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Sep 13 & 14

Holbrook Pond Recreation Area Sep 13: 4-7pm check-in

Event Fees:

Early Reg


$30 family

/$15 indi

Late Regis $50 family

/$25 indi

-13 Sep)


Register Holbrook today @ Rec Equipmen reational t Checkou All indivi t duals en

assigned to

tries a group/fa who register will be mily for th e competi tion.

Sponsored By:



Camping equipment packages will be awarded to the top scoring family at the closing ceremony.

Additional details on back!


tration: (7 .

Families are invited to participate in a weekend full of fun activities competing for the title of “Family Adventure Quest Champions�! Activities include Dragon Boat Racing, Ultimate Frisbee (kayak style), a Super Soaker Competition, Scavenger Hunt & More!

(Now- 6 Se


. Mention of Sponsor does not imply Federal endorsement.

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Each Family is ask to bring a flag ed th represents thei at r team which will be carried to each event!

ry g e h rc chin unt A  ca er H o e g  G aven aker o c  S per S ion ce a t u i R S t pe Boat ee  m Co gon isb r F ra ate ) D e  p u tyl ltim S t U  Kayak ite Se king o ( s o p C am fast en C  reak tion over an op ti ed e  B mpeo be cook plac e k a Coe item t ill t n. o on w o i o ntat Aftern vited t e s e y in ! Pr rds Saturda will be or free a w A on ipants night f c arti turday p l l A p Sa cam (on

Rules & detailed description of events will be provided at registration.

Family adventure quest  
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