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Jaimashi Dear Pastor & Leader in Christ. Hope you all are doing great. Here, I want share good news for you all. Canaan Bhutanese Church of Houston, Texas going to publish " Bhutanese Nepali Christian Pastor Contact Directory" pamphlet. We are including Pastor Contact information from different Country like USA, Canada, Australia, Norway, UK, Netherlands and Denmark where Bhutanese Nepali Christian Churches are being planted. Please give me your following information to put on. 1.Name: 2.Post: 3.Church Name: 4.Address: City: State: Zip: 5.Email: 6.Contact no: 7.Passport size Photo: ( it is optional for you about single or couple photos) If you have any question, regarding it. Please call me @ 832-640-3533 or email me Thank you all

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Canaan Bhutanese Church is publishing world Bhutanese Nepali Pastor & Leader Contact Directory. Please pray for us and also, if you haven't...

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