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3-15 IN Family Readiness Group Town Hall Meeting 12 June 2013

Agenda • Introductions •Marci Mann, MFLC •Kim Speedy, Social Worker and Behavioral Health Provider •Kevin Larson, DIV PAO •FRG Leader and Position Changes

•Kevin Larson-Social Media OPSEC •Marci Mann-Toxic People, Conflict Resolution Skills •Kim Speedy-PTSD Signs and Symptoms, What To Do •Messaging SOP Review •Family Care Plans, Family Trends During Deployment •Telephone Etiquette, Appropriate Times to Call •Appropriate Grief Support, CoC Responsiblities

•Upcoming Fundraising Events •Afghanistan Update, Message from China 6 •Questions!


Social Media OPSEC for FRGs

12 June 2013


FRG OPSEC Items authorized to discuss on social media platforms   

Pride and support for service, units, specialties, and service member Generalizations about service or duty General status of the location of a unit (“operating in southern Afghanistan” as opposed to “operating in the village of Hajano Kali in Arghandab district in southern Afghanistan”) Any other information already in the public domain posted by official sources

FRG OPSEC Items not authorized to discuss on social media platforms     

Descriptions of overseas bases Unit morale Future operations or plans including deployment dates Results of operations Discussions of areas frequented by service members overseas

    

Daily military activities and capabilities Technical information Details of weapons systems Equipment status APO addresses for units

FRG social media guidance 

  

It’s important that all Family Readiness Groups with a social media presence review and abide by the standard operating procedure for official U.S. Army external online presences. Train friends, spouses and Army families on basic operations security to include what can and can’t be posted. Always ask permission before posting personally identifiable information on-line. Be careful of using location-based services that make your location public. If you aren’t comfortable placing the same information on a sign in your front yard, don’t put it online.

FRG social media guidance  

Avoid posting personally identifiable information. “Real” friends already know your name and the name of your children, so there is really no reason to post that information on Facebook. Personally identifiable information can be aggregated by the enemy to create a bigger picture. By combining the Facebook network you belong to, the school your kids go to, the events you attend and the photos you post, it doesn’t take much to find the exact location of your house.

Geotagging safety •

Geotagging is the process of adding geographical identification to photographs, video, websites and SMS messages. It is the equivalent of adding a 10-digit grid coordinate to everything you post on the internet. Geotags are automatically embedded in some pictures taken with smartphones. Many people are unaware of the fact that the photos they take with their smartphones and load to the Internet have been geotagged. Photos posted to photo sharing sites like Flickr and Picasa can also be tagged with location, but it is not an automatic function. For more information about geotagging, check out this website:

Educating your family Items authorized to discuss on social media platforms   

Pride and support for service, units, specialties, and service member Generalizations about service or duty General status of the location of a unit (“operating in southern Afghanistan” as opposed to “operating in the village of Hajano Kali in Arghandab district in southern Afghanistan”) Any other information already in the public domain posted by official sources

What not to post   

When using Facebook and other social media platforms, do not post personally identifiable information and any information that can damage Army operations. Think about what you’re posting before hitting share. Many times, you can avoid releasing sensitive information by simply rephrasing your social media post. If you aren’t comfortable placing the same information on a sign in your front yard, don’t put it online.

OPSEC resources 

OPSEC resources   

 

Social media training: Social Media Roundups   

Interagency OPSEC Support Staff: Anti-Phishing Phil: OnGuard Online:

9 Critical Steps to Protecting Yourself on Facebook: Geotags and Location-based Social Networking: Social Media For Family Readiness Groups:

Army Slideshare site:

Aggressive &Toxic People/Conflict Resolution

Please see the “Dealing with Difficult People” sheet in the attachment.

What are the signs and symptoms of PTSD? - Feeling upset by things that remind you of what happened - Having nightmares, vivid memories, or flashbacks of the event that make you feel like it’s happening all over again -Feeling emotionally cut off from others -Feeling numb or losing interest in things you used to care about

- Becoming depressed - Thinking that you are always in danger - Feeling anxious, jittery, or irritated - Experiencing a sense of panic that something bad is about to happen - Having difficulty sleeping - Having trouble keeping your mind on one thing - Having a hard time relating to and getting along with your spouse, family, or friends

If symptoms persist for longer than 6-9 months post deployment, it could be PTSD. Know who you can reach out to for help.

Soldiers can take a FREE and ANONYMOUS assessment online at:

Red, White, and Blue Messaging SOP Review RED MESSAGE: • Contains urgent command information regarding a casualty, KIA, Accidental death, VSI and DUSTWUN regardless of the incidents location and regardless if it’s a Soldier, DA Civilian or DEERs enrolled Family member in our BCT. Non-affected units Rear-D’s receive a Red Hold Message and can either distribute or reformat to a Bn internal White Message. Initial report distributed NLT 3 Hours after the incident through command channels. Once the Rear-D / C2 node receives the message they initiate internal notifications in accordance with this SOP. • Red Messages are disseminated telephonically and once received, it will be distributed to those who received the telephonic message via e-mail. Messages will be developed and distributed in a PDF format with the name and signature of the “Leader” who approved its distribution.

• RED messages are for Spouses ONLY; Parents / relatives , etc. receive reformatted White Message traffic from their respective Bn Rear-D/FRG. • The content of a Red Message cannot be left on an answering machine. The Leader / key caller should leave a message stating that a Red Message has been received and that he/she needs to return the call as soon as possible. E-mail messages containing the actual message aren’t distributed until the intended recipient receives their phone call. • Calls occur between 0630 & 2200



• Contains command information of an official /sensitive nature such as deployment/ redeployment timelines, VIP visits, pending announcements, controversial policy changes, etc. which require safe guarding , analysis and packaging prior to release.

• Contains routine command information of an informal and or non-sensitive nature. Examples include but are not limited to pre-deployment briefing schedules, reminders, FRG Meetings or FRG hosted events, special offers/events for BCT members, etc.

•Distributed within 12-48 Hours after the release or generation of the information.

Distributed within 72-96 Hours of a scheduled event

• White messages are primarily distributed by email, but can be made telephonically if the situation requires it. In the event of a telephonic notification, White messages can be left on an answering machines and provided to Family Members (Non-Spouses), extended Family Members, FRGs and Soldier designated representatives.

• Blue messages will be distributed by e-mail, social media postings, and telephonically if the situation requires it. In the event of a telephonic notification, blue messages can be left on an answering machine without a callback requirement

• E-mails should, whenever possible, be formatted to provide a read receipt or delivery notification to the sender. • With-in 24-36 hours after initiation of a White Message, the message could be posted on the vFRG by FRSA (Exceptions to this may include deployment/redeployment timelines). White messages will provide posting and distribution guidelines for sensitive information.

• Blue Message information can be posted on the vFRG and BDE Facebook sites immediately and simultaneously with e-mail distributions.

Messaging Flow Casualty Occurs • BCT XO/DCO prepares Red Message and sends to the Rear-D CDR.

Affected Bn Rear-D CDR hosts an incident brief with the FRG Advisor, the affected Co./Trp./Btry, Rear-D, FRG leader/s, and the Bn FRSA prior to the distribution of the “Red Message”. The official “Red Message” isn’t distributed until PNOK notifications are complete.

BCT XO / DCO FWD BCT Rear-D OIC “Affected” Bn Rear-D OIC

Notification of PNOK is occurring simultaneously through Department of the Army channels • BCT Rear-D CDR contacts FSGA EOC / CofS as required.

Official distribution of the “Red Message” only occurs once PNOK notifications are complete.

BDE (Rear) Distributes the red message To the entire BCT.

• Unaffected Bn’s receive a Red Hold Message and may distribute the message, retain the message and or modify to a Bn internal White Message.

BN/s (Rear) Notify BN FRG Advisor/s. Use approved red message to alert company FRG leader/s. (Affected unit appoints care team/s as appropriate)

BN/SQN Actions • Ensure NOK IS NOT called/emailed by key caller/s • Prepare and execute Incident briefing • Complete required CAC reports • Contact family and visit if possible • Coordinate family support requirements • Identify Escort Officer • Provide BCT w/ funeral information • Maintain contact w/ CAO • In case of multiple casualties, do not notify WIA until notification is complete for KIA NOK • Confirm awards and promotion as req’d • Begin preparation for travel to funeral • BN RDC will ensure notification of all families unable to be contacted by FRG

FRG LEADERS Notify Key Callers of affected company only; Co. Rear-D OICs/NCOICs assist as required Use provided script

KEY CALLERS (affected CO only) Call Family Members; Rear-D assist as required Use provided script Confirm notification results back up the Rear-D Chain


4 IBCT Staff Actions • Maintain communication w/CAC until NOK notification is complete. Receive CNO and CAO contact info from CAC & pass to affected BN • Coordinate for the incident briefing • Fax DA reportable data back to Casualty Affairs Office ( ) • Begin coordination for travel to funeral • Order flowers on behalf of BCT and BN • Assist in family support coordination if req’d • Confirm reporting and notification status w/ BCT forward •Appoint SCMO •Contact Div PAO to ensure SA

Family Care Plans, Phone Etiquette •IMPORTANCE OF FAMILY CARE PLANS! •Life goes on during a deployment, anything could happen to the Spouse on the Homefront. What would happen to your children if you were hospitalized or incapacitated? It is always best to have a plan for your Family just to be on the safe side. •Appropriate Times to Contact CoC and FRG Leaders •And likewise, appropriate times for CoC and FRG Leaders to Contact Families

Upcoming Fundraising Events

FUNDRAISING ENDSTATE: ALL PROFITS GO TOWARDS BN BALL TICKET PRICE REDUCTIONS!!! •July 2- Drop The Hammer- Smash It Out Group Therapy and Anger Management!! •3 hits for $5, 7 hits for $10 •Variety of smashing tools!! Sledgehammer, Baseball Bat, and Hooligan Tools! •Low Country Boil •Opportunity Drawing •Kids Events-Bounce Houses, Slip and Slide, Big Screen Movie! •Cornhole Tournament-$5 entry fee, 1st place prize! •August 3-Charity Auction Event! Donated items auctioned for BN Ball! •September 6-BN Yard Sale! Items Donated and not used for Auction will be sold in a “Yard Sale” in BN Area.

CHINA 6 SENDS… Phone communication has been very spotty, and phone lines have been down. If you haven’t gotten phone calls it’s not just you, many are in the same boat. Nicole Smith read message from LTC Smith. He relayed that Soldiers downrange are doing great things. Impressed with the attitude and resolve of Soldiers even in the face of injury. Thanks the Families who have been supporting from the Home front. As FOBs are closed downrange, Soldiers will not redeploy early, they will be given a new mission. Want to make sure Families understand that.

Some deployment pay actions were delayed, but they have been working the issue forward and all paperwork has been submitted and should be resolved soon. Keep in mind that new deployment pay actions will never be paid out mid-month, it will always be paid out at the end of the month. The unit will publish a date to stop sending mail forward when we get closer to redeployment and they determine what that date will be.

Thank you all for attending! Questions or Comments?

Bn town hall mtg 12june2013  
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