlantic military traffic, a role it has played since 1938. Gander is synonymous with quick turn technical stops and also provides a safe, convenient crew rest base or exercise location. GIAA aims to promote usage of Gander as an alternate or staging point for military operations, with a focus on Air Mobility Command-tasked missions. CYQX welcomes military operations from around the world. Gander’s strategic exemplars include handling capacity, quick turns and a secure, congestion-free operating environment. CYQX is a full-service, 24/7 operation with no noise abatements, curfews, slot requirements or restrictions.


Reg Wright

Director of Marketing

Tel: +1-709-256-6668 Fax: +1-709-256-6725

Genesis Group Inc. ( is the commercialization and technology transfer arm of Memorial University of Newfoundland, responsible for the protection and licensing of technologies resulting from research at the University. At S-A-S, Genesis will showcase technologies developed during two University R&D projects.

The Inspirus project ( has produced a series of intelligent sensor technologies for use in unmanned vehicles, including novel 2–DOF and 3-DOF sensor aiming devices, an intelligent camera, and a lightweight, robust quadcopter. Applications include: camera/laser mounts for UAVs, AUVs, and ROVs, AUV/ROV docking systems, sense and avoid systems for UAVs, and free space optical communications.

The Seaformatics project ( has produced a novel, bottommounted ocean sensor platform, built around an omni-directional turbine that generates power from ocean currents to provide long-term continuous energy to a suite of sensors. When incorporated with relevant sensors and communications devices, the POD can be used for long-term, real-time observations to support defense/security, ocean science/ observation, and oil & gas applications.


Brian Terry

Technology Commercialization Officer

Tel: +1-709-864-2674 Fax: +1-709-864-4029

GRI is a developer of computer-based applications for the marine sector with emphasis on simulations and interaction with remotely controlled equipment. Since 1997, the company has been focussed on supporting sub-sea Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) operations by providing simulations technology to enhance ROV pilot training, mission planning and rehearsal for offshore oil construction and production operations, and military SAR and mine-countermeasures activities. As well, design of sub-sea systems (including ROV vehicle and tooling) design is facilitated through the application of this technology in prototype design, and iterative testing for performance and ROV accessibility. At Sea Air Space 2014, GRI is introducing Observation Class ROV simulators for training and mission reporting support for critical hull and infrastructure inspection, evidence recovery, and mine countermeasures operations.


Steve Dodd Vice President

Tel: +1-709-747-5599 Fax: +1-709-747-8881

Newfoundland and Labrador has a rich history in global military, aerospace and aviation, and transportation innovations. The tradition continues today as our Aerospace and Defence industry evolves and grows. The sector consists of approximately 30 knowledge-intensive companies, generating approximately $350 Million CAD in annual revenues with a workforce of about 1500 workers. The industry has a growth rate of 300% since 2004 and the vast majority of aerospace and defence products and services created in NL are destined for markets outside of the province, including Canada, the United States, Central and South America, and Europe. Opportunities range from Aircraft Part Manufacturing and Assembly (PMA) and shipbuilding to unmanned vehicle systems (UVS) and Remote Operating Vehicles (ROV).


Heather MacLean Director of Communications

Tel: +1-709-729-4570 Fax: +1-709-729-5124

PanGeo Subsea is a marine geophysical-geotechnical service delivery company specializing in high-resolution 3D sub-bottom acoustic imaging solutions to mitigate risk in offshore installations of foundations, pipelines and cables by imaging and identifying buried geohazards in the seabed and providing detailed soil stratigraphy. Employing technology that focuses sound to precisely detail the reflectivity of the seabed volume, the Sub-Bottom Imager produces real-time data with 3D voxel resolutions that permit imaging of buried objects/cables as small as 10cm in diameter. Imaging of geological features, strata, gravel layers and boulders is unprecedented, and data quality from an ROV platform is exceptional. The company’s Sub-Bottom Imager product and skilled personnel provide the capability to: • Perform pre-route engineering surveys including geo interpretation • Precisely locate legacy buried seabed infrastructure • Complete area decommissioning surveys and locate buried seabed infrastructure • Image object buried in the seabed such as Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) • Survey newly installed buried offshore pipelines/cables (as-laid/as built) • Perform integrity surveys of buried offshore pipelines/cables • Channel and harbor security surveys to detect/image buried objects


Gary Dinn Vice President

Tel: +1-709-739-8032 Fax: +1-709-739-8035

Solace Power develops and licenses wireless power technology that allows military users to reduce or eliminate the use of charging cables and power cords in their electronics. By embedding Solace’s technology into batteries and soldier carried devices, soldiers reduce the need for backup batteries and eliminate power cords required for the increasing number of powered sensors and devices they carry. The technology can also be embedded in vehicles to allow charging of soldier devices while inside or alongside the platform. Our approach to wireless power enables power transfer in almost any position, ensuring no change in user behaviour for soldiers in the field. Additionally, the wireless power coupling could be used to charge battery powered UAV’s, robots and other battery driven technology.


Kris McNeil President

Tel: +1-709-745-6099 Fax: +1-888-887-5441


EVENTS SME Day Navigating defence procurement in Canada February 18 | Westin Ottawa Helping the small to medium-sized business (SME) better understand the Canadian procurement process. Learn about Government programs and initiatives available to help businesses like yours!

International Outlook

Security Outlook

Helping to grow your business outside Canada February 19 | Westin Ottawa

Trends, challenges and business opportunities in the public safety and national security sectors March 19 | Westin Ottawa

Learn about trends and opportunities for defence-related business in the U.S., NATO and emerging markets in Latin America and the Asia-Pacific.


2014 Canadian Armed Forces Outlook Series

Canada’s premier defence tradeshow May 28-29 | EY Centre, Ottawa

Perspectives and insights into the three Services going forward

Last year CANSEC welcomed 10,000+ registrants, 287 exhibiting companies and 12 international delegations: it is Canada’s premier meeting ground for suppliers and customers of defence equipment, products, technologies and services.

Navy (April 8) Army (April 9) Air Force (April 10) Ottawa Convention Centre Procurement reform, fiscal pressures, CFDS renewal and operational tempo mean transformation is the watchword at Defence. Learn what these developments OFFICIAL SHOW GUIDE foretell for the three Services!

SecureTech Canada’s leading public safety, emergency management and security Showcase

November 4-5 | Ottawa Convention Centre Event Sponsor

Show Sponsor

Conference Sponsor

Ottawa Convention - 10.26.11 The Showcase is Centre a driver10.25.11 for greater community and organizational resilience via knowledge exchange and engagement of the security community including industry, government, emergency responders and practitioners.

Projects, initiatives and business opportunities in counter-terrorism, cyberresilience, critical infrastructure protection, and border security.

Soldier Systems Showcase Improving the protection and survivability of the Canadian soldier December (date and location to be confirmed) The Showcase is a two-day multi-track, integrated tradeshow and conference exploring the latest technologies, services and products related to the protection and survivability of the Canadian soldier.

DRDC/Joint Force Development Outlook Scientific and technological outcomes and opportunities for industry December (date and location to be confirmed) Insights into the future direction of S&T at DND plus the latest development opportunities and projects supporting the three Services and Joint Forces – with a focus on space, C4ISR and cyber.

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EVENTS The decade following 9-11 featured regular increases in military and security-related spending worldwide including in the United States, Canada’s principal export market. Recently, austerity measures at home and within the rest of NATO - plus the effects of sequestration, the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq and the draw-down in Afghanistan – have led to a softening of defence spending in many traditional markets. At the same time, opportunities in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East continue to show significant potential. And, there are new initiatives by the Canadian Government now in place to support and strengthen Canada’s defence and security sector in the global marketplace. Exhibiting at major international shows and participation in our trade missions gives Canadian firms the opportunity to showcase their products to defence delegates from dozens of countries, primes/Original Equipment Manufacturer groups, system integrators, foreign distributors, and the end-user military personnel that rely on these international events to look for new products and technologies. Take advantage of CADSI’s comprehensive program for Canadian companies at select overseas events! Our “Canada Pavilion” branded exhibition space commands a premier location, with a spacious and inviting Canadian Reception area, featuring on-site meeting rooms to accommodate foreign military delegation visits, business-tobusiness meetings, plus space for seminars and networking receptions. This is complimented by our our efforts to facilitate a Whole of Government approach to trade events where a combined effort benefits Canada – including with Export Development Canada, Canadian Commercial Corporation, Canada’s trade commissioners, DND, and our military attachés.

And, a sneak peek at 2015:

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SAS 2014  

Canadian Company Profiles from Sea Air and Space Trade Mission in Washington