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Your Neighbours Garden... from the



Jazzberry Jam


Beautiful combination of scarlet red and white tulips. Garden envy begins here! 14 Bulbs/Pkg.

of Your Own!


Open 7 Days a Week Mon - Fri: 8am - 5:30pm Saturday: 8am - 5pm Sunday: 11am - 5pm

269 Sunset Drive, St. Thomas, ON 519-631-7264

Tulip El Nino

Allium Summer Drummer

These enormous blooms boast a gorgeous golden yellow with rose feathering. 6 Bulbs/Pkg.


Enjoy the late spring blooms of these bright purple balls. Fragrant and stunning! 2 Bulbs/Pkg.


r a l u p o P t The Mos Exclusive


Citrus Flash - Double Narcissus Enjoy the huge pompom flowers of these double narcissus. 14 Bulbs/Pkg.



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Mango Tango - Tulips Tulip Akebono


Tulip Moulin Rouge


Mix of dark purple-red and a maturing bloom showing yellow, red & orange. 14 Bulbs/Pkg.

A double peony tulip with fine red White petals turning candy apple red edging. Fragrant and and eye-catching! as it matures. The speckles create an 6 Bulbs/Pkg. everchanging garden! 14 Bulbs/Pkg.

Double Bubble - Allium Mix


A blend of two large flowering ornamental garlic. Ideal for late spring focal points. 4 Bulbs/Pkg.

Tulip Rainbow Mix



Beautiful blooms in a full array of colours. Plant in clusters of 5-10 for high impact displays. 20 Bulbs/Pkg.

. . . t s a F o r Bulbs G EW N


Large Flowering Crocus

Angelique - Tulips


An elegant variety with blush pink blooms and a sweet fragrance. 12 Bulbs/Pkg.

Sweet N Tart - Tulips

Fabulous flowers that will multiply quickly and bloom for many years. 40 Bulbs/Pkg.


A blend of soft yellow, white, and bright pink & purple tulips add a splash of colour to your garden. 16 Bulbs/Pkg.

! ! r e t s a F n adale Eve

n a C o T t e ... So G

Hyacinth Delft Blue


Plant these fragrant beauties where you’re sure to enjoy them! Ideal for decks and entrances. 8 Bulbs/Pkg.


King Alfred Type - Narcissus

Bright cheerful blooms of golden yellow. Plant along a driveway for a grand entrance! 20 Bulbs/Pkg.

Scilla Siberica


A spectacular burst of blooms great for any garden or container. 40 Bulbs/Pkg.


Licorice Twist - Tulips A mix of Black Hero and Finiola tulips. Beautiful combo in any garden or container. 14 Bulbs/Pkg.

Allium Giganteum


Plant a late spring spectacle with these remarkable globes of fragrant purple blooms. 2 Bulbs/Pkg.


Pineapple Express - Tulips Sunshine and warmth radiate from these double early tulips. 16 Bulbs/Pkg.

Tulip Mascotte

This double fringed tulip is sure to be the talk of your garden! Stunning colour, and a truly unique tulip. 6 Bulbs/Pkg.


Tulip Estella Rynveld

A vibrant display of reds and white, these ruffled tulips are a showstopper in any garden or bouquet. 6 Bulbs/Pkg.


Tulip Black Jewel

A rare tulip with fringed edge, and almost black colour! Not only unique, but long lasting blooms. 6 Bulbs/Pkg.


! en d ar g g n ri p S r u yo r fo s m o UNIQUE blo

$5.99 Fritillaria Rubra

An Imperialis variety - it is a tall plant with hanging bell-shaped flowers. Impressive in any garden. 1 Bulb/Pkg.


$3.99 Eremurus Bungeii Foxtail Lily

Known as a desert candle, these tall stems boast small star-shaped blooms. Great height for tall borders. 1 Bulb/Pkg.

$5.99 Narcissus My Story

Double blooms of white and deep redpink ruffled petals. A unique addition to the yellow daffodil! 5 Bulbs/Pkg.

“Wind & Tide� 8 BULBS FREE! Create a fragrant sea of blue and white!

Muscari & Narcissus Combo

With this coupon & a minimum $15 Fall bulb purchase, receive your special Wind & Tide pack FREE! Limit 1 coupon per customer. While supplies last. Redeem September 15 - October 15, 2012

Open 7 Days a Week Mon - Fri: 8am - 5:30pm Saturday: 8am - 5pm Sunday: 11am - 5pm

269 Sunset Drive, St. Thomas, ON 519-631-7264

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